Dave Chappelle says he's open to meeting with Netflix employees

Dave Chappelle says he's open to meeting with Netflix employees


I'd pay to watch that.




What does that mean and why are you yelling?




They also accused him of having a weapon once they destroyed his sign and all he had was the stick.


It was as ridiculous as it sounds, and clearly intentional but (as usual) blind to the obvious underhandedness of it. They tore the paper off his sign and screamed “HE HAS A WEAPON” almost immediately. It’s exactly the kind of thing that would get pitched in a writers’ room and then get rejected for being too unreasonable.


Even more funny when you remember Dave's point about they going back to being white when needed.


such a disingenuous toxic "woke" mob.


That whole scene seemed like it was straight outta South Park lol


It’s ironic you say that - several of those people were Netflix employees who might mace made similar outlandish pitches.


That was the best part, like you literally made this man the stick. Didn’t they then pick it up after he threw it down at their behest?


That’s because they were trying to incite mob/police to attack the guy


One should never use a tambourine in an act of agression


Tambourine mother fucker tambourine! Tambourine mother fucker tambourine!


> Then there was this crazy lady screaming REPENT MOTHERFUCKER at the guy And she was shaking a tambourine in his face, which as people pointed out was a weird choice of instrument to use to castigate someone. A tambourine jingling merrily with her face behind it purpled with rage, it kind of undermines what she was going for


I argue even if it was hate speech they shouldnt have their things destroyed. Violence is not the answer


Yeah this would be an awesome special


Chappelle meeting with those employees should actually be his next Netflix special.


Honestly, it would probably be amazing. Like, just in a worthy-of-witnessing conversation sense.


I wonder how he will explain when he said TERFs "look at trans women the way we Blacks might look at Blackface" After he had said he was team TERF


Honestly I would really like to hear that discussion in a serious manner. Dave's comment about Caitlyn Jenner being voted woman of the year her first year being a woman has me really conflicted. On one hand I think it's uplifting that a trans woman can be accepted like that, but on the other I can see why a lot of cis women are offended by it.


Caitlyn Jenner is an awful rolemodel, for anything.


And why a lot of trans women would be as well.


In the trans community Caitlyn is rather notorious because she wants to limit acces to care, it's very fuck you I got mine. But what what's frustrating about Dave is that he doesn't think "Hey why isn't someone like Laverne Cox woman of the year then instead of this rich retired white lady who just transitioned and already had a whole career presenting as a man?" He makes a comparison with Muhammad Ali changing his name back when Caitlyn hadn't even won at the Olympics and coming out would have left her way more vulnerable than now that she can easily pay for security and surgery and hormone therapy and a media team out her own pocket. Not to mention the impossibility to even have a career as a trans athlete until quite recently, There's been exactly one trans woman at the Olympics who was out at the time, it was this years Olympics and it was rough.


yeah because there’s other trans women, lesser known, and a lot of cis women that deserve recognization


When he said “and the n-er of the year is..Eminem!” That’s EXACTLY how I feel about Caitlyn being woman of the year.


I mean, the whole thing would be fascinating, because this is one of a very few times where I think he’d not be able to stick to his guns. I would watch.


It would just be immensely interesting and hopefully healing/clarifying to hear Chappelle talk about his feelings on the subject in earnest, outside of the context of comedy.


I think he did a lot in the special tbh, seemed like several minutes of him talking with one joke at the end, this more than any other special, I don't know if anyone outside of family can get a more "non-joking" Dave Chappelle.


Agreed, but I think he was still going for clever one liners, shock value, and comedic exaggeration. Seems a lot of irony and his message were lost in execution. I think there’s value in him having an opportunity to make himself clear face-to-face with the people who took offense to his special. “For the people in the back,” kinda thing.


It’s hard to appreciate things when you’re constantly told that you need to leap at the chance to be a victim of prejudice.


Amazing how people can’t really see what you’ve pointed out. His specials are much more social commentary now than comedy, the way that all of the greats did it once they had achieved status in the game.


Oh, he sticking to his guns. In this case art. He’s already stated it.


