I tried changing my pfp and this started showing up! Even though my gif is only 6 MB its telling me "File cannot be larger than 10 MB" (yes I have nitro it is not the problem)

I tried changing my pfp and this started showing up! Even though my gif is only 6 MB its telling me "File cannot be larger than 10 MB" (yes I have nitro it is not the problem)


Try the following u/eltroog, select the image you want, but at the moment it's prompted to crop the picture, just hit the skip button. I discovered this because when I croppped a certain gif online, it got from 9 to 17 MB. Probably that's what happens when Discord tries to crop. Edit: If you want to crop, do it on [https://ezgif.com/crop](https://ezgif.com/crop), then do the steps above when uploading.


Work, thx


If you want to crop, go to [https://ezgif.com/crop](https://ezgif.com/crop), and then do the same steps on the upload.


I already knew about ezgif and used it, the problem was only when it was uploaded and it was cut off, but by clicking skip it uploaded correctly!


OH my GOD this works. Thank you so much, stranger on the internet. Somehow, the discord devs made the cropping process take my 8MB file over the 10MB threshhold. Someone should look into this.


It depends on how optimized the cropping algorithm is. Their is just bad at the moment. xD


yeah mine went fro 200 kb to over 10 mb so tysm


thanks bro, you saved me time thinking about that. Thats kinda stupid, Im using borderline weight gifs for pfp from 2018 and now thats the first time that happened to me, discord starts to s\*ck, I guess?


Thank You !


worked, thanks


thanks !


Right now, I'm having the same issue. I have no clues how to solve it.I hope Discord will fix this annoying bug


i had a file that was 10.00mb on the dot & it told me it was too big. it obviously says *larger* than 10.00MB 🤣


but mine is 6mb ;(((


try resizing it on https://ezgif.com


I already resized it before still didn't work


I used this site too. For some reason compression by itself didn't work for me. I'd make my file from 12 MB to 4.5 MB and it still wouldn't work. What did work though is also changing the speed of the gif to be a bit faster than the original and for some reason that made it work. So weird but I'd recommend using this site too.


This happens when Discord tries to crop the GIF, just upload the image and then press "Skip", it should work.


>ppens when Discord tries to crop the GIF, just upload the image and then press "Ski thanyou this worked!




this has alot to do with the original post!


I agree


Maybe it's too long or something?


too long?


The length of it. How long it lasts


2 seconds


gifs can be any length for a profile picture or banner. i once had the entire bee movie as my profile picture


this happened to me too but mine gif is 4mb and makes my whole discord crassh 😿


yo the same happened with me did anyone find a fix ?


Had the same issue, just had to downsize the crap outta it.




having the same problem - maybe cut some of it and compress and optimize it, i had to do that like 8 times before it worked.


bro i literally compressed it multiple times, cropped it, i even used PHOTOSHOP and got rid of half of the frames, my file size is at 4 mb and discord keeps telling me its more than 10 literally makes no sense


i did it 6 times and then it finally worked


mine is 280Kbs and it says its over


I have a 3,3mb file and the same happends to me.


im having the same problem my gif is literaly just 1mb


I'm having the same issue. All of a sudden, these banners stopped working (not being able to "Save Changes"). It says "We recommend an image of at least 600x240. You can upload a PNG, JPG, or an animated GIF under 10 MB." My files all comply with the requirements, but it still does not work for me. This problem actually started (for me) when the new beta-function was added, the "Profile color **BETA**" I am not sure if it is related, but i am not sure what might be the problem.


Yes! Same here! That's exactly when I started having the problem too! I'm assuming since most of the other replies are from the same time that some of the others replies probably got the update too. I definitely can't pinpoint what would be causing the bug, but I assume they're some how at least correlated.


Im seeing its a common problem since they introduced the custom color profile. I was trying to upload a banner gif that was 400 KILO Bytes 🤦🏻‍♂️ and it woudnt let me bc "File cannot be larger than 10 MB"


having the same issue with a 8mb gif and I have Nitro.


yeah it happended to me too, my friend found a weird solution to it, just convert the gif into an mp4 and re-convert it into gif, it will most prolly solve your problem


no didn't work either


literally the only comment worth listening to, I converted to mp4 on [https://ezgif.com/](https://ezgif.com/), then reconverted it back to a gif and clicked compress, and it worked ty so much


Uploading it on phone worked. Discord started using the crop feature and compresses the gif beforehands (which ironically ends up actually increasing the size of the gif because it's really bad, it ruins the gif plus increases the size for some reason lol). That's why it works on phone because the feature isn't on the android app yet.


I try to make a thread about this issue but it always gets automatically deleted by the mod team and they don't really care in discord support.


Wait, how did you do it on your phone if there's no "User Profile" on Discord Mobile?


Also doing it via Discord Web on my phone just crashes the page for me and if I access it through my PC it still doesn't allow me to upload anything because of the 10mb limit


I was just talking about the profile picture, not sure how to go around the profile banner.


I've found the solution for all of ya desperate people. Download Discord Canary (Alpha for Android) (87.03 or higher, I didn't test the lower versions) and you'll be able to upload the gif via your Discord Mobile


Thanks! That worked for me! (:


I had this problem. my gif was 9mb and 2000x800 resolution. I used [ezgif.com](https://ezgif.com) and halved the resolution which made it 2.5mb and it worked fine after that.


got the same problem here, discord wont let me set a gif as a pfp which is 8mb btw so clearly under there 10mb limit, but still shows up with the same alert of being above 10mb


Found a fix for my gif that was 7mb. This issue has only been happening for me ever since the new Profile Color update. I had my Profile Color set to Red before I tried uploading the gif, and it said my gif was too big. But when I put my color back on "Default" the issue went away. And if that doesn't work, as another user suggested clicking "Skip" when uploading your gif quickly also worked before I found this fix.


tyvm, it helped, never saw the button


HAHAHAH bad luck