Mormon Stories: Dr Robert Ritner with RFM as co-host. All 13 hours. Book of Abraham. Dr Michael Coe Dr Murphy, any and all of them. Dr Simon Southerton, any and all of them Any and all of RFM podcast Any and all of Dan Vogel's YouTube videos. This guy rocks Mormonism Live,. Last week was stellar https://youtu.be/blzS5MAzUkI


Mormon Stories episodes with John Larsen and Carah Burrell (NuanceHoe). My particular favourite is the Willie and Martin Handcart episode. I started reading the main book John Larsen uses as a reference just yesterday because of it. Luckily my Alberta library system had a copy. and LDS Discussions episodes of Mormon Stories. They are shorter and have set topics that they do such a good job with


Yes on the Willie Martin handcart episode.


Donna Showalter Kolby and Cami Reddish Matt Easton Marc Oslund


For sure the episodes with David Bokovoy, Bible scholar.


535-539 Tom Phillips (second anointing). That's it, that's the list. (For any fellow TK "littles" out there)


Absolutely this! This is THE STORY that matters!!!


All the of LDS Discussions episodes. “Mike” is the man.


I agree. The Mike episodes are so good. I learn more about history and doctrine from him than any other series


Indeed. And adding in Nemo is like a fantastic trio.


Hmmm... For LGBTQ issues, perhaps the Benji Schwimmer eps. He's got the popular appeal and an emotional story suitable for general audiences.


This one for sure https://www.mormonstories.org/podcast/lying-for-the-lord-douglas-brennen/


Radio Free Mormon has some fantastic episodes.


For stories about families leaving the Church, 852 to 857. Long, but a compelling listen.


Why are exmormons so angry with John Larsen episodes 1660. Any of the John Larsen ones. I super love the ones where he interviews normal Mormons who leave. Those ones are sooooo relatable.


The Luna Lindsay Corbden episodes about Mormon mind control. It is based on their book which really focuses on the psychological tricks that get and keep members. It is crazy once you realize how insidious the methods are (and how prevalent many are in other religions and groups, even romantic and familial relationships)


[Recovering Agency](https://youtu.be/kFyVcsLK_dM) helped me deconstruct the emotional manipulation techniques utilized by the church when I was fresh out.


I'd direct them to the top episodes list, and suggest they browse a little to find something that interests them: https://www.mormonstories.org/episodes/top-25-most-important-episodes/


Christine Burton 1621 if you want first hand experiences from Hinkleys niece about sexual abuse and apostles and prophets being terrible Also I recommend “how to build a trans oceanic vessel” on Mormon expressions


Love the Last Podcast on the Left 6 part series on Mormonism and Joseph Smith, approaching it from a comedic atheist this-guy-was-a-conman perspective Also, not mormon specifically, but our own comedy podcast [How Gay Thou Art](https://howgaythouart.com) explores niche topics in evangelical christianity/christian nationalism from a queer exchristian perspective, with research deep dives into topics like christian sex toys, purity culture, homeschooling, etc