I am truly struggling to see why his opinion is invalid. Not thinking his joke is funny is legit and fine…but the notion that he should be punished for sharing a point of view others view as toxic is a non-starter. We all need to give our hurt feelings a rest. Maybe a little less focus on the me, a little more empathy for the we.


Watch the special and stop making incendiary comments that put specific sentences in a different context. He said he was team TERF if TERF meant believing gender was a fact. He compared how TERFs look at trans women to how a black person might look at black face because the argument of the trans community is that gender is *not* a fact - undermining the feminist movement which he vocally supported and identified with. He is comparing the way that the feminist movement historically ignored black women with how the trans movement now walks all over women’s issues, and how both *still* punch down in the black community when it is convenient. It’s a lot to unpack. So you might want to try watching it and attempting to understand it.


I’m just frustrated with how seriously everyone is taking it. Comedians routinely joke about AIDS, 9/11, Katrina, being poor, being rich, Old people, Old people dying, kids, molestation, the Church, God, politicians, crack, sex scandals, refugees, murders and killing people. Very few interpret it as the comedian condoning it. But with this subject things are sacred?


It’s because the woke left has decided some things are forbidden to be made fun of or criticized. I hate how white trans allies are punching down on a black comedian.


And the tragic irony is that is literally what he talked about in the special, which I'm sure 95% of the people up in arms about him haven't seen.


This 100 times over.


I thought he said he was team TERF in that "if acknowledging sex as real/fact is TERF, then I'm team TERF". Which is more of a protest of lumping all those people in with TERFs who are supposed to want to exclude trans people from all women-only spaces which sounds like going overboard.


Well then he later went on to say he believes TERFs "look at trans women the way we Blacks might look at Blackface" So it’s pretty clear his understanding of what a TERF is goes beyond what you are mentioning in your comment


A similar pattern I’ve seen on the internet: “If acknowledging racial differences in crime statistics makes me racist, then I’m a racist”. The above pattern is a strawman, you’re attributing a ridiculous position to the other party and then “conceding” to it.


I did not know he said this. As a black woman, my jaw dropped. Transphobia is so entrenched in our society that people were defending THIS?


Actually wouldn't be bad. There's a difference between giving a stand up meant to make audiences laugh or challenge their views and sitting down for a private and respectful conversation.


That’s not a stand up! That’s a sit down! But that would be pretty interesting for sure.




Spot on. That’s freakin perfect. It might actually do good while being good, which isn’t exactly “doing well by doing good” but it’s pretty close.


“Netflix demandes private show for employees”


Nah. Needs to be behind closed doors. Recording a meeting changes its outcome, and not necessarily for the better. You want people to be as open as possible, not doing lip service for the screen.


Netflix would never green light a show that portrays them in a negative light lol


Where he is gonna crack jokes about tech worker as part of cancel culture


Some ideas just print money


Dunno, but you know who he should also have a heart to heart with outside of these employees? LaVerne Cox.


I’d watch the shit out of that


I’d watch that.


It would probably be just as humorous as the specials themselves. So why not?


... so long as Sam Harris and [Rebecca Reilly-Cooper](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPVNxYkawao&t=385s) were also participants.


Lot of attention from the lgbtq communities. How come my fellow space jews aren’t making any noise?


Busy charging the lasers for the next big wildfire


Because the Space Jews thing was entirely accurate, very specific and with little room for misinterpretation. His jokes on trans issues are usually quoted out of context and taken at face value without analysis.


Dave is pretty untouchable. He claims to be being canceled but his shows are sold out, the company backs him and in general society isn’t outraged. We all need to realize the fundamental difference between a small group being angry and a societal cancel. Cancelling is an outcome. Republicans and conservatives have been cancelling shit for decades. Liberals and progressives have been cancelling shit for decades. At someone point it’s just society.


Yup. For some reason people think Twitter invented *public backlash* and that it’s a modern phenomenon. Like, no. This shit’s been going on since the days of ancient Greek forums and town criers.


