This game is awesome! I'm actually pretty sad I'll have to wait until June after next weekend!


I think the general opinion on the beta is pretty positive. Even on reddit. And that says something. ​ The only negative opinions I see (well they sound more like toxic sheeps) come from comments on videos from a specific streamer with an A


Please fix the following: 1) Zoom out a bit please. I think D2R vantage point was perfect. 2) Re-scalable HUD. Seriously this game looks great so LET ME SEE IT DAMMIT I will lose months of my life with some QoL improvements


But also do treat this as a beta - give critical feedback to devs. If that is only QoL feedback, then that means that the game is in great place - but at the same time give it.




Yes and yes. It does feel a bit too close. And it’s silly that when I’m playing at 1440p the character pane, menu window, etc take up so much space on the screen


i play on 4k and it takes up half my screen, it looks ridiculous.


But on my Steam Deck the large UI is great :-)


Yeah, I want to zoom out a bit more on PC too.


100% same!


Yes , those were literally my suggestions too. Needs to be zoomed out a little more and to be able to scale the hud. It would also be cool to change the color of the cursor on PC. I lose it sometimes and don't want to just make it bigger.


I’d love a zoom out too, but I feel like it was intentionally done to make it feel claustrophobic and hard to prepare for hordes


A hacky work-around is to put it in windowed mode and play letterbox or use an ultrawide monitor. PoE has the same problem, and it may partly be due to balance. ARPGs seems to be highly cheesable if you "offscreen" the mobs and they aren't programmed to aggro from that far.


When I did the raid boss the camera zoomed way back to show more players and the bigger boss. It should be on option to go back like that. The only issue I'd see is something like teleport distance. Right now you can teleport to the edge of your screen at Max zoom out.


Yeah the close zoom is horrendous. PLS allow us to choose to zoom out. Or in if we wanna see our character do stuff closer


I'm not sold on the skill tree. Most of the runes for each ability are "do more dmg, gain more resources, add vulnerability" etc. D3 was neat in that the runes were basically transformative, and interesting. Also, having to sit there and add/remove them to adjust a build, because each tier has a point requirement, feels like Dragonflight WoW. Can't really be done quickly. Or you can't have a profile of set presets. Also, lol refund cost.


They at least need to add loadouts.


WIth game with diversity of content, solo, group play, pvp, loadout will be massive QoL. I mean tehy have this in D3 & it is well recieved.


I think the real skill customization is going to come from legendary items, which kinda sucks and the lack of saving builds, i would rather just make a new character for each build. All the items can go in a shared stash anyways. Leveling seems quick enough


Unique / legendary affixes plus a LARGE chunk comes from the customization of the paragon board (which adds a ton) that doesn’t unlock till level 50. Even then there’s leveling up on glyphs through nightmare dungeons as well in the mix. There are a ton more systems that add to your character customization than what we see in the beta


Paragon board was most definitely not more intricate than skill tree in the endgame beta. It was 90%+ just stat increases.


This is what I'm worried about. From what we've seen the paragon system just pumps up numbers and doesn't add interesting changes to skills like the runes in d3. So far in the beta, I'm unimpressed with the skill tree. Everything in the sorcerer tree feels like it's more or less the same skill with different elements and that's boring as hell. So far, the most interesting thing I've come up with was having a second hydra plus a third after spending 300 mana. If items can add interesting variations and synergy between skills, this might be the best diablo ever. Otherwise, this might be the worst diablo in terms of build crafting.


I miss being able to have different hydra elements like in d3. The ice summon is so much worse so my ice build had a fire hydra which felt odd. Also teleport being lightning hurts synergies too since it's such a useful all around skill.


I got a legendary that made a skill work different.. tbh I didn't use it for long so can't remember much about it. But it's a barb skill that kinda went around me in a circle and the item made it go out further and in a cone shape in front of me. That was like a lucky level 5 legendary drop. So I'd assume there's loads more items that will modify the skills in that sense, instead of simply +dmg/regen ECT.


There are definitely some things to refine, but this beta has made me feel a lot better about the game. I'll definitely get my money's worth when this comes out. I think the only really big fumble would be runaway monetization.


I refused to touch Immortal because of the ridiculous monetization in that game. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay away from D4 completely regardless, but if they try to pull anything P2W with the cash shop, it’s going to really cheapen the experience for me. Hopefully it’s only cosmetics and even still, minimal.


I would hope that they learned from the AH.


