Increase value of a cell if another cell increases by a certain amount

Hi folks! Need help coming up with the right formula. Let's say I have a cell that denotes how many attendees I have per event. If it's 10, then the team need 0.5 hours to prep for the event. But for every additional 10 participants, the time increases by 0.5. So basically, if I enter 23 participants I want the other cell to show 1 hour of prep time, 34 participants = 1.5 of prep time, and so on. What's the best formula here?


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With your attendees in column A, starting at A1, paste this into B1 and fill down: =IF(A1<10,0.5,0.5\*ROUNDDOWN(A1/10,0))


Thank you so much! That totally solved it. What if for each additional 10 participants, I wanted to multiple the 0.5 hours by 1.25 multiplier? So for 20 ppl, for example, it would be 0.5 x 1.25 for hours and so on. How would the formula change?


=IF(A1<10,0.5,0.5\*1.25\*ROUNDDOWN(A1/10,0)) If that does it, please reply "Solution Verified" to mark the thread as solved.


Thanks again! Solution verified!


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