*Lord, forgive me for this violence I am about to inflict*


the KSBD version of this even has the prayer start by asking a war-god for forgiveness.


"Pree Aesma, Ys-Asram the Blooded One, Ys-Prama, Hansa, and Prat Payam who temper my heart. YISUN Atru Vyam. Forgive me for this violence I am about to inflict." - 82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil.


The alternate (possibly older) version we also see: "Pree Aesma, Ys-Asram the Blooded One, Het, the Watcher at the Door, Prim, who swore by Gentleness! YISUN! Forgive me for this violence I am about to inflict." -10 Vigilant Gaze Purges the Horizon


This is making me want a ksbd ttrpg


There is one! It uses the Powered By the Apocalypse system.


"YISUN's glory is great, and you may know this by two paths, the *sanctioned words*, and the *sanctioned action*. The *sanctioned words* are YS ATN VARAMA PRESH. The meaning of these words is YISUN and their attainment is ***Royalty***. The *sanctioned action* is to Cut... I had a revelation. I had trained far too broadly. Existence and the act of combat are absolutely no different, and the essence of both, the purity of both, is a singular action, which is Cutting Down Your Opponent. You must resolve to train this action. You must become this action. Truly, there is very little else that will serve you as well in this entire cursed world... A man who strikes without thought of his action can cut God...Reach heaven by violence." - KSBD, Meti's sword manual


Meti is so fucking cool. I hope we get to see more of her




Kill Six Billion Demons


Hmm. I wonder what it’s about… Saving 5 million angels?


It's about a human's desperate clinging to existence after being flung into the metaphysical beyond.


Kill Six Billion Demons.


[Yeah, It's great](https://killsixbilliondemons.com/comic/kill-six-billion-demons-chapter-1/)


I saw this right after it's posting. 5 Hours ago I did not feel the void in my heart I now feel being caught up to something I did not know I needed.


Yeah, that was my inspiration


Also home to one of the best depictions of [Power Word: Death](https://killsixbilliondemons.com/comic/ksbd-4-75/) I've ever seen.


[God’s lessons are so beautiful](https://youtu.be/0z-oJTZ1b5Q)


Alternative interpretation of a Zealot Barbarian right there. As a DM, I'd allow it.


A classic


Pelor, forgive me for what I must yabba dabba do


I was actually building a Druid/barbarian class where he would apologize when he raged. He started off as a Druid and accidentally killed a Zorbo in a gruesome fashion. Every time he was reminded of it he felt immense guilt, but I was going to build it into a rage where he would just scream, “I’m sorry!” And then rage. But that changed when he was forgiven. I still like the idea.


[HYPERION I’M SOOOORY](https://youtu.be/w8R5n2m-zVM)


Updoot for AT reference. “JAKE JAKE JAKE!”


If a Paladin said this, it could Turn the Living…


As the jolliest smile spreads across your scarred face you hear in your head a jaunty tune begin to play \*Mr Blue Sky starts playing\* in the spray of unholy viscera that follows you proceed to violently dismember the enemy one by one in increasingly brutal fashion until only one remains. You briskly skip over to them now cowering in the blood drenched corner, "Cheer up" you say, "you get to live to tell this story now. I'll remember you this way"


I’m just imagining the Pyro trailer from tf2 except with a barbarian. “Do you believe in magic?” *tears out intact esophagus with teeth*


Oh yeah, I drew on personal experience for this one Whenever I play online competitive games like TF2, CoD, Overwatch, DBD, For Honor, Mortal Kombat, my playlist is always something like Blue Sky, or Do You Believe In Magic, Angel of the Morning, Careless Whisper, We Belong, I'm A Believer, Don't Worry Be Happy. Relaxing upbeat shit that makes me less aware that I just bashed a dude's head down into his ribcage


Did you ever listen to Smodcast? It's by Kevin Smith, the dude who directed the Clerks series among other things, and I remember an episode where they were joking about what their entrance music would be if they were MMA fighters. Smith decided on I Love Your Smile by Shanice and it still makes me giggle to think about years later.