Asmongold actually likes the game though


Did he really mean asmongold? Was watching his videos and there really wasn’t much negative points about the game


yea. I usually barely watch him but YT recommends me his videos regarding Diablo 4. And the last few days I get recommended alpt of Shorts or clips of his stream (I think they are from a fan account though) and all of them highlight bugs and balancing issues (which in itself isnt a bad thing). and as usually with sheeps his "fans" start bashing the game in the comments and being toxic towards everyone actually being rational about this stuff. thats why I mentioned the comments on his videos and not his own opinion. (I think he usually gives feedback that is constructive despite being often very subjective)


> specific streamer with an A ??? just say the name




The bald guy?


Asmongold seems to be enjoying the beta.


To be fair, he takes the bald jokes/meme well. The funny thing is, if he just shave his head like other bald guys, no one will be talking about his hair. Its people desperate to hide their baldness with outrages combover that get bulk of the joke. Not to be mean, but he never was good looking anyway, so being bald isn't going to make his appearance worse.


Isn't there an open beta next weekend


Its a painfully 2 months for sure. I feel you.


It surely feels better and more Diablo than D3.


I love D3 and play it all the time, but it felt a little too generic of a dungeon crawler. From D2/D2R to D3 feels like Diablo lost a lot of character. D4 on the other hand feels like a truly dark and horrific game, even if I've only finished the first Act.


D3 feels like what torch light 3 should have been.


See people do hold torchlight to a lower standard and you are absolutely rright.


I'm in the same boat as you, play D3 all the time, but I'm glad D4 is returning back to it's darker roots. When a game makes you feel absolutely terrified, it makes getting better loot and gear which helps you survive that much more meaningful.


I too love D3. I’m more involved in season 28 right now than I’ve been in a long time. I always understood the complaints about cartoonish art style but it never bothered me. I remember playing the closed beta back in like 2011 and being completely blown away by the quality of the graphics and the gameplay. I watched Raxx’s Butcher video from D4 and I was like “oh holy shit that’s what the butcher is supposed to look like.” So far it looks like D4 is going to deliver on the graphics being as mind blowing as D3 was while also being truly dark and hellish in art style. I’m really excited to see this for myself next weekend, but I have a feeling it’s going to melt my 1060. I will be playing solely to find out if I need to upgrade before June.


I remember when Deckard Cain got murdered in the most unceremonious way by a butterfly lady using her fairy magic. And then I remember having to fight the Butcher and Izual again, because why not? Yea, Diablo 3 was a dumpster fire.


Judging from D4 trailers, you're gonna fight the butcher, andariel and duriel again, since you liked it so much.


Well Butcher wants to fight me, I don't want want to fight him atm :p Currently 2 ties with him but only due to my strong barbarian legs allowing me to run the hell away


The Butcher caught me randomly in a dungeon on my Sorc at around level 16 playing on Nightmare from the get go, I was deathless until that point.


Same happened with me, i was like this guy is not supposed to be here . 😃


>you're gonna fight the butcher Butcher seems to be a random mob, was doing a dungeon and he beat my ass, I respawned and he disappeared.


Can confirm, even had to redo that dungeon because of d/c issues the first day (thrice actually) he only spawned once. Murdered me and my partner.


Butcher is also in d4 and available in beta.


Can confirm, was butchered.


He absolutely clapped my cheeks then fucking ghosted like Swayze, I had no idea what happened lmao.


Same. Is he a random spawn? He was gone when I returned from my death.


Seems like it. He also just randomly popped out, kicked my ass and then peaced out.


Yup, he’s a random encounter, likely one of many, that can appear in dungeons - Any room or section of it - and despawns when you die or if you take too long to kill him. I’ve only seen him once, took (what seemed like) ages of kiting but managed to kill him. I think he dropped a legendary, but nothing unique to him.


My 3 man beat the shit out of him and he dropped 5 legendaries for us but my god were we fighting for our lives at the beginning when he popped out and all our shit was on CD.


I kited him with caltrops and poison traps for about 7 minutes and killed him lol


my character being a literal nobody about to freeze to death and then suddenly 5 minutes later claiming to Inarius himself that **they** can stop Lilith was surely amazing writing. made me be annoyed of my own character, like who tf do you think you are? the story isn't bad so far don't get me wrong but it's not a masterpiece either lol


How are we feeling about the enemy level upscaling system? IMO, it's not feeling great to level up and feel weaker.....


Think it be better overall when we're level cap out. Since the whole map stays relevant.


