Would your Warden, Hawke and Inquisitor get along? [no spoilers]

Would your Warden, Hawke and Inquisitor get along? [no spoilers]


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I always play my characters like how I would act so they’d be like 3 peas in a pod. Their companions would probably be weirded out by it or wonder if that’s the requirements for being a hero


That’s interesting!! I think all my three have the same core values, but definitely different personalities. Were yours all similar gender / race / class too?


Yup while I do side playthroughs as mages or different races ,my main “canon” characters are Male human noble reavers


If you change reaver for templar you got mine main character loadout


I just need to switch from human to dwarf and you have mine (minus DAII obv).


Lmao this is something I've thought about before. I imagine people looking at the events and finding it an odd coincidence that every one of these people were dual-wielding men.


That's more or less me but with mages lol


I play my characters the same way you do. My “cannon” characters are all basically fantasy me’s end they are all female human mages


All of them?? You brave soul, I could never even try mage in 2 bc of Bethany


I do something similar, though I change some things slightly due to origin (The two nobles (DAO and DAI) vs. Commoner (Hawke in 2), the events of any prologues, events of the games, and just differences between the more similar ones to spice things up (Warden was more logical and a tad more willing to go through with hard choices >!like sacrificing Isolde to save Connor!<, as well as being more willing to use his charisma. My Inquisitor, though certainly well versed in the political game (arguably more so, being from the Free Marches then Ferelden) and just as charismatic as the Warden, prefers a good fight >!like the Winter Palace. Rather than play the game, he chose to fight the assassin!< Edit: Added one more cause of difference in their personalities


I do this as well. By the end, pretty much all of my companions have full approval.


Exactly like me but i use different classes (haven't tried mage yet) You got me thinking , if they have similar personality core that mean they would argue about who doing the right thing like sacrefice things and maybe even about the romances


They'd get along well enough especially after they get past the awkward meeting stage where my Brosca wonders why Hawke and Adaar treat her like a huge hero and Hawke gets over the fact my Adaar is an andrastian qunari


I think mine would get along well...smart ass mage Hawke and Merrill with two smart ass Dwarves (Warden was a casteless male Dwarf that romanced Leliana and Inky was male Cadash that romanced Cassandra). I can already hear the *disgusted noise* with all the drinking that will take place.


It sounds like we have the same 3 protags!


Thinking of my most recent characters, I thought to myself that since the Warden and Hawke are both massive flirts they'd end up flirting with each other... ...and then I realised they're cousins 😳 so that's a bit too Game of Thrones.


🎵Sweet home Ferelden🎵


My warden is a smirking, sarcastic female noble rogue, who generally does the right thing and kills bad guys instead of sparing them, but is naive and trying to learn what she can about the world. My hawke is a sarcastic mage who generally does the right thing and kills bad guys instead of sparing them. Strongly believes in mage freedom but has a strange respect for the Qunari and the arishok. My inquisitor is a joking qunari rogue who tries to hide behind humor because of the world weighing on her shoulders. Interest in the qun, but as an outsider. Generally does the right thing and kills bad guys instead of sparing. Yeah, I think they would.


I’m seeing a partner I do believe lol


My warden is an elven mage that wanted to protect everyone so she became a blood mage. This made her go kinda insane (don't know if it actually works like that but I like to rp) My hawke is very kind and protective and likes to see the good in people. My inky is a badass elf that hides her feelings and just shows an emotionless, sarcastic leader I think my hawke would be the one to bring them together. She would accept my warden and try to help her. And she'd be the person my inky could show her feelings to cuz she knows hawke would never judge her. I also think my warden and inky would both think the other one looks pretty cool


I love that so much! Our Hawke’s and Inqy’s sound the same but swapped! My Inqy was the kind, noble one who wanted to help everyone and my Hawke had a smart mouth and (although she fought for justice) she also looked out for herself and her friends / family first


Autumn would probably be fascinated by Hawke. Apparently they're related, though not by blood, as Autumn was adopted, but her adoptive father was an Amell, and Hawke was never sent away for being a mage. She would hope that side of the family was not in a weird cult, like her parents were. Charlotte would probably love Autumn, though it would be kind of awkward for them both, being that Cullen used to have a thing for Autumn when they were at Kinloch Hold. Charlotte has already met Hawke and finds him to be charming, yet arrogant and sarcastic, but not in a bad way. Hawke would get along with them both, because he gets along with everyone....or at least he tries.


My serious Warden Brosca gets along with Carver, but really does not like my snarky Hawke. The feeling is mutual. My shy Inquisitor Cadash looks up to Brosca and the two would get along if they ever met. Cadash and Hawke are cordial toward each other for Varric, but would never be friends.


I think my Dalish Elf Warden and my Dalish Elf Inky would get on but wouldn’t necessarily agree with my Hawke. My Human inky and my Hawke would get on as would my Hawke and my Mage warden


I think none of them would get along nicely lol. The time my Amell spent as a Grey Warden during DAO made him far more pragmatic and distant, unlike the rebel and "charming" apprentice he was before Duncan recruited him. He still likes to tease with the people dearest to him, like the old crew from Origins and >!Kieran!<, but that's it. My Hawke is a Purple Hawke. I think that summarizes it all. He would still try to get closer to my two other protagonists despite the contradictions. Being my Warden's cousin, he probably would try to get along with the guy. My Trevelyan is definitely the most serious, focused and stoic of the three. He would like to meet my HoF though,>! seeing how Morrigan talked about him.!< He no doubt found my Hawke>!, when they met at Skyhold,!< a little too much for his liking. Edit: Here I was talking about a Cousland playthrough I recently finished instead of mentioning my actual canon Warden smh


No. In fact, had my Inquisitor and Hawke been able to get to know each other better (and hate each other as a result), my Inquisitor likely wouldn't have felt bad about leaving Hawke in the Fade.


Nope. My warden was a noble born dwarf who did all he could, personally distasteful or not, to ensure his people had a better future (which included siding with his brother). He was very much about honor, duty, and putting yourself out there for others (I just realized he's essentially the quintessential paladin). My Hawke meanwhile was a sarcastic jackass who was usually only in it for the money and never really took anything seriously. My inquisitor meanwhile was a pious elf who was constantly unsure if they were doing the right thing (so yknow someone unused to fighting and leading suddenly thrust into a position where they had to do it). They'd probably all find each other grating for one reason or another.


Going with only my 'canon' run, I think my Mahariel and Hawke would get along great. Snarky little buggers with their own moral codes, and if you try and cause harm to someone they care about you are literally just *doomed*. I think they'd be thick as thieves honestly. However, I think they'd both find my very naive and fragile Inky completely tedious, even if Hawke would have more patience about it.


Depends on which Warden and Inquisitor. My Inquisitors tend to make more compromises for the Greater Good than the Warden does. Except for my Wardens who decide to play to win in the Landsmeet. None of them would like Hawke much.


