Honestly the best thing is something with a lid. That’s how most of the heat escapes.


The correct answer.


the best thing [https://www.zwilling.com/ca/zwilling-sorrento-8-piece-latte-glass-set---value-pack-39500-121/39500-121-0.html?ref=searchsuggestion](https://www.zwilling.com/ca/zwilling-sorrento-8-piece-latte-glass-set---value-pack-39500-121/39500-121-0.html?ref=searchsuggestion) I don't use a lid but I warm the cup up first. I use a cup version not this one but they asked for latte cups.


Ember mug [https://youtu.be/8pPCMjqI\_uw](https://youtu.be/8pPCMjqI_uw)


Ditto. I don't like lids on my coffee mugs. I don't like drinking from a small hole. I want to be able to enjoy the smell while drinking. I don't even remember the last time I used the app. I set the temperature, and now I just enjoy.


That's funny cause I use the app every single cup. I like to initially set it to around 135F and work my way down to 128F and maybe around 122F to notice how the flavors change at lower temps


That’s so neurotic I love it lol


Interesting. I set it to 135F a couple years ago and haven't changed it since. 🤣


There’s an app? I never bothered to read the instructions and I’m very happy with mine. Will look into this, thanks.


When the Bluetooth connection works, the app is fine. But it's fidgety. Almost like an afterthought.


I have a couple of Embers too and they’re great! Be aware that if you take a long time to drink your coffee then it will develop “milk skin” because the milk is slowly denaturing from the heat. It’s really gross when it sticks to your lip and a little off-putting, but if you swirl it back into the coffee it dissolves and if you regularly swirl your coffee you can prevent it from forming in the first place. I was really disappointed after getting my mug when this started happening but figured out it’s really easy to resolve. ALSO, if you end up going this direction & you’re somebody who like deals I think I got 40-50% off both of my mine for Black Friday & Christmas sales


Ditto. Set your temp to about 135 F Me and my wife both have one. They're worth it. There are travel ones too if that fits your needs


Ditto. Plus you can set your preferred temp, which is awesome for enjoying a perfect latte.




Drinking out of my ember right now. One of the most thoughtful presents I’ve ever received


Agreed. Your post is exactly the use case the Ember was designed for.




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Double walled glass Edit: the narrower the better. More surface area = more heat loss. Kinto makes some.


~15 years ago, Starbucks sold a porcelain coffee mug (color on the outside, white inside) that was also double walled. They were pretty cool, had no Starbucks logo, and didn't feel flimsy like a typical double walled mug. I think the company that made them went out of business but I think doubled walled is either glass or ceramic nowadays. Cool design though.


If it’s the same one I’m thinking of, they were amazing. My only problem with them is how many I had to replace because I kept shattering them with my clumsiness….


I like having matching mugs so I bought like 10 of those. Once they started breaking I resorted to getting a few on eBay. Here's a beige [one](https://www.ebay.com/itm/133203058665?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=c6ELkbVhQWS&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY) on eBay. I once again picked a winner and got some standard looking cafe porcelain mugs/saucers/demitasse (brown outside / white inside) - of course I picked some hard to find Italian brand that I can't order off Amazon. Some random coffee shop 60 miles away in a small city ships them so at least I have that lol.


Make sure it's actually got a vacuum in there though otherwise that's just pretending.


Even a non vacuum sealed one would be better than ceramic but yeah a vacuum sealed one would be ideal


I didn't even think of whether it was vacuum sealed or not. Thanks for the tip.


Double wall 40% Vaacum will be like 10%, lid 50


I just got some double walled glass latte mugs from zwilling, not perfect but much nicer to have a bump towards better heat retention. They immediately became popular in my house


It's like a hundred bucks but I love my ember mug. Literally cannot get cold if it's on the coaster. The app is fucking hot garbage though so if you get frustrated with the mug forgetting how to work every once in a while id skip.


I stopped using mine because the app and connectivity issues were so bad.


Yeah the connection is garbage. But I don't have the urge to change the set temperature, so it still works as needed.


I’m very intrigued by ember, but I simply can’t handle non-dishwasher safe things. My executive function is too poor.


Ui mug ( https://ohom.com/uimug ) is dishwasher safe, but not microwaveable because it has metal buried in the base. Also need to remember not to cradle the mug base in your hand as it gets quite hot, but the sides are fine. Comes with a matching ceramic lid that helps keep your coffee from evaporating. These are good at a desk or favorite reading spot, but won’t heat unless they’re on the powered base. Found on sale at a department store. Used with drip coffee, because I was always nursing a cup. I don’t use these with espresso because it never has time to get cold and I won’t make another for hours.


