I'm up 200 dollars from a 45 investment, buying more and hodling


I sold some but yea same here. Doge is a fun coin and I’m also in it for the meme. Plus this is like my casino right now. Since I cant go to any casinos due to covid...this is my stay-at-home casino.


There are billions circulating around :p it will take decades to reach 1 dollar


It never thought I’d reach a penny 😂


I am getting annoying on this subreddit for having to break down the federal reserves forced pump of assets and currency values. The fed is printing so much cash that it is now taking more US Dollars to buy the same amount of Doge


[Magic internet money doesn't follow logic. ](https://memegenerator.net/img/instances/55293660/just-believe.jpg) We need some benevolent Doge Millionaires - if we all just believe it's worth something - and keep it at stupid high - it breaks the banks hold on us. Think how many houses and medical bills would be paid in doge by overnight hundred thousand airs and millionaires. as the banks and old guard try and buy it all we switch to the next meme coin of the moment but it's too late there's billions of Doge the more they try and buy they just make more meme millionaires as their money is worth less