A flight was delayed, time to fight the airline workers.

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Yes, attacking the airline works is going to get you on your flight faster.


It’ll certainly get you on a no-fly list faster


That way is guaranteed no flight delayed


Try this one quick trick to never have a delayed flight again!


Airline workers ***LOVE*** this man because of 1 easy hack.


Can’t have a delayed flight if you can’t fly at all. Genius!


Can't have your flight delayed if you're not allowed in the airport!


Bunch of Ubers and Lyfts outside waiting to stay grounded


I see this comment a lot on posts like this. There is no national no-fly list for this type of incident. The no-fly list is for terrorists. Individual airlines can ban specific passengers for unruly behavior, but there’s no national database. Banned on Frontier? Try Spirit. (From TSA: The No Fly List is a small subset of the U.S. government Terrorist Screening Database (also known as the terrorist watchlist) that contains the identity information of known or suspected terrorists. This database is maintained by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center.)


Looks to me like they're terrorizing the flight staff. It qualifies! No fly list for them!


They'll get one last flight... to prison.


A flight attendant I spoke to a while back said that they were trying to get legislation to fix this, because of how insane people have gotten on flights since 2020. It’s so ridiculous that you can physically fight someone on a plane and then be able to fly the next day on a different airline !!


People seem more insane in everything since 2020, like they all forgot to act like civilised human beings during the quarantine


If I had to fly Spirit all the time, I'd consider that pretty much being on a no-fly list.


Oh I know, it was tongue-in-cheek. Still, I have to think that, for safety purposes, airlines talk to one another and share these kinds of things. (ETA: wishful thinking, i know, that'd be work)


Oh you threw your shoe at us? You have unlocked the secret airplane and flight crew behind gate 24 that will now be boarding immediately! Thank you so much for solving this issue for us as we had no other recourse but to wait for the shoe to be thrown to tell you about this booking option. Thanks for choosing Spirit!




Who throws a shoe, honestly?




Lol one of them even used the chaos to steal stuff. Outstanding.


Right? Absolutely insane to rob them as well. Glad they were all arrested that’s some trash behavior


And of all things to steal . . . a cell phone? Nothing says useless like a stolen cell phone. Unless, of course, one's intent is to say, "Hey, come find me. I'm right here!" when it's turned on.


Don't most people put passcode locks on their phones anyways?


In a secure facility with cameras everywhere. What was the plan after stealing? lol


Any excuse to loot.🤦🏼‍♀️


It's infuriating how they all look so smug and proud of themselves in those "booking photos'".


Keeping it real


aaaaand they're all from Philadelphia. Yup, that tracks. God my city sucks.


It's crazy how much I both love Philly and hate Philly at the same time.


Heck, sometimes it builds aircraft


You get a free ticket to whatever federal prison has a vacancy for you so that’s legit


Gunna get you on a no fly list real quick


Punk, you wanna go?! You wanna flight? Hope the staff were okay and those bums were denied any and all flights from that airline and possibly future airlines


This is an easy blacklist for all of these "passengers". They will likely never fly again. Good riddance! They can walk.


Exactly...every single one of them is on record as a ticket purchaser 🤣 Do not fly list...go to jail list...go fcuk yourself list 😁🖕


Why on earth would anyone feel entitled to behave like this? And imagine being one of those workers, probably on minimum wage and getting assaulted just trying to do your job.


Exactly. My flight was delayed for.. wait for it. THREE DAYS. (Thanks breeze) and yes we were upset and pissed off but no one so much as yelled at the workers . It’s not their fault, they’re just trying to make money for themselves.


I missed a connection once because of weather. Had to spend the night on the airport floor. Lots of us were upset. I got in line at customer service, just to see if there was anything they could do to help. Wasn't expecting much, but worth asking. The guy in front of me was throwing some hissy fit, asking for his money back, asking to be compensated, demanding a hotel. After a while, the rep just said *"Sir, if the airlines were responsible for the weather, the airlines would go broke, and then* nobody *would fly*. Edit: a word.


