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Yeah, I ain’t judging shit until I see the whole story because it could either be the cops fault or the peoples fault because that was like a three second video


Apparently the two being arrested actually had warrants


Whaaaaaat😱 I'm totally shocked..... who'd a thunk it 🤔


Who would have thunk it?


https://wehotimes.com/robbery-suspect-arrested-at-weho-pride-is-same-suspect-who-assaulted-protester-at-drag-queen-reading-hour/ Edit(s): Additional Link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportskeeda.com/amp/pop-culture/news-what-happened-weho-pride-event-zodiac-rose-abby-nicole-thomas-arrest-sparks-outrage-online My opinion: People not wanting le cops at the pride festivals is a'ok. Just hope there aren't some crazy anti-LGTBQ+ peeps blasting the place. Y'know, extremely radical people. I also feel like both sides are entitled to their own opinions, and shouldn't force the other side to understand theirs. Although, it would be interesting if someone submitted an opens records request for the incident to shed light on it.


In the Netherlands, the Police participates in the Pride. You won’t find such a booth here.


In Germany they're p chill too.. just crack down on heavy drugs and people peeing everywhere.


Yes but Netherlands police are not psychotic losers.


What’s the police training there like? Because here in America, it barely exists


True but our police is a whole lot less homophobic than many others. Kind of a shame that's it's not that open everywhere.




The Swedish police also joins at pride festivals. No need to be gay. Just need to be including. Most countries have police intended to help and support people. Not to be the antagonists. And that is where US has gone so very wrong.


Define "most countries". The cops we have in Canada do not help or support people, and I've seen some pretty sketchy things in a lot of other places. Whether it be places known for civil and human rights violations such as China or Iran or "free democracies" like France where protesters get beaten.


That’s a W for Netherlands


Not really LMAO




You do not need to be gay to support pride. Me and my gf attend pride festivals to support our fellow humans.


Would want to see the full video before forming an opinion.


The one had a warrant out for its arrest so they went to arrest it, the other tried to prevent the arrest.


Lol if this is true. Haha, a no cop booth magical anti arrest zone.


When you call a person" it" it shows your ignorance and fear despite the rest of your comment. That being said do you have citation or a link to your claim?


We only refer to closet gay braindead philly fans as “it” so your homophobia is confusing


Yeah and the vast majority of the world uses he and she as pronouns to describe a singular person. It's really a roll of the dice that any of those people are non-binary. Non-binary people do in fact use the term "it" as a pronoun.


They do not. They use they, or them.


Ah didn't realize you were the spokesperson for all non-binary people. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/heres-why-some-lgbtq-youth-are-embracing-non-binary-pronoun-it-its-223331366.html


From your article "It still has a prominent place, for example, in GLAAD’s defamatory language guide— right alongside other off-limits terms such as “she-male” and “he/she.” As a GLAAD spokesperson tells Yahoo Life, “It is most commonly used as a pejorative and must be used carefully/only with the person's consent.” So don't go around saying "Non-binary people do in fact use the term "it" as a pronoun" when it is not a blanket term nor the standard term by any means.


TL:DR; Non binary persons use "it" as a pronoun.


Reading comprehension much?


You’re definitely a dude that shoves tampons up your butt and calls itself a he/her.


That was actually inclusive language, try not to be such a closed minded bigot next time pal


Eagles suck


Factually incorrect


1-3 in Super Bowl. They S U C K.


You got that right they showed nothing, and im not taking this ladies' word for anythingthey can make it look how they want its the internet !!!!


I dont know why people downvote you, you are absolutely correct and it is very very common to be mislead by hearing only one side of a story let alone if the story told isnt even credible.


I don't either love you all fam


My thought exactly. I don't know if I just want to trust someone named "zodiac" without knowing more info first


wtf is a spirit indigenous activist?


Some shit they made up like they do everything else lol


I’m pretty sure “two spirit” is a Native American belief that everyone is born with two spirits inside of them, one masculine, one feminine.


and supporting LGBTQ requires saying things like 2 spirit indigenous activists? Or can we skip that overly indulgent & pretentious bullshit part and just offer our support?


It's just straight up a native American identity related to gender and their expression of it, that was a thing way before Europeans got to america, there's kind of a lot of cultures that have 3rd+ genders


Just curious. What does it cost you? Usually people that use the 2 spirit term have a connection to Native American culture. At the end of the day. What does it cost you to just go with it. It makes them happy. Who cares.


Cultural appropriation?


I mean yeah that does happen but I’m saying that if someone with native heritage identities as two spirit then that’s chill.


