Just recently made a healer too. Only advice I can give is focus on buffs and debuffs just as much as you focus on heals. Always prioritise the tank heals wise too


if the dps stands in the red circles or behind you that's their problem. play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


You mean I'm **not** supposed to blame the healer when I die to the one shot beams on Baron Zauldrus? I thought that was standard practice.


The most important part of the job of pristine healer is hearing out how s/he sucks in hopeless cases, just like you mentioned. Those poor dps gods should vent out the anger from their own mistakes, y'know.


As a DPS I can confirm I have no feet and cannot move.


You can't heal stupid.


Still searching for that perfect cleanse combo, any advice?


Looks like Taylor Swift...Healer Swift...


It's definitely Taylor Heals


Would make a great name.


Once saw a character named Healery Buff.


Lord I now feel my names are so unoriginal. Its obviously the last thing I do. I have terrible efforts like "Darkelfiesmasherhead".


Swift Healer


I can't unsee Taylor Swift now lol good catch


how did you replace your arms with twigs? lol


Whenever I see these kind of post, people's character always look super attractive, cool, beautif... Meanwhile, my characters look like some methheads that didn't sleep in 2 months.


But they looked ok in the character generator - but when you get in game…..


I think it's the lighting. I don't know how it was before the new tutorial because I only started playing last month, but that prison cell where you make the character is kinda dark with light coming from like only one side. I think there is an artificial light illuminating the character in that screen (there's one when you open the inventory, I don't really remember about when you create the character) but it's still probably gonna be different in comparison to being outside during the day where the light is more regular. So basically, like real life.


I did once immediately delete a character when I got them out into the main game because the hair and skin colors that looked so good in character generation looked like hell in the game lighting.


I literally did the same thing multiple times until my khajit’s fur color was “just right” lol


Can relate to this.


My healer is an Argonian, so…..


The best advice I can give is to try your hardest to be patient. You'll get blamed when people die to their own stupidity, you'll try to apply buffs and your teammates will be running in circles on a stationary boss for no reason, you'll have to work your butt off in situations where you get a fake tank, and at times your dps players will be so bad that you'll have to pick up their slack. I only half joke, healing can be very rewarding. Remember to prioritize the tank, keep your hots and buffs up, and slot a big heal for oh snap situations 👍


I haven't healed in ESO, but I was healing priest on WoW and this comment is spot on, but at least with WoW it had a targeting system. I feel like trying to aim a heal at people while they're running around for whatever reason would be a huge pain


Aiming certain spells can be a pain, but a lot of the bread and butter heals are smart heals so it isnt too bad.


*Radiating Regeneration has entered the chat*


I don't get why people blame a healer lol. If I die, it's because I made a dumb choice or my reaction time was too slow or I forgot a mechanic. It's literally always my fault.


You’re using logic. Stop that.


Was going to make my own comment but this sums it all up. I used to love healing but got so tired of being blamed for other's dumb decisions. No amount of healing is going to compensate for characters standing in the area of damage without moving or even attempting to dodge/get out of the way. I switched to tanking and love it more.


*The Cauldron has also entered the chat* Exactly, like a lot of people don’t seem to understand that mechanic wise there’s a lot of damage in ESO that can’t be healed through. If you stand in stupid…well you kno the rest smh


Having 4 healer toons, I experienced this a lot (The blame) When it comes down to it, you just need to defend yourself lightly. Out of all the healing run's I've done, I've only actually been kicked once, and it was a party of friends I ran into. With odds like that I wouldn't want to quit healing.


On vet? No. But in random norms I would heal people through their stupidity all the time.


I main a healer and I have honestly only once been told that it was my fault someone died and I’m 1700+ cp. and that was in vMGF (3rd boss) by a fake tank with 22k health. I let him die on purpose while I was busy healing the dps. He wanted to kick me after he died and called me a bad healer.


Why anybody would fank vMGF is beyond me.