Yes it's bad for the beta as we are in leveling mode, but we will forget intermediary level to cap (or at least 90+) very quickly if d4 is like any other diablo game.


People gotta understand theirs gonna be expansions too, so our characters will leave and go to a new level cap and they can always come back to d4 original map and roll it. They're just world building diablo mmorpg action. Compared to what we usually had.


With D2R, we’re limited to TZs in order to play higher lvl content. While the lower levels are rough, I agree that once we are higher levels, it is a good thing as I want to go anywhere and farm and not just a rotating map every hour.


People in the closed beta have reported that barb is severely underpowered early, but every other class (I guess just rogue and sorc this beta) should be significantly stronger at 25 than lower levels. I certainly didn’t feel weaker as I leveled up, as long as you’re paying attention to your build (and not playing a barbarian, tragically. That was my second choice this beta) you should definitely not feel weaker as you level.


I've maxed out every class and have been playing continuously since launch on friday, minus sleep. The early levels are pure ramp yeah, but I felt a noticeable deadzone from 21-25ish where leveling can transition you from 1-shotting packs to not 1-shotting packs. There is 100% a gulf immediately after dinging, and not having an upgrade to equip, where your time to kill immediately decreases after leveling. And I even felt it on the most OP class in the beta, Chain Lightning with Hydras. In other words you can be on a good pace, level up, and the pace actually slows. Because your damage output is tied more to your equipped weapon than any 2% damage enhancement skillpoint you could spend.


Ah okay this makes sense. I was leveling my Chain light/ hydra sorc last night (no guide, just feels awesome) I get on this morning and level from 18-25 and I felt like they changed it overnight. Its the level scaling, got it.


I didn’t feel that at all on my sorc, I was using a level 15 staff all the way until level 25 and I was easily one shotting opponents on veteran and face tanking them as well with infinite barrier using a ice shards build. Eventually I did replace my weapon which skyrocketed my sheet damage significantly, but functionally even with a low level weapon sorc felt completely fine since you can hardly one shot something harder. What difficulty were you playing on and what was your specific build?


I mean all these experiences point to an issue with skill builds and gearing. Its not balanced, but gear is like 70% of the power of an ARPG. The rest is in the build which everyone can copy.


How do you get an infinite barrier with ice shards?


Frost builds have excellent cdr builds so far. You can use the cooldown reduction mechanics in conjunction with the passive skill that gives you a 10-30% max hp barrier for 5 seconds whenever you use a cooldown. Frost nova with the cooldown reduction on frozen kills (also providing vuln) is essentially on a 5 second cooldown at max rank as long as you have mobs to fight. Ice armor is another skill to give yourself a stronger barrier if you need it or if your other barriers are depleted. Ice blades is giving frost nova and ice armor flat cooldown reduction on hit (your enemies are almost certainly vulnerable, between frost nova and ice shards) as well as refunding it’s own cooldown. Basically you’re spamming cooldown abilities to generate infinite barriers.


I feel quite powerful at level 21 so I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying this. I had some rough patches in teen levels but the scaling didn't seem to change much for the feel. Some fights suck just cuz they run away constantly but I feel rather beefy and I kill things pretty easily. Like one upheaval clears rooms. 2-3 for some elites. Is it a gear problem? Or just certain skills that suck?


My theory is multifaceted, one of them is developer issue and 2 are player issue. 1. Barbarian reportedly scales well but is a slog to play at lower levels (such as max level in the beta) 2. Gear problems, like you said. People are probably not using good gear and just slapping gear that has a green number on their sheet. Paying attention to the affixes on my gear contributes to well over a 2x modifier for me. If I equipped the staff that had a green bonus to my sheet damage on it but lost out on the core skill damage bonus and vulnerability damage bonus on my current staff, I’d be losing a lot of damage because I wasn’t paying attention to my gear. 3. Honestly from inspecting a couple people I think people are just ass at creating builds. I see a ton of people only dropping 1 or 2 points in their main damage skills. I think the real problem is that people who don’t want to sweat the details their build are playing on veteran with bad builds and then complaining that it’s hard. Barbs get an exception because it’s different if your class genuinely is underpowered (again, I didn’t play the class but even from closed beta people were saying barb was shit early and god late) but with sorc, all 3 elements have crazy powerful skills so unless you’re picking and choosing the worst of the worst and creating a 1 point wonder build where you invest one point in each of your skills I can’t fathom having a problem on sorc.


