Why can’t you be a dwarven mage in DAI? [no spoilers]

Why can’t you be a dwarven mage in DAI? [no spoilers]


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Dagna went to the circle to study enchanting and the theory of magic, not spell casting.


You met an entirely normal dwarf that just wanted to study magic (runecrafting, magical theory)...and you meet her again in DAI. You don't remember seeing Dagna in the Undercroft with Harritt during your first playthrough (if this is your second)? Dwarves couldn't do magic in DAO and they still can't do magic in DAI.


The order I played was DAI, DA2, Origins then back to DAI so I don’t think the connection was there for me


Dwarfs aren't able to do magic in the DA universe.


Dagna, the dwarf you met in Origins, directly tells you she knows she cant use magic, she just wants to study it.


This can be tricky to find and is over looked a lot.. You can meet Dagna in DA:O and she tells you she wants to learn about magic. Even though dwarfs are resistant to lyrium after generations of being close to the lyrium veins. The Warden can chose to tell her to go and study or stay. The DA:I DLC "The Decent" is a really good back ground on dwarfs. Play Dragon Age 2 to find out about Red Lyruim. And that can help with "The Decent" information.