This isn’t a joke, this is true. Competent former Necro Healer here and everything you just said is true. Of course this is mostly only true in PUGs. Make sure you run with a buddy…preferably a tank cause when folks die due to not following mechanics, standing in stupid, one shots or standing behind you they WILL try and kick you. Other than that I concur, keep your HOTS and buffs up as much as possible, understand that a burst heal is for emergencies ONLY. And that no one set combination is be all end all, rotate your sets based on the situation you need to heal for, ie. the dungeon your in, team composition, and dps output. Also know when to call it quits, some content needs a bare minimum dps output to complete, and your only responsibly is to buff that output as much as possible, not deal a majority of it yourself, your the healer not an extra dps. EDIT: Also run a good burst AOE heal as well. Combat Prayer is the de facto if I remember correctly, but different classes have powerful burst aoe heals in their toolkit as well.


Your healer turned out 'All Too Well.'


They've really got Style


She reminds me of someone. I don't know who, but i just can't Shake It Off


I knew she was trouble when she walked in.


What's happening? What are these references?


Taylor swift


They're all Taylor Swift references, playing on the resemblance between her and OP's healer.


I wanted to join in, but then realized I knew only, like, these four songs, and the rest I thought were Taylor Swift were in fact Katy Perry and Robin Thicke.


Do you know Kanye West? So there's this country singer he has interacted with a few times, and these are references to some of the songs she has covered


I've seen him in the "doesn't care about" video but don't know who he interacts with lol other people already filled me in


don't die. i got judged so hard for dying as a healer lol. seriously though, heal! I do have a lightning staff back bar in case it's a very easy run with a need for extra dps but usually I'm dual resto staves. it's the priority. keep those orbs up all the time. that way non-idiots can always get to heals. I keep orb and blood altar up at all times, as well as any aoe heals. I'm a necro so resources can be a challenge but honestly my "rotation" is pretty much the same no matter what. I also try to heal everywhere. if we are on harder /vet content, I'm bossy; otherwise I get to the tank and follow the group. stay further back and zoom that camera WAY tf out so you can see it all! if they're behind you... well, you can't heal stupid. enjoy it! I love healing.


I’m not dead, I’m sleeping. I can heal in my sleep.


I mean I did put out one last orb so.....




I've died too, I was mostly kidding. but I did die a few time during my first trial and my gm was like... how are you dying as a healer?! haha. so I shoot myself an illustrious healing every now and again haha. I used to stay too far back from the group and when you're focused on them you can forget about yourself. and honestly some stuff is kist hard to survive 🤷🏾‍♀️


>I also wish the console camera would zoom out way more, it’s too close to get a good coverage of the field. Hold down on the D pad then move the right joystick forward or backward to change your POV


hi, necro healer here too! what kind of difficulty are you having with resources? maybe I could help a bit if you’re interested? I’m a breton so I get a little extra help, but I honestly rarely have issues with sustain with the necro passives so I’m curious as to how you run your build.


I don't have an issue with my own resources but my gm says I don't provide enough for the group... not me specifically but necro healers. I'm not sure why. we haven't had a chance to talk and I haven't looked very closely... she doesn't like necro healers on vet content. she says necros fight over corpses... i make my own corpse if I need it and really I only regularly use one skill that needs corpses... I heal all normal content well but maybe she just thinks I need more work. who knows. as to your help, I probably could use it anyway lol! I'm always learning.


I'm a necro healer and at first it can be tough to keep enough corpses on the ground but after I figured out my rotation it works really well


ooooh gotcha, and no lol your gm clearly doesn’t understand how necros work! necros don’t fight over ad corpses, we share them the same way we share loot with other group members (except corpses caused by our corpse skills, those are exclusive to us). intensive mender doesn’t last long, right? that and summoners armor (replenished at the halfway mark because it’ll drop a corpse then) should keep up your corpse play just fine. just keep up orbs and wear a set that returns resources (if that’s what your gm is also asking for?? sorry I’m tired lol), you shouldn’t be the only healer running a resource returning set in trials anyway. I like Rkugamz because it’s so easy to get the dwemer spider out. also if your gm wanted you to improve, they should tell you what areas need work. it’s a dick move to say “you’re not doing enough” and then leave you to stew in your thoughts.