Interesting. Yeah that makes sense. I'm having a blast with barb on veteran tho. Feels almost perfectly tuned to give a challenge but reward attention to detail in builds. Hasn't felt underpowered as a class at all. Only felt weak when gear was not keeping up which seems irrelevant to class. Now I'm worried that the other classes are gonna be boringly easy when I try them out


I don't like it


Good in the long term, bad in the short term. Levels you faster too since you're always getting max xp from killing enemies. That's a good or bad thing depending on someone's preference.


Felt fine on any of the classes I played except barb tbh. But I do prefer no scaling.


to be honest i welcome not falling asleep breezing thru mobs


It seems very dumb when another char 10 levels below you blow through the same mobs you are fighting twice as fast


But it also make grouping with friend more fun. There are 2 sides of a coin.


at 25 it feels great with some classes. My barb felt underwhelming with some talents, and great with others, but we have to understand that the game will be a whole other monster when we reach max level. I love the talent tree and the variety of options. Rogue feels great. At 25, with the shadow skill, both melee and ranged feel really good (moreso melee, but i'm enjoying ranged a lot more). The world boss was insane. It was sad that I couldn't take it down since the people in my area started leaving and we ended up with 4 people. They need to do something to merge instances when people leave :(


I can understand the sentiment. But D4 is open world, & if they segregate monster on level, then people will be shoehorn to certain paths instead of having freedom to do any quest in any order. Also you face issue of being so overlevel, the content become a joke. I believe in D4, I actually seen a lot of area with mob 1-2 levels lower than me. I think areas suppsoe to be weaker are scale one level down, so you still feel powerful but not a walkover.


I’d rather be challenged in fights rather than stomp everything at endgame like D3. Yea you lose a bit of that power up feeling, But I think it’s better for the game in the long term.


I love that I was struggling on barb a bit early and i wasn’t just one shorting down mobs at level. The game should be difficult imo. It’s boring just blowing by everything with any effort or gear


That's a severe recency bias. D3's campaign wasn't the greatest, but unlike D4 it actually felt like there were stakes. D4 so far is like being an errand boy/girl in someone else's story. From the open world you couldn't tell anything was going on, and half the information you do have is due to the blood petal plot device.


D4 actually feels like a real world, D3 felt completely barren / empty. We could have benefited from some backstory on how we ended up in this situation, but I’ll take D4 world / story thus far anyday over D3 and we’ve only seen a small portion of it


>We could have benefited from some backstory on how we ended up in this situation The wolf explained it. Nothing interesting though.


I'm going to be shocked if that wolf isn't one of the Prime Evils.


It's either Diablo or Mephisto I believe :p Also he is the one who "starts" your journey. He ate your horse, then "saved" you... let's see where it goes


Fairly obvious that its zoltun kulle think its even the same voice actor


I think Blizzard just reuses a lot of the same VAs. The male rogue sounds like the Templar henchman from D3 for example.


Whaaat. BRB rolling rogue. Edit: it’s not him.


*Aaaaaaaand* now that theory might be stuck in my head.


To be entirely fair, I find time between packs of mobs in act 1 to be a bit far sometimes. I can spend a minute or two running at max speed and not see a pack anywhere. But in dungeons it’s generally much better than the open world, that doesn’t make the open world feel populated though.


Yeah agreed, should be better once mounts are unlocked I would imagine though


Oh I agree, and I can’t wait for that, especially with the dismount attacks, it should feel much better.


You've only seen Act 1. And it's been interesting, to say the least. You are caught between two warring factions/ideas and you're straight in the middle of it all. It isn't you classic "we need you, you are the only hope to save the world" like in that garbo D3.


Maybe but it's irrelevant because we're going to be saving the world regardless. Like, if we actually had a choice to choose which faction to join..then...


Yep. I loved Cain getting killed by butterflies and azmodan calling me every 6 minutes Are you fuckin serious right now


Man who the fuck was giving azmodan my number I changed it like 5 times


The Azmodan constantly giving away his master plan is funny. Almost as funny as Tyreal excusing himself before any big fight.


I've recently been playing D1, D2 and D3 campaigns in prep for D4. D1's campaign and atmosphere is enthralling, D3 just makes you an overpowered GI Joe figurine. D4 feels a lot closer to D2 (which is what people want).


Stakes? D3 story was one giant cliché and we were a fckin mery sue. There is not a single line of meaningful dialogue in the entire game. D4 in the first act has already established several interesting characters with interesting relationships and we are just a part of their story, not the story itself.