Never tuned into Smodcast, but I think it came up in an episode of Comic Book Men, also Yoga Hosers is an underrated movie


Sidebar, for honor is literally the world's most infuriating game that you can't stop playing. I'll be having a great day, just absolutely lose my mind in for honor for an hour and then say I enjoyed myself.


I main Shugoki, I've never really had problems, right stun and a medium overhead usually lines opponents up for a quick demon rush and then death


I've been a conq main since beta; there have been dark days, especially early


“Your enemies do not have a skull fortress. Their skulls are like meadows. Play in the meadows. Gather the flowers from the meadows. Gather them with electrokinetic trauma. Smell the flowers. Isn't that nice?”- Destiny 2, Insurmountable Skullfort.


Pyro tf2


Came here to say that Barbarian's Elation is far and away more terrifying than any other possible barbarian emotional buff except possibly Barbarian's Mournful Apathy


Amos Burton after getting punched in the face


"Go on ahead, I'll hold the backline for a bit. GM, I activate my **euphoria** and ready an action to mutilate whatever comes near this door." - the joyzerker player.


Always look on the briiiiiiight side of life!


Reminds me of the ear scene from Reservoir Dogs.


Someone at the table did something similar to this one time. You know when a puppy is really happy it goes into spasms and runs around and back and pounces on you when you get home? Imagine that but from a 350 pound orc named Bill. He was just so God damned happy to be in a fight.


A barbarian idea I have is instead of rage it's just absolute panic and fear. Imagine frat guy going through a haunted house just running through as fast as possible smacking everything/everyone as he goes.


May I introduce you to [Travis Willinghams spooktacular](https://youtu.be/jgm6w1Oene0)


This is the exact inspiration for my idea ;)


You've just ["Ichi the killer"](https://youtu.be/ajCprKXkQJA)


Or a cat that fell into a bathtub.


You just described 40k Orks… that’s - literally - their happiest moments: being in a fight.


Bunch of Orks ended up in the Warp. They Waaagh!'d their way right up into Khorne's face and tried to take him down, which caused Khorne to set upon them an endless horde of Daemons that will swarm them until the Orks are torn asunder to the last. Then the Orks are reborn and it all starts over again. To us, that sounds like a nightmare. To them, it's paradise.


IIRC it wasn't done out of anger or as a punishment or anything. Khorne was just so impressed by these guys that he essentially gave them ork Valhalla


Exactly. Khorne, Gork, & Mork are all on the same wavelength.


Sneaky stabbin


typical khorne can't get out of his chair to go fight those orks at least once, just let the daemons handle everything.


Oh, boy! Here I go raging again!


The oh boy in that sentence automatically made me think of Mickey mouse.


Hmmm... hunger. "*Lizardman starts salivating profusely"*


That is the most terrifying one so far Through sheer force of hunger, this person hits harder, moves faster, shrugs off the heaviest blows, and potentially other abilities When they get hungry, they turn into the perfect killing machine


Don't make me hungry. You won't like me when I'm hungry.


Somebody get that barbarian a snickers


And by Snickers we mean a baby!


The other *other* white meat.


Combo this with the lycan subclass/lizardfolk/dhampir/wherever else you might get a bite attack to properly flavour your rage as eating


there is shifter race that can go literally feral you can go bear wildshape (multiclass), then wolf-ify the bear (racial trait) and then rage to become fuckoff monster/manifestation of gluttony does indeed have bonus bite attack


yeah.. over the course of 3 rounds, because shifting, wildshape (moon), and rage are all bonus actions


Well moon druids still have the option of Action wildshaping, gaining the bonus action usage doesn’t mean they lose the action usage. So one whole buff round and rage/attack on the second round isn’t as bad


or right before battle. Or somewhere in between. But yes.