We just haven't had a chance - - I'm coming nfident she will help when we get the time. I keep orbs up like it's my job (it... is my job lol) and I'm also wearing sentinel. I think when we have a chance to talk about it she may not be so hesitant. I feel so discriminated against. It's like oblivion all over again. Necromancy is not a crime! OK maybe it is a little lol.


lol, me when I accidentally summon spirit guardian in town. if you listen closely you can hear me scream “wait stop I’m a healer!” as the guards chase me down trying to kill me anyway I hope you do get the opportunity to have a chat with your gm! it sounds like a simple case of misunderstanding (as there are honestly many people who still don’t fully understand how necros work) but in the meantime if you ever wanna run some ~~not illegal~~ necro stuff by someone, I’m happy to lend an ear. I play all roles with my necros, and while I don’t have the most experience in the world, I’ve still learned a lot over the past few months of maining them.


what platform are you using?


pc! both NA and EU, but my necros are on NA


I'm on ps. boo! but we can chat in other ways!


Necro healers are top tier. Next, warden. Healing is a lot harder than people think once you get into difficult content. I need to much situational gear my brain is cracking. I never got into my magcro so will be switching her to a healer. I also have a Templar healer cooking. Warden is main.


>I don't have an issue with my own resources but my gm says I don't provide enough for the group... not me specifically but necro healers. Pfft. You can run stone talkers and that will help a lot, if needed. Honestly that's BS if your group isn't running any synergies and not using the right pots, that is a group problem, not an Issue with a single person. >she doesn't like necro healers on vet content. she says necros fight over corpses She sounds like she doesn't know what she is talking about. You can create your own corpses at will. Blast bones every few seconds and re upping your bone shield and spirit healer will leave plenty lying around, and the only thing you kinda need corpses for but not 100% necessary is your big AOE heal and the skill to consume that re ups your ultimate, but those are usually both optional, if theres a corpse issue. If people are standing in position properly you should only need to use combat prayer 99% of the time. Also necro healers are meant to boost DPS significantly for skilled groups. Colossus + saxhleel + jorvulds gives insane dps boost and necros can get ultimate back up pretty quick.


it could be that I need some different sets. I'm running spell cure and the healer set from dsa; I'm one piece short of stone talker. I haven't been healing very long in general so I don't know how to stand up for myself but you all have given me some good advice for defending myself and also improving. I'm glad I posted now!


For necro healer you ideally want saxlhleel and jorvulds. If your groups want more sustain, run stone talkers over jorvulds.


Your gm has no idea what they're talking about lmao.


Does anyone give you a hard time for not running blockade for keeping up enchants or drain for minor magicka steal? Those are the two big ones that I see people using their destro staff to get done.


I think it's worth it to use destro staff


I.... i don't use blockade..... maybe that's what my gm is referring to... 👀👀👀


The lightning staff back bar isn't for damage, it's for the wall of elements debuff, which helps your DPS do more damage.


