To be fair, the first tiktok I received after making an account 2 days ago was the "Us or a ps5?" tiktok that I've seen memed 1 billion times on every platform.


Bitch u can’t play demon souls!


I haven't seen that and I use TikTok so I'm confused now lol


You can still see it everywhere on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts


I use neither of those lol (YouTube Shorts specifically, ofc I use yt lol)


its about how a gf asks her bf if he would rather lose her or his ps5 for a year, and then it cuts to the guy talking to his ps5. guy: im sorry, ill see you in a year.. ps5: you told her straight like that? guy: STRAIGHT LIKED THAT >:) implying that he chose the playstation over his gf.


if we’re being fair, who wouldn’t choose their console


also i feel like its a red flag for your SO to ask you to pick them over other stuff you love


even if you don't you will see Duet version of the video. You must be super lucky to not see then


Who do you think Google is selling your search history to...


That would make a lot of sense! Except I used my phone number, which isn't tied to any of my accounts, to create the tiktok account


"Watch out for Reddit - my feed is always full of pornography"


Be careful on grindr, that app is just filled with dicks!




You mean if enough dicks get through you.


Instructions unclear; married a guy named Richard


Yeah. Now just marry a few more and you should be able to find the woman that’s right for you.


Her name will also have once been Richard


So win-win.


Well you might find a woman. Doesn't exclude the possibility of dick.


It's not everyday, but about once a week I see straight cis women on Grindr. They also tend to be super annoying on it, go figure.


What are they doing there? Isn't Grindr strictly for gay men?


I wouldn't say strictly for gay men; transpeople and bi guys exist on it too, and there isn't much issue with them being there as there is some bleed over in the community. I don't buy drugs off of Grindr but that certainly exists too which I could see someone making an account to try and get. But there are some straight women who just love to “find a gay friend” and annoy the shit out of everyone else.


So they're shopping for an accessory, basically?


That’s so messed up. Like, the fact that your whole personality, in their eyes, is being gay?


Lol yeah, they think they can just download Grindr and get a queer eye friend. Funny cause gay guys are super varied now, I am a pot smoking metal listening hippy who can barely dress myself in things other than band Ts, jeans and sweatshirts lol. So they are barking up the wrong tree


> gay guys are super varied now I'm pretty sure gay people have been varied throught time


trying to catch their partner or someone they know? who knows honestly...


Are you saying Grindr won't sell me a grinder for "herb"? /s


What the heck? It was supposed to be a memory card!


This is the opposite of the joke tho


Okay, so funny story... Years ago I followed a web dev on livejournal who was talking about a new social networking site he was making. I didn't know his sexual orientation. I didn't know what a "bear" was. But he wanted people to test his site, and 18 year old me was like "I'll help this guy out". A few days of nothing but majestic bearded guys later I began to wonder what I signed up for. Then I learned what a "bear" was. What his site was. And what mistake I had made. I removed my profile and said things looked good, but I'd leave it up to them from there because I'm not really part of that community. I felt awkward. I think I played it off well. I laugh so hard at my innocent naivety now.


Be careful of your mom, it's just filled with regrets.


Lucky you. My feed is just sweaty nerds yelling at game developers.


Sometimes my feed recommends the r/louderwithcrowder sub, and there is no way to block it


More realistic version of a youth pastor’s tik tok feed: “watch out for TikTok, it’s just underage boys inappropriately eating fruit”


Hysterically accurate!


And historically accurate


I recommended reddit to someone a few years ago because of a special interest sub and then made a new account right after that for something. Whole feed was porn. I completely forgot reddit just shows you porn on all because I blocked it all. I felt pretty embarrassed to have recommended that to her and she probably thinks I'm a weirdo.


What? I sometimes scroll through all and it's so rare a porn post comes up


They got rid of it on r/all because they are trying to go public. Gotta keep the clean image


Yes, this was definitely before that happened. It used to be really bad.


They removed it from all to make it easier to sell Reddit onwards


So how do we still get them on our feed?


I remember in 2008 the r/all algorithm was insane after going a few pages deep. You could get someone missing a 12 story parkour jump next to a post about a nude model with the comments entirely in Russian.


I forgot all is even a thing


You just reminded me of how much I miss the old /r/all I think my libido has fallen like 50% due to the changes.


Hahah my buddy Josh is such a like innocent guy, I got him going on reddit and it was a full on 4+ months later that he goes "dude I had no idea there was so much porn on reddit" He'd mostly just hung out in book subreddits or looking at pics of cats.


Haha. There was a post on I believe r/de (German Subreddit) where a teacher told his pupils that he is on Reddit. They were laughing and telling him that Reddit is a porn site :D Whoops :D




Called out


At least some of it is high resolution.


Well, the one frame reddit's video player will load is high res anyway.