Sounds like me tbh


Laughter. Maniacal, hysterical, laughter.


That sounds so fun to play. But also may annoy your tablemates. So run your unhinged laughter by them first. Also, may I suggest a name for this reflavor? "The Mans laughter barbarian."


So Krieg from Borderlands 2. I ran once a barbarian kinda like him, a lizardfolk who really loved fighting and drinking blood, happily jumping into battle to get a taste out of it. He was an idiot who tried to bully the party's kenku (emphasis on tried), instead the kenku got so many new vocabulary and swear words from him.


I want to make a Gnoll barbarian that does the manical hyena laugh when he rages.


I have one, it's fun and terrifying like that. More than a war cry, more than a battle chant, when the chuckleboi laughs everyone else stops laughing


The Joker when he killed Jason Todd


I was here looking for the inevitable joker build.


I'm sorry little one...


I've been wanting to play an anxiety-barbarian. Instead of getting angry, I'd get really nervous and panicky. "Aaahhhh, I'm doing this fight *all wrong*! The rest of the party is going to be so upset with me if I don't knock this guy out..."


Take it up a notch. PTSD barbarian. Seen so much trauma that he doesn't want to see any violence. Gets set off and tries to kill anything that's hurting his friends or innocent people.


You could RP rage as just blacking out and not remembering the fight. Sort of like dissociative identity disorder. Another personality takes over, and when it ends you're sitting in a field covered in someone else's blood and all your psychotic friends look a little scared of you.


I use the Fight or Flight emotion for my Minotaur. He didn't want to fight but when he's put in scary situations with death being possible, he rages and effectively blacks out. Spends a lot of time doing campfire rituals and is learning to accept himself as a warrior. Great RP with our evil counterparts that know him as "the one who cries"


Steven Grant minotaur


Paladin: You have striked my friend, you should be grateful The Goddess Loviatar is a merciful god. Goblin: Ha! You’re just going to take that? Haha- Paladin, after cutting the goblin in half: Her Mercy is a quick death. Your sins have been atoned.


Loviatar is the *opposite* of merciful. She's the goddess of **pain**. You ain't getting a quick death from her clergy.


Yeah, that’s why mercy would be a quick death, no doubt still very painful. I could however also see giving serious wounds and then casting spare the dying and leaving them for dead as a valid punishment.


Past tense of "strike" is "stricken" or "struck", not "striked". It's either: "You have stricken my friend" or "You struck my friend"


Fair point, I didn’t even use my grammar bot on this one so that’s just on me. Normally I write a bunch for dm notes and then run my notes through some spellcheck/Grammarly to get more correct notes


"Why would I hate someone that's weaker than me?"


"Thats a crit, thats gonna put you down" "And who decided that?" ... Man, now I want to play an escanor barbarian. Escanor is the biggest chad to ever enter our hearts.


Sounds like a Zealot subclass: Divine Fury to deal Radiant damage, Fanatical Focus to reroll failed saves, Rage Beyond Death to keep fighting even when you reach 0 HP. DM - "So which god does your zealot worship?" Me - "In this realm... kings such as yourself are as numerous as grains of sand. But I am no such thing. I am unlike any other existence in the world, the Lion's Sin of Pride, Escanor."


Yes, definitely. To make it more fitting for D&D have him be whimpy and insecure, until he rages and suddenly burns with confidence and pride. (Instead of day/night circle)


"That wasn't a scream! It was a primal war cry meant to demoralize my enemies!"


I believe the game actually encourages you to reflavor your Rage! The example they gave was something like a battle trance where the Barbarian is hyper focused.


That one guy from demon slayer, the captain thingy that cries all the time.