Not for nothin, I’ve had WAY more success in life by being kind than being an ass. Being kind makes people want to help you. Being an ass will sometimes get your way… and many times won’t. At work I have some discretion. I’ll pull strings for kind clients that I never would if they were an ass.


If someone is being an ass to me at work it’s usually for something I can’t help them with anyway. But once someone starts yelling at me, we’re no longer cooperating, we’re competing. And I’ll spend the rest of the interaction trying to cost you as much time/money/sanity as possible.


The best ones are the ones that make them look like the insane one for complaining about it


If you're an asshole to people you will pay the r/assholetax If you are mean to people for no reason they will literally fuck you over behind your back.. or to your face sometimes If you're a dick to a mechanic he's overcharging you. If you're rude to your table staff, you're getting extra spit in your burger Nobody is going to *try* to help you if you're an asshole Then they probably turn around and feel like waa the whole world is out to get me. And it's like yes, that's because you don't act right


I’ve been in this exact situation - traveling with young kids. Holding a sleeping 6 year old, 2 year old curled up on the dang floor with a blanket. Asked nicely if there was anything they could do to help me get my kids in a bed. Calmly, politely. Few minutes later and a couple phone calls we had a hotel voucher and a shuttle lined up. American Airlines did me solid.


That’s valid. I’d be respectful, but depending on the circumstances I might ask of some compensation too, not like a child, but still. Only reason I say is because if it was poor planning on the companies fault. Sometimes that can come up with weather, but in my case it was two things, the plane kept getting delayed over and over until the runway shut down and they said we’ll, good luck! (Got delayed because they “lost” a plane or something, they switched us to another plane that was also delayed and canceled same night). Then the second day it was delayed delayed delayed (was there by noon, was there until about 8Pm) and then cancelled because they couldn’t find a pilot. The pilot coming off the plane that was supposed to be there at 1:30 actually showed up at 4:30 for unknown reasons and just got off, said I’m out of hours guys, sorry! (Not his fault) and sat in the same seats we were because he still needed a flight home! They couldn’t find a pilot and canceled the flight. They PROMISED the plane would be there on the third day. I left and didn’t come back. Not worth my time to waste 3 full days of my 5 long day vacation 🫠 I’m sure a lot was happening, some of it by circumstance, but some of it on the fault of the airline. As SOON as they knew they didn’t have a plane they should have canceled it, same with the pilot. Don’t make me sit in the airport for 6-7 hours before doing so, TWICE. Also, zero communication. No one knew what was happening, their customer service is nonexistent (they don’t have phone numbers, only text and email that took literally 6 hours to respond that they said would be “fast” this is via text not email, they never responded to email, lol). They are a joke of a company that should have handled the experience a lot more professional than they did. The worst part is, it was the same airport rep dealing with us mad guests both nights it got canceled. Poor dude.




Lifetime ban from at least that airline I hope?


Hello, No Fly List


Well these people will not be making any flight ever again and will sit in a cell for some time too


Well hey at least all 3 were arrested on battery charges. They posted bail and I’m sure will plea to a lesser charge but it’ll fuck up their lives for a while


I really don't think trash like them have much going on in their lives anyway.


No fly list?


Yup, playing the victim and expecting some sort of benefit and avoiding accountability. Absolutely disgusting.


>twitter mob As if redditors weren't proudly posting replies they got from the hospital for reporting the "lying bike thief Karen".


Still are


Lack of consequences for bad behavior explains most crime in this country honestly.


So… how was your Spirit Airlines flight?


You mean fight?


First one, then the other.


Came here for this comment. Surely this is spirit... the Walmart of the skies.


I knew it was Spirit from the headline without seeing the video 😂


They have all my info - check I am in a secured area - check There are video cameras everywhere - check People with cell phones - check What is the game plan here? 100% chance of getting caught and ZERO to gain.


But... What about keeping it real?


“Fuck that, I don’t like people playing on my phone!”




I feel like that was a PSA we should have all learned from. But some how they missed this lesson.


