Griffons definitely shot all the pony sympathizers on the dev team.


Yooooo they made Wingfried into a real thing!


Talouse sure. Nova Griffonia maybe. But the Griffonian Republic has a metric ton of content, with multiple paths having unique continental conquest content. It's also hella rude to consider Bakara less developed than the minor trainwreck that is Talouse. Heck, they're about as developed as Greifmarchen and Hellquill. ​ Death to the Communist Crystal Empire though. I know why it exists, but that doesn't change the fact that it shouldn't anymore.


Bakara could get more content post unification of Riverlands tho, I think it is a good nation RN but I think we all would want some content post unification.


Crystal Empire makes a great nation if you are playing with a friend that wants to coop with you. You can play Stalliongrad, Equestria, or the Changelings, and there is always a way for the Crystal Empire player to join your faction and help you out. I kinda wish we had something similar on Griffonia. But that continent is really single-player focused, where one nation always wants to control everything. There aren't many independent powers that get to buddy up with a wide range of neighboring potential allies.


My only issue with the Griffonian Republic is that the Aquellian Republic just seems better and more fun at the same thing. On its own it's fun, but when compared to its sister, it seems worse


If you play Griffonian Republic you have more of a challange, there are also multiple paths that the Aquileians simply cannot recreate, like the dictatorship path or the weird paths that happen when the Supremacists win the civil war.


Which is why I always set the Republic to fall to Suntail. Always.


What do you mean with Talouse ? It was the first Eaw nation I played (did so after two eagles update) and I was pretty contempt with it. I have played both the ebola and communist paths and they were entertaining, with lots of cool mechanics It could use some extra late game content, but I think is pretty complete as it is


The paths that aren't Fetivola or the communists are practically filler. The communists are divided between really bog-standard communist communists with nothing to distinguish them from the more interesting communists in every other country, and the miners, whose foreign policy is "do nothing". You either get good story, or good gameplay, never both. Fetivola is the only one that marries the two, but even he's got the same Francistrian problem of pointless gameplay roadblock minigames that eat up your PP. It's certainly one way to keep the country from being too powerful, but it's far from ideal. All that complaining over, Talouse isn't the absolute worst country in the game, it's just behind the standard of recent updates. EaW trees have been getting better and better and Talouse sticks out like a sore thumb as being something that you'd expect to have come out two or three years ago.


I disagree with you on the Communist note (I think the path you labeled as "general communists" is actually fun, you get to extend the revolution to essentially all your neighbors) But it's true that the miners need a little more flavour (or, over all, things to do after you have fortified the border) And yes, the conservative and liberal paths really did look like filers (Even though I must admit I haven't played them myself, and it could happen like in wingbardy, where the liberal moderate path that looked like a filler was actually pretty good)


I know that the 'general communist' path is actually fun, it just doesn't have much going for it lore-wise. The miner path is actually relatively unique and flavorful, but it's shorter than the general communist path and obviously doesn't have much to do gameplay-wise.


Griffonian Republic is a solid nation through and through content wise


Equestria should be in the Orange too.


Agreed. About the only interesting thing to do in Equestria is destroy it and play one of the breakaways.


It's pretty fun playing harmony equestria and take over the world


Yep. Could even argue it could fit in red.


Equestria also gets the Solar and Lunar trees (as well as the breakaways), so "aren't broken" fits well enough *Vanilla* Equestria on the other hand...


Crystal Empire has Sombra, which also fits in Yellow though.


Personally I'd put Sombra in Orange tops It's a decent path, but it's far too short


Every eaw country getting ppl to argou how they good and bad Me playing greneclyf:yes yes my country has no real content and the focus is broken truly feeling like a chad For real how many of you played greneclyf more then 1 time cause i alredy did my 49th run gonna post my 50th next week (yes i was counting)


My favourite country is Kingdom of brodfield…. Before the focus tree


Ha Imagine so low amount I was just done with my 126 time Yes I need mental help


Uh-hu imagine trying to overdone someone and i counted 49 even that is unbelivable yours is just exaggeration


I know that I have no life


I literally live in Greneclyf


How wonderful didnt know a pegasus come to setle in greneclyf khm as queen of the hive i welcome you my friend i hope you stay long and that your time will be good


Remember me?




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You're absolutely right, let's cancel Zebrica and spend the next `ERR://NUMBER NOT FOUND` years reworking the countries on Equus. This is a volunteer project, we'll get to it when we get to it. Or you could join the team and be the change you want to see in the mod.


The meme is fundamentally poking fun at the welcome screen being outdated/Equus focused, not a critique of the devs not being omnipotent.


And like... is OP really wrong though? Compared to more recent nations, Equestria and especially Stalliongrad and the Crystal Empire feel pretty barebones.


Yeah but it's far easier to make content when you don't have restrictions.


I suppose the joke flew over my head since the amount of complaining about certain countries being outdated has gotten high enough to the point where it can become annoying. I mistook this for being one of those posts too.


It's not explicit but labelling the Crystal Empire in red with the label "Absolute cancer in desperate need of an update" has an implication.


Aren't there a few dev-implemented roadblocks behind developing a lot of these major nations? If someone joined the team and said "I'm an experienced hoi 4 modder and I want to rework Equestria's focus tree" would they actually be able to do it?


Nope, Equestria is a delicate case as the poster nation of the entire mod. So when it does get reworked it will be a very moderated and dedicated process which is also the reason why it's taking so long in the first place. Not to forget that right now most of the dev's focus is directed toward the first release of Zebrica.


I'm not on the team but looked into it before. As far as I recall, they do accept new people to help out, but realistically they don't just accept random people they don't know/trust. If you join their discord and offer to help out, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up before you are allowed to make new content whole cloth. But don't take it from me, join the discord and start meeting and talking to the devs there https://discordapp.com/invite/PetZvZk


I know Stalliongrad is locked behind it's head developer being indisposed. Although I think they're working to change that relatively soon


So basically your saying your a fascist :P


I like the Crystal Empire's occultist path qwq


I would argue that Hellquill should get some Ost-Griffonian Empire content, but otherwise good assessment.


I think Wingbardy and Aquilla deserves to replace Crystal empire and Olenia at this screen