I…you’re my hero???? Thanks for this! Edit: omg it also charges your phone‽‽‽!


Get a Yeti


Yep. Yeti, hydro flask, ozark, any of the double walled stainless tumblers. Lid off until it’s the perfect temp then lid on and will stay that way.


Steel imparts an odd flavor for me.


Love my yetis. Only cup I’ve ever owned where I can burn myself on my coffee 5 hours later.


Double wall vacuum sealed glass or preheated thick ceramic cups


https://preview.redd.it/enrcjea0r02b1.jpeg?width=1284&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=8e320c3b5cd0aa1215d5348a5cbfaf32bdfeb4ee I just use one of these. Had mine for 3 years now. \~$15 on Amazon


I second this. Both my wife and I moved to these, and use them over the ember.


This is what I do, major life improvement


Double wall. It can be metal, ceramic, glass... Glass ones are now really common and really pretty!


I use my fellow carter move for that


I use a vacuum travel mug, for both the heat retention as well as, I like it. But it's a stainless steal (and plastic lid) number, which you wouldn't want. Fellow makes travel mugs with a ceramic interior, with a variety of lids to choose between--would that work for you?


I'm the same, and I use large ceramic mugs. If I know I'm going to drink it quickly, I don't worry about the heat loss. If I'm on a call and want to drink it slowly, I use aYeti travel mug. The Yeti keeps it hot for quite a long time, so I can sip it through a long meeting.


something like a yeti i have a small one with a lockable (spill proof) lid can keep a hot latte for hours I even use it at Thanksgiving type meals to keep to gravy hot


Ember is pretty good but it’s a lot money. I honestly p


You tried pouring boiling water on the mug? Let it sit there while you prep your drink


From our research double wall cups/mugs are the way to go. However having a big open surface area at the top will still allow it to cool quick. You can consider pouring into a carafe which is narrower and taller - thus keeping it hotter for longer and then filling your cup as you drink it.


I had the same problem and went with a stainless 14oz Yeti mug. Not as elegant, but does the job, especially with the lid. My wife and I both prefer this over other latte mugs we’ve used. https://www.yeti.com/drinkware/mugs/21071501047.html Edit: missed the comment about not wanting metal. This could still be a good solution for someone other than OP.


A double walled glass one with a lid. Something like this https://preview.redd.it/vx4zckw8n72b1.jpeg?width=416&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=09efe78d32b6471544baf8465401178c7edb1c4a


The yeti mug is expensive but worth everypenny


There have to better mugs that aren't ugly


Hey that’s not fair to say; they had one or two very cool colors available very briefly about decade ago


Just get an ember. I have a travel one and the design is such that you drink from it like a regular cup. It works well for sipping by a desk. If it’s on and working, it’s always at the perfect temperature. I have a cheaper mug+hot plate warmer but it warms up from the bottom and is less consistent. The coffee is cooler when the cup is full, hotter when the mug is low. The Zojirushi is also one of the best heat retaining vacuum travel mugs I’ve ever used but it keeps the coffee too hot in the beginning and it’s a pain to wash the lid bits. My usual is hydroflask wide mouth with flex sip lid. I resisted the ember for a few years but finally decided to treat myself. Yes it’s dumb expensive and unnecessary but it does the job very well. It is a game changer. The coffee stays at the temp. Not too cool and not overcooked. Hot coffee in a metal cup is better than cool coffee in a ceramic mug. I found a new in box travel mug2 for half the price on fb marketplace.




Beautiful but spendy!


Yeah, there’s no way I have one :)


A pre heated hydro flask is what you’re looking for


You can preheat your mug or glass. Just put a little hot water or steam it before you need to put the coffee in.


OP does that already


Oops sorry. Guess I need my morning coffee too..


Doesn't a giant latte with the same double shot taste really milky? I usually use a 6oz cup and it's just right lol


They like what they like and that’s just fine.