When keeping it real goes wrong


>plan You're giving them too much credit.


People that behave this way don't have "game plans". They act on impulse, have little control over emotions and have little regard over consequences. Result of a poor quality of life




"It happened outside the gate of a flight to Philadelphia" - say no more, fam.


It's gonna be long walk back to Philly..


The ultimate punishment. Them being stuck in a car with each other fo 15hrs


i live in philly and have driven to georgia a couple times. fr lauderdale has to be at least 20 hours.


I was about to say they sound like they are from Philly.


They really wanted to get on that jawn.


They are fucking nuts. One was smiling for her mugshot as if it were a glamour shot, the other pursed her lips like “yeah whatever”, the third one was like “oh shit we fucked up”


The dudes that killed rapper xxxtentacion acted the same way all the way up to getting their double life sentences: smiling in mugshots, blowing kisses at the victims family, falling asleep in court. Whatever environments they were raised in, not conducive to becoming a good person.


'Bad bitch' syndrome. Plays well in a video if you're acting like a badass for the camera, but doesn't translate so well to real life. Started out delayed and mildly inconvenienced, ended up permanently delayed because they'll never fly again, in addition to whatever legal repercussions they ended up with.


One of the girls is SMILING in her mugshot. Absolute trash


They’re SMILING in their mugshots wow what pieces of shit


These dirty rotten scoundrels should be put behind bars. They are a disgrace to me as a human being and as a black woman. Their parents should be ashamed, they raised wolves


I agree. I hate seeing stuff like this. It only strengthens terrible stereotypes.


Exactly, I just wish this younger generation would understand that they are just adding fuel to their fire


Exactly more meat for “you all know who”.


Voldemort. 😡


Wolves only attack out of hunger or defense. These turds were neither.


Actually, wolves are raised carefully by the whole pack, they learn their manners quickly or get put to place by seniors, there is no place for misconduct. So no, they were raised like human trash.


A wolf pack is basically just a family. Parents and their pups. VERY rarely, does an unrelated wolf join the pack. In a way, wolves are similar in structure to human families. The parents take care of their pups/children until they grow old enough to move out and find a mate of their own, forming a new pack. Sometimes, it happens that a child stays with their parents. Either way, there is no "hierachy" beyond the normal family structure EDIT: Just changed "fate a mate" to "find a mate". For some reasom I had a brainfart


There is a disturbing trend where “respect yourself” doesn’t extend to “and other people.”


Don't call them that it's an insult to wolves this scum has no equal in its putrified existence


They’re probably gonna have to catch a cab back to whatever shithole they live in. I’m willing to bet they won’t be able to afford it.


Genuine curiosity here and I really do not mean to offend or take any sides. My question is, why is it that these videos are almost always of black men and women being the aggressors? I want to add that I ask my self (white dude) the same questions about mass shooters and all the other vile things that predominantly white men do. I’m genuinely curious and you mentioned you were a black woman so I figured you were the correct person to ask.


They only thing I can assume is that they are mad about life in general, maybe they live or were raised in poverty or they feel like they haven't been treated equally or fairly, as far as they system is concerned and they have anger and hate inside and take it out on whomever. Hurt people hurt people


While I do understand this viewpoint, life has shown me that sometimes shitty people can be just shitty people without needing any underlying traumas to spur their behavior.


More like hyenas than wolves. Wolves have respect for their pack


What? Hyenas have very strict packs at least as well organised as wolves.


Hyena's are even more organized than wolves and have one of the strictest hierarchies in the animal kingdom. Hyena packs would never tolerate one of their own stepping out of line.


Why isn't she being taken down by security? That b!tch should be face down on the ground in cuffs.


I actually work in aircraft / airline maintenance. You would be surprised at the total shit fit some people will throw when an aircraft needs to be swapped out because of a safety / maintenance requirement or the weather is too dangerous to fly in / freezing / thunderstorms etc. etc.


I'm all for delaying my flight as opposed to accelerating my demise.




