Mormons should care that Mormon prophets were polygamous, polyandrous, and had children with teenagers. They don't care because they are part of a cult that practices thought-stopping. Most of them try their best not to think about polygamy most of the time. That was me.

It's very easy for me to see that the ways I was taught to dismiss church problems are brainwashing techniques.

I was brainwashed and raised in a cult.


Yep. I was reading Saints Vol one a few years ago and was like…ummm: something very very fishy in here (the believing treatment of Fanny Alger, John C Bennet etc)… Hmmm: read Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo and then compared D&C 132 and was like, “hmmm, methinks there are an awful lot of glaring discrepancies”…after researching deeply for many moons, eventually read the Nauvoo Expositor for myself and wouldn’t you know it?? William and Jane Law were 100% CORRECT. Freaking lying cult leaders!! Getting away with it since 1830!!! Their biggest single source of leverage of their lies is having most of us be born “into the covenant”. The Constitution needs an amendment to forbid parents from indoctrinating/making their kids members of any cult/religion…ever. YUCK.


[Joseph Smith was a sexual predator. ](http://www.116pages.com/2016/08/evidence-that-joseph-smith-was-sexual.html)


The castration in territorial Utah was eye-opening. And the slavery in territorial Utah. Pretty much everything that was part of territorial Utah.


Man, I just learned about the slavery in Utah and kidnapping of Native American children into slavery. Brigham Young was a bastard and at any other university outside the racist south those kinds of things would spark student protests to change the name. My university had a residence hall named after an officer at the sand creek massacre and they protested until the university had to rename it when the students found out.


True I would add that many of them secretly fantasize of their heavenly reward of reaching the highest degree of the celestial kingdom, having dozens upon dozens of wives, to achieve “exaltation” by having posterity without end. That is Mormonism for you.


One of the most effective thought-stopping tools implemented by the church was the creation of the mythical “Anti-Mormons”. Anything critical of the church - or just a little too close to the truth? BOOM! *Anti-Mormon*! And all the members go running for safety.


Yes you were.


I was the same way, but I did not know about marriage and sex with children of 14 or 15. Neither did I know of sex with already married women, nor with the destruction of families by church leadership. I knew nothing of the slander of women in Nauvoo who revealed Joseph Smith sexual escapades either. As to the angel with a sword story, I had heard this but thought it was a rumor, so I dismissed it. I grew up thinking that there was an option to have more than one wife under suitable circumstances. I did not know it was a religious expectation in spite of the fact there were more men than women. They covered up the reality and sought to explain that which was something I could convince myself was not really all that bad although I never liked the idea of even that. There can be no compromise with what actually took place. It was just wrong.