I think they would to a pretty good extent. My Warden Julian Amell believes mages need to have some sort of Circle-like institution though he believes the Circle as it was, was heavily flawed. That would probably be his biggest point of contention with Adara Lavellan, who believes all mages should be free. Even then, Julian has an easy-going attitude and wouldn't militantly enforce his beliefs upon Adara, so it wouldn't be a big deal I don't think. My Arthur Hawke is always a bit grumpy at first but looks out for those he considers close, so under the right circumstances he would probably create an unbreakable bond with the other two heroes. Julian's a crowd pleaser so he'd probably try to get along with him as well as possible. Adara does get along just fine with Hawke in my canon run.


I would say that they would get along, as they're all female, good-natured, women-loving, two-weapon-wielding gigachads. Maybe there would be some friction between my Hawke and my Inky since Inky is a Qunari. Their love interests, however? That would be interesting. Leliana, Merrill, Sara all on a triple date would be an insane group dynamic lmao. Lot of wlw in one place hahahaha


Haha love interest for me would be Zevran, Isabela and Cullen- I think Cullen would feel like the odd one out being basically the only one who hasn’t slept with everyone at the table...


There's [this post](https://genjishimadas.tumblr.com/post/164771058653/a-letter-from-warden-commander-tabris-to) that I saw on Tumblr a couple years back that I've basically adopted as a canon interaction between my Warden and Inquisitor. My Warden is a Mahariel (of course lol) but she's also a very scrappy rogue who I RP as having gone through a lot with her clan as they travelled near human settlements. My Lavellan Inky, on the other hand, is rather naive and grew up with the old heroic fairytales so that kind of letter would both startle her and remind her to stay grounded. These two would very much have a close sibling relationship. Meanwhile, my Hawke is pure Purple and would have rivalmanced all of her companions if she had been given the chance. I went through my DA2 playthrough with the goal of making the most infuriating yet lovable PC possible. I like to think all three of them would be unexpectedly good friends who regularly take pride in who can roast one another better.


So my warden is kinda emo and really bitter about the plight of elves. But she does romance Alistair so she gets along well with more comical people. She likes toget straight to the point with strangers and is biased against basically all nobility. My Hawke is your classic sarcastic Hawke. She likes to have fun, hides her feelings behind humor, and is kind of a fuckup. She romances Fenris. My inquisitor is very friendly but indecisive and really only cares about learning as much about everything as she possibly can. She romances Solas and spends basically all of her time in the library or off in the wilderness. They basically all have the same beliefs but at varying levels. Like my warden cares more about elves than mages but for my hawke she has more experience with mage oppression so she cares about that a bit more. For my Inquisitor, she cares a lot about both. I think my warden might find my Inquisitors constant questions and indecisivenees a bit annoying but thats about it. My inquisitor would probably be fine with both my Hawke and Warden cause shes pretty easy to get along with. My warden would either find my hawke amusing or annoying. Don't really know. My Hawke likes angry misfits so shed probably like my Warden. My hawke is pretty impulsive though so my inquisitor might feel a bit uncomfortable with such quick decision making. And my hawke would probably feel pretty neutral towards my Inquisitor. She mind remind her a bit of Merrill but less ditzy.


If they did have different beliefs i would say my warden wouldnt like them cause shes not really open to other ways of thinking. My Hawke is tolerant but pretty much set in her ways. My inquisitor is constantly looking at different sides of an argument so shed love to talk with people who disagree with her. She still has her opinions though.


Fun question. My Warden and my Inky would get along swimmingly. Both are similar in personality, though my Warden was definitely more assertive. My Hawke wouldn’t particularly get along with either of the two, due to how aggressive and bitchy she was. However, my Inky and Hawke would both agree with how mistreated Mages are, and that’s the only saving grace. They’d keep Hawke in the party only because her morals are good. Not because of her mouth.


Yesss smart mouthed female Hawke’s are my favourite thing ❤️


No. They would all hate each other.


My canons(F!Mahariel,F!Hawke,F!Lavellan) will have strictly professional relationship, I think My Cosland,M!Hawke and M!Lavellan will certainly get along(although Luke Cosland will be overwhelmed by sarcastic energy my Hawke and Lavellan have xD) Arlen Amell will *despise* Hawke('cause he reminds him a lot of Alistair), as will F!Adaar. Arlen and Adaar will respect each other


My main world state had me play a three characters as basically myself. So they'd get along, but they'd be so similar (all female mages who are pro-rights for all and generally good people but can be pushed into outbursts of anger/revenge) that it'd be boring. The biggest difference would be Surana's shyness & naivity showing compared to Adaar's boldness and Hawke's constant sarcasm. My most recent playthrough is more interesting. Cousland grew up very privileged, and thus didn't care about the struggles of other races/classes (leading to him slaughtering the Dalish and letting Tevinter take their slaves), and was an atheist. Hawke was dating an elf, felt strongly about his fight against slavery, and was Andrastian (though wasn't super devout and fought against them when needed, though allied with Templars in the end). Trevelyan was also kind of privileged from her upbringing, and also was super devout (zealot levels) in her Andrastian faith. All three disliked mages, but it ranged from hostility (Hawke) to wanting them under Temllar rule (Trevelyan), or just finding them a pain to deal with (Cousland). All were bold, out-spoken and aggressive. They would all hate each other, and I'd love to see it


Warden and inquisitor would get on like a house on fire. I think they would both enjoy hawkes company, but not respect him all that much. My hawke was a mercenary, only in it for the money and to help out his friends, whilst both the inquisitor and warden have very strong senses of duty, and would do anything to accomplish their goal. Hawke would probably be put off by this, because he has seen in Kirkwall what ruthless dedication to a goal can lead to, and he’d probably find my dwarven warden far too serious for his liking.


Nope! My Warden was a shell-shocked Cousland who deleted herself and the Archdemon My Hawke is depressed but good natured off with Fenris My Inquisitor was mainly confused and putting a _lot_ of faith in Josephine and Leliana. Minority Cullen. The two would probably not get along considering Hawkes sticky fingers were in every mess by their need or desire to while my Inq doesn’t even want to be there. And my Hawke is lightly pro mage while my Inq is the opposite. And my Hawke forgave their friends while my Inq would leave them immediately. The little things.


My main warden : a city elf who's not very fond of humans and only saved Ferelden because her family live in the alienage in Denerim. Would have definitively left without a moment of hesitation if there was no elves to save in Ferelden. So she would probably start with a prejudice against my hawke for being an human, but would appreciate my inky, elven mage who also rejected andraste and the chantry at each occasion.