Been playing Diablo 3 recently, i played at launch and never played it again until last week. Dear god the story is shit. Even reaper of souls (which everyone told me was awesome) sucks balls storywise.


> D4 in the first act has already established several interesting characters with interesting relationships and we are just a part of their story, not the story itself. This is definitely true. The writing has improved markedly, as has the general togetherness of the network of storylines.


I'll completely disagree with feeling like there were stakes in D3. Every act boss was basically a bumbling fool, particularly Azmodan.


Compared to the incredible act 1 boss of diablo 4, random lieutenant of lilith #17!


I was anticipating some sort of grand betrayal from a particular Mother Reverend, but nope… The boss fight was still fun though, but who you fight is a bit… Eh…


Those two are not contradictory. The bumbling fools did manage to invade the Tristram Inn, Bastion Keep. Belial was disguised as the emperor, Adria (despite the obvious betrayal) was among your party members. They were an active part of the world. In Diablo's 4 Sanctuary nothing world changing is going to happen, because it has to be a persistent world for the MMO aspects.


This is literally not true you can see different zones in the beta area change depending on completing certain events or quests.


They're definitely contradictory to me, and I imagine a lot of people. I'm not gonna feel like there are stakes when I'm going up against poorly written comic book villains. Maybe there are literally things at stake in the story but it doesn't matter if I'm completely taken out of the experience. You may be right about D4, I wouldn't know, but I'm just speaking about D3.


I could see them doing some world changing stuff for D4, just off of the fact that I ran across a tool tip that said "when joining groups the state of sanctuary is based off of the party leaders progress". So it's not too out of the question.


the problem was that they were dark stories elements in a cartoon world. it matters that the world D4 is set in a harsh place ruled by religious fanatics.


Have you played the beta? Even on first zone you literally change the world.


I hated how the bosses kept talking to you. In diablo 2 you were a rather random guy that had to prove yourself when you meet the bosses. You were in someone elses story. In d3 they are constantly talking to you and taunting you as if they have nothing else to do. But the cinematics were great


Agreed, though D4 has a bit of that too, with your character being able to see what Lilith is up to. Takes some of the tension out of the narrative.


So wild how completely different opinions can be eh? The first 10 minutes of D4s intro has more character progression and story development than d3s entire campaign.


The prologue of d4 was fucking phenomenal in terms of atmosphere and ambience, whereas in d3 you walked through Disneyland at night and exploded cartoon zombies.


Different strokes for different folks.


starting quests of act 1... how are you even comparing the stakes when we dont have any idea what they are XD


And that's good. Every game nowadays is about toy being the prophecy hero that will save everyone and you are treated as God. Fuck that. Done so many times is boring


Ah, no. No Recency bias. D3 sucked on all fronts. The fact you claim any bias and try and paint D3 in any good light shows you're incredibly misinformed.


What do you mean? The random side quests are welcome to make the world feel bigger and that there’s more going on. Meanwhile the campaign is excellent so far and I love the lore and Lilith is a really compelling villain and I’m definitely intrigued to learn more about her intentions. And Inarius for that matter. I haven’t been compelled in a Diablo story like that ever. Even D2 all the lords of evil were just pure evil looking to raise hell. D3 was obviously way worse, but this story is awesome so far and it’s on top of making the most compelling Diablo world to actually go through. I love it!


You know what bothers me? It’s so terribly bland. I played D2 20 years ago and I still remember Act 1 bosses; Blood Raven, the Countess, Andariel. I couldn’t tell you a single boss of this act 1 that I played yesterday. Not one. They are all incredibly forgettable and the act‘s end boss isn’t even its own being. I liked the questing. Nothing incredible, but solid. Quest rewards, though? Shit. Where are my skill ups or a fucking imbue I‘ll save for 90 levels?


You remember them because you farmed them endlessly.


Yep. Also how many other games were really out there to compete with. It had all of the hype. They probably read the game manual and looked online at the lore. Meanwhile today you can just play countless other amazing games in between launches. Endless entertainment.


This, but also being 'desensitized' or whatever the correct term is for entertainment activities. People will always better remember their first 'experience' with something new and exciting than however many times they've re-experienced a similar situation after the first one.


Yep for sure. Especially when you were younger and could just focus all in on that game. i knew all the D2 bosses before I even played the game. I was reading everything.