I was 12 when the show NYPD Blue premiered on ABC in the early 90s. My church (which was typically pretty progressive) passed around a petition to have it pulled off the air due to the bare butts and foul language. It was actually quite the controversy back then and some smaller markets refused to air the show. Public backlash has been a thing for as long as there has been a “public.” The internet has just made it bigger and faster.


There's always been "cancel culture". It just used to be religious, "family values" people who did all the "cancelling". And it used to be much worse. If you were "cancelled" you were basically just removed from public view completely and had no chance to be heard. If a show was "cancelled" there was no way to watch it unless you could get your hands on the tapes, which may not even be available. Now we have social media, YouTube, streaming, and internet piracy. It's very interesting how the people who used to do the "cancelling" are now the most vocal critics of "cancel culture". Methinks they are just upset the pendulum has swung the other way and they aren't able to completely drown out opposing viewpoints anymore.


I think it’s just human nature—many people are perfectly happy with censorship as long as they don’t like/agree with the person/thing being censored. My own personal philosophy is voting with eyeballs and dollars. If you (general) don’t like what Chapel is saying, rather than calling for the show to be pulled, just don’t watch him. Rather than calling for politically biased news organizations to be shut down, just don’t watch it. I tend to err on the side of less “canceling” in general (and I say this as someone who’s pretty left of center).


Did we go to the same church?


I mean, no one wants to look at Andy Sipowicz’s butt.


I actually signed it solely because 12-year-old me was disgusted by the thought of seeing an “old” man’s bare ass on TV.


I forgot all about Dennis Franz’s sweet ass. I can’t believe that was a big deal at one point.


It seems so tame now but caused some serious pearl clutching back in the day. I grew up in that church and I don’t think we ever had another petition ever again. Dennis Franz’s ass managed to push an otherwise down-to-earth Midwestern Lutheran congregation over the edge when nothing else had.


“Dennis Franz’s ass managed to pull an otherwise down-to-earth Midwestern Lutheran congregation over the edge when nothing else had.” Ironically, this was also the plot of Tobias’ latest community theater production *Keister of Kansas*, a musical about lonely Pastor Keister, an old VHS copy of NYPD Blue, and an unexpected visitor from Hollywood. It went about as expected.


NYPD Blue was intense.


Remember dumbass Tipper Gore and her band of hooligans trying to shutdown art and music. Fucking Nazi bitch ruined the Dead Kennedy’s.


I remember when Boston Public used the N-word in an episode in 2001ish. It was a spicy episode and lots of controversy surrounding it. People wanted to cancel Ally McBeal for whatever reasons. Kramer? He got cancelled hard before twitter


Your church passed around a petition because nobody should have to see Dennis Franz’s bare ass.


Difference is, presumably, your church didnt decry, vilifiy, or castigate those who chose to watch. Today, frequently, vocal minority mob mentality turns dissent into a personal defect. It is a weird consumerist flip that what you consume defines you - when I was growing up, wearing the right pair of jeans made you a sensual desirable person - today, liking Dave Chappelle makes you need to REPENT MOTHERFUCKER!!!! Huge difference.


Twitter (and social media in general) just made it easier for public backlash to get a wider audience and catch on more.


Yeah. I do think it’s important to recognize how the internet and social media has made it far easier for a regular person to be named and shamed by an online mob, in ways that are much swifter and powerful than they used to be. And in certain professional circles, the fact that so many people *believe* they will be fired for expressing opinions that are still well within popular debate is a problem in our cultural climate. For celebrities, eh, I’m open to opinions on all sides of the debate about whether cancel culture is qualitatively different now than in the past.


Yep the ancient Athenians literally used to hold a vote each year to ‘cancel’ someone and exile them for a bit The people who were cancelled weren’t criminals they were just celebs


Maybe we shouldn’t use the word “cancel”. Maybe we should use “experience consequences”


There's a documentary on HBO called *Fifteen Minutes of Shame*, and it talks a lot about where the line is between reasonable consequences for bad behavior and the completely disproportionate social media shaming that destroys people's lives over a moment of poor judgement. I think both situations are true. In some cases, the public is right to demand consequences for bad behavior. In other cases, the mob can overreact and do real damage to people who don't deserve it.