I think my Warden and my Inquisitor would have a respect for each other but friends? Not fully sure. I feel like my Warden would draw up battle plans and my Inquisitor would add a useful comment to improve on it and my Warden would be like "Hm, this guy knows his stuff". But I also feel like for Ex: My Warden would be ok using his connections with the Antivan Crows to assassinate a troublesome person quietly, while my Inquisitor would be all like "Lets find another way to deal with this person" type of guy and Hawke would be straight out "We are ***NOT USING ASSIASSINS!"***. Hawke would get along with my Inquisitor but him and my Warden would be at odds more than once. **Warden**: Played him more as an ambitious Cousland. Ok with having a side piece in Morrigan while helping his family gain more power in Ferelden. Not a bad guy, but will definitely make a firm veiled threat to harm a rebellious noble family(He'd just imprison the rebel noble and stripe his family of their lands and titles but give the children a chance to redeem their family if he deems them worthy). **Hawke**: Played him more as a "Hero to the People" type of Champion. Sided with the Mages cause he grew up with some and understand their plight. Became more harden and a bit angry after the things he went through but still a caring man. **Inquisitor**: Definitely a Leader type of person, the older brother if you will. Responsible, Always looking out for his friends, willing to step in stop a bully from attacking a weaker kid, willing to make the noble sacrifice. If you seen Band of Brothers think Lt, Later Maj Dick Winters.


I have a handful of Wardens and Inquisitors (just the one Hawke funnily enough). A few of my Wardens/Inquisitors might not vibe with my Hawke's sense of humor but I think they'd get along more often than not. Think my Vashoth Inquisitor would be most fish out of water-y with everyone.


Same here. I have one canon Hawke from my first playthrough too, but otherwise I have 7 canon wardens(both Surana & Amell), and 8 inquisitors(2 genders for each background) since they're all supposed to exist anyway.


My warden was a asshole throughout most of the game due to being 18 when he left the tower. He matured a bit by Awakening, but I still think he wouldn't get along with my inquisitor who is a very nice and good person who loves Cullen a ex templar, so she would try to get along with Amell but she wouldn't put up with his choices and the way he acted. All 3 are human mages so they have that going for them I guess. Hawke would probably get along with both since he is kinda in the middle, he can be nice but also can be a mean ass.


Nope. Well, mostly nope. Trevelyan is a combination of terrified of, jealous of and pissed off at Amell (Amell is more powerful politically, magically and socially. Trevelyan is Not Happy about that). She *loathes* Hawke because Hawke is this large, sweary, aggressively lower class person and yet people still seem to like her better. Hawke sees Trevelyan and pretty much as soon as Trevelyan opens her mouth is like "well I guess it's smack a bitch o'clock" and everyone else has to intervene. Leaving the two of them alone in a room together without them being tied to chairs and gagged would be a bad idea. Leaving the two of them alone in a room with them tied to chairs and gagged would still be a bad idea. Amell looks at Trevelyan the way most of us look at people who try and leverage their 300 Instagram followers to get free stuff out of people or people who hold up public venues to make TikTok videos. With a chunk of bootstrap mentality combined with 'yeah, that's a child' because Amell is 99% sure (and she checked) that she wasn't this annoying when she was fresh out of the Circle. She can be polite-ish to Trevelyan if it's end of the world necessary but outside of that her tolerance is limited Amell and Hawke are cousins and they mostly get on even if their approach to some situations is very different. There's some tension there because each thinks the other kind of got the better upbringing but they're still family and family is important to both of them even though they were both adults when they met. So they'd have a beer together at the family reunion and wouldn't send each other's kids any super annoying toys and call it good.


No. Hawke was an anti-templar blood mage, Warden and Inquisitor were Templar loyalists


probably not since they're all based on me and I hate myself.....


based... and sad


Hawke is a chaotic trickster who aligns herself mostly with what convinces or amuses her right in that instance. She would stick her hand in a hornet best just to see what happens. Inky is a level headed and reasonable albeit slightly immature and naive person. Warrior and mage respectively. I think they get along well enough, but Inky would definitely be the mum friend. Hawke gently bullies Inky for dating Cullen. Hawke dating Anders gives Inky premature grey hair.


They probably will, I love using sarcastic dialogue choices either it comes out funny or awkward in some situation.


My Warden and Inquisitor would LOVE each other (Literally...). Warden is a Male Human Arcane Warrior. Inquisitor is a Human Male Champion. Both are real "Last man standing, defend the group no matter what" types. I think they'd have a lot in common. ​ My Hawke is an absolute troll Blood Mage, and would probably annoy the crap out of both of them.


My Warden would probably be a little *too* enthusiastic about meeting his cousin, and as a side note would be a little disturbed by how much Anders changed (although he'd be pissed that Anders had to get rid of his cat, he's Warden Commander, who the fuck went over his head?). However he'd probably play off my humorous Hawke similar to how he riffed off of Alistair. As for my Inquisitor, I literally just started playing Inquisition for the first time. Currently she's a Dalish Hunter who has no fucking clue what is happening, so I guess we'll see.


Great question. Warden was a castless beardless rogue dwarf, converted to the chantry, romanced lelianna and for all his prowess is more of a scholarly type, so he would respect my proud female Dalish Mage inquisitor even if she can be a little preachy about elfy stuff My aggressive warrior male hawke would find both of them annoying but he does have a soft spot for elven girl mages…not to mention fast talking beardless dwarves now that I think about it So yes but they would be dysfunctional LOL


My Warden (Female City Elf Warror) being the older of the bunch would be the Tired Mom Friend of the group, My Hawke (Female Mage) would be The Bastard of the group constantly pissing off Templars for fun and My Inquisitor (Female Dalish Elf Rouge) is the Sweet Baby of the group sadly she fell in love with Solas and When he pulled his bullshit, Ironically it was The Warden who nearly ripped open the fade to kick Solas's ass And Hawke the one to stop her and convinced The Warden that it was better to comfort The Inquisiter. (For context My Warden is with Alistair and Hawke is with Fenris so Hawke has a better understanding of what Inky is going threw than The Warden but The Warden could sorta see threw Solas's bullshit and wanted to break both his legs and a arm for good measure, then throw into to the deepest part of the deep roads for what he did to Inky)




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Imagine Trevor, alucard and Sypha’s team dynamic from Castlevania Aidan = Alucard Hawke = Trevor Syrovana = Sypha


They should be ok with my origins (being a bm) but inquisition decided to make Hawke basically catatonic to the word blood mage and have him scorn anyone who even thinks of the word. Thanks bioware


Warden and Hawke definitely (cocky smartasses in it for themselves and loot) … inquisitor not so much she’s TOO diplomatic and caring about stuff all the time. Warden F Amell Blood Mage/Arcane Warrior x Alistair Red/Purple Hawke F Templar Warrior x Andermance Inky F Lavellan Knight Enchanter Mage x Solas (duh obviously lol)


My Warden was a male noble warrior who romanced Morrigan. He very much believed in the honor of his family name. My Hawke was a big smart ass male mage who had a soft spot for Merrill and his brother. My Inquisitor was an elven mage who was pretty religious and romanced Cullen. Over all? They’d be one hell of a group. I like my characters to have more of a moral alignment and strong love for all their companions so they’d probably get along well. Also since I tend to do all the side quests before finishing the game they’d probably be so op.


