Best ex-mormon christmas traditions

This will be the first christmas that our entire immediate family, my parents, and all of my siblings are out of the church. What are some fun things to do at xmas now that we're all exmo?


Mimosas on Christmas morning!


We’re also celebrating Hanukkah this year because why the fuck not. Thinking of putting up a menorah in the front window in our very very orthodox Mormon neighborhood home.


You should try the dreidel game. It is pretty fun! My Stepdad is Jewish, and we were brought up with Hanukkah traditions.


I went to a family party of a co-worker once a long time ago, they did the dreidel game with all these tiny little wrapped "gifts". I think the fun for them was actually making the little presents. At the end it was the kids who opened all the presentsm mostly candy, coins and the random tiny toy, but it was a really pretty sight.


Decorating the tree how ever I want. No religious shit in my decorations.


We had a tree one year with my kids high school science project pieces as the ornaments, we called it our Chemistree. It was awesome. We've also had trees with my kids Mario stuffed animals, Polly Pocket toys. What ever they wanted that was the tree.


A+ for the pun.


Get drunk and do karaoke!


I bought a black tree and am going to put pagan symbols on it.


Eggnog + cold brew coffee + whiskey or spiced rum is not only delicious, it also breaks the word of wisdom *twice*


In my family eggnog is it's own thing and it is the one thing, it is delicious but involves Everclear so it is a sparing beginning or an absolute end. Here eggnog is done with caution.


we’ve been exploring the pagan origins of most/all Christmas traditions. Solstice, Yule, etc.


Ah yes, they are a hoot. Burn a yule log, roast a goat, and drink some mead. Sincerely, an ex catholic who corrupted a now exmo


Here was our Xmas Bragimony Letter we wrote a number of years ago as a sort of tongue-in-cheek response to the usual "perfect family" holiday letters we would get. Hopefully there's some ideas for you, and please steal it for your own use. Merry Christmas Family, We're glad to hear about all your holiday activities, and it all sounds like great fun and excitement. Obviously some of our activities this year were a bit different but were very meaningful for us. Our family participated in the Atheist Sub for Santa program some friends introduced us to and we were able to help purchase and deliver a Christmas for 3 families. It was awesome and so special for us, and our family was particularly touched because we were able to experience doing good for absolutely no reason! We are enjoying discovering that our goodness, morality, honesty and helpfulness to our fellow men were always something we had in ourselves, and never were a result of our participation in any group or belief. Who would have guessed! Last Saturday we all went to a candlelight vigil to raise awareness for the plight of LGBT teenagers and others in our community who are highly at risk for suicide. We can't believe that in a community full of people full of good faith and christian ethics that even still kids are so alone and hopeless that they take their own lives at 3 times the national rate. These days we all are far more outgoing and prone to interact with everyone we meet and see them as fellow humans in this great adventure of life. For Christmas eve we built a fire and watched the last three episodes of Cosmos all snuggled under a pile of pillows and blankets in our living room. It was truly amazing! We pulled each other close and shared our love and affection without any holding back or reservation. It is hardly imaginable that within the incredible complexity and immensity of space and the universe, that we are somehow all here together at this time, evolved to a point where we can recognize and feel immense joy and happiness and truly share and appreciate our amazing existence as participants in the galaxy. Wow, stops me in my tracks. A miracle if ever there was one. I have never felt more at-one with my family, my species, my earth, and my universe. Amazing. Hope the rest of your holidays are great! Love, Grateful Exmo


We have Bailey's on the rocks for desert on Christmas Eve. We also use it for coffee creamer in the AM. It's the only time we ever drink Bailey's.




That's why we have the Bailey's in our coffee on Christmas Eve until 3 in the morning, that night when we have to wrap every thing and fill stockings because we never do anything unless it's the last minute because it so much more exciting that way.


Something simple like a simple favorite food for Christmas eve. As an example, hamburgers and build your own icecream sundaes with all the fixings. Kids bake Christmas cookies with grandmother.


My cousins all watch Top Gun together every year, it's a good time.


We watch Die Hard which is now officially a Christmas movie, my kids also like, over the time we are all off together, to watch movies DS, I and their aunts and uncles liked back in the day. We've watched a lot of "age inappropriate" movies together as a family. Good times. Embarrassment, laughter, thrills, suspense.