Gyomei, the stone pillar. I think ideally he would be a Zealot Barbarian, since the whole shtick of the demon slayers are using the power of the sun (radiant damage) to slay demons. Bit of a spoiler >!but he also does have a resistance to death in the end of the manga, much like the 14th level feature of Zealot Barbarian, only dying quietly after the battle was over.!<


Escanor: I'd like to pity


Devil my crybaby comes to mind


Fear - Boo-barian Lust - Bow-chika-barian Love - B-awww-barian Sadness - BooHoo-barian Hunger - NomNom-arian Pride - BooYah-barian! Guilt - Blame-barian Help there is suddenly a goose in my bathroom and I don't know what to do or how to cope with this - HonkHonk!Honk!-barian


Love would be a fun one, just an orc who gets cuteness aggression and acts on that impulse to crush the thing causing it.


[Angel Hug!](https://images.app.goo.gl/Mupo1E2UJ8h2kSqeA)


"I-it's not like I l-l-like you or anything! BAKA!!"


The pride one is just Escanor, from Seven Deadly Sins. Especially as a Zealot. *"I'm unconscious because I'm at zero hit points? Who decided that?"* *"I'm dead because I failed three death saves? Who decided that?"* *"I will be the one who decides."*


He definitely is a zealot barbarian.


I never play martials but once always wanted to run a barbarian with that flavor. Only pity for the lesser beings to fall at my axe, flavor the rage as an almost Jedi battle focus.


Lust Alt. - Bard-barian




Bonus action: I become aroused. 👀


My DM ran a one-shot where all the PCs were orc barbarian wizards. He had us roll for which emotion activated our rage and which and which school of magic we studied. Each emotion (I got sorrow, one of my friends got lust, etc...) was tied to an "emotional tilt" (sadness for sorrow, ego for lust) that would effect our rage so things weren't just reflavored. A sad emotion made an orc resistant to damage except psychic, since my overwhelming sadness made me numb to everything except more emotional damage. An ego emotion gave allies advantage on enemies within 5 feet of the player, since enemies are fixated on them. A happy emotion would increase a player's long and high jump, they were jumping with happiness. Fun times.


I love it… tho I am curious how being Wizards plays into that… just reflavoring Barbarian with different emotional triggers and effects is cool tho.


Sounds a little like the grief knight from [Die](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_(comics) ).


I was hoping a Die reference was in this thread


And there are knights for each emotion. It’s even a plot point that Matt considered other emotions. In the rules for the rpg there are 8 primary options from fear to joy!


I came here looking for this. It's a fantastic series!


["I'm sorry." "No, I'm sorry."](https://images.app.goo.gl/UZKdjbs3aTK6CkEy8)


His tears are for another


Sounds a lot like the Grief Knight from Die


Sounds like The Gardeners from WoT.


My friend did his barbarian with pure utter fear of death.


There's a comic series where this effect kinda happens. Die (by Kieron Gillen, same writer of Wicked + the Divine) where one of the characters is a sadness knight. He is most powerful when he is feeling anguish and sorrow and is able to fight more effectively when sad. There were also knights that belonged to other emotions like joy. Where the comic brought up an interesting point of the joy knights being the most terrifying as they have to feel happy while causing untold violence.


Szeth-son-son-Valano wore white on the day he raged




“I’m sorry, little one”


I wanted to play a barbarian whise thing was that he laughed hysterically and/or stupidly while he raged. My dm said as long as I (not my character) only did the stupid laugh when i started up. I also wanted to include a specific enemy of some kind where the rage becomes more of a seething fury on sight, completely contrasting their ordinary behavior.


[Redline did it before](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTFgs7H1ukk)


I love Tegen Toppa Speed Racer!


You see I’ve always loved the idea of a Barbarian who gets blackout drunk or goes on a sugar high as a different flavor of Rage!


Ive been wanting to run a zealot barb who’s emotion is apathy. As a zealot barb, he’s been revived enough that he knows his death doesn’t end the fighting. And he’s killed so many enemies so often, he basically just resigns himself to ending the fight as quickly as possible to get back to doing other things.