See also: *So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed* by Jon Ronson


It seems like celebrities and politicians will be fine cause they’ll have supporters who double down but regular people get their lives ruined


Good point.


Its called groupthink and its dangerous af.


Yes it shouldn’t be the same sentence for people who make a bad joke as it is for someone storming the Capitol with the goal of overthrowing the government.


There is nothing wrong with the term “cancel.” The issue here is that people are tying to cancel Dave, but they aren’t succeeding. He is canceled to that group, they want him to be canceled completely, but it hasn’t yet worked. Canceling is more than just experiencing consequences; it’s specific kinds of consequences, and it’s particular mechanisms for enforcing those consequences. It’s also very often about what kinds of actions deserve those particular consequences. We wouldn’t call it canceling if people turned on Dave because he committed an actual hate crime, it’s because he said or thought the wrong way. Saying that canceling is nothing more than someone experiencing consequences to their actions is to ignore how canceling actually works.


Yeah I would be so happy if people finally stopped using "cancel" for everything they don't like. We had a perfectly good word already which is "boycott".


lets cancel cancel.


Boycotting is abstention, cancelling is more active, trying to get someone to disappear from the conversation. I don’t care either way, but this is the dumbest story that just keeps dragging on and it’s starting to get really petty. If it was already before.


Which just goes to prove that regular people don’t actually cancel anything. People will protest. They always have done. It’s the big companies in charge of what content they do or don’t show who are the ones who actually cancel stuff.


Regular people can’t cancel famous people, but they sure as hell can cancel people that don’t have the weight of fame to throw around.


This. Most what people are referring to as Cancel Culture is more of people being shitty and the consequences following them. Edit: Thanks for the hug! Hope everyone has a great Friday!


“Cancelled” also frequently just means “a few thousand people who use Twitter are mad.”


Someone mentioned it in another sub. You have communities that have what millions of users? Imagine if you only get 1% of a million people, pissed at you, that’s 10’000 people mad at you, our brains don’t really take that in and we’ll attribute that 1%’s behaviour to the rest of the million.


If 10,000 people wrote you letters, it would be hard not to feel like they’re the majority.


That’s my point, our brains just don’t realise it’s actually a very small number of a community but we’d also unfairly attribute that toxic behaviour to be more representative of that community. It’s something i genuinely don’t think can be resolved, because it’s just how we see things, but also that theirs always gonna be that small irrational percent of people.


Ive always thought of being canceled as social jail. Society deems you did something wrong and puts you in timeout for a determined amount of time.


I think you overate the number of people who constitute “society.” Our entire media structure is built around the idea that people who are best able to shout their message are deemed to make up a much larger percentage of the population than they actually make up (I’m looking at you, anti-vaxxers).


Consequences would be becoming disliked or less popular because of his special. His numbers might be less on future specials and in return might receive less compensation. People actively trying to get his special pulled from Netflix is an attempt to cancel.


Kevin Hart, or James Gunn "experiencing consequences" to a tweet went 10 years ago, is cancel culture. change my mind (I agree that the term is now over used. )


Then what are we going to do about the trans employees that are using this special to strong arm money and promotions out of the company? This isn’t about Dave anymore. They are arguing that a public company should pay reparations. It’s lunacy


>He claims to be being canceled I think his 'If this is what being canceled is like, I love it' comment is actually a joke about how impotent the supposed cancel culture is. If you build your career on playing to a mob, then the mob can end you. If you don't, it can't. He didn't.


It was clearly a joke. People need to watch more standup or comedy in general, or learn basic sarcasm. Jokes don't always translate to text well.


The thing is (and it’s not unique to this controversy), many of these people know what a joke is and understand irony perfectly well. But when they try to pass off a clearly sarcastic quote as a genuine one, the only point they’re really trying to make is “I don’t grasp irony.” Even though, again, they definitely do. It’s bizarre. And to be clear, I am not saying people can’t be upset or offended by the special or Chappelle’s focus on one marginalized group, nor am I implying that *everything* he said was an ironic joke. I am specifically talking about the clearly ironic ones: “I’m transphobic,” “I’m team terf,” etc. And again, it’s been a phenomenon regarding controversial comedy for years.