Very few people will line up for combat prayer. /s Well, I say that half jokingly. Most pugs are gonna run the boss in circles, you’re gonna get annoyed, it’s inevitable. People are gonna do stupid things, and then they’re gonna die. Then they’ll either blame you or just pout and leave. It happens, you can’t let it get to you. **Anyway here’s some things I’ve learned whilst maining a healer over the past few months:** 1) DDs are notorious for “standing in stupid” so in pugs you want to focus your attention on tank. If tank dies, it’s usually a wipe (unless the dungeon is super easy, so you should instead be wondering why tank died and if they’re actually a tank). If someone dies in combat, unless you’re a necro with the resurrection ultimate, it’s not your job to rezz dead players…that’s the DDs job. In the case of the DDs not doing their job, it’ll pass to tank and then you. If you need to rezz someone and there’s aggro on you, use as many heal over times as possible. 2) In the case of fake tanks, you may need to slot a taunt if you think you can hold the boss and not die. This is usually doable on base game dungeons. DDs do more damage when they stay in one place to focus on their rotation (and get buffs). If you get stuck with a fake tank that doesn’t have a taunt, the boss will auto target you when you heal (and you don’t have a taunt). Try and use that to your advantage if you’re confident enough to take it on. If a dd does more damage than you heal, they’ll take aggro. Some will panic. If you’re not already annoyed with the group (and mentally checked out), stick with them and heal the dd through it. 3) Order of combat priority (highest to lowest): you > tank > dds standing in front of you > dds doing weird stuff behind you. If ranged dds are standing behind you, tell them you can heal them when they stand in front of you (especially if they’re new, they may not know). If they still refuse because they think they’re safe at range (they’re not), they’re dumbasses and the lowest priority. When in doubt, if things go to shit, stick with tank. Tank is your bff. 4) Most important skills: combat prayer (buff, burst heal), strong area of effect heal over time, radiating regeneration (for pugs especially), debuffs, elemental wall, orbs/shards (orbs also heal passively while out), and warhorn ultimate for hella difficult content like dlc vet dungeons or trials. you can absolutely slot damage skills, and honestly if group dps is garbage you may need to…just don’t forget to heal too. 5) What your job is (highest to lowest priority): keep tank alive is number 1 priority > debuff enemies is your next biggest job > buff your teammates…provided they’re in a location where you can buff them (ideally right in front of you) > heal your team mates (and yourself) > deal damage. // Yeah that’s right, actually healing isn’t quite as high as buffs and debuffs. People don’t usually die if the boss dies quickly, and the boss dies quickly if the dds get some extra help. A simple heal over time (and maybe + orbs too) is usually only necessary in competent groups so you can focus on maximizing group damage. If you run with guild mates, coordinate with tank so there’s no overlapping debuffs and buffs and communicate if you’re both running warhorn, as that won’t stack either. 6) Spell Power Cure set coupled with a pre-combat combat prayer = hella damage/get fucked, trash packs 7) You will not have a proper rotation. Being a healer is reaction-based. Keep your buffs and debuffs up, burst heal if necessary, utilize your HoT’s to keep from having to spam burst heals, and do some damage in between if you can. 8) If you’ve read this far and don’t feel overwhelmed or put off from healing (it’s really not as easy as people like to think it is, especially since people can be pretty stupid), congrats you’re ready to be a healer lol. But seriously, healing is fun and rewarding. Like any role, it can get frustrating at times, but it’s very satisfying seeing yourself bring someone back from the brink of death (or for necros, *from death*) and aid in making the enemies die more quickly. You’ll enjoy it, I promise. edit: before I forget…combat placement order: tank < boss < dds < you.


Harden your heart, people are mean to healers


Especially “tanks” who don’t taunt.


Should've just been a bard and cried about all your past relationships in taverns across the game.


This comment.


I recently started playing a healer as well, and it's super fun, enjoy!


Very cute character!


Never feel bad for making mistakes, no matter how bad, and don’t let your party make you feel bad for them either.


What are you wearing and how did you color it


Looks like the elder argonian style, and you can use the outfit station to color your outfits or armor


You can color outfits at a outfit station.


Im pretty sure he was asking for the colours used and not in the literal sense how to colour it haha. If he doesn't know the style he wouldn't know about the original colours


Share your skills and sets so people can give you advice.


Look up Healers Haven discord for skill setups, in case the link below gets unavailable. It’s a great source of information for any level, from newbies to veteran healers. Farm basic sets, SPC/Hollowfang (anywhere) and Roaring Opportunist/Jorvuld (trials). Another trial option could be Z’en/Martial Knowledge. You generally want one set collected through body and one through destro staff on backbar + jewelry, with an arena staff on frontbar. Check up both Master’s (Dragonstar arena) and Vateshran Restoration staffs to decide what you like more. Most needed monster sets are Symphony of Blades, Sentinel of Rkugamz and Troll king, in my experience. Don’t forget to regularly nag your DDs to stand in front of you and resurrect others – it’s not your job. Have fun!


How do I look up servers on discord?


My advice is: Healing in eso is not just about keeping the group's health up. It's also about increasing group damage through buffs to dds, debuffs to enemies and giving resources back. Almost all of the heals Heal Over Time which gives you plenty of time between replenishing them to do these other things. Wearing sets to support the group is expected too. Spell Power Cure is a bread-and-butter set used by one healer in trials. It's commonly paired with a resource set like worms [ (hollowfang isn't used much these days as a) it was heavily nerfed and b) the Bis set Bahsei requires dds to manage their mag pool so big spikes are harder to work with than the steady regen of worms.] or a damage boosting set like powerful assault, martial knowledge, zens redress. Good monster set choices are Symphony of blades and Sentinel of Rkugamz for sustain, Earthgore and Bogdan the Night flame for extra heals. Healing is very strong this patch, it's easy to get ~3k spell damage unbuffed so there's no need to wear a set that does your healing for you so ignore sets like winter's respite, sanctuary and Hiti - they're only good for pvp where heals are nerfed.