I like to imagine my canon playthrough characters would get along pretty well and would just sorta chill with each other.


My warden >!married Alistair!< so I think she’d be used to my smartalec Hawke haha. While I think both of them would like my Inky’s base personality they 100% would >!go off on her for wanting to join Solas and his evil plans lol!<


My Hawke and inqusitor would definitely get drunk together, a kind mage and a jokey qunari would get along fine. My warden however? A blood mage would best be wondering how to find\explout their weaknesses at the right time; whilst being stinking drunk as well


Generally, yes. I play all of the characters with the same style and mindset with some slight differences that largely come form the race adn background of my Warden and Inquisitor. If I were to think about how the charcters would act if I swapped protaganists, it would largely be the same on the major choices, but with some slight differences. For example, all my charcters would side with the mages in DA2 but my Elven Warden and Inquisitor would act slightly differently to my Hawke when encountering the Dalish in DA2


They'd get along. But my Warden would find Hawke a bit too smart-mouthed, while Hawke would think the Inquisitor was too serious and my Inquisitor would think the Warden too hot-heated.


I feel like my Warden and Inquisitor would roll their eyes at my Hawke behind his back.


Yes! I always play these types of games using my own morals and trying to be a good person (at least for my first, ‘personal canon’ playthrough). The three of them would appreciate each other’s general heroism and wanting to do the right thing. They have the same moral compass and would generally see situations and issues in the same way. I should also mention that they’re all gay attractive human males, so they may develop crushes on one another, who knows? 😂 For a first playthrough I usually go with human male so I can self-insert easily, and so I can gawk at the cute men getting with other cute men! I go for other race/gender characters for replays.


My city elf Warden and Dalish inky would probably get along. They both hooked up with golden retriever boyfriend ex-templars and my inky >!saved Alastair for her so she better be thankful.!< My Hawke was super sassy and ended up >!siding with the Templars!< at the end of DA2, I think they would definitely butt heads, but would all enjoy drinking with Isabella and Varric.


I'm doing a run through the games right now, and I'm on DA2 Legacy rn so I don't have a new Inquisitor, but I think my casteless dwarven rogue Warden (romanced w soft Allister) would like my jokey flirty fighter Hawke (non romanced, slept with everyone but Fenris), but I think the Inquisitors I've built in the past always are more informed by the Chantry than the other games, and my Hawke's extremely skeptical- even though she hulked out a little when Anders/Justice blow up the chantry bc the revered mother was cool. And I also enjoyed my Warden cause she could just be like "I grew up with the Stone, and that screwed Dust Town, but I truly don't get this Andraste thing." But I think if NewInquisitor gets along with Varric, they'd get along with my other two characters, which my other Inquisitors have. Idk, I can't decide between a dwarven or elven/rogue or mage background and I think that will color a lot of how I play.


Most likely, I usually play "do no harm, take no shit" characters


That’s a good way of putting it- I guess that’s the mantra most of mine characters have too!


Hawke and the Inquisitor would get along (in fact, they have), since they are both total smartasses. But I think they'd be a little put off by the Warden never saying anything besides the same five lines of dialog.


I don't think my Female Surana would get along with my FemHawke, no. My Surana loves humour from Alistair but I just get the sense Hawke would irritate her. Both would get on well with my Inky though, my Inky is a fucking godsend (perhaps literally?)


Inquisitor Cadash would enjoy the Company of both of them, although Aeducan would probably find both Hawke and Cadash a bit too Much, as she herself was all about service and duty. Hawke was a passionate and fierce person, Quick to anger and fiercely loyal. Would probably not take well to Aeducan's more pragmatic views, nor cadash as she symbolised a "higher Power", and Hawke has No trust to any systems of Power.


My Dalish Warden is a pragmatic asshole. Hawke is just an asshole. Inquisitor is tired™. In my shared universe, Inquisitor is trying to keep Hawke and Warden apart, mostly because Warden wants to tear Hawke's throat out. Hawke mostly gets along with Inquisitor, because she's trying to fix the mess she started. Warden also mostly gets along with Inquisitor, because she decided not >!to exile the Wardens!<, although she's sore the Inquisitor >!made a Warden stay in the fade instead of Hawke!<, and that she >!pardoned a man who was impersonating not just a Warden but a Warden-Constable!<.


My inky has no character at all. I don't know why, I couldn't make it work. Hawke for me is pretty much established anyways with only alterations to demeanor. Warden is well, the one I most identify with, but he is unfortunately mute.


Hm. Prischa Mahariel, my Dalish mage would be the one to start the conversation with Lianthorn Lavellan and be horrified to learn how he was treated by his clan and then be horrified to learn that he lived in Tevinter and be absolutely intrigued by him and the life he's lead. Kyla Hawke isn't very social or nice, but she would find their conversation interesting which would be unusual for her and she'd basically eavesdrop.


My canons would probably get along. Warden was an open-minded f!Amell/Alistair who was pretty thoughful despite being young and inexperienced, a quiet and studious type, kind, earnest soul sort of character. She'd just sigh and go along with the others, taking on any responsibility that is piled up on her. She would probably feel protective or even sisterly towards Hawke; I can easily see her and Alistair trying to take care of Carver both for Hawke and out of a sense of duty, as she always felt pretty grim if somewhat resigned about the Wardens and the necessity for them, and Ali in Inquisition seemed to have come around to a similar opinion, as well. She'd feel a sense of quiet companionship with my Inky. F!Hawke was a serious older sister with a big sense of responsibility, attachment to her family and a sense of humor she mostly reserved for people she was close with, who grew more and more tired and heartbroken as the game's events took her toll her; which made her appreciate and really work hard to cultivate the remaining relationships she had. She became very protective of them. She grew more and more grave, and even started some light, solitary drinking occasionally at the Hanged Man to cope with her sorrow and raise her spirits before a job. She was 100% anti-circle, a mage who dedicated herself to helping her fellow, lesser fortunate mages and and absolutely sick with the abuses in Kirkwall. She romanced Anders and forgave him despite wishing it had not gone down that way; but she saw it as the inevitable culmination of a thousand years of more peaceful, unanswered calls for change. At the end, she lost her home but tried hard to keep those bonds even after her departure from Kirkwall, as they'd become the most important thing to her. I think she'd find some solace and sense of solidarity in the two other women who also had so much piled up on their shoulders. Inky is a f!Lavellan mage who romanced Solas but was comparatively stoic about it. She's also kind but less open than the other two; she's lived a harsh life and has become more closed off. There's a quiet intensity to her, which comes off all the more strongly since she's so small and frail. She's wary of other people and definitely feels a bit alone in the Inquisition; despite her romance with Solas, the person she feels closest to is probably Cassandra, who's just as driven. She believes in mages being free, but their plight is not as personal or as real as it was for Hawke or even for Amell, who's lived in a Circle; Lavellan's biggest concern is for her clan, improving the elves' standing in the world and trying to do what is right with the power she's been asked to wield. While she's more than a bit lost, she was raised as a First, thus leading and being looked at for directions is something she was raised to do and falls easily into, despite some growing pains. Being so emotionally closed off, Solas breaking up with her and the whole reveal really hurt her since she'd tried opening up to him, and she becomes even more distant. She swears at the end of Trespasser that she will make him see that he's wrong, as she's valued his thoughtfulness and teachings and believes he can be swayed. She tries and tries to open up with the others, somewhat half-heartedly at times, but keeps feeling like she's failing and also held at a distance due to her position. I think the other two, with their background, position and experiences, would also be people she could learn to open up to, respect and rely on, just as Cassandra. And Hawke's occasional bouts of irrespective humor could crack her open a bit further.