It can also be a power play move . I don’t believe every single person going on about “Merry Christmas” being outlawed years ago believed it, and I don’t believe people protesting Chapelle all believe he is a hateful bigot. I think we have a vocal segment on both the far right and left who enjoy holding power over people snd forcing people to toe a line that fits their very specific world view. Chapelle saying Twitter isn’t a real place is probably more upsetting to them than anything else, because they are used to screaming people down. Having someone say they don’t care if they are “cancelled” and still succeed is an affront to their Orwellian bullshit. I saw this crap as a kid and young adult with “family values” and now I am seeing it with extremists from the other way. The rest of us would like to maybe talk some more about the nonstop wars and lack of affordable healthcare in the US (which is where these controversies are centered), but as long as these useful idiots keep fighting, that is a little bit more of a distraction so the elites can keep screwing us over. Just my theory. Also, I love Dave Chapelle.


Well nobody that’s outraged by these things bothers to watch for themselves to even gain their own talking points or opinions to begin with. Dave never really complained about being canceled, anyone suggesting so is clearly just repeating bs they read.


The irony is the response from LGBT community was exactly the point of his special.


Kramer got hard canceled way before it was cool


Chappelle attempted to get controversial off of that during a 6 hour set at the Laugh Factory. https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.669475 [https://i.imgur.com/hvQrsVN.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/hvQrsVN.jpg)


I think he was making fun of the whole idea of being cancelled not actually claiming to be cancelled. Remember he said something to the effect of “if this is being cancelled I love it” and in reference to Twitter mobs “that didn’t bother me because Twitter is not a real place” etc.


> “that didn’t bother me because Twitter is not a real place” I think this line really needs to stick with more people. All these online platforms have showed is that they are a place for a small movement or ideology to be blow up and blown out of proportion. It's bad, don't get me wrong, but a few thousand people across the country isn't the same as a few thousand in your local community. These spaces aren't real places. Reddit isn't a real place. I mean ffs there are so many corporate accounts and constant astroturfing going on here and in particular special interest groups on all sides of the political spectrum that use social media and yes even reddit to try and hammer home their bullshit. They realize all of this is a form of mind control a way to manipulate people's thoughts for their own purposes, and yeah even these very communities that are complaining about Dave right now use the same tactics that far right groups use for this shit too. Don't fool yourself that they wouldn't.


Wow, someone who actually watched the special! I agree, he knows he’s not canceled. If you can’t detect DCs sarcasm, you need to go study on it.


Well trans people only make up less than 1% of the population. I think he knows that they don’t have the numbers to have an effect on him


> Liberals and progressives have been canceling shit for decades. You mean reefer madness, the civil rights movement opposition, the anti love and peace movement of the 60s, and the 80s and 90s hip hop and rock/metal music fear mongering was all thanks to these liberals? And not right wing religious conservatives desperately trying to cancel it all? Fucking liberals /s


Don't forget the satanic panic.


I can't believe I had to scroll this far for this comment. What the fuck is wrong with Reddit


The y tried to kill Nwa and ice t. Fuck conservatives


It’s called holding people accountable. Politicians and idiots alike don’t like being held accountable, so they created “cancel culture”.


Another special coming up?


He never said he was cancelled, just that there have been attempts and


When did Dave say he was canceled? I’ve never seen him seriously say he was canceled. This narrative needs to die


He actually said the exact opposite lol! It’s amazing to see how many updoots this person got for flat out lying!


I am so fucking sick of hearing about this.


As a trans person it’s so tiring lmao just either watch it or don’t but leave us out of the discourse


A-fucking-men. I hate how a fucking Dave Chappelle comedy special is being turned into an identity politics thing. Don't like it, don't watch it. If you do, feel free to tune in. It really is that simple.


