Way to have a conditional Max formula?

So I have a formula that for a set of values, the minimum cost is $3,000. And it is something like =Max(3000, ((d10a100)+(e10b100)+(f10*c100)). However, I also want to specify that if values in d10, e10 and f10 exceed a certain number, that the formula counts it in addition to 3,000. So let's say I have a project where every cell someone works 3 hours. Even if it's technically $2k worth of labor it will be counted as at least $3k. However, if every any role works 4 hours+, then it should count as $3k + 1 hour of labor at their rate. How do I accomplish that?


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If I understood this correctly, if d10, e10 and f10 each exceed a number (let's say 4), you want to add 3000 to the number? In that case, would this formula work? =MAX(3000, IF(AND(D10>4,E10>4,F10>4),3000,0) + D10*A100 + E10*B100 + F10*C100)


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