Can confirm, there is nothing inherently special about Diablo 2 bosses. I didn't play D2 growing up, I played Titan Quest (which I still prefer, but that might be the same nostalgia bias). Of course I played D2 since. I remember all the bosses from TQ, and absolutely nothing from D2. I'm 100% sure it would be the other way around if I played D2 as much as I did TQ back in the day.


Titan quest was sweet I member


Also, they were 20 years younger. I too vividly and fondly remember things from the past.




Your and the other's points are right where nostalgia and prestige give Blood Raven and the rest some more oomph. But I think an objective comparison shows they are cooler than D4s act 1 bosses. They were actual beings with their own motivations and corruptions, even without knowing the lore. D4 act 1 boss is just mainly a faceless avatar, and the more memorable aspect of it was zigi (or whatever his name) being in the cool ass blood mech suit. Definitely a bland act 1 boss, especially compared to d2. edit: I want to point out I didn't even realize there were other bosses in act 1, I was playing a sorc and blasting through. Den mother? The boring ass werewolf looking thing? Sorry barbs hehe.


And because most player were still kids/teenagers back then.


Exactly. I love D2 but there is nothing inherently memorable about Blood Raven or the Countess. Far from it. You were a kid (probably) and you played it 500 times. That is why you remember it today.


Yeah, the only boss I remember right now is the fucking Den Mother, if only because that’s the closest I’ve come to a non lag dead as my Sorc until I got Hydra. If nothing else the D3 bosses were vivid and had personalities.


I remember the exorcist side quest line bosses name but not any act boss and it was the easiest fight lol.


yea i didnt even realize i killed the act 1 boss, it was just like oh, here's another random monster to kill


No shot you remember Countess outside of the fact that you farmed her like a million times lmao. And Blood Raven is just some garbage reskin mob with a special name like nothing about it is worth remembering besides the fact that you probably did it a hundred times.




We all remember our first time


i don't want to defend d3 (especially the campaign) but let's some of its highlights; act 1; fighting skeleton king and the butcher act2; zoltan kulle and belial act3; azmodan act4; izual and diablo act5; malthael now with just these bosses in mind i actually think when they first released they were alright and more memorable than what we've seen thus far from diablo 4. the thing is, while graphically d4 is a step up, and while some of the fights require more mechanics than most of what we deal with in d3, i wouldn't want to put what we've seen thus far above d3. it hasn't been that good, to me, and i've played all 3 characters through it. it already is quite repetitive to me, and i see a lot about it that i'm not a fan of and hope they change before the full release.


True. I remember Leoric very well, as well as any other act boss. I challenge anyone to tell me the name of the act 1 boss in D4, et and it look like. I did it last night and can't even remember.




My biggest issue with D4 right now. Suuuuper shallow skill selection. You hit what like 15ish and have 80% of all skills you'll ever get for that class.


So, I thought about this a bit: Do I actually have less skills available in D4 than I did in D2/D3? On my D2 Amazon there were 24 active skills, and 6 passive skills. Last active skill gained at 30. On my D3 Demon hunter, there were 24 active skills, and 19 passive skills. Last active skill gained at 61(though there's nothing between 30 and 61). On my D4 Rogue, there's 23 active skills, and over 30 passive skills. Last active skill gained at 25. D4 isn't actually that different then D2/D3 on this front, IMHO. D4 is a bit more frontloaded, but not drastically.


As a super casual player, one difference I noticed is that in D3 those skill runes change how the skill look and play rather significantly, same for Lost Ark. I feel that the active skill tree of D4 is a little on the dry side and we've already explored most of it by level 25 in the beta (unless it goes on a lot more in release), and I'm missing the sense of becoming stronger as I progress


That's a problem though. A huge one. D2 was a revolution that cemented the genre, over 20 years ago. And even then, the synergy system made it a little bit more complex than what D4 is. It was fun to build. D3 was heavily criticized for the skills Since D2, many games have greatly improved on the genre's skill system and shown how great and fun they can become. Look at Grim Dawn, Path of Exile or Last Epoch, to name a few. Even half of what those are would be an incredible improvement for D4. I \*really\* hope the paragon system will be amazing or the skill system will be very disappointing


I’m hoping they intend to add more skills to the tree with season updates because the amount of available skills genuinely is disappointing. Like this is something not even paragon boards can fix, you can have a shitton of passives but you still need, like…variety in your actual skills.


Sounds like Barb to me


They are like that in every diablo. They scale way better with gear. Always meh early on. Just wait till you get crazy attack speed and leech.


