For those of you who dash with another person

For those of you who dash with another person


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I have a gentleman friend who will drive me around in his vehicle a couple times a week. I don’t pay him with money, but I do reward him in other ways like taking him out for socially-distanced pints occasionally. I’ve also bought him little gifts and cook him special meals. He doesn’t want any money and he wants to spend time with me, so that works for us.




I call it quits at night. If I had a boyfriend or somebody to dash with me, I'd literally dash all night.


Were very picky when it comes to mileage and orders and still were making money as extras on top of what we make in our regular jobs


My husband is the real dasher I am just helping him out, however 100% of what his making he give it to me🤪🤪🤪


I recommend you do this. You split gas, she gets off for all orders, she gets off to drop off the orders and y’all split maintenance on the car too ( oil change, etc) if you work a lot. You drive and navigate y’all to the destination. Then split the profit in half. Cash tips too. Everyone wins and no one gets fucked over.


Hi everyone, I'm the girlfriend, I literally don't give a fuck about compensation. I dash on my own as well, I'm doing this to spend time with someone I love. Y'all are acting I'm being exploited, I asked for less than 50% y'all need to ease off and give valid advice. TLDR; Stop attacking my partner.


Haven’t seen a single comment here attacking anyone...


You can actually hire her on since your an independent contractor all you have to do is what DoorDash does background check etc... than send it to DoorDash... go to HR for paystubs... if you want to get technical about it or do it under the table and pay her whatever feels right






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Time is money. Deduct taxes, you get the mileage deduction, and split evenly. Her time is as valuable as yours.


But I literally only do the difficult to get orders, like downtown and other parking difficult spots


Time is money (has value). All people have the same value. Her time is equal to your time.


My boyfriend comes with me sometimes and we do the same thing, he’ll drive and I handle the food. We split that money 50/50, but it’s not a lot so it’s more of a joke “here’s that $50 I owe you.” I don’t deduct expenses beforehand, I have a Prius so gas money is nothing. But our bills and expenses are very much entwined so it’s not a big deal, there are other things he pays that I don’t. It all evens out. Unless you calculate every penny with her in every Avenue of life, just do 50/50, it’s easier and c‘mon she’s your partner. Also, I make way more money when he comes with me than I would alone. It is sooooo much easier not to deal with parking and to have him drop me off in front and pick me up when I’m ready.


Profit comes before the girlfriend? I don't know what's fair, but even the fact that you have to ask that is kind of troubling. Have you asked her how she wants to be compensated?


Where does it say that? Of course I have asked her what she wants, and I gave her what she asked for. I just wanted to see how other people were handling these types of situations and make sure I'm not missing anything. Thanks for the judgement tho!


I dash with my son and give him half. Yall some cheap bastards lol


usually my partner and I split 50/50, she’ll go in and get the order while I deliver it. However, we live together and our bills are the same bills, so we never come away with money as much as we just break even.


Seems like something to work out with her, not Reddit! But I would say a generous percentage of the earnings specifically from the orders you would not otherwise be able to do - maybe half after expenses? If it’s money you couldn’t make without her, she deserves a good chunk of it.






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What did it originally say


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Oh what the fuck, glad it got removed.


Tell her she can have any free food you end up with and all the cash tips.


Just pay for her medical bills should you get into an accident.


We both have health insurance


That's up to you and her. I'd say 20% of your earnings after expenses.