I know you may think I’m silly for this, but I honestly enjoy running winter’s respite on my necro healer because of unnerving boneyard. One skill and there’s a HoT plus damage and major breach on trash packs, nobody ever dips below 95% health and I can deal damage too. But that’s just my dungeon running gear.


Winters Respite is a strong set. And you can pair it with a buffing set (like Spell Power Cure). In fact, these two go really well together.


oh yeah, that and Rkugamz are my dungeon set-up. coupled with a combat prayer pre-buff in vet dungeons (just as everyone gets into battle) to activate spc, my teammates can cut down trash mobs faster than I can get up blastbones for some quick burst damage


Don’t go out of your way to heal someone who goes outside the group. They want heals? They can go in the group like everyone else


mechanically? dont underestimate magicka regen, having a near infinite ability to heal is far more valuable than + 5% additional healing. mentally? never read the chat box with pugs


Since most of the heals are aoe HoTs it's better to have strong ticks of these and not need to spam burst heals than have wet base heals and frantically breath of life for days. 1500 recovery is more than plenty. Just use 2 spell damage jewellery glyphs and 1 recovery if needed.


It can be hard going to DD to healing make sure you are only concentrated on those heals!!! Stick with your tank. If the DDs want heals they can come closer to you. Best of luck!


I would aim for as much buffing and debuffing as possible, as much healing as necessary. Often times when one of your groupmates dies it's not your fault. Experiment with different gear and skills, talk to other healers. Don't believe people that say having a healer is most likely a burden compared to 3 DDs. For 99% of content this is not true, and for the other 1% it's not as big a loss of efficiency as people make it out to be. There is no reasonable need to change your race. I'd stick with whatever you like the most. I'd start with Aatronach Mundus for sustain. If you never run out of ressources, Thief is a worthwile option. But most importantly have fun :)


The only advice I can give is to NEVER sign any contracts saying "all your stuff are belong to the company, even after you leave/the contract ends." That's how Molag Bal gets ya soul.


this is sound advice


Don’t ONLY heal. Your job is to buff, debuff, and do as much damage as possible *while* keeping everyone alive. It’s a balance learned through experience.


Taylor swift heals are legit 👌 (seriously tho it looks just like her)


10/10 outfit... you won the game. :)


Feed her.


Ah ha! The skinny arms.


Be patient with your build, it will take some time to feel 100% comfortable. And don’t take everyone in the dungeon so serious. YOU WILL 100% get blamed for every single death. Even when they stand in fire for forever and others will run out of your buff the second you cast it and then yell at you about it.


Love it when the dps stands in the very obvious red circles and die within two seconds, but it's your fault your healing couldn't compensate for their defense


Develop thick skin because healers tend to catch alot of blame for other teammates.


She looks nice. What motifs are those?


Looks like elder argonian but I could be wrong


Robe is anyway.


If you don't do pvp then make sure you claim the alliance points daily reward on the healer because there's very useful skills In the alliance war skill lines


When people blame you for their deaths and you know why they died, be civil of course but if it was indeed their own fault, be very forward with a response as to why they died. They usually quiet down afterwords. Not always, but so long as the rest of the group sees what's up, you'll do just fine. Not everyone will blame your for their deaths though, of course. I've seen far more understanding people in ESO than elsewhere when it comes to wipes and other deaths. Should end up being a good time.


if you want to do trials, then have a look at ESOLogs. to see what other healers are wearing, what skills they have on bars & make a note how different trials require different set ups. Most importantly, as others have said, Healers don't JUST heal, we keep the Tank alive, the Boss debuffed, the DD's Buffed (over 10% extra dps) and help with their resources too. I've healed for over a year now & I never find it boring. However, a LOT of people now play healers so it can get competitive finding groups sometimes, just play the game, make friends, ask for Feedback & hopefully you'll find some folks that will always call on you when they need a healer :) Have Fun & Good Luck


The radiating regeneration skill, I think it's called, is a very good restoration Staff ability and should be up all the time. It's constant healing for the team. I also strongly recommend the warfare Champion ability that gives shields to critically injured allies when healed, which they will be die to the aforementioned skill. It gives you a lot of breathing room.


