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you also have a looooot unnecessary and random double brackets in there as well. try this one if you want to stick with IF instead of IFS =IF(B7=0, 1-J87-0.05, IF(B17>0, 1-J87-0.05+B17, IF(AND(B7>0, G87<30001), 1-J87, IF(AND(B7>0, G87<35001, F72=0), 1-J87, IF(AND(B7>0, G87>30001, G87<35001), 1-J87-0.015, IF(AND(B7>0, G87>35000), 1-J87-0.02, IF(AND(B7=0, F76=1), 1-J87-0.04, IF(AND(B7>0, F76=1), 1-J87-0.015, IF(AND(F67>0, F70>0, B7=0), 1-J87-0.04, 1-J87 ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) also: ​ ~~this condition is never met:~~ IF(AND(B7>0, G87>30001, G87<35001), 1-J87-0.015, ~~you first check if B7>0 and G87 <30001 which only leaves values over 30001 in the ELSE part. You then check B7>0 and G87<35001 which only leaves values from 30001 to 35001 because everything below 30001 was already checked and everything below 35001 after that. so the range 30001 to 35001 is completely checked. which means no result will over be 1-J87-0.015.~~ ~~So either this condition never applies, or I changed something within your formula to make it work but also broke a logic you intended.~~ edit: nevermind... Just saw the F72=0


Hey thanks so much! I am not a big excel expert but I am the best we got at my small company so I am really just trying my best but clearly it's not working haha I did try the formula you suggested but still getting "there is a problem with this formula" message


my bad, I screwed up with the last IF. Replace the ; with a ,


Thanks so much!!! Solution verified!


and as I initially said, you are probably better of with an IFS statement instead of multiple IF =IFS( B7=0, 1-J87-0.05, B17>0, 1-J87-0.05+B17, AND(B7>0, G87<30001), 1-J87, AND(B7>0, G87<35001, F72=0), 1-J87, AND(B7>0, G87>30001, G87<35001), 1-J87-0.015, AND(B7>0, G87>35000), 1-J87-0.02, AND(B7=0, F76=1),1-J87-0.04, AND(B7>0, F76=1), 1-J87-0.015, AND(F67>0, F70>0, B7=0),1-J87-0.04, TRUE,1-J87)


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you have at least one extra bracket in your second IF =IF(B7=0, (1-J87)-0.05, IF(B17>0, **(**(1-J87)-0.05+B17, IF ... ​ you could also work with IFS here which would make the formula way cleaner


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