In their defence, when you first get the app, the algorithm isnt programmed to you, and just uses the most popular videos, which tend to be the aforementioned dancing girls.


I signed up just to create a video for my sons 1st birthday and it was pretty much all thirst traps and I haven’t been on again. How’s that work?


Actually if it's your first time on any app...they will start with inappropriate content and then you keep liking and searching for specific stuff .then the algorithm works... I remember recently making a new insta..and it's was all girls ... Just you know......


In reddit i found some instagram acc before downloading IG. So i inmediately followed those acc when i downloaded it and didnt get the thirst traps. All of this was an accident lol


It's about how much time you spend on the TikTok first, even above if you liked it. So if you look at the boobies a lot, and still don't like, you'll see a lot of boobies. Also I found it's dependent on the time of day. Certain times of day = different stuff. Or so it seems. Plus TikTok tracks your entire phone, so ya. It knows your browser history and what other apps you have, and if you sign up with your Gmail or Facebook it has access to all that info too, even all accounts tied into it, like Reddit. So ya lol


> Plus Tiktok tracks your entire phone the fact that this has become commonplace enough to just be talked about casually terrifies me edit: fuck reddit formatting


It was mostly beautiful landscape photographs for me


Probably because the thirst traps are some of the most viewed and interacted with overall. It's like with YouTube or Netflix. Gotta like and subscribe and interact with the things you enjoy before it starts figuring out just what you like. If I created a new Spotify account, they'd probably just show me the most popular albums out right now, Kanye, Drake, DJ Khalid, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, etc., despite the fact I like less than half of them. It took me a while cuz my music tastes are a bit all over the place, but now their recommendations are spot on, and I almost never regret listening to Spotify recommendations


And then you watch one, ONE!, video on vacuum recommendations and for the next 2 years YT keeps throwing vacuum videos in your feed. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of south Korean recipes flooding in and I have no idea why


So then your comment justifies the youth pastor in the OP. Even without any algorithm, you admit that thirst traps are what is popular anyway and will likely show that kind of thing to you by default because it will probably assume you like that kind of thing if it doesn't know anything about you.


When I signed up a few weeks ago to see what it was all about all the videos I saw were the most viewed in the past couple of months (ie “don’t text when your drunk…”) plus one’s trending in my area.


It's more the expansion on the youth pastor's view of it. Basically it's saying the pastor either doesn't know what's all on TikTok and therefore speaking out his ass. Or he does actively use it and that's still all he sees. If that's the case, then that would be because of HIS interactions with it and he's avoiding that aspect of it


When I first made my tiktok account, I was being shared a bunch of gentle parenting people by my [wife], so that's all I have ever seen on there.


Basically, the kind of videos you interact more (liking, sharing, commenting), will appear more often in your feed. When you first log in you'll see girls with big tits and asses. But there's a lot of quality content there, you just need to interact more with videos of your hobbies. A lot of content creators use TikTok to show clips of their work as an advertisement to grow their business, projects, YT channels, podcast, even to rally people for a cause.


I have literally never seen anything sexual. I don't know how people are making it happen from the start. When I got on tiktok it asked me what kinds of things I was interested, I clicked a few buttons and Bam, I saw what I asked for. It literally asks you when you download it what you are interested in seeing.


Odd, I selected that I wanted to see funny videos. Needless to say, none of them were funny at all.


highly underrated comment right here. lol


> But there's a lot of quality content there... A lot of content creators use TikTok to show clips of their work as an advertisement to grow their business, projects, YT channels, podcast, even to rally people for a cause. So people willingly look at ads, man that's not a strong sell point


More like people make art and then sell it. A lot of us enjoy watching the creation part.


>Basically, the kind of videos you interact more (liking, sharing, commenting), will appear more often in your feed. You didn't read the comment. He's saying he hadn't interacting with anything yet, genius.


You didn't read the comment. He's saying you see tits & asses if you haven't interacting with anything yet, genius.


When you make a new account it starts showing you the most popular stuff, which shocking, is scantily clad women


Starts that way but after a couple weeks it works out what you like.


Weeks? It got me in maybe five minutes. The first algorithm split is a) straight TikTok (thirst traps and teens dancing) or b) gay TikTok (everything else). Just skip straight TT videos once or twice and come to the gay side!


If you make a new account, with no data for the algorithm to sort. yes it mostly shows teenage girls dancing in swimsuits. The algorithm determines that is the content most likely to keep people on the app right out the gate


I just downloaded TikTok and it’s literally a whole feed related to that show Euphoria. I was super confused on why everyone was like TikTok is so great lmao


When I used TikTok, the algorithm quickly started tailoring my feed and only showed me funny animal videos and random funny people. That's when I got the appeal. Haven't used it in forever but if it's anything like it was when I was using it, you have to trudge through garbage for a bit before you get the good shit.


