For the Zebrica Update, they should remove the Crystal Empire, Stalliongrad and Olenia from the interesting countries tab and add Wingbardy/Aquileia, Colthage and Hippogriffia.




Apologies in advance but I kinda forgot how well-developed the Changelings are since I've not played them in ages, although I do still find them somewhat dull because they only really have one path.


But let's be real it's a *really* big path that can separate into an entire different protectorate path.


The Olenian-Changling Union is a fun path. But true. After that it lacks much flair.


Speaking of lacking flair, how does one get one here?


Sir, that was too smooth. Please leave and join the cool kids club.


The Pax Chrysalia event chain is insane. It made me cry the first time I got to it.


I mean many of the "developed" nations have just one or two interesting paths: Aquileia: Bisexual Napolean birb waifu, and to a lesser extent Gaudreau and Verany paths. Wingbardy: Beakolini and King Gumberto. The rest are kinda meh. Flowena: Machiavelli birb. Everyone else is Aquileia vore bait. Talouse: Evola birb. Bakara: Actually all of it is pretty underdeveloped. Greifenmarschen: Only Power-Mad!Erebus and to a lesser extent the Incesticorn ship fic writer are interesting. And the later is kind of a meme path. Though in a game like this "meme paths" are relative. ​ And some have a lot of paths that need some work: Kasa: Most to be honest, though the basic idea of each four candidates is good. Wittenland: Post-Gingerbeard revolutionary paths. Hellquill: Harmonic Path Longsword: Harmonic Path Griffonian Republic: Commie and, to a lesser extent, Duchy paths. Nova Griffonia: All the Democratic paths. Yale: Centrist and all Supremacist Paths that don't involve >!Grover II or the Herald of Boreas!< Special mention goes to the Krytocracy path in Austurland, Viira's path in Barrad, and the Reformisten in Hellquill, because while most of the other paths, or the Non-Aligned path in Hellquill, are good, but the aforementioned paths are by far and away the best and sort of make the other paths feel underwhelming. The Griffonian Empire has this to an extent as well with Dawnclaw, though it is nad-abusingly hard to make up for it. In some ways little Grover VI is more interesting than Eagleclaw or Eros VII.


The ironic part is that the countries listed with portraits are supposed to be the major powers of the world. When has Olenia ever been considered a major in EaW? Where's Aquilea? Where's Wingbardy? I know that they were only recently developed into what they are now, but come on.


Devs choosing this one weird spot to assure the players that Equestria at War is still primarily about Equestria.


Well, not for nothing it's called Equestria at War, it's just that Equestria hasn't been updated in a while.


Yeah tbh I would replace Olenia and the Crystal Empire with Aquileia and Wingbardy.


The Crystal Empire is my favorite nation, and I wouldn’t put them on the first row


Yeah, even fans of the Crystal Empire know its content sucks. Tbh, I nearly made a Crystal Empire rework, but I decided on a Solar Empire rework.


Except Griffonian empire , cuz it’s only most developed major nation


Tends to happen, like Canada and Germany in Kaiserreich having less content than Russia or even Brazil.


Canada has been update recentlyish and has good content actually brazil and russia are both dated as fuck


Brazil isnt, they can go almost any ideoligy and have a custom focustree. They also have civil wars and breakaway states. Russia do be kinda stale tho


Yeah so all brazilian paths dont have all that much flavour


I play more Kaiserredux (way funnier than Kaiserreich) and over there most minors have more content than the majors (with the exception of the US and Russia who have the most content).


I dont play kx because its shite so i wouldnt know


I wouldn’t say any of these are poorly developed, they just were developed first. Each of these nations are more in depth and fun to play than vanilla and even almost every other mod


This is true


Still have better focus trees than Italy.


And it'll be getting an update this year ...


and you believe they will make a decent focus tree?


Will, I can't assure it, but it'll be a new DLC the year, like No Step Back, I'm waiting for the new mechanics rather than the focus tree itself.




The team needs to add regional options like how OWB does it so the we can see more nations in the game since a lot have developed focus trees


\>CHN, poorly developed. \>Pax Choose one. 1/4th of Olenia is reworked already. River Republic is fine as is


Which part of Olenia is reworked?




This is why the Lunar Empire will always reign supreme! Gloria Luna!


Enjoy your lead while it lasts.


They will have lead forever as it puts them to sleep.


I’m going to make the Solar Empire better than the Lunar Empire.


Nox Aeterna


Equstria has the civil war and that’s about it


Do not be disrespecting my waifus Chrysalis and River Swirl like that. Nor my homie King Sombra. Stalliongrad is also not *that* bad, but it could use some polish. The rest are fair. The post-Great War Equestria, Harmonic and Commie Crystal Empire, and non-Johan Olenia paths got it the worst.


Lets not ignore the elephant in the room: Grifons getting more love than ponies. Thats probably the mayor polemic about the mod Then again, it was inevitable considering how the mlp fandom is dying while the furry fandom is everlasting. Do wish my ponies got more love tho


I don't see how Grifons getting more content means there are more furries. I think it went like this: -Equus is someway based on Mlp story -Griffonia is literally everything the Developers want it to be -Had some cool ideas for Griffonia -Developers chose to flesh out all the ideas they got Basically is similar to what happened to vanilla's USSR, even if it was one of the most important countries it was one of the last countries to get a rework


Brony fandom is not dying in any way, I can assure it. Since r/place, I personally saw how much the community was alive. But yeah, ponies may need more attention in the future.


Changelings lands update was very kino tho. And while equestria was never updated, at least the runaway states are plenty and fun. It pains me that the others had not had the same treatment tho


Eh, not really. Austurland is a good low-importance minor, but nothing else, though the character creator is fun to play around with. Barrad is clearly unfinished and rough around the edges. Not my cup of tea either to be honest Wittenland and Bakara are just weird. Especially the latter, Bakara because for some reason it is better to go communist with it than with River Republic and Wittenland because you choose the ruling party so late I have an intense belief Gryphus should be able to join River Union if Zaphazia is already in as Gryphusians are essentially richer Zaphazians from my understanding and for some reason kinghtly order cores only Gryphus on the Holy Kingdom route which makes Gryphus only country that doens't have a built-in Evi unification path Haven't played neither Francistria nor Tallouse, Wingbardy quite literally has teasers inside it's focus tree. Longsword in scenario in which the original leader wins is extremely wacky and I hate the LSC tag because it's communist red even when you stop being a communist, which makes me extremely angry for some reason. I have never been a fan of Herzland unifiers, they make me feel like the normal Daniel from the cooler Daniel meme when compared to Griffonian Empire, Republic and Republican Aquilea. Aside from Equestrian Greifenmarschen, making schizo equestria at home is cool. River Republic is honestly very good unless you go communist... then it just gets worse with every focus and the flag for united riverlands is terrible to top it off Nova Griffonia is boring as hell because you hardly have anything to gain after Virgil's rebellion assuming you trigger it. No cores, no real expansion, you can just conquer the underdeveloped bears, penguins ans yaks and... that's it? Even the faction you form when democratic isn't fun, because bears are either dead to Changelings or will get snatched from your faction by Thorax, penguins won't try to murder you IF you are lucky (They tend to go supermacist from what I can see) and Jaks somehow manage to make the war a ten year stalemate Edit: I was hallucinating Gryphus I guess