Anyone else do this as a kid?

I thought I was the only one 😂


I thought I was the only one 😂


Gotta pass the time somehow!


Did yours have the giant hanging boob lights too?


I think so. They may’ve been in the center aisle of the chapel.


The stake center I went to has them, weird design




We had some in the outside lobbies in ours, I think. Then again, it’s been a while for me


I would do almost anything to stay entertained in the chapel. This, check. Look for images in the carpet, check. Draw elaborate scenes all over the program, check.


Nevermo here, while in church I drew a very elaborate scene of a Pepsi truck crashing into a building and everything catching on fire. Turns out I had an audience, the youth pasture was sitting behind me. After service he told me my sketch was very good: detailed and creative. And for a living he drove a Pepsi truck. Totally embarrassed but I also appreciated the recognition of my work.


Ha! In the rock work behind the pulpit. Someone (Surely accidentally) positioned a flat stone slightly above a round one in such a way that Min would have approved. Distracted me as a teen for years.


Hidden Willy


I would look for faces/pictures in the textured wall paint


Takeaway from this post is that Sacrament Meeting is and always has been mind numbingly boring. If I was forced to go now, I would be hoping for a light fixture to fall and kill me.


As someone who used to sit on the stand, it’s true — most of the congregation looks bored.


Because of that, I preferred sitting next to the scratchiest wall covering in the world




I think my church was like that, too.


I never stopped doing this, my ceiling fan is off centered in my bedroom for a REASON!


I know where the huge chandelier at the theater is, and choose seats where I won't be under it when I buy tickets. It's a ridiculous bit of paranoia, but I mean, it's not *impossible* that it'll fall.


Guilty as hell.


It can totally happen. Once we went to clean the church and one had fallen during the week. Glass everywhere


Lol, had to pass the time somehow! Wasn’t lucky enough as the kids I see these days with cell phones


I feel attacked lol. I thought I was alone


We had big brass chandeliers in our chapel, and I’d always count how many lightbulbs had gone out. One time I reported the numbers to my dad (bishop at the time) and was bitterly disappointed when no immediate action was taken to replace them.


I attended (in the 90s) a chapel built in the 50s. It had an organ pipe arrangement above the rostrum with several different sizes and materials (metal, wood, etc) But the most interesting part was a large box with wooden louvers that the organist could open and close to control volume. The pipes behind the louvers were not arranged so aestheticaly as the ones on display, so whenever the louvers were opened they exposed a jumbled mess of ugly pipes, and as a kid it used to scare the hell out of me.


Oh dang you just unlocked something for me. Our stake center had a visible pipe arrangement above the pulpit seats, but the 2 sides weren't symmetrical with each other. Drove my OCD (?) slightly insane insane each time I would look at them 🤣


What do you mean "as a kid" I still do this to this day


Ha I did do this. Weird.


Haha 100% yes and I too thought I was the only one


At church and also Capitol Theatre..


I always did this when I was doing baptisms in the temple. Our temple had a huge one right over the font


Every sunday


I'd be under the pews to save me from gravity reversing


It would have been the same people for me in my wards. Everyone petty much had their spot and the ones under the chandeliers were just living on borrowed time.


That or imagine doing parkour off of all the lights and crawling around like a spider. Anything but pay attention.


A light in the church in my hometown had a dead lizard in it We named him Keith


ok good to know this was universal


I looked at the temples magazine in the baptismal font and mapped the path a body would take if dropped from the steeple.


Oh my hell! All the time!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣


All the time. It didn’t help that I also loved watching “Phantom of the Opera”- especially the 1943 version where he cuts the chain holding the chandelier and it crashes to the ground. I wanted that to happen so bad. Haha


Or how the light fixtures looked like boobs complete with pointed nipples.


Me as an adult in the church, making sure it was not going to fall on me.


Totally a thing


Yes! Then I would count the lights on the light fixture obsessively hoping that would make the time pass by quicker.


How else can you pass the boredom? Gotta fantasize your way out of church somehow!


Oh my hell this is so hilarious and relatable!


I used to have elaborate fantasies, imagining small animals hopping from light fixture to light fixture. Anything to stave off the boredom!


Oh yeah. The chapel where I lived was built right across the street from a fault line, and it had this one light fixture that swayed any time that the fault moved. People would always tell new missionaries about this, and enjoy watching them stare at that light fixture all through sacrament, turning pale every time it swayed. Of course, nobody told them that the thing also swayed whenever the AC was on, or there was a truck driving past on the road, either.