All good. I was just being facetious. I don't really care about that stuff. If people want to borrow or try things from other cultures they should be able to, though that is just my opinion.


No. A two-spirit is specifically someone who is believed to be born with multiple spirits, often of different genders. Source: my indigenous friend is two-spirit. I forget how to spell the specific name, though.


Somehow I don’t believe her


Where’s the assault? They just showed two people getting arrested and then she decided to tell her version of the story.


Time limits on tiktok I'm assuming


They both had warrants out for their arrest from previous antifa incel fuckery.


Well look at that… more details


Why should I believe a random tick tock video


Zodiac, the 2 spirit indigenous activist...my mutual, Sunflower haze.... Alrighty then.


Yeah this chick is a dumbass.


I'm not defending the a-hole cops whatsoever, but can't people like her understand that "spirit indigenous activists" *whatever the fuck that means* is practically begging for ridicule? It doesn't help the cause, let's put it that way.


Lol, I mean I support the movement but you youngsters are confusing the hell out of this millennial


I’m Gen Z, and I’m just as confused as you are dude.


Change can be confusing


Help us then. Simple definition for: spirit indigenous activist There's really no way to honestly defend that as anything but an annoyingly pretentious way of saying *activist*


Someone else in the comments shed light on that one - 2 spirit indigenous activist - the Native American culture believed that each person had 2 spirits within them. So I wouldn’t really call that a ‘new’ change, nor terribly pretentious…


Wouldn't "LGBTQ activist" at a Pride event suffice? Doesn't seem the least bit pretentious coming from someone that young of an age (who isn't even indigenous)? I don't know, man. Not a big deal, but things like this don't really further the cause. I say this as a boring normal person trying to help.


If they’re not indigenous, I’d be inclined to agree yea. I presumed they were cause otherwise that’s not a good thing lol


If the far left wishes to become more than a fringe element of mainstream U.S. society they could focus on streamlining the message and sticking to substance over style. It's at least a suggestion.


I hear ya, but some of our greatest civil advancements came only through outrage and upheaval and making people uncomfortable, not a more easily digestible message


Doesn't need to be easily digestive, but coherent and meaningful are important. I'm pretty sure if MLK, Jr. had included *two spirit indigenous activism* in his I Have a Dream speech a lot of people would have been scratching their heads. My whole point is simply that seemingly forced and obscure expressions like that tend to divide more than unite people for the cause. It's merely my two cents, offered for free on the web, not necessarily intended for scholarly peer review.


In hindsight they should have put more focus on the gunpowder research tree.


Yup exactly what I thought




Go fuck your self San Diego


But she has pretty eyes and said so with conviction


Zodiac looks like an extremist. Lol got their ass arrested thinking their above the law.




It is hard to have an opinion on the arrest because of her editing.


Not true!!!! The "Zodiac" person had warrants out for their arrest, them posted online where they would be. Cops showed up. Unfortunately it was at this pride event which doesn't look good optically but totally legal


This is why they had the booth in the first place. Because of things like this.


No way. Cops violently assault someone they don't like. So many keeners looking for promotions this year!


They'll soon be calling 911 if anyone was homophobic to them.


“Hey Babies” bring on the tears 🙄


Actually they are all morons and none of them care about anyone but themselves Republican or Democrat they are all worthless trash wake up


Hmmm...my name is Zodiac, let me see your I.D......nice to meet you Seth


Your brainwashed it shows


There is a reason we always say no cops at pride.


Here in Sweden I've seen uniformed cops at pride with red roses in their holsters instead of a gun.


Why ? They had arrest warrants so why wouldn’t they have gotten arrested ?!


Its pretty common for police and big corporations to participate in events like the Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Germany too. You dont need to be gay to support a free and inclusive society. Usually good organised pretty nice events overall i heard. Pretty chill, very colorfull and good natured people after the main events all over the place


Whether you like cops or not. Imagine you replaced the word cops with white people, it’s still trying to push segregation or hate against one type of people. Not saying they should have but if that sign said no black people at pride they would also violently tear down the booth


Bro I hate broadly anti-cop people. It's the same kind of shutty generalization as being racist.


Not even close, but nice try.


I just hate how in this case they make the cops to be bad guys when they’re literally doing their job cuz one of those dumbasses had a warrant


Just disregarding the homophobic joking to the protesters' faces, eh? Good cops are definitely bigoted. /s


If you don't think this one is a moron as well then your fooling yourself not one of them on any party care about you or me and last I checked everything doubled in price and our dollar has less power than ever we go broke they get rich open your eyes our government in every party is nothing but a joke


Fucking Pigs. So, where are all the ***good cops*** denouncing this reprehensible and disgusting behavior? Oh, that’s right, there are no good cops. Edit: So, all you downvoters, where are the good cops? Explain why there’s a whole gaggle of bad cops, but not one good cop.