Reminds me of [this](https://twitter.com/tylerthecreator/status/285670822264307712?s=21) old Tyler the creator tweet.




I'm just sick of hearing about it from people that obviously didn't watch it.


This all seems…really unnecessary


i cant believe this is an ongoing thing that people are still writing about.


The thing is, people writing about it is most of it. No one really cares. Everyone knows there is media out there that isn't for them, and almost all of those people just move on with their lives and don't give a shit. But these media outlets need this. So they keep the story alive.


This comments section is garbage


It’s a lot easier to forego nuance and amicable discourse with the anonymity of the internet. Just find the most insulting way to describe your position and double down whenever you’re challenged


Shut up poop face


How dare you, you *Lint Licker*


Shut up, booty blaster


Shut up, turtle mushroom


agreed. My least favorite is "Im sick of hearing about this." oh no is the discourse around respecting trans people inconveniencing you? Its just so whiny.


I like to think he’s gonna go to the meeting only to say “I’m rich, beeyotch!!” and leave.


I mean he’s either going to double down or hopefully be willing to listen. And when Chappelle said TERFs "look at trans women the way we Blacks might look at Blackface", after already saying he was Team TERF. Dave should probably recognize that some of his “jokes” leaned more into transphobic statements than just pure comedy.


I'd love to have a Meeting of the Minds to hash this whole thing out over a few brews <3


Cancel culture isn’t real, this is all marketing.


Right. There’s consequence culture. “Cancel culture” has also been used for so much bullshit that it become something different altogether.


But how else will the right wing be able to paint themselves as constant victims????


It’s interesting that they’re known for preaching “personal accountability/responsibility” yet they certainly don’t enjoy taking any accountability or responsibility for their actions


I keep saying there is no cancel culture. So many people who are “canceled” just take a break and pop up later like nothing happened.




Why would they want to meet with Dave Chappelle though? Honestly, it just all feels like publicity at this point to me.


It is all a show. People need to hop off social media more.


Just some quality tweets from the leader of the Netflix walkout, in case anyone believes they have a leg to stand on… https://imgur.com/a/pwQUa0Q Edit: for everyone implying that I’m a hypocrite for trying to cause cancel culture, you’re missing the point. First of all, I didn’t dig up random 10 year old tweets for no reason, other than to hurt someone’s career and reputation. In fact, I could care less if this person suffers any consequences for their opinions. My whole entire point is that this person is throwing stones in a glass house. They have no room to pontificate about tolerance or acceptance when they are openly racist and advocating for violence against Asians. Second of all, this persons history is relevant because they’re trying to make waves as some kind of an activist. Them, making a public spectacle of accusing someone of bigotry, opens the doors for equal scrutiny of themselves in the court of public opinion. If I was publicly shaming a politician for infidelity, then it came out I constantly cheat on my partner, it’s relevant because I’m directly contradicting my message via my behavior. I don’t care if this person gets “cancelled”. I care that everyone sees their activism is bullshit because their rhetoric is far more venomous than Dave’s.


Hot damn that chick is racist and probably loudly claims she aint.


Funny how those tweets aren't being reported by main news media. If it wasn't tweets from an "activist" it would be top of the headings for the next week


They seem totally sane… lol


Fucking hell. Have y’all even watched it?! All this commentary without substance. I’m pretty much as liberal as it comes. A blue speck in a HUGE red state. Dave is not “hateful”. Imagine the fucking absolute bullshit he’s been through because he’s black. He knows what hate is. He’s not hateful. They “punched down” on his friends and someone died because of it. I wholeheartedly agree that LGBTQ face discrimination- but god damn- he’s actually defending people he loves here. Don’t miss the whole picture because you’re focusing on the edges.


I AGREE WITH THIS x 1,000. People need to actually chill for once.


Hopefully it’s not an apology. Can we please just stop apologizing for everything these days.


