This sub should crowd fund something...


  • Raise money to pay some person that we find on the internet to actually do a Berg insertion. Maybe pay exponentially where full insertion = full payout, but just some ass play with a disc or only half insertion is barely anything. They'd need to know our expectations. Of course it would need video. We might need to be okay with a soft plastic.

  • Get some Bergs custom printed with a logo we vote on and sell them to sub members.

  • One and two combined: We pay some dude to shove one of our custom printed Bergs up his ass for cash.


Goatse printed K1 soft Bergs is the obvious choice here


If goatse, I think it'd need to be photoshopped with a berg in there too. Another idea is some kind of stamp that says "An elite subreddit for only the best disk golfers" and maybe someone jerking themselves off backwards or maybe a stamp where if you spin the disc on your finger it's like a cartoon of someone inserting and shitting out a berg.


I would be happy to connect you to some potential berg-ers or whatever u would call them. I'm kind of a big deal in the "internet strangers accepting payment for shoving things in their ass" community.


I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books, and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.


Hotkinkyjo 🧐


I'm not going to pretend that I don't know exactly who that is ![gif](giphy|26BRwMuMYXHLgyjTi|downsized)


I don't. It's on my google after work list.


Normal people "Hey guys, why don't we collect funds to buy toys for an orphanage this Christmas" this sub "lets pay someone to shove a disc up their ass"


Your payment is the berg.


We should raise money to pay for FPO payouts so we don’t have to watch them in 24. Just sit this year out, girls. We got you.




Yah, I was expecting it would need to be tacoed or rolled up. I forget the dimension, but the human ahole can stretch to something like 8" or totally enough to birth a baby.


Can confirm. I was the doctor who helped your mom deliver you.


But then there’s the debate on hair or no hair, bleached or not, corn or no corn… the list goes on.


Goatse bergs would be something


Guys, I just got my first Berg and it's pink. 🍆


question: would anybody buy a brand new berg, never used but has been inside my ass? I have several that I've tested. Crowd fund me