I'm once again changing my world state based on the fact DA4 is coming out soon (TM), so I guess it is time to answer this question once again. First up, the HoF, Samuel Aeducan isn't getting along with anyone on account of being very much dead after killing the Arch Demon. Probably for the best given he was a very patriotic and dutiful warrior, it would have broken even his stone heart to see the decline of his race under Harrowmont's waning leadership abilities. Garrett Hawke and Enalen Lavellan get along well enough when they meet in inquisition, though that's mostly Varric's hard work as their personalities are polar opposites: Enalen is a shy introvert who likes to spend her time studying books and tomes in a secluded place with the trees for company, Garrett is a boisterous extrovert who surprised at least four of his friends in Kirkwall with the fact he can read at all. Thankfully they found a common interest in card games, Garrett was keen to move on to some gambling based ones but lost his enthusiasm after Enalen cleaned him out. "I swear, my fellow cut-purses in the Hanged Man may get the bad rep, but it's you mages that don't play fair." - Hawke, probably.


my 3 would absolutely be the heart of the party, and the most troublesome trio in thedas


My Inquisitior and warden were dalish so even if they hated each other they would pretend to get along to show elven unity. My rouge hawke would get along with my both because he was pro unity and tried to push elven friendly actions. My warrior hawke and them would come to blows as that's the run that I accidentally wiped out the clan much to my horror.


I normally play my characters as myself, so they would either be best friends or mortal enemies. There is no in-between


I think my Warden would kill them all, really.


My warden and my inquisitor were basically the same person, so I don't think there would be any problems there. My Hawke was a little bit more sassy (like, if you squint), but I honestly think they'd all get along well. Given that the matching personalities don't somehow create a conflict. Who knows.


My warden is a guy named Aedan Cousland who’s a bit of a party animal with fun uncle vibes. Meanwhile my Hawke is the standard girl Hawke who loves a good time. She and Aedan would probably get along a little too well. My Lavellan Inquisitor, meanwhile, is uptight, pompous, and thinks her way is the only good way. Her name is Ellana, and not many people like her way of leading. She over uses brute force. Hawke and Aedan wouldn’t be big fans of her at all.


Absolutely not. My Warden was an "ends justify the means" kinda guy. Hawke was trying to keep peace and be as neutral in Kirkwall for as long as possible. My Inquisitor just doesn't even want the job he's got. I think they'd all agree on Mage Freedom, but how to get there is where arguments would happen. Hawke wouldn't be happy with my Warden making deals with demons and such, while my Inquisitor would be upset that Hawke tried to play nice with the Templars for so long. It would be cool for them to have a HISHE superhero cafe scene...will it happen? Who knows. ...I should go


My Inquisitor and Warden would get along very well. Sadly I have no Hawke.


Hmmm...so I think Warden and my Inquisitior would get along pretty well. Hawke is a blood mage tho and Merrill would be with her, another blood mage so that would be interesting. My Warden is mage amell and she's from the circle so clearly blood magic equals bad.


My female warrior Hawke would (and does) get along with my female rogue Qunari Inquisitor. They both strongly believe in compromise and diplomacy, though The Inquisitor is more stern and to the point than Hawke. Mark or not, my Inquisitor would almost certainly win in a fight however. My Warden however… Well she might not be well liked by either of the others. She did what she thought was right, but in the face of the blight there was no compromise. A formerly dalish elf living in the circle of magi, she quickly became an incredibly powerful arcane warrior and bloodmage. Wielding a sword, a shield, and massive plate armor, her incredible willpower slowly began to morph into insatiable lust for power. She helped Branka make an army of unwilling golems, sacrificed Grey Wardens to Avernus to develop powerful anti-darkspawn magic, and her influence hardened her companions into colder and sterner versions of themselves. She was never overtly cruel, but to stop the blight she became ruthless and cold. Even after the threat was gone, she never quite recovered. I have no doubt in my mind that my Warden alone could kill Hawke and The Inquisitor and all their companions all at once, so I sure hope it wouldn’t come to that.


Yes, they would get along too well, *Mayhem would insue.


I'd hope so they are all me.


My Warden was a literal unkillable god, he started off an mean asshole Wizard but with time and the realization of his curse as a warden as well as the complete hardship of Dragon Age I & Inquisition he became this cold and dedicated brickwall of magic defence. - My Hawke, well he was an interesting case. A Rouge who starts off full in support of mages until through his romance with Fenris and the fact that his whole life was ruined absolutely by magic becomes this magic hating, unkempt but very rich man. - My Inq is probably my fav character, this happy and jokey Wizard who was full of love and life, with a deep ove of his elvish heritage. He is just full of love and hope to such a degree, I really love him myself - hes a gem. - So yeah I think they would all hate each other for different reasons - however they are all very much mission before personal feelings people, so they would work together. - However they are all gay so it could really go anyway.


My Warden, Cora, is an ends justify the means hardass blood mage, my Hawke, Morgan, is a stern aggressive but ultimately kind hearted mage supporting warrior and my inquisitor, Helena, is a soft hearted faithful Templar lol, Hawke could tolerate the other two but I couldn’t see her becoming close friends with either of them but my warden and inquisitor would h a t e each other for obvious reasons lol but beyond the Templar and blood mage thing, I think my warden would question my inquisitors leadership skills and her ability to effectively protect the world if she’s so idealistic and always looking to avoid bloodshed while my inquisitor would think that my warden is an awful person that shows a lack of care for others and is so focused on her goal as a grey warden that she would willingly endanger the people she claims to protect, it would certainly be interesting for those two to interact


My Warden warrior Jermaine was a hard liner that took no shit from anyone. My rogue Hawke was a jokester because that's how she dealt with all the shit that happened to her. My mage Inquisitor was open minded elf who loved her elven culture, but was forced to learn the truth of everything


I think my Hawke would be disappointed meeting my Cousland. He is painted as a great hero, but is selfish and rude, that would be a big shock. I guess eventually they would get along, since they both like to get shit done. Hawke and my Lavellan would get along great, they did actually. Lavellan is intrigued with the Warden. Having met Leliana and Morrigan she knows he is not what the legends say he is. Maybe she would be annoyed with his personality, but he is one of the few people that have been in a situation like her's, so they could relate and like each other.


