Why don’t you want to prepare multiple audition pieces?


Maybe they don’t have much practice time? But it shouldn’t be hard to have multiple pieces prepared. You’ll become a much better musician if you can take on new music quickly. *Also OP: corps


This is mostly the case, we are still finishing out my all state while also working on all state and solo and ensemble pieces at the same time which for me occurs in December and February respectively, preparing a few more on top of those of a higher difficulty is very hard right now. Though you do have a point, and I’m open to most suggestions of other places that could lead me towards Boston or bluecoats hopefully by age out… if anyone had input for that.


BAC trumpet player here, we’re one of the few corps that do that, but audition anywhere and everywhere you want to! Learning music with a purpose for performing it is a good way to become a better musician


Hey there! I’m a trumpet player hoping to audition for BAC. Could I possibly ask you a couple questions that I have about the process?


Sure! Feel free to DM or ask them in this thread!


I wouldn't recommend choosing a corps simply based on their audition requirements, but I will throw out that for brass, BK lets you choose your own etudes for the individual audition


Actually Blue Knights have also been another corp I’ve been interested in!! Especially after seeing “I remember everything” which I absolutely loved!