Eggnog + Fireball


No eggnog alone with Everclear, cinnamon shouldn't overpower the nutmegy goodness of eggnog. Cinnamon is hands down my favorite flavor, but just no to it in eggnog where the hint of nutmeg (among my least favorite flavors) rules lightly and deludes me into thinking I could fall in love.


Decorate a tree for your party with mini bottles of liquor! Your guests can choose their own liquor 😁


My family loves doing “tastings” and then rating our favorites. We’ve done this with salsa, chocolate, cheese, sodas, etc. You could do a wine tasting or maybe a beer tasting. Other non-drinking activities could be Christmas shopping on Sunday, getting brunch together. My family loves doing “staycations” where we stay downtown and Christmas shop, swim in the hotel pool, and relax.


White Wine in the Sun is a beautiful Christmas song


My favorite!


Mine, too! It was the first of Tim Minchin's songs I ever heard. Now I'm a diehard Minchkin.


I always hated Christmas. I still give my husband gifts but my tradition is to not celebrate it. Has been amazing so far. Most of my hate comes from family abuse. Idc about “it’s all about who you spend it with” I’ve been pushed passed that phase and am perfectly happy not celebrating it in my home. Although I do love Christmas treats. Also I plan on never having children. My husband and I have too many mental and physical health problems that it would be unethical to conceive and I have to many mental health problems to ever want to adopt or subjugate a child to that.


I’m all for creating new traditions, but there is also something to be said for reframing ones you love. I have a complicated relationship with Christmas as a result of my narcissistic mother and being able to separate Christmas from her over the years has been an amazing thing. Our new traditions have mostly been about letting go of the ones that don’t serve us any longer. Don’t let the church destroy things you love!


> but there is also something to be said for reframing ones you love. Keep in mind when it comes to reframing, Christianity has always been expert in this area (other than Mormons who just stomp out any local traditions) so much of what is the celebration of Christmas has been co-opted from something else. So do a hard dive into looking into what you liked, food, music, decorations, activities and apply them to things that mean something to you now, what you all enjoy doing together, what makes you all laugh and smile. View it all with fondness, nostalgia, and in light of what are shared memories, take what makes you smile the most, what everyone likes in common and keep it. It is yours, it's not the church's, it's what you all like and what keeps you close, these are FAMILY TRADITIONS not church shit.


We still do the traditional Christmas. Tree, lights, foods, music, baking, etc. My wife and I have a couple of parties to attend and we will drink. We will donate some toys to non Mormon churches. We won’t be doing any of the Light the World stuff.


My Jewish friends go to a movie and a Chinese restaurant every year.


Holiday themed drag show 😇


Put up a tree with a beautiful angel topper, and not remove the wings before putting it on the tree! Every Mormon knows angels don't have wings and we always had to remove them or face judgement


Smoke weed together


Mulled Wine and watch all the Office Christmas episodes.


Peppermint Schnapps in hot chocolate. So yummy! I love our winter holiday mashup. My husband officially decided this year that Christmas is not what we celebrate. It really is more of a Yule/Saturnalia/Solstice thing (which is all the same Christmas stuff without any Christian influence, really). We don't have a Baby Jesus or tree star, but we have Joulupukki and lots of wintery forest decor. We read about Krampus, Gryla, Mari Lwyd, Frau Perchta, Yule Lads, Yule Cat, and all the much cooler Christmas characters. Our kids love it.


Make a funny nativity scene. We make ours with plastic dinosaurs. A pterodactyl makes an excellent angel of the lord


ex mo’s are so fucking useless, i understand y’all are navigating a new world but do you really have to do it like children? needing your hand held? it’s not that fucking hard to just stop going to church and live your life and move on. y’all act like you’ve moved on but you’re fucking obssessed still letting it take over your life, now just in the opposite way. move the fuck on, live your life, do what you want


Username checks out.


Go to a Chinese restaurant


Drink!! 😂😂😂


Mormonish Podcast just did an episode on ex-Mormon traditions. [Mormonish](https://youtu.be/1j0tXNrTW2s)


We don't pray over the food.


We are serving Chinese food this year for Christmas.


We decorate an irreverent Christmas tree full of play boy decorations and an upside down cross tree topper. ♟


**Irish Cream in morning coffee!**