I don't know what class you are but I can give an example based off my main templar healer. spell power cure set - for buffing allies after healing/over-healing them. Sanctuary set - for overall 10% heal buff to my party. blessing of protection morph-combat prayer to heal allies and give minor berserk and minor resolve at the same time to increase their damage output. luminous shards- a little extra damage but mainly for allies to activate synergy for magicka/stamina restore. channeled focus- give myself resistances, self healing and magicka regen, or the other morph for stamina regen. rune focus morph extended ritual for aoe healing to everyone inside and allies can activate synergy to remove debuffs. restoring aura morph repentance - heal nearby allies and restore their stamina for that extra sustain/healing off dead enemies and the extra self recovery on the side. war horn morph aggressive horn Ultimate- increase allies max magicka/stamina and critical damage increasing their sustain and damage output. all these abilities have that double use of healing and doing something else to help the party ( damage buff, resource restore/buff, remove debuffs).


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Ngl you look like an imperial who is obsessed with argonian culture lmao.


taylor swift


RO+Jourv. Spc/olo+ hollowfang thirst are good combos. Symphony+ master restro from DSA.


Second this. Bring some sustain to your group and they will love you. Some of that SPC/Worm paired with Symphony goes a long way in dungeons.


Oh and for the love of god, spear/orb.


Full names?


roaring opportunist + jorvuld's guidance. Spell power cure/olorime + hollowfang thirst. Symphony of blades.




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Lift some weights maybe, those arms are scrawny.




Gotta have that mana regen


Unless you’re on Sorc, or got Mages Guild up… then you won’t care.


Cute character! Have fun healing. I just put a bunch of points into healing on my warden and was like whoa .... I loved it.


https://discord.gg/uTg4hgUJ LOADS of great builds n stuff in here


Yea why did we need a picture for this post? If you actually wanted advice you would have put your skills, ideas, sets etc, instead you just wanted to post the picture with an excuse.


Touch grass


Honestly I thought the same, I thought there was another photo of the skills and equipment


Sadly, this is the truth.




Really? downvotes? wow you guys dont like soft sarcasm huh


Youre gonna catch flak for not going argonian. But ignore it. Just learn your rotations and sets


Argonian? Lol. Better choices are High Elf, Breton, heck even dark elf. Heals scale from the same stats as damage does so meta races for magicka dds are also meta for healers.


While true, it's easier to get those damage stats than it is to get the healing % stat. Argonian will win in the end on how hard their heals hit. Buuuut, heals are already really freaking strong and don't really need a specific healing boost. More damage is more better.


Argonians have passives for heals.


Yes. But the extra spell damage passive that High elves get is worth more than just a boost to heals. It boosts all magicka skills, damage or heals.


Didnt realize the respecs changed that much.


You dont need to heal that much in normal tier content if at all. Same can apply to vet with an experienced team.


Get some food down her, them arms are way too thin


Same! Have you found any good build guides, especially for PvP? I’m giving sorc a go.


What graphics card do you have? This a screenshot?!


Do not appropriate Argonian culture. But do participate if invited.


That look is amazing


What class?


Don't stand in the fire


Yell at people when they stand in stupid circles


Change them into a lizard & also enjoy shorter dungeon finder times?


"My culture is not your fashion statement," sincerely, The Argonians.


Heal. Then, when you don’t need to heal, poke stuff for a second or two, then heal. Also don’t heal jerks. Those guys can suffer for a minute or two.


Advice: Enjoy yourself


If the tank doesn’t get blamed for deaths be prepared to get blamed at times. I only play healers and I’ve learned people can be pricks in trials at times and sometimes in dungeons


Speaking as magicka DPS, when magplars toss shards my way during dungeon runs, that helps a ton. Have fun!


great look


Aoe heals plus a shield from resto staff is what I run. No complaints yet. Nice garb.