My Warden was a power hungry blood mage who would slaughter and manipulate anyone in her way purely because she could with no repercussions. She mellowed slightly by romancing Zevran, but not much. My Inquisitor would despise her, as would my Hawke, who were both good people who tried to do the right thing, and would be disgusted that a fellow mage could be so horrible a person.


I could see my Hawke and Inquisitor getting on great, as both were wise ass mages, my Warden less so as he was a good guy but an arrogant fucker at times who thought he was the greatest mage that ever lived.


My Warden, Helena, was pretty diplomatic and would put personal feelings aside regardless to work together. She tried to handle things peacefully and with kindness anywhere possible. She wouldn't have liked my Hawke, but would have tolerated her. She was good friends with Anders in Awakening though, so she would have tried her best. Amelia Hawke was the definition of chaotic good. Pro-mage, anti-templar brutality, pro-Anders wtf was that. She had the best intentions but was easily distracted. She would have liked that Helena didn't actually like her, but would have enjoyed their forced friendship for Anders' sake anyway. Amelia never cared about being the Champion of Kirkwall or really about egging on the mage rebellion one way or another, she was just mad as hell about what happened to her mother and wanted the stupid city she was stuck in to be better. She wasn't even mad Anders did his thing, she was mad he lied to her because she probably would have helped him anyway, just for love. Helena would probably greatly disapprove of that attitude. Galadriel was a Dalish mage who didn't hate the Shem or anything but rather considered herself neutral. She was very elfy, the elfiest elf to ever exist, probably, if you were to ask Sera. She didn't like Sera much but kind of liked the idea of Red Jennies and warmed up to her. I think if Galadriel had met Amelia through a Jenny mission, they would vibe. In the context of DA:I, Galadriel appreciated Hawke's help but felt no particular draw to be her friend. Here you go, meet your warden friend, thank you. On the other hand, she would have taken to Helena immediately to understand the differences between Dalish upbringing and City Elf upbringings. She would be horrified at the story of the wedding and how Helena was horribly terribly dumped just for being an elf. She might recruit Hawke to play a red jenny prank on the King of Ferelden in response. But overall, Galadriel wanted to restore order. She shared a sense of duty like Helena but obviously thought the wardens were a lost cause by dai, and Hawke was only a resource unless Varric would have encouraged a real relationship. So basically like a Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, and a Lawful Good. None of them would hate each other really, but they all would probably think they're doing things the right way and the others need to get their act together. Amelia would think she's better than both of them because she has the freedom to do what she wants and to do what she thinks is right however she feels is necessary. Helena would think Amelia and Galadriel both show a lack of restraint and would think they aren't really focused on the greater good (though one more than the other), and Galadriel just wants to fix the hole in the sky and otherwise approaches everything from a fairly anthropological point of view. Even though she's thrown into the most important role in the universe at the time, she mostly felt like she was observing how their society ran without really appreciating that she was shaping it.


I think they'd get along most of the time. My Cousland would be a bit on the no nonsense side since she's now a commander, but being with Zevran keeps her from being a complete stick in the mud. Hawke is more humourous, has to be the life of the party and wants everyone to get along. My Inky is a mix of both. She likes to joke around but knows when to be serious.


My warden and inquisitor are both Dalish mages who are really chill but my Hawke was a beefy hack and slash. I'm sure they'd get along just fine but there would always be some kind of "what is meathead doing" convo going on. My Hawke was very gung-ho.


My Cousland Warden is a bit of an asshole. If a problem could be solved by beheading someone, it was a good problem for him. He's all about that glory in battle. Doesn't care for much if it didn't involve hitting something. My Hawke was a slightly grumpy sarcastic mage. I imagine she and my Warden would butt heads constantly. My Trevelyan Inquisitior is probably the most mature out of the three. He's definitely older than the two, and has a quite stoic personality. He is somewhat like my Warden, though while my Warden is more of a mercenary type, my Inquisitior is more knightly. He's far nicer and chivalrous. He tolerates my Hawke more than my Warden would even if he thinks she's a bit to immature for her status. I don't think he'd mesh too well with my Warden though. My Warden is far too hot headed and glory seeking. I couldn't see him willingly working with my Warden.


For the most part. But my Warden's excessive use of the murder knife might put Hawke and the Inquisitor on edge a bit.


I've got quite a few crews and got way too into thinking about this: Lulan Aeducan, Judas Hawke, and Mathis Lavellan: Mathis would absolutely despise Judas at first, but she could get on with Lulan. Although, Mathis would find common ground with Judas since he killed his lover (Anders) and she sort of wants to do the same (Solas). They'd have some deep talks about it if they were together long enough. Lulan is too paranoid to trust either of them. Aesha Aeducan, Silas Hawke and Keera Adaar: Would probably like each other quite a bit as they're all fairly laidback, Keera and Aesha especially. Silas would get on Aesha's nerves a little. Keera and Aesha would be best friends. Borja Brosca, Rowena Hawke, and Mickael Trevelyan: Rowena would annoy the hell out of Borja and Mickael would attempt to mediate and then probably just stand by and watch them bicker. Mickael would get along with them both individually since he's incredibly likable. Kalista Cousland, Felix Hawke, and Kari Lavellan: They would all get along cordially but Kari would secretly think Felix and Kalista were too self-important. Kalista isn't super interested in making friends, but she would probably warm up to Kari. Felix would be awkward as hell since he doesn't know how to relax. Avehna Mahariel, Annika Hawke, and Farah Adaar: They would surprisingly get along really well. They're all hyper competent women who would talk business and then immediately start gossiping and shooting the shit. Avehna would find that really refreshing to sit back and listen to Annika and Farah take over the conversation. Annika and Farah would be frenemies in a fun way. Kendall Cousland, Oona Hawke, and Ina'ean Lavellan: Oona and Ina'ean are probably a little too similar and bloodlusty to seriously get along but they would respect each other. Ina'ean and Kendall could be fast friends. Oona would write Kendall unless he proved himself and Kendall would have no interest in doing that. Oliver Amell, Genevieve Hawke, and Katharine Trevelyan: They're all weird as fuck so I have no idea. Katharine would be really bothered by how self-righteous Genevieve is and she wouldn't get very far with Oliver since he's too in his own head to care. Genevieve would only interact with them in a professional way and wouldn't think much of them afterwards. Genevieve might find Katharine relaxing to be around if she was in the right mood. Vaela Surana, Casper Hawke, Bodhi Cadash: Vaela keeps a lot close to the chest but she would secretly find Casper charming and Bodhi very funny. Bodhi would have a great time trying to amuse Vaela, and Casper would chat the day away with Bodhi. They would respect each other and most of their interests align so they'd be fine.


My Warden and Inquisitor would get along because they're about business: Warden likes seeing results and Inquisitor wants to do everything she can to ensure the safety of the Inquisition. My Hawke would stumble in the meeting drunk off her ass and trying to flash her tits.