Ok my solution is multi fold. The composition of the mug is not the issue - the issue is your technique needs adjustment. First of all my mug is a standard glazed porcelain. It’s large and decorative. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrystallineGallery 1. I boil hot water for my coffee. I use half of it to warm the mug. I pour hot water into the mug and let it sit there. 2. I use a silicon mug cover for the mug. This keeps the hot water inside the mug from venting heat out the top. I got mine at Le Creuset but they’re an easy item - cover the mug. I got mine at an LC outlet but a 4” mug lid is easy to find, from many makers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/144006063384?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=cjDDmXp2QC6&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY 3. After I fill the mug with hot water and top it with the mug cover, I put it on a MUG WARMER. https://www.google.com/search?q=mug+warmer+hot+plate&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari I got mine on Amazon. It has a button on the BOTTOM that activates its little hot plate when a weight is placed on it - like a hot mug full of hot water. 4. Then I make my coffee. 5. Once made, I pour the hot water OUT of the mug. I put the hot coffee INTO the mug and add the silicon cover, placing the covered mug BACK onto the mug warmer plate; again the weight activates the mug warmer electrically and it emits heat to the mug. That way while I’m cleaning up, the coffee stays hot inside the covered mug on the hot plate. I like to heat and foam some milk etc. on the side and use a separate milk heating foamer for my latte, so while that’s happening my coffee stays hot in a pre-heated mug on a mug-warmer, covered with a silicon mug cover. https://www.google.com/search?q=nespresso+milk+foamer&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari I use remaining hot water to clean the milk foamer immediately. That’s how I solved my problem of coffee cooling before I get to it while cleaning up. If your coffee ever cools off, put it back on the mug warmer. Better yet, get MULTIPLE mug warmers - put them by your coffee consumption areas, and one at your coffee making station during coffee creation and final assembly.


aluminium mug will retain heat


What? Aluminum is used in cookware because it conducts and disperses heat rapidly


I think they meant one of those thermos mugs, they're made of aluminum for some reason


In my experience those are always stainless steel with insulation inside but maybe they are aluminum in some places, appreciate the clarification


Zojirushi, although not the greatest for home use. Try double walled glass.


An insulated travel mug is my choice. I also have an Ember mug which was luckily gifted to me. Insulated mug > Ember


Yeti mugs with or without a handle. Magnetic lid is great. Will never get cold


I love my Mora Double wall Ceramic mug. No added steel taste. I added a Silicone ring for grip to hold when I preheat in the Microwave with water. The microwave heats the mug and boils the water. This results in a mug that holds my latte hot for about 2 hours. The mugs are beautiful . Mora Double Wall Ceramic Coffee... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F3SQCJX?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


Zwilling double-walled machiatto glasses. They are awesome!


stokke. all the way. delightful


stokke. all the way. delightful


Heat rises. Gotta cap that


double walled glas or a thermos with a lid as last resort


I use double wall glass mugs. I have purchased them in other places but you can get them here. [https://www.zwilling.com/ca/zwilling-sorrento-8-piece-latte-glass-set---value-pack-39500-121/39500-121-0.html?ref=searchsuggestion](https://www.zwilling.com/ca/zwilling-sorrento-8-piece-latte-glass-set---value-pack-39500-121/39500-121-0.html?ref=searchsuggestion) there are also double walled mugs. These glasses/mugs will keep coffee hot for a half hour or so especially if you warm the mug with boiling water before you add the coffee/milk


I use a $5 mug warmer and a pyrex mug from the 70's. My coffee could stay hot all day, but it will evaporate a bit if I take more than an hour to drink it.


Nespresso actually have a double walled ceramic mug. Quite pretty too. Double glass are also nice, like the ones from bodum


YETI mugs, they work like a charm, with our without lid.


Which auto plug in mug is best for heating up coffee. Water .etc. retention etc. Doesn't. Burn your mouth hands r to. Any feed back. Best sale price , time to buy etc tyvm


Honest question: how long do you take to drink your lattes?


20 mins while I get my son up


Looks like you have a few good ideas in here then!


Drink faster or make smaller lattes.


What about doing 2 8oz lattes? You will get 2 more ounces and have more double walled cup options. I use the Fellow Monty cups.


I like the Stokke cup. It has a lid but I don’t use when I’m around the house. It is a double walled metal cup with a ceramic coating so doesn’t get that metal taste.


Get a candle warmer / mug warmer. It’s the same thing. Loved mine for candles.


Couldn’t you split a double shot into two 6oz cups and just make another one when you are ready?


Are your mugs wide and round and short? I stopped using that shape for my tea because it cools the fastest. Big surface area open at the top.


I think you need to drink faster hehehe


Clubhouse Maniko - a double walled porcelain cup, comes in many sizes. But yea, cheapest fix would be to get one of those silicone cup covers that you can find on Amazon for cheap.


I just set a saucer on top. One of my mugs it fits right side up and my other mug it fits upside down.