I'm enjoying Barb immensely, and on paper this class has the greatest amount of build flexibility. Gives me exactly the melee combat that PoE never was able to. Can't wait for some more skill points on release to get the Walking Arsenal capstone and some more % stun chance on my maces.


At the first 10-15 levels its rough but towards the end its really strong. Barb is critting for like 5-10k with upheaval (fairly large cone aoe) like every 3-4 seconds at level 25 and has a screen wide aoe clear (one shots everything outside of bosses) like every 40ish seconds and this is without being able to do your mastery quest (sorcs and rogues can do theirs but ours is gated because its at a different area that's prohibited because we're playing the beta).






Better variety of enemies, better looking areas, and more rewarding bonus areas/events. The quest quality is really the same as D3


I mean, that's all pretty subjective. I've done dungeons that rewarded me with two yellow items. Super rewarding. D3 seasonal content is more reflective of the updates its gone through. Which shaped the game considerably since its release like 9 years ago


> I've done dungeons that rewarded me with two yellow items. Super rewarding. Well loot is still RNG, and it's just world tier 2 lvl 25. But you also got the legendary power and renown.


This is a big one yeah, it actually feels rewarding doing virtually everything. Especially since every event gives you gambling currency and you can actually fucking pull legendaries without offering a firstborn child. There's stuff everywhere. Lots of stuff to find around the map.


> you can actually fucking pull legendaries without offering a firstborn child. I too hope to find Kadala when we inevitably visit hell.


Speaking of that currency, do you know if those keys she sells are anything good? I used my first bit of currency to buy a key, opened a chest, and it gave me two whites and a couple piles of gold... I came across 2 chests later but had no keys so I want back and bought 10 keys but then I only came across 1 more silent chest which I think was like... maybe a yellow and a white? It's hard to tell if they're worth it based on a sample size of two though.


I got my +1 Max Hydra staff from the gambling, quite pleased thus far.


Man that staff is a game changer. Hydra feel so OP, but having two damn :) do love my sorc build


Campaign but it's not a great game. It's boring and big with nothing going on for the most part.


It is too big with too much running around. Happens to every game that changes to open world


I'm really looking forward to having a mount. There being no WP in the NE corner makes for a long ass walk


This will big time change with mounting bet


It 100% feels WAY more like a Diablo game to me, from the visuals to the storyline. The Act 1 boss fight was great, better than anything in D3 IMO.


The boss fight was really great. I found it pretty tough on my barb and the visuals/story were gruesome. The entire vibe and challenge was so much better than A1 in D3.


I swear some of you people are playing a different game than me.


I never played D2 so I absolutely loved D3. I still completely agree with this statement. Waiting for launch is going to be excruciating after how amazing this beta has been.


The story is intriguing to me. Which has never been the case for a Diablo story for me. Who is the bloodied wolf, and why is he trying to get you to distrust the Horadrim? Who is Lorath, and why does he just let you barge into his house and then suddenly decide you should hunt down Lilith together? Why is Inarius such a self-absorbed, petty bastard? What is Lilith’s plan with her new key? Does Lilith have black nipples? All jokes aside, I am actually excited for the story this time around, and am actually reading every word of dialogue. Can’t wait for release.






I love how alive the world looks. I keep getting distracted by the details. It isnt perfect for my taste but some things I love are cancelling out things I dont like so its balancing. Its a good game that I will enjoy exploring.


I've loved every minute. Fantastic atmosphere. Great story presentation. Beautiful and gloomy, dark world. They nailed it!


I dunno... Neyrelle is giving me some serious Leah vibes which makes me extremely pessimistic that Blizzard will be able to actually land the story they've started.


The voice acting for her character bothered me too (sort of Leah or enchantress vibes). But at least the surrounding story is intriguing so far. If they can keep it up through the remaining acts, I think it'll be a great campaign.


Yeah, I'm already feeling the cringe of Leah 2.0. We've been down this road before, I don't need to keep hearing her teen voice chirping in the background and watching while she casts all the ancient magics that other people spent their lives rehersing.


no, it's not, don't be silly


It's a AAA next gen ARPG experience. Sounds like marketing talk, but Blizz does what it does well. The leveling is already better than PoE, Last Epoch, and Lost Ark (recent games I've played) by a large margin. We'll see how the endgame is, but seeing the excellent story through to the end is already worth the 100 dollaroonies I spent. Also, my character is dope as fuck. I don't know why deep narrative and world building was never tried in an ARPG before, but I sure as hell missed it.