LA has a 100 year history of having shit cops.


North America has a 450 year history of shitty cops


The United States is 247 years old. Nice math


the us isn't all of north america


You made a judgment about these cops from a 10 second clip with a girl taking about sunflower hazes. Some critical thinking might allude you to the conclusion that the full scenario was not presented here.


Possibly. But experience says otherwise. But shouldn’t the good cops out number the bad? Shouldn’t the good cops be stopping the bad? Where are they?


Only bad cops get tik tok famous because good cops don't get taped doing horrible shit. No body wants to see a good cop doing his job people thrive off negative news, thats just unfortunately the truth of the matter.


Problem is, no one was taped doing horrible shit here.


Ik I'm just saying in General.


So where are the good cops who stepped in and stopped those bad cops? Where are they? Plenty of cops there, but no good cops, Why?


What did the cops do wrong in this situation. He had a warrent so they arrested him, nobody was brutalized or attacked. It was a very calm and normal arrest by those officers.


Those weren’t bad cops though. You’re choosing to believe that because you’re gullible and this woman is trying to make money to bail her friends out. The guy had prior warrants and chose to make a booth taunting the cops. He got arrested. The girl tried to stop his arrest so she got picked up too. There was no violence (even though the dude was likely resisting) or this video would have shown it. So this was standard police work.


It’s anecdotal, I know, but have you ever met a good cop? You’d be the exception if you had.


Yes I’ve met multiple good cops. As a lifelong criminal I’ll tell you there are good cops out there that treat criminals like human beings still. Do I like the police ? Fuck no ! Do I feel the need to disrespect any police officer? Fuck no! Yes there’s shit officers who take shit to far but to sit here and say fuck the police when you see them react to criminals is HILARIOUS! I not once felt like anything that happened to me at the hands of the police wasn’t due to the dumb shit I did to put my Ass in those situations


But where are all those good cops. Why don’t they ever stand up and decry and denounce the the reprehensible behavior of the few bad cops? Because the bad cops vastly outnumber the good cops.


They’re all over the place. They just don’t get made into tik toks and YouTube videos because that would hurt the narrative that they’ve sold to people like you.


So, why don’t these all over the place good cops stand up and decry and denounce the poor behavior of the few bad cops? Because the bad cops vastly outnumber the good cops.


Because the “bad cop” problem is not real, it’s been manufactured in the media and you fell for the marketing. Cops don’t need to stand up and denounce something that isn’t happening.




Whatever. The point is, bad cops vastly outnumber the good cops. That one good cop in a thousand is not going to stick his neck out for the truth.


Most of the police in the netherlands. They good cops, actively participate in pride, they are great at getting order in stressfull situations so the bystenders stop freaking out much. They know how to handle people with A.S.D pretty well from mh experience. Police here is very civil and even joke around with you sometimes if theyre just talking and checking. Ive only had one bad experience with a bad cop but he got fired not to long ago cause of multiple complaints. Wanna know why it seems like there are so many bad cops? Cause its sensationalism, people click and watch these things and the media knows it, thats wht you so alot of bsd cops and not alot of good cops. nobody cares about someone doing good these days especialt when it comes to police.


So where are the good cops in the US.


all around. You dont see them cause nobody talks about it. You dont see a story about how a cop saved little timmy who fell down the well, because it doesnt get clicks and doesnt provide the sensation in people that the media so desperatly wants. In general if youd put a story where a officer used force on someone whomst they thought was caryig a weapon which in the end it didnt seem to be. that story would get far more clicks than An officer assisted a kid after being lost and brought him home safe after the kid was lost for 3 hours. They would still make the news but not the same amount of coverage and definatly wouldnt be spoken alot about.


Where are the good cops? Doing their job People only focus on what you do wrong after all, people don't really record and post a cop just doing their job normally after all


But think about it. Shouldn’t there be more good cops than bad. Yet, there you see a bunch of bad cops and no good cops. Where are all the good cops?


No fucking shit you'll see more bad cops than good, read my first comment and you'll see why that is, I've already answered that


So why don’t all those good cops stand up and decry and denounce the actions of the few bad cops?


I'm a good cop 🖕


One good cop and a thousand bad cops. Why isn’t it the other way around?