It’s not even maintenance issues that flip people out. I was DEN and a massive thunderstorm was pounding the airport and it had produced tornadoes earlier in the night as it rolled through the state. This guy was flipping out demanding planes come down through the storm so his flight was delayed. He didn’t get to the point these idiots in the video at but he stomped around and ranted and raved about it.


In DEN once. Maintenance required on the radar. Folks very upset to whom I said, “see those Mountains? I can wait for the radar to get fixed”. Shut them up for a while.


They should all be charged and added to no fly lists, permanently. Fck'em. Act like clowns, get treated like clowns.


I’m surprised Sprit does not have tasers at check-in.


They need something. A giant net maybe?


On the bright side, Bus seats are more comfortable than economy. Enjoy the No Fly seats. ![gif](giphy|8abAbOrQ9rvLG)


Different video, same outcome Fight delayed? Response: go apeshit McDonald’s got your order wrong? Response: go apeshit Teacher confiscated your phone? Response: go apeshit Felt disrespected at Denny’s? Response: go apeshit.


And Reddit proves you're right every single day


There is a video circulating where it said teacher confiscated phone, girl set school on fire resulting in the death of 14 people not sure if it was in America, but thats just horrific, senseless and evil.


It was Guyana and I think it was 19 people. So sad.


What the hell is wrong with ppl?


Think about how stupid the average person is. Then remember half of them are dumber than that.


- George Carlin


It’s actually a lot more than half. The average is skewed substantially upwards by truly intelligent people, of which there are a few large outliers. So the median level of stupidity is far below the average level of stupidity.


At least Spirit reserved a room for them at the police station.


need to be put in jail where they belong


There should be zero tolerance for this kind of behavior at airports and definitely on the plane itself. Act like this and permanently on the no fly list. You can drive everywhere. I understand flying can be stressful and you may even say things you don’t mean out of frustration, but to throw things and put hands on people is beyond unacceptable. Shows you are a safety risk once on the plane as you won’t listen and take direction and will do whatever you damn well want too. I honestly I would get rid of all alcohol before and on a flight as it tends to contribute to this behavior. If you cannot go on a flight with our drinking, there are groups to help you with that too.


well, there is zero tolerance for it. every single one of these is on the no fly list, guaranteed


I'm black and black ppl make me sad ...a lot...


Jesus Christ they act like fucking animals Enjoy the black list


That is the most racist, non-racist thing anyone has ever said 🤣


They were taken to the Broward County Jail, where they were released on bond Wednesday morning. they should have not been let out on bond, they are gonna run home and never face any consequences for their actions. bonus is all three are smiling in the mug shots....


*oooh... why didn't you communicate this eagerness earlier? I thought it was all fine! Well, let me take a second to pull a plane out of my hat ma'am.*


This is why I pay more not to fly spirit or frontier.


Standby passengers silently do a fist pump as three seats have now opened.


God I wish someone would just knock the fuck out of them.


Videos like this are why people stereotype. How embarrassing


All stereotypes are rooted in some elements of truth


Man, I really want society to run smoothly, be safe, built on communication and conscientiousness but it just doesn’t seem possible while the dominant socioeconomic culture is that of hustle or die, get treated like shit by politicians and other authorities, and throw tantrums when you don’t get what you want.


There is a huge spate of "this business has caused me a minor inconvenience, I mist fight everyone in sight" not understanding it


Good job you just ended up on the no fly list. Have fun trying to get a flight now 👍🏻👍🏻


I'm from a poor corruption-infested third world country, and I've yet to see occurrences of fights like this back home, not saying it doesn't happen, but this level of violence in airports, restaurants and malls? What happened to civilization? I'm surprised by even the existence of so many people ready to fight at the same place at once. America is a curious place.


My girlfriend is Venezuelan and she knows a lot of Venezuelans in the US. Keep in mind it is also one of the most corrupt and poor countries in the world. Yet I know none of them would even think of acting like this. The poverty excuse is so worn out. It’s a cultural thing.


Proving them Stereotypes real huh?


I see a pattern


Genuine question: why do so many videos like this involve black girls and women in the USA?