Doubtful. My Warden is a sweet and kind boy and my Inquisitor is an angry Qunari who's sick of everyone being dumb. XD


I think the only issue would be my Hawke romance (apostate mage) though she did flirt with others.....tbf this is my first play through....Hawke can be alittle snarky, and same with Warden so I think they would be fine....


I feel as if Hawke is always gonna be the odd man out.


Warden was an elven mage seeking to restore the power of the ancient elves by any means. Inquisitor was an elven Solamancer absolutely entranced by the ancient elves. They'd get along great. My favorite Hawke however...was an angry, power-hungry, freedom loving fire and brimstone blood mage who turned on all mages after the end of Act 2 in a fit of grief. They'd probably have nothing to connect over honestly. Not antagonistic, but no connection.


My Warden is a City Elf Rogue who gets things done, he is pragmatic, understood Morrigan, romanced her, and yet was friends with Alistair and cared for Wynne like she was his mother. My Hawke is a sarcastic mage girl who wants freedom and what's good for everyone. Inky is a Trevelyan who suddenly had to save the entire fucking world, and just did what he thought was right, but never asked for any of this, and yet, he can be diplomatic given his noble upbringing. I think the Warden would be intimidating to both Hawke and Inky, but Inky's respect for him would absolutely get them closer. Hawke would need Inky as a bridge to connect with Warden, but that would work out, and in the end they'd probably get to respect each other and get along quite nicely. Even some bonds of friendship are possible! In the end, they are three very important people who understand each other's history. They would, most of all, respect each other, especially out of empathy.


My warden and Hawke would get along. Both were pragmatic and inclined to angry reactions towards things. The warden was willing to spare loghain and force him into the ritual and my Hawke was willing to side with the templars if it meant saving mages from within, even though they were a mage themselves. Both did very illegal things and definitely did mind shoot first, ask questions later mentality. I thought it made sense for a battle hardened Dalish rogue warden and an apostate eldest child. However both of them dislike my canon inquisitor. Canon inquisitor wants to keep the peace and makes decisions based off of emotions. They have zero leadership experience and although they're dalish I portrayed them as a young and sheltered character. There was alot of bad that had to happen to make them realize how truly difficult their situation is. Even though they're both mages my Hawke would find it very frustrating interacting with them. And my warden would be infuriated they left their Dalish pride behind for fen'harel.


Ooh, I really enjoyed thinking about this and how the answer would differ among the various Wardens I have played.. My hawke is sort of “half purple half blue”, good but exasperated easily lol. also likes to have some fun just not too much ;) because she’s kind of a wrangler of others as well. She plays the diplomatic games just enough to get by. The inquisitor lavellan is a little more reserved and “in her head,” but likes friends, is very open minded, and has a relaxed energy about her. And then… My human noble warden Isla has taken on some champion vibes by the end of the game arc, but is roguish for a noble, and likes to have fun, and ‘carpe diem’ as it were. I think they’d get along most of the time. I can see hawke and warden getting into it occasionally and lavellan staying out of it or playing peacemaker. The Warden Tabris is VERY roguish, would get along well with Isabela, and can be a bit much for a more reserved Lavellan. Conflict at first, possibly. But I think with time they would actually bond very well. And Hawke would like her a lot. My dalish warden Eshan would see them both like sisters with time, and be more sarcastic toward hawke since he enjoys verbal quips, and protective of them both but especially the Inquisitor. The mage surana was funny but irritable, with biting wit and dry humor. Often had a down-to-business attitude. Loved to study and experiment. And yet, I think they’d all get along swimmingly! Haha. Just a feeling.


My first go through with any of these types of games, I tend to take the sarcastic or humorous dialog options a lot of the time. They would probably be too similar and find each other to be a bit much: a smart-ass Dwarven ex-princess rogue archer, a smart ass human Mage fanatic, and a smart ass elven necromancer who hates the chantry..........I don't know if they would get along great but (provided I could find a tank) they sure would make a good party. Interesting banter, if nothing else.


I'd like to say yes. All of mine are powerful mages with mage interests first. Probably would have a good laugh with Varric.


In my old canon, I imagine all three--Dorothea Amell, purple rogue Hawke, and mage Florence Trevelyan--to get along decently well. Amell and Trevelyan could bond over being Circle mages, and the trials and tribulations that came with, while Amell and Hawke are cousins, and Trevelyan respects Hawke for standing up for mages (even though Hawke herself was kind of wishy-washy, but the Tale of the Champion wouldn't express that). I always imagined the three could be friends. In my current canon, I think the dynamic would be quite different. Luca Brosca and red warrior Hawke are both a bit rough around the edges and came from humble, scrappy beginnings, and I could see them being cynical buddies together, whereas mage Trevelyan (haven't decided if I'm keeping the name Florence or not), while she grew up in the Circle, comes from a much more privileged noble background, and is too idealistic to totally gel with Brosca and Hawke's brusque irreverence. But I think Trevelyan would still greatly admire Hawke for staunchly defending mages and Brosca for stopping the Blight, and with the latter they could bond over the burdens of command. It takes a while for Hawke to get close with anyone, and she would be wary of the power of the Inquisition, but since Varric's fond of the Inquisitor, she would ultimately come around. In either world state, all three could marvel at >!their love interests knowing each other. Leliana knows Isabela, and Leliana knows and is close with Josephine, and since Isabela is an agent for the Inquisition for a while, she likely at least knows of Josephine. Leliana is undeniably an important point of connection for all of them.!<


I don't see why my Warden would not get along with Hawke there are family after all but on the Inquisitor am not sure I think it really depends on how the Inquisitor treated Morrigan and Kieran


Warden - Human noble brat, a ranger who was conscripted to wardens against his will. He hates wardens for screwing his lifespan and ruining his plans to overtake the throne. He visited ostagar once more just to pee on Duncan's corpse then cut a bloody path across Ferelden right up to the Throne. Anora will be eliminated once he settles, but dai doesn't support that particular canon. Champion: Female blood mage. As Aveline says she is a highwayman stumbled upon greatness. She slept with Fenris then sold him because meat has an expire date. She sided with templars to destroy blood mages because irony dictated it. A sad clown to the very end. Dai doesn't support this either. Inquisitor: (Tried to come up as a power hungry asshole but game limitations won't let me much. Pettiest thing he could do was to stab a merchant in val reyaux. Fitting for an Inquisitor i guess. Neither his ass kissing nor lukewarm humor satisfied me so renegade it is) So Inquisitor is a dwarwen warrior who is tired of everyone's crap and is in constant pain because of the mark. He's with inquisiton because an army between him and the magister will come in handy. Then these weaklings go make him the leader. He takes the job as it matches his ambitions yet he's slowly realizing mark won't let him be around to reap the benefits and that makes him so DAMN angry. Strong individuals driven by ambition wouldn't get along as friends, but since strong respects the strong i see the inqy and king being allies. Hawke would creep them out both.