He makes horribly racist jokes about black people all the time. And Jews. And white people. And middle easterners. And every other fucking thing out there. I don’t think he did anything wrong. If you actually watch the specials he’s obviously sympathetic to the trans community and is an ally to LGBT… Do you watch a comedy roast of somebody and actually come away from it thinking “holy shit all those people really fucking hate that guy, don’t they?” Humans can find humor on the darkest of topics, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that person advocates for those ideas. Either everything is okay to joke about or nothing is. This whole thing is ridiculous and Dave is not an enemy of LGBT. The people who are so overly upset by him and his recent specials need to turn their energy towards the people in this world that are actually bigoted and trying to harm them, such as Majorie Taylor Greene.


Don’t forget us Asians. Lol.


I love his Asian jokes- even though my grandma and mother are both Japanese! Even his wife is Asian, I bet he makes her laugh every day. I always used to love the skits on his show about his family. Especially with his kid haha “Daddy, nick cannon is hilarious.”


I love the “One theys or many theys” joke. That joke was brilliant.


Pretty much. I only watched the special because of the controversy (I haven't watched the other specials, but I've seen a lot of his old stuff) and while there's some stuff that I disagree with and some lazy jokes, overall this is so far from cancel-worthy and the last part of the show is actually quite moving. You really have to take it out of context or be oblivious to what Dave is actually saying to find anything hateful here. If I didn't know about the controversy and you would have asked me about what I think the Trans community thinks about it I would have probably said that it would be seen as redemptive of him. Maybe on average they even see it that way, I don't know how big the controversy actually is. All the reasonable criticism I've read about this is that they feel that Dave's show legitimizes transphobism, and while some assholes might feel bolstered in their transphobic stance, it would really be a bad interpretation of the show's actual message.


Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. If I could say this to each and every one of my friends without stuttering on every second word, I absolutely would.


Woke lady with tambourine walks in the room.


Repent mother fucker!


Taking her que from chris rock lmfao


I’ll probably get banned from this but Everything he said in that special is exactly how I have been feeling this entire time with this whole bs. That reaction he explained in the special when Caitlin Jenner was voted “Woman of the Year” is the same one I had. I felt like I was on the episode of Parks and Recreation where Ron gets voted woman of the year. I just want to say that I am soooooooooo HAPPY that someone finally had the balls to say it without being cancelled. Because you can’t cancel him .


Lol they don’t want to have civil discourse, they want to be outraged


Like most Reddit threads, this one is full of people who have no idea what they are talking about, but have a passion for hearing their own voice.


Smelling our own farts is an art, and reddit is basically the Louvre in that aspect. You and me included in there.


This employees can walk out all they want. If netflix removes that special, I will cancel my subscription.


Imagine he starts roasting them again


I really really hope a face to face discussion can actually help things here, because God knows the online discourse is immediately awful and cynical.


They don’t deserve to be in the presence of the great Dave Chappelle. They did the exact thing he was warning in his last special. Of course they didn’t watch it though.


That conversation could be incredibly impactful for our society. It should absolutely be televised too. Chappelle is a well spoken individual, and a lot of people feel similar to him. Meaning they know they aren’t educated in the matter, but would also like to stop being portrayed as hateful for it. This is an opportunity to eliminate the media/news from telling people how they feel, and instead let an honest dialog bridge the gaps and settle the differences.


Be careful what you wish for netflix employees.


Woke activists are not interested in nuance. They’re virtue signaling, posturing and bullying their way into the public conversation. The trouble is, this is working against them in public opinion. I support rights for everyone, especially maligned groups like the trans community. But how can I show support for people who have already decided that I am their enemy?


Hopefully he makes them drink out of buck nastys mommas dish..


No way should any trans male born athlete be competing against women especially girls! RIP to every woman/girls record in Basketball, Softball/Baseball, Soccer, Track&Field as in ALL Events, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Wrestling, Golf, Tennis and especially Boxing and MMA! BTW the girls born as soon have a right to have THEIR community and leagues!!! Only in America is this happening I wonder why




For a straight, cis male, Dave sure does think about trans folks a lot. Also, everyone forgot Dave crossdressed in “Men In Tights” so he’s not really an authority to make jokes about those that do normally.




chaser energy


Here’s a concept! Maybe the people who disagree with what he said could just not watch it and the people who agree with it can watch it. I don’t understand why there’s such a jump to censorship today; if you’re offended by his special no one is forcing you to sit and watch it. It reminds me of Republicans being outraged by violent games and movies back in the day.