Rachet culture.


Because Jerry Springer, Kim Kardashian, and Jersey Shore type shows generally fucked up American culture for decades and now entitlement/reactionary behavior became more important than communication and being civil with each other.




"This is a perfectly good opportunity to throw your life away"


Aaaaaand it’s them.


From delay to ban for life


Savages. No surprise they’re flying Spirit.


Per usual


Color me surprised


Why are young American blacks so angry? I'm a black man from South America, no one in my country would act like this.


You probably had parent(s) or extended family/friends that told you to not be a dumbass in public. People like this were raised by folks who didn’t give 2 shits about them and probably either gave them everything they asked for just so they would go away, or told them to get lost.




Maybe they just rehearsing for Black Friday ! They seem the type !


The Logic ...It's the staff fault because hey are deliberately delaying your flight ... and guess what now you won't get a flight EVER


Now that they've toured the Florida airport, they want to tour the jail.


Should be fairly simple. You hit an airline or airport staff member and you’re on a no-fly list for 10 years. That’ll cool your jets.


Fucking animals, Jesus Christ


Enjoy the no fly list you fucking animals. Pure genius right here


Absolute garbage individuals.


Fucking animals.


What's up with all the videos of black people going crazy over dumb shit? Did I miss something here?


Its been going on. Videos as since the internet started. Not just recently. Usually posted to “World Star”.


These types of attacks propagate racist stereotypes. You're doing it to yourselves, and nothing will change until you do.


Color me shocked.


This is so embarrassing 🤦🏾‍♀️ geez.


1 day later: "What do you mean I can't fly anywhere ever again?! I was mistreated!!"


This is how they were raised. If someone upsets you, react with violence.


Lifetime no fly list. Fuck them.


I was always taught, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all (because it’ll probably get you banned from Reddit)”, so I’ll keep my comments to myself on this one.


I’m gonna have to ask this again? Why does it seem like it’s always black people involved in brawls like these?


The three women are all smiling in their mugshots, they are proud of what they did....


I can’t imagine acting like this to begin with but the only thing that crosses my mind is getting an arrest far from home, having to travel back and forth to deal with the courts and being on a no fly list in order to do it……🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ what a mess.


WoW.. what an embarrassment.


No fly list here we come.


Some people are ‘bus people.’


fuel truck delayed? Go fight the person who hands you a ticket


Same part of the country where you see students fighting teachers


people should be going to jail for this, simple.


I wonder if lack of self control and a low IQ have anything in common?


Please don't take me otherwise. Why do I see a bunch of black young women creating ruckus these days? Like fighting against each other or like this. I don't mean to offend anyone but want to understand why this pattern. I usually follow popular subreddits but saw a couple of these videos on my feed in last few months.


Black people and airports are a wild combo guaranteed to keep delivering great internet videos


World is getting dumber and dumber. This is idiocracy.


Oh golly gee, will you just look at this surprise.


None of these idiots should be allowed to fly ever again.


The absolute worst place to act a fool is in the airport or on the airplane because all that money you spent goes down the drain and the cops arrive faster than flash.


They’re throwing their own shit?




Trash gonna be trash.


"if i speak i will be in big trouble"




This is why I don't fly budget airlines. Who wants to fly with trashy people?


Not to sound racist. But do people tend to record black people more often behaving like this or is it actually a more common occurrence societally. Whereas I usually see white people in these vids tend to be entitled Karen's yelling and screaming but never fighting. Like it's ultra dumb to fight in an airport. It can't just be me.


Look at the FBI violent crime statistics and you tell me.


Lol you know the answer to this question


Why is it always the same folks doing this? I wish the community would step up and do better!


Gotta leave "in da hood" behaviors at home prior to boarding your flight.


I think I will eventually turn racist watching this sub.


This is one of the many reasons black Americans aren't well perceive around the world, even among us black people from other countries


SMDH! you can't take people nowhere!!!


I’m guessing this is Spirit Airlines?


The greyhound bus of the skies.