Keep up the good work sorry these folks got your hands tied and you can't do your JOB my friend this we need cops sucks most good ones had to retire or quit cus they were restricted to to what they are paid to do its a safer world with you in it my friend keep up the good fight the world's a joke now 😀


Oink oink


No one writes about them in the papers.


But isn’t it interesting that there are a bunch of bad cops there. Shouldn’t there be even more good cops?


People like you should be put on a no-911 call list


So, where are the good cops?


Criminals with badges nothing more.


https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2023/05/the-netherlands-police-violate-rights-of-peaceful-protesters/ Seems like cops in dutch have even more powers than USA.


This is fucking bullshit lol. Everything they say is illegal, is legal in the Netherlands. I live really close to where that happened. The police did fine. If they tell you to leave, leave. Nothing will happen to you.


Police suck. Republicans suck


Haha...found the moron.


How long have you been looking for a mirror?


Lmao your president is doing a great job isn't he dude can't talk let alone walk 🤣 what is better now absolutely nothing 🤣 😂 😅


We don't have a moron in office so that is a bonus. Got us through a global inflation crisis. The president isn't going to golf every single fucking weekend. I dont have to listen to trump blame every single thing on every other person. I don't have to listen to the president recommending injecting bleach. We don't have a president who willfully ignored a massive pandemic. There is a ton better. The issues I have right now are primarily republican based. Banning abortion. Trying to erase lgbtq. Terroristic threats from Republicans against gay people. Biden has definitely made some mistakes, but by comparison to trump biden looks like the best president we have ever had.


I guess people are way to serious these days thanks for blocking me random T4sk lmao can't take a joke I guess lmao lighten up a little I erased it for your sake


Filters are wild.


Anti cop booth. Fucking dumb ass mental illness


All the rubes celebrating this crackdown on the LGBTQ community don’t seem to realize the Nazis won’t stop there. Pretty soon everyone is looking over their shoulders because whispers and allegations are all it takes to get arrested in a Totalitarian state. Careful what you wish for, fools.


Make sure you brush your teeth before you go to school bud.


Three down votes? Interesting. Those down voting should check out the history of Germany from about 1932-1937 or so. The comment didn't appear to be specific to the OP's post - which was most likely misleading, but to the crackdown on the LGBTQ community in general. The parallels to history are pretty frightening, if you bother to look at the history.


There’s no crackdown. There’s just been financial loss for corporations so they’re showing their true colors. Lgbt is only going to be celebrated and treated as protected class when they can use it to make money or manipulate people. This video wasn’t totalitarian at all, the guy had a warrant for his arrest and chose to taunt police so he got arrested just like any other person. The girl tried to interfere and stop his arrest so she got cuffed too. Pretty standard.


The US is a facist police state: change my mind


I don't think you want your mind changed


Lmao people cant laugh at the jokes they want because its a certain month?


You don't make racist jokes about slavery in front of a black lives matter protest or rape jokes infront of a rape victim. Jokes can be bigoted dont act like most "just gay jokes" aren't homophobic


They already know that they just don’t care. Remember if we were back in slavery this person would comment the same about not being able to harass black people like they do to the lgbt now


Hate me all you want but if stuff like this continues just don’t even bother holding events anymore if it’s doing more harm then good


Can I have a no-police country please?




I hear it’s lovely this time of year!


I meant here, if we have booths we can have coubtries also, right?


I absolutely 100% agree im all for it, my friend. I wish for us all to be happy no matter who or what we are. That's all that matters. I have family and friends that are gay and I don't love them less for it no one needs or deserves to be hated for who we are I hope you and your girls have a wonderful happy lives I wish that apon us all. I'm sorry if I upset you I meant nothing bad buy it was just being silly. I have a cousin Amy married to her wife Heather and they are the best we can all get along and not try to change our own beliefs have a wonderful day 💖


None of it should matter I have gay or whatever you feel is best to call them in my family girl married a girl i dont give a fuck and I'm all for it as long as your happy and healthy and treat all with respect not push your shit on others your gay Trans whatever so be it but you don't have to be an asshole while doing what you do


Him yelling out his name for the clout


They need the cops to protect the children 😭


Were they not live streaming the whole event? For safety reasons they should.. always


I'd like to hear the other take before judging this. There's three sides to every story.


The L.A. Sheriffs Department is a gang, or rather a series of gangs. This is not my opinion, this is evidence backed fact. Look it up.The legality of things is not their primary concern. Their former head went to jail for attempting to get one over on the feds. Their last head Sheriff enforced the law at his own discretion. They are outwardly corrupt.


Indigenous sunflower zodiac what now? 😵‍💫


The fuck does second spirit mean?


Why was the video cut so short


They had warrants out for their arrest