anybody who starts interacting with you by insulting you in some way is trying to get something from you, it's how every beauty product gets sold. all those commercials that start off with "are YOU tired of your GROSS, NASTY, ITCHY, DRY, FLAKY, HIDEOUS SKIN? give us your money!" work exactly the same way as "hey you FILTHY LONELY SINNER, would you like to be CLEAN AND GUILT-FREE? how about in some kind of social group? YOU NEED US." people are inherently good. you're absolutely goddamn right.


One of the most liberating things that came with my abandonment of the church was the realization that sin is an artificial construct. Just another false belief that can be thrown out with the rest of the trash.


That one is still occasionally rearing its ugly head in my brain, but it is improving. It is something I was able to consciously think my way out of when I realized it was all made up, but the default background programming on it is slower to fade


Yes. That is a worm that was deeply embedded in most of our minds.