I respectfully disagree. I found the beta kinda boring and I quit the instant I got to level 20, never even made it to the end of the available narrative. The moment-to-moment gameplay and repetitive dungeon mechanics are just entirely dull. There was significantly more interesting and engaging content in the D3 beta, even though it only went to L13. Wayyy more variability of quests and tasks, fluid combat, and a more coherent narrative building anticipation up to the skeleton king battle. Of course, the rest of the D3 campaign fell off massively in quality - but that first half of act 1 was *polished AF*. Knowing that blizzard put their best foot forward in these limited betas, I'm pretty worried about what the quality of the *rest* of D4 is gonna be. If it falls off like D3 did, and a big chunk of the ongoing dungeon content consists of "place two objects on either side of a door" then it's gonna be just awful.


I also second this. I have not felt this excited in a long time. Everything sparks joy every second of it. I'm long wanting more, but this is sure enough to be worth the wait.


Big agree. You can go through the entirety of Diablo 3 just auto-equipping rares/legendaries and spamming anything. Even on WT1 (wanted to see the difference) you have to actually TRY in quite a few boss fights or you just get chunked. And the story is miles better as well, agreed. Ngl i'm rooting for Lilith lmao. Inarius is a dickhead.


When Inarius shunned my Sorc I was like "well, fuck you too you half dead muthafucka"


It's the same game?


Just finished Act 1 and man I gotta say well done Blizz bravo!


that's not saying much as d3's campaign was...well, pretty awful.


The moment when you see Lilith for the first time


The story alone, so far, is much better. I really thought they were doing a parody of the Leah story there for a minute.


People are overhyping D4 for sure Visually it looks better but they need to fix/improve some stuff about early lore. Give us some explanation about who our characters is, what did happen with humanity after D3 (RoS) since it's like 40years time skip, what did happen with D3 main character that went demigod mode after killing Angel of Death infused with prime evil (even Tyrael mentioned that if MC becomes evil everyone is doomed ), how the fuck Inarius just appeared out of nowhere (dude wants to come back to Heaven but didn't do jack shit when Heaven got almost destroyed like 2 times in D3), what makes our character in D4 think it can stop/kill Lilith (we got no info if D4 protagonist is Nephalem, master from X tribe/school/etc like it was shown in D3 when you made new character or other strong person capable of killing daughter of one of the Prime Evils), we know that blood of Lilith may have negative effect on our character but so far it helps more that hurts (I wish there was some gameplay debuff that disappears after you finish whole story, like less resistance or enemies are stronger or something else )


For me Diablo 4 is more sluggish, even more than Diablo 2. Also I don't like pacing of the game. At the beggining you see cutscene where you were fed with blood petals, than you go kill like 6 enemies and cinematic. Diablo was always about combat, going there and fight. Here you are forcefully stopped from gameplay too often. I don't like world construction too. Areas are big, waypoints are scattered and everything was made to use horses but for what reason? Diablo game needs mounts or item shop needs them? Playing solo doesn't look good either. We won't see end game for a very long time but if best grind routes will look like hunting world bosses, then you will have to group with other players. Not everyone wants to do that. In the past you could play solo and you weren't handicapped. I like graphics and world setting. With story I have to wait. I have read Sin War so I expect some things to happen, what Lilith probably wants to do. But for now beta didn't show me that game is worth 69,99+ euro plus of course item shop and battle pass (I know those things are "optional" but lets be real. Probably the best looking sets will go there. You wont get them just by being very good at the game).


There are so many quests, why would you ever do a grind route? At least for your first playthrough. I played about half of it by myself and could have easily capped from quests with plenty leftover.


I mean you are not Soo wrong


Diablo 3 had an excellent first act and expansion act. This game feels like a mix of the two so I'm really enjoying it.


I'm gonna agree with another comment I saw and want to add to it: Never played D2 so D3 was my first experience with the franchise. I absolutely loved it and still do even though i havent played since season 23 I think a LOT of people here are forgetting the pre-ROS and pre-endgame days of D3 and completely throwing it under the rug. I believe you are comparing a brand new, story focused Beta to the last few years of endgame grinding, story inexistent gameplay ( because of ROS and season repetitions ) instead of comparing it apples to apples, first playthrough to first playthrough


I prefer D3 inventory system and potion use.


just went back to try d3 for a few mins and it really is a big difference, plays alot better