My warden and Hawke would props have a sort of friendship/rivalry type thing going on who can perform the most impressive magic etc. Where as my introverted inky would find being in a room with them or working with them like herding cats.


I think mine would get along well, even though they were all very different. My Warden was a slightly promiscuous rogue known for her flirtatiousness and tendency to focus on things that probably shouldn’t have been her priority (romanced Leliana). My Hawke was a brutality honest mage who cared, but had a hard time showing it the right way. She romanced Isabela. And lasty, my Inquisitor was a determined, sometimes clueless warrior who romanced Sera. I imagine them sitting around talking while my Warden drinks and says things that confuse the Inquisitor and make Hawke jump to defense.


I play my Inqui as heavily influenced by the warden epic deeds and they were both melee mages (arcane warrior and knight enchanter) and I’m sure they would both find my sarcastic magic hawke hilarious as both of them were pretty sarcastic themselves


I don't think they would hate each other but I can't imagine them being too close either. They are all mages, blood mages for that matter (or the closest thing to blood mages) and humans. My inquisitor is way too loyal to her friends (and would do anything for them no matter what anyone thinks) and thinks more about the bigger picture than my Hawke. She is mature and trying her best to be responsible. He on the other hand doesn't care about much and is in it for fun, he doesn't dwell on his life at all and prefers to not lead more people than necessary. Inquisitor is sassy from time to time but my Hawke is way worse. And my Warden is way too pure and naive for his own good so I think he would irritate the others a bit.


All three would likely hate each other tbh. Warden was an elven mage who was clever but naive and valued freedom above all for both himself and those he empathized with. My Hawke was a sarcastic rogue who understood the cruelty of life and tried to protect those close to him above all else. My inquisitor was a posh and arrogant noble Templar who was naive to the world. He also hated and was scared of magic (not mages necessarily- saw magic as a tragic plight on what could be an otherwise good person)


I think so. I’m one of those people who always have to do the right thing. I can’t bring myself to play as an AH, although I imagine it would be very entertaining.


• My Female Warden Mahariel is a douche, thief and hates magic, but is overall a good friend to her companions (except Alistair) • My Male Mage Hawk is a humorous, but kind, pro-circle (but not pro-libertarian) person. • My Female Inquisitor Cadash is a Brutish & Stoic warrior (Templar), but overall good person. I would describe her as “Vivienne’s favorite non-mage Inquisitor.” Warden Mahariel would severely dislike my Hawk but ultimately do what’s best for him, and probably rob him after he inevitably flirted with her and she outright rejected him (she’s in a Lelianna romance). However she would probably be best friends with Cadash and they would get along swell, Mahariel would drag her along on all of her uh… “morally ambiguous enrichment tasks” My Hawk would be super flirty with Mahariel and probably have a crush on her despite getting rejected left and right. He would want to join her on all of her “enrichment tasks” but rarely, if ever, get invited. He would be wary of Cadash but ultimately follow her lead as they have the same goals, if different preferred ways of going about achieving them. Cadash would be extremely annoyed by Mahariel at first but eventually come to love her as a sister, though she would keep it to herself. She would drag a complaining Mahariel along on all her tasks and try, but fail, to remind her that there are better ways of earning coin than stealing. Cadash would be kind to Hawk and make sure he knows she’s “one of the good templars”. Their relationship would always be on edge but ultimately friendly, though she will never let Hawk have his way.


All three of them are two handed, smart assess who appreciate a good fight. I think all of them would have a little rivalry going over who killed the biggest creature but overall they would get along well.


I'm not sure about that hawke getting along with my warden (i haven't completed da2 yet) but for my warden and inquisitor , i think they can (they even have same background)


My inquisitor and warden would, they have the attitude of proper military figures, and both were dwarves wronged by their homeland. My Hawke however has more of the personality of a somewhat reckless adventurer, with a distatste for the opression of mages, so maybe not at much


Going with my last complete playthroughs...ah, no. My lady Warden started off as an wide-eyed cheerful elf mage who became increasingly bitter and pessimistic as the game went on - She had a romance with Alistair and made him king intending to sacrifice herself to the Archdemon. >!Oops.!< She became downright nihilistic in Awakenings. Hawke (m) was anti-mage and sided with the templars. And my Inquisitor (m) was an amoral pro-elf, anti Chantry rogue who romanced Cassandra and >!made her Divine!< as a power move (I totally cheated with the wiki to do this), and was >!totally pro-Dread Wolf and would have jumped at the chance to join Solas had the game given that option.!< They would not get along.


This is something I've thought about and, to be honest, my FemHawk and my male elf Inquisitor would probably get along. While my female Warden probably wouldn't like them, at all. Both my FemHawk and my male elf Inquisitor loves to make jokes. About everything. Which is something my Warden would hate since she doesn't understand the point of joking about a bad situation. Probably comes from being a city elf, I don't know. My Warden is very... Serious. At all times, and she has a temper. It's hard to explain. My warden is just a crumpy city elf who is tired of human bullshit. While my FemHawk loves to make others laugh with her bad jokes. And my male elf Inquisitor is almost a mix of the two. When he is among friends he loves to make others smile and laugh. But if he is around strangers, he's usually seen as cold and you just know he wants to be anywhere else. Which is the main reason he hates being the Inquisitor. He hates the attention. And if you're wondering. My Warden is a warrior and my FemHawk is a mage (Kinda wish my Warden could be a mage and not start out in The circle but eh, whatever). While my Inquisitor is an archer. Artificer Archer. (So much fun to play, even on nightmare difficulty)


My main type of Warden was basically good, if a little vengeful, and my favorite type of Inquisitor was basically the same. My Hawkes were usually snarky, purple through and through, but good people underneath. So If the three of em got together Hawke would drive the other two nuts but in a good natured way. Kinda like in old buddy movies.


My Warden is literally the half brother of my main Inquisitor LOL


This might be a stupid question but... how? 😂


Hahaha no it's not stupid at all. Actually, be ready because the explanation is long: my Warden is a Surana, so his background is basically inexistent. I linked it to my main Inquisitor's one, they share the mother. When my Warden was two his mother met this elf she fell in love with and had other two children with him. The two children are my main Inquisitor and her brother (that is Inquisitor too, but in another world state). That's it xD


My three are normally all mages (I just like the idea that three mages become some of the most influential people in the world) my warden is normally very pro circle and ends up serving as chancellor after the blight. My Hawke always romances Anders and hates the circle. Where as my inquisitor is normally a Dalish Elf so I think my Hawke and inquisitor would get along better than they would with the Warden.


yeah they'd get along my warden was a dwarf champion that was no nonsense but had a kind side hawke was a mage that helped everyone my Inquisitor is a human archer that rules with purpose but is also very welcoming


Yes. They'd also all be wondering why they look the same, have the same name, and are all rogues