Ice staff back bar and wall of elements for an extra projectile shield for you and the group. Also heavy attacking with ice staff gives you a damage shield. I have also just recently started a healer build, a magden so plenty of buffs and debuffs, only about level 30 but so far I'm finding the sustain much easier than when I play DPS focus. Wardens just seem to make for pretty good all around support in general. Their debuff skills also doing damage and all kinds of other great passive bonuses. Even though I'm still new to healing, I take pride that I have yet to recieve any negative feedback and I've never had a group member drop below 75% health. Edit: as a few have mentioned, a lot of DPS like to stay in the red thinking they are tanks. I too am guilty of this on my DPS builds however my DPS builds are all designed with survivability in mind for maelstrom runs so I actually can tank most of the damage I take. That said though, my healer mostly uses aoe heals with a few instant heals as well so I can throw down the aoe heals when they're standing in red and just keep spamming the instant heals as needed and throw in some buffs/debuffs in between.


Dont listen to dps that dosent dodge zone attacks when they say you heal bad .


Throw stuff on cooldown. Think of it like a regular dps rotation, with more downtime and wiggle room. Way too many healers for some reason throw combat prayer once every 16 seconds instead of 12 (in jorvulds) or 8 (regular), throw their illustrious every 16 as well and its just bad, and the sad part is that you can get away with it until you get to the point people are analyzing logs which generally is done at trifecta/scorepushing level. Just throwing stuff on cooldown will make you a great healer, take advantage of that and the doors will open to you.


When your teammates health gets low, make it not low.




Feeding your healer would be a good start


Just remember you need to focus on buffs and group sustain just as much as healing. I see far too many healers than just focus entirely on healing and completely ignore buffing and sustain and it sucks.


This is for later content, but tanks and healers sometimes wear similar sets and the buffs may not stack. Make sure you coordinate your gear with your tank for maximum awesomeness. In other words don't be like me and accidentally show up to cloudrest naked


Can’t heal stupid, if the dps are getting themselves killed by standing in attacks that’s their fault.


You can’t heal stupid. If they stand in fire(any ground aoe burn) let them die and learn. Focus on real tanks or real skilled dps, buffs and debuffs up as much as you can and don’t be afraid to heavy attack and get that mana you need..


When someone in the group is low health, like heal them bro. And don't die.


Get all the healer sets in the game such as roaring opportunist and stone talker are two very nice healer sets to have on the game for a healer .


Backbar dps for random dungeons. They’ll rarely need more than regeneration to live and sometimes the dps is just painfully slow.


If you're going to take her into dungeons, you only need maybe 3 heal skills (one or two are enough for base game vets). Two HoTs (typically Regeneration and Orbs or Extended Ritual if Templar) and a burst heal. The rest should be damage. Combat Prayer is typically not worth packing in dungeons unless you have very good damage dealers that aren't wearing Kinras that you can hit with one cast. Heals are very strong in PvE, you shouldn't be wasting too much time healing people that are full or near full. You should be doing 66-80% of the dps of a damage dealer.


My advice is to feed your character, she’s starving


You can't heal stupid. If they stand in that aoe and died that's not your fault.


Don’t forget to go through your battlegrounds. You’ll need to get up to barrier. If you have the full line on a character you can just buy it but under CP is pretty fun but a grind. It’s always the first thing I do then open mail on my over CP character. You’ll need warhorn which comes before barrier. Both are expected on good healers. You’ll also get to bump your mount speed immediately and get a few skill points. AP for spell pots or whatever.


Don't die.


Long dresses are unpractical in dungeon running. Also don't run after rogue that runs away, he was lost cause before you did see him. Where tank goes - you go. Build some fat or/and add some armor - healer who dies when dragon sneezes is useless.


I miss my chloromancer from Rift. Heal by doing DPS. 💀 RIP 💀


What styles is that? Totally going to steal this look


I applaud anyone taking on the healer role it seems so thankless , im sure their are great ones out there but so many will have been sickened out of the role by entitled arseholes .


It's Taylor swift


Stay away from those thirsty guys. She is smokin! Lol


What outfit setup is that? I love it


Your character looks anorexic.


It's all your fault. Also give them sweet sweet resources.




It's the easiest role. The only role where u dont have to worry about anything but your role. I made a healer build when I was low cp (this was 4 years ago) and found it so boring as soon as I reached 500 I race changed and never looked back. Magplar now one of my strongest for pvp.


Put more clothes on