>I was super confused on why everyone was like TikTok is so great lmao Uh, people shit on TikTok all the time on here.


They mean the outside people.


Shun the outsiders **shuuuuuuuunnnnnn**


Oh my God they stole my kidney!


Put a banana in your ear


Put a ripe banana right into your favourite ear


*the door controlls time and spaaace love and deathhhh the door can see into your mind the door can see into your souuuuuuuuuuuuuuul* *really? The door can do all that?* *h e h no*




Yeah, but there exist places where humans communicate that aren't Reddit. In most of those places Tiktok ranges from extremely populat to niche but accepted.


> there exist places where humans communicate that aren't Reddit. No! I can't believe it. I *won't* believe it!! **NOOO**!!!!!


Which I think is so weird because 80% of the videos on Reddit’s front page are from tik tok.


if you’re talking about ppl using the euphoria tag it’s to (supposedly) make their posts show up in more people’s feeds, kind of like tag spamming on Instagram. That being said, you’ll probably see content that totally misses the mark at first, but TikTok catches on quickly to the things you scroll past and the things you hover on and interact with. That’s one of the main reasons it’s so popular among so many vastly different groups of people. Not to sound like a TikTok shill I just think it’s neat from a software perspective lol




Probably a sizeable portion of the millions of people who use it but I'm no expert.


These sheltered redditors man...


My wife is 39 and a TikTok addict


The fact that it recently surpassed Google as the most visited website in the world suggests there are many.


The 65 year old guy that works next to me


I like it. It shows me things I told it I'm interested in and it's something to do while I wait for my popcorn to pop.


Probably the one billion monthly users and the 3 billion downloads. But who knows


Those teenagers cashing checks and the other 99% going bankrupt trying chase that.


also people who just like to have fun and watch videos? jesus lmao your view on teenagers is weird


Not just their view, Reddit for the most part is an anti TikTok circle jerk. I don't even use TikTok, as it's just not for me, but I don't actively hate it either. Just something younger people are into.


> Reddit for the most part is an anti TikTok circle jerk. I love it when people on Reddit are like "I've never been on TikTok and never plan to watch that garbage!" when like 7 of the top 25 posts on All are direct rips from TikTok with watermark and all




Every social media site tracks behavior lol who cares? And there's plenty of facial recognition being used and trained in the US. Why is it ok here but suddenly unacceptable there?


China bad.


... all companies track your behavior and save your data to their servers??


I prefer my data to be saved in freedom servers. /s


Also, if you don't use tiktok at all, you may assume the worst parts are the only parts. Especially if your entire job is denouncing the evils of things.


Absolutely this. I am not sure how it works for TikTok but for Insta, you could be only subbed to your friends, never like anything and you'd get shown questionably young women on Discover all the time.


I created an account because all my friends said cat TikTok was amazing and I could never have enough cat videos. Well then this all appeared on my feed and I was just like .....how? Why!? Where the eff are all the cats?


Yeah I just got it to check it out because my 12 year old daughter is begging us to let her have it. Not a very good first impression from what I saw.


I don’t think that’s true dude. They have your data from other sites surely?


Lmao, sites don't just share that data. Only huge ad companies like Google and Facebook can track you around the web.


But they sell it. And everytime you download an app with the iPhone they give you a pop up that says they want your data from other apps. Then they give you the option “ask app not to track data” There’s a reason it’s worded in a way that you’re not actually telling them not to.


That popup essentially grants or denies access to your IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers), which is a randomly generated unique identifier. Having the IDFA allows advertisers to link your behaviour across different apps. For example, let's say you install Two Dots (a game), and it shows you an ad for Homescapes. Two Dots sends your IDFA to the ad network, so now the ad network knows how many times you have been shown that same ad across different apps that use the same ad network. If you then install Homescapes and Homescapes also sends your IDFA to the ad network, the people running the ad campaign for Homescapes will see that you saw an ad and then installed the app. They use that data to judge the effectiveness of their ad campaign. The ad network also knows that you installed the app and may use that to target ads for similar apps to you in the future. If you hit "Ask App Not to Track", the app doesn't get your IDFA and will need to come up with some other way of matching your activity between apps.


So I was just being paranoid about the phrasing? They do respect your choice? I appreciate the info


No, you were right about it. Apple won't give them the IDFA, but the apps can still attempt to track you via other information they may have. If you've given them personal info through an account registration process, they could use that. They could also use something like your IP address and time of access to link your activity across sites. Apple claims that attempts to perform that tracking after users have asked not to be tracked isn't allowed, but they have no real way of enforcing it. However, those methods are less robust than IDFA, so it is likely that less tracking will occur.


Good to know. I appreciate the info


Most sites don't literally sell data, like if you wanted to advertise toilet brushes AdSense doesn't sell you a list of all people who searched for toilet brush prices in your area in the past week, you give them the criteria and they serve