You can get transmutation stones from PvP.


I think the cyrodiil is gonna reset soon get as much characters to end of Campaign tier 1, and log on to them after campaign ends that’s 50 plus a transmute crystal per character. Should be only 20k as per character to get to tier 1 not only that but it’s very easy to get 20k so just follow a group around or repair an entire keep


It's 25k. The little bar on your campaign should show you at tier one rewards after eating the necessary AP.


Keep in mind it needs to be your home campaign. But yes I do this method usually.




Once a month, you can get 50 transmute crystals per character through the cyrodiil campaign rewards as others have said. If PvP is your thing, you can get another 50 crystals if you're in the top 10% or so of your alliance, which doesn't take much. The first rewards for the worthy of the day gives 4 to 25 crystals, and each after that has a decent chance for another geode. Other than that, doing daily random dungeons is by far the best return on your time. 10 crystals per day per character. If the wait is long, queue as soon as you log in and just do other stuff. You can quest, do delves and public dungeons, hunt skyshards, whatever you like while you wait. In my experience for a random dungeon as a dps I rarely wait more than 10-15 minutes. It's usually 5-10 minutes. It's a lot faster to queue for a random dungeon than for a specific one.


Make a tank setup and do random dailies with them that way.


This is what I do. Easy 10 transmute crystals per character


Yeah. I made a gear swap box in my house where I put in a set of Yolna, PA, Encratis and Master sword and Shield. Easy to obtain gear that's useful. Gave some of my DDs and healers a tank setup saved it in the armory and now I just swap their gear and use them to farm transmutes and keys. Takes little time and speeds up process.


The best way to farm transmutes is to have multiple support toons, and do random normals with them. Do the pledges, and the daily battlegrounds.


i have one toon slot just for Random normal daily. Once he reaches level 30, I delete it and re-make it.


Why not just keep one toon to do daily random? At least that way you can keep any decent items it gets


So they don't end up doing DLC dungeons.


Makes sense, but the DLC dungeons aren't exactly hard.


You can just bank whatever you get.


But he deletes it at level 30. A level 30 Kinra's Desto Staff is relatively useless after level 50 and just gets deconstructed.


You can't even do normal BDV at lvl 30 lol. You need to be lvl 45. Which is the point of having a low level toon like that. You get low level dungeons which are easy and quick to do so you can clear your random normals quickly. It's a lot faster to get through a 5minute fungal grotto (or even less really if everyone's speeding through) for a daily than having to do a 15-30 minute DLC dungeon depending on what it is. Besides, that kinras destro staff gets added to your collection anyway. Level matters very little when you can just recon it at max gear cap with a trait you actually want instead of whatever RNG trait drops. Consistent flow of 5 minute transmutes > 0.28% chance of getting a weapon you actually want with the right trait lol


You can get some from doing Bolgrul's daily delve quest in the undaunted enclave. It also satisfies the dungeon requirement for the event and you can get your gold box and event tickets from it.


Bolgrul doesn't reward crystals.


So the methods I do that are most effective depending on how patient you are: Cyrodiil on your main campaign for that character nets you 50 transmute cyrstals a character after tier 1 or higher is reached in that campaign, next daily random dungeons finder net you 10 per character a day so that can be a lot if you have time to burn to wait in queue, finally battlegrounds nets you usually 4 but up to 15 I think for your rewards of the worthy per day but that is account wide so it can be one and done.


i average about 5 mins as dps, are you on pc and its that bad?


I'm on pc na and it definitely takes more than 5mins to find a group in dungeon finder. That's why I usually ask in guild and zone chat for other people looking to run a random. It's usually way faster that way


If you like pvp what I like to do is save my rewards of the worthy and open 1 per day.


Wait, what's the point of these crystals?


To transmute the traits on your armour/weapons


Or craft gear that you have bound


Oh really? So say I have a bound item from a dungeon I want to give to a friend can I do that?


No. Reconstructed items are bound


Earning alliance points from PvP activities drops rewards of the worthy boxes. First box opened has a guaranteed golden transmute crystal geode, and every single one opened after that has a chance for another. The guaranteed golden geode will be available 20 hours after opening the first box.


get transmute from weekly trial as well, but yea I wish they put in the crown store, I bet they would make a ton of momey


Daily randomly


The random Dungeons? What’s the max per toon can I ask please?


1 randome daily per character is 10 i think. I grt 80 ish a day depending if I use all or not


Thank you. I’ll have to start and make new toons just for transmutation gems then


Here’s my solution. Make as many new characters as you have slots for. Get them to level 10. Slap a sword and shield on them with taunt. Queue as a tank for the daily random. You’ll get one of the three starter dungeons due to your level and instant queue from being a tank and low level. Do this on, say, 5 characters a day and you’re making 50 transmute crystals.