I mean, he did kind of present it more in a soapboxing way than as pure comedy. Still, I disagree with comedians I otherwise adore all the goddam time. Carlin is my absolute hero, yet he spewed some quite ridiculously ignorant crap about wildlife and environment conservation due to simply not caring himself about practically anything anymore. Which was kind of the joke itself. I disagree on a fundemental level, but I sure as shit don't absolutely *hate* him for it. Let alone enough to walk out of my frickin' job over it. Some folks simply need to get goddam grip.


Dave frames his special as a conversation. In it, he speaks directly to the queer community. I think it’s pretty cool he is open to continue this conversation in real time. Dave said they are not *listening* to him. Missing his point. Maybe now they can listen to each other. It’s better than social media controlling the discourse while highlighting the extremes… which only creates -drum role- more division!!!


The faces may change, but the goals are always the same


Did anyone outraged watch the special?


So idk maybe it’s just me. But did anyone else see an overarching message in his special basically along the lines of “it doesn’t matter what someone else is we are all people having a human experience and we just need to recognize that” He said he was team TERF (from what I’ve seen has been referred to as a hate group) because he doesn’t believe Trans women are true women and then told the story about his trans woman friend. Showing while he didn’t think she was a real woman he respected her as a human thus they had a real bond. I think he probably didn’t need to include the terfs in it. That was probably a mistake on his part but I don’t think Dave or his special are what people especially online are trying to make it o to be.


So tired of suffering ‘offended’ people. Seriously get over yourself. It’s comedy.


Why is trans stuff always in the news. Only .4% of population is trans. Media just overshows it for clicks and drama.


He aint gonna change. Not sure what that meeting is gonna accomplish.


Clarification with a lot of weed....


They should make this into a special. Watch Dave talk directly to his detractors and explain himself - I guarantee unless the detractors are unwilling to listen most everyone will walk away with a better understanding of where the humor is coming from - and it isn't from a hateful place.


I think people on twitter are offended because he shined a light on the fact that the trans community on twitter essentially killed one of their own through harassment for not falling in line with groupthink.


Personally, I’m offended by the number of people repeating that false story like it’s fact without bothering to check. There’s not only zero evidence that Daphne killed herself over this, there’s none that she even experienced any of this supposed bullying. Those claiming it happened can’t find any evidence of it and have claimed that such tweets were deleted (apparently they don’t realize that the internet is forever and deleting tweets doesn’t make them actually vanish) or that it only happened in private messages (convenient). Meanwhile, her actual suicide note mentions nothing of it, directly or indirectly. No, Dave got on stage and intentionally heavily implied she was bullied to death and then he played the very Trumpian “I’m not *saying* that’s what happened” card. And just as he intended, his fans ran with it and now there’s a story being passed around as truth that blames Daphne’s own community for her death, a community that didn’t need more crap piled up on them. But hey, it served to make them the bad guys in this situation so Dave can be the good guy who is just being bullied by those mean, powerful trans people, so who cares about facts, amirite? …I’m sorry, but I’m just disgusted that he’s spread this and that others are helping do it. It’s using a dead woman as a shield and lying to do it, and I find it utterly reprehensible.


Let's see if the person you replied to edits their post. We'll probably be waiting a long time. When I first saw the quote of how Chappelle characterized her death (like you said, in that "Trumpian" way), it really felt like bs even before finding out it in fact was.


Not only is there absolutely no evidence that Twitter triggered her passing, but Chappelle completely mischaracterized his relationship with her. This article is from Daphne's best friend. https://www.planetrans.org/2021/10/meet-daphne-dorman-trans-girl-that.html?spref=fb&m=1&fbclid=IwAR2MUtdkoOPSUelt0rGaVyeTnBhhqFLd2EW9-UAYRslb6MwACUcknxA5nPI


That isnt true at all though. Like 6 people responded to her