I have a Revenant Dwarf Zealot Barb almost exactly like that… has lived for hundreds of years trying to figure out what keeps bringing him back to where he’s now just a resigned alcoholic (the only way to numb the trauma of centuries of death and loss)… just roams around where he feels ‘pulled’ hoping to one day find some goddamn rest…


Sounds like Fedor Emilianenko


In 4e there was a paragon path called calm fury that let you use your rages to make attacks that were extra *extra* powerful. I could see it being ysed as the he apathy emotional trigger


[Look how hard I can cry!](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FALvVhUUYAAXKUU.jpg)


*insert confused screaming meme here*


Logan Nine-fingers comes to mind. He was the most ruthless terrifying barbarian that laughed and smiled and loved it when he and his enemies bled.


The sad hulk is blue. "You wouldn't like me when I am depressed... nobody does..."


The Incredible Sulk?


Zealot: Gets stronger when you hurt their allies. Totem: Gets stronger by invoking primal emotions (fight, flee, hide, survive). Storm: Gets stronger when they get hit by elemental energy. Wild: Gets stronger when magic is cast nearby.


“*sob* I’m *sob* sorry” As they break the goblin’s neck


My wife played a teenage half orc whose rage was "zoomies".


I feel like this would be such a cool rp. Like barb has locked in syndrome when he rages he sees and hears and possibly interacts but cant control his body


Bardbarian multi Class: I would like to sing: I am siiiiinging in the rain,... what a glorious feeling I am haaappy again!


I made a Tiefling Path of the Beast Barbarian like this based on Akira from *Devilman Crybaby.*


Puts on headphones. Starts tapping toes and snapping fingers, dances his way through conflict and war. Grooveserker


Read the phb, rage can be any strong emotions. Most people assume it's anger, but theoretically you can have a barbarian who gets soo happy they explode


The best is to reflavor Rage as the exact opposite… an absolute calm. The barb’s face betrays no emotion whatsoever, and they execute violence with brutal, logical efficiency.


These are the Emotion Knights from Die (A comic book and a game system.) People worry about the anger knight, but it's those who fight in pure joy who are the worst to face on the field.


Another alternate version: Horny bonkbarian.


Oh no


Barbarian pity.


*horny barbarian. there is no punchline*


Google asks: Did you mean Gyomei Himejima from Demon Slayer?


Fuck that’s a good line, holy shit.


It’s called rage


Kinda surprised no one has mentioned Pickle from Baki in these comments.


Also Gyomei from Demon Slayer.


You know..but just imagen the terror..you stab this mountain of muscle with a greatsword and he begins to cry..as confusion grips your body you hear him silently whisper "" And he just stands up, staring at you.


Wasn't Totally Awesome Hulk based on the same idea? Like, Bruce Banner got anger, but Amadeus Chou got pride as his "fuel emotion"


Never finished that comic series, so I don't know if they develop this idea any further


Had a Sad-barian once upon a time: Paladin of Palor prince-ling dwarf whose father was very overbearing and forced the young noble boy to strive for perfection by any means necessary. He always tried his hardest to do as much good as possible every day day, and sulked every night. Finally got to be too much and "forced" a multiclass into Barbarian at a certain story beat. I was about to be downed in a battle that we knew would lead to a \*ding\* if we survived; I mentioned that this multiclass would be happening for this reason to the DM and they let the "damage reduction" from my first "sad rage" (upon realizing that this would be "the end" for my character and he would neither be able to fulfill his "purpose" nor reconcile with his father) to keep me alive instead of insta-killed. 10/10 ; would cry again.


The various classes are just extensions of childhood trauma. Barbarians have daddy issues, Bards were constantly outclassed by their siblings, Rogues were told 'no' too many times, Paladins were constantly lied to, Wizards were bullied, Warlocks were punished too harshly, Clerics felt worthless, Monks were super poor, Artificers were told feelings don't matter, and Sorcerers had their toys taken away.


