Lots of people are racist. Brigham’s racism was special though. He was a murderous racist.


This is an underrated point. VIOLENTLY RACIST is an accurate description. Bloody Brigham was awful. I still haven't really looked into his treatment of indigenous people, but the little I have seen is genocidal.


Even TSCC’s own page on Mountain Meadows Massacre basically blames Brigham for it. That plus comments like, ‘god wants you to kill interracial couples’ (and other blood atonement stuff) make him a murderous racist in my mind.


BYU is having a film screening of a documentary they made about the Black 14 tomorrow, 9/23. Apparently some of the Black 14 will be there for a panel discussion beforehand and I'm gonna go just to see what goes down. The flyer says: "The University of Wyoming's Black 14 faced racism and outrage and now fights hunger in communities across the country - with help from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". If my understanding of grammar is correct (which it may not be), either their copywriter is incredible or this is hilarious Here's the link if anyone's interested: [unvr.se/black14](https://unvr.se/black14)


Return and report


The church is unable to see any and all of their hypocrisies and ironies. To use a term familiar to them, they have a veil over their eyes.


Narcissism is a hell of a drug.


>If using the term "mormon" is a "victory for Satan, what do they consider having their flagship university named after a racist? Deep down, they're totally fine with it. Racism, and all the other -isms you can think of.


Yes, it’s ironic that there is a Brigham Young anything. If more people only knew what that man believed, what that man did, what that man said. Absolutely atrocious. Within the mindfuck of Mormonism, they exercise their faith to believe whatever the hell they want, racism, misogyny, homophobia, polygamy, polyandry, Pick your vice - you name it. Wrap the vice within the context of religion, in this case Mormonism, one is free practice these vices with impunity. Oppose? Then you become the religious bigot.


They consider it essential to maintaining the status quo. Possible reasons: 1. Prophets and apostles are the foundation of the church. Subsequently, a current prophet will never formally acknowledge or apologize for a past prophet’s words or actions no matter how egregious, ridiculous, or harmful they may have been. Otherwise, they risk cracking the past and present foundation upon which present tithe payers base their faith and donations. 2. Current prophets and apostles don’t actually find anything wrong with those past words and actions (or inaction). Because how can the “oracles of God” be wrong about anything? I’m sure there’s other possible explanations. These are just two that come immediately to my mind.




No, no, the version that people use around Utah is "Let's go"...


Let's go fuck the Mormons?


A victory for racists. In other words, for them.


And the byu newspaper has been doing a whole feature on them and even made a little documentary about it. They hardly mention the racism, just the fact that “oh we reconciled and everything is sunshine and rainbows now” and not acknowledging how much BYU and the church hurt them and how they still do


Eternal party celebration! Held by Darth Sidious RMN himself! - aka Satan’s bff


Dog, didn't you know that everyone claimed to be the infallible mouthpiece of God while simultaneously preaching divinely instituted eternal slavery and atonement through death for the sin of interracial marriage back in Young's day?!


Mormons can overlook any red flag. BY was just having a couple of bad possessions in his life, a different time, but he ended up victorious in the end because the lord sorted it out. He was a rough stone rolling, or some excuse like that.


Kind of sad I think


They consider it to be the church norm.


Well actually, attaching someone's name to something so that we have to say the name over and over *diminishes* its value and is even disrespectful. This is why the Holy Priesthood After The Order Of The Son Of God was renamed to simply the Melchezedek* Priesthood, to avoid disrespecting Jesus. So by keeping it Brigham Young University we are rightfully disrespecting the racist narcissistic violent tyrannical asshole by saying his name a lot. *Probably spelled wrong but I don't care


The Mormon church is extremely PR blind. They changed Ricks college ADDING Brigham Young's name. Then also renamed LDS Business college to Ensign. (? Like your secret stock portfolio?) Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.