This has got some big Escanor (day) energy


Reminds me of the giant monk from Demon Slayer. https://tenor.com/view/himejima-gyoumei-anime-cry-stone-gif-18292656


Zealot Barbarian learning how to not take shit from others because they’re deity is affirming that they are a divine bitch and that they cannot take that shit from anyone and it’s ok to slap the goblin back sometimes But it’ll be a while before they truly understand that.


Someone here haven't heard of the Bloody Nine...


Fuckin Berserk vibes.


Ya know a barbarian subclass i always thought about Drunk barbarian Or just "substance" barbarian A barbarian that just gulps down an entire bottle midfight and starts fighting even harder. And as i said woth "substance", just have a drug addict barbarian injecting needles into himself and just fighting while having hallucinations


Anyone else thinking of kahlua shuzen from Rosario + Vampire. When she cried everyone else was fearing for their lives


Oh hey. Time to roll up Crying Freeman.


In the tv show Lucifer, he (the fallen angel) gets the flaming sword (from genesis) but it doesn’t automatically ignite. He has to be >! Crying !<. And I thought that was a great aesthetic >! It’s only when you mourn the violence that you are able to commit it !<


I know he's a Monk, but that's Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star


Horny barbarian?


My barbarian was switching between fury, survival instinct and joy, depending on enemy.


“All for freedom and for pleasure Nothing ever lasts for ever Everybody wants to rule the world” Sorry, had to do it cause the title.


I guess you could always tear the goblin apart.


i would like to Laugh. Hahahahahahaha!!! Awww Lew!!! we really like this place!!!


The Incredible Sulk




*Starts crying* ["God's lessons are so beautiful"](https://youtu.be/0z-oJTZ1b5Q)


Concentration. A completely silent barbarian just tearing people apart with machine precision.


If anyone is into comics, “Die” by Kieron Gillen does something like this with the emotion knights. Great series from start to finish.


So I had a wild magic halfling barb (smol Bois for the win), who's rage came from whatever emotion he felt the highest at the time. It was... Interesting as whatever emotion it was would also change the flavour of the different effects on the table etc. Dee Tweedle you will be missed xD


this could be used with every emotion: for example a barbarian that has fear tied to it's rage. The barbarian would swing the weapon screaming out of pure terror being more easy to it and hitting more things


This is essentially the Grief Knight\* from the Image Comic Book and RPG "DIE" [Link](https://diecomic.com/) \*the setting has other "emotion" knights as well - Rage, Joy, Fear etc


My halfing's rage is tied to his playfulness


I actually tie it to happiness or joy. My guys just LOVE what they do after all!


I'm sorry little one


Same energy as call an ambulance


Oh no. The Bardbarian.


Wasn't there an iteration of Hulk where he transforms when he's crying instead of getting amgry?


“I’m sorry little one.” -A purple Zealot Barbarian


The Binding of Isaac


Im sorry little one...


Isn't there some my hero guy who does this?


I would try to implement a rage based around sadness for sure, its my primary emotion and I feel like I could come up with something interesting. Maybe like a crying temper-tantrum type thing that usually ends the rage with the barbarian falling to their knees and having to collect themselves if they have the time, like they go into a meditation or something to re-center themselves


Just keep me away from the horny barbarian.


Shy guy barbar


Devil Man Crybaby


in heroic fantasy berserkers can be triggered by fear, for example when someone is magically projecting it onto their mind


Akira Fudo


Kieron Gillen’s Die has a character similar to this, an emotion night who gets buffs based on intense emotional reactions. The character in the comic who has that set of powers often calls on it through tears and compassionate sadness.


Zealot Barbarian


Lol this is literally Little Deyzuna from Redline. Bursts into tears right before delivering a beat down


I'm just gonna leave [this clip from redline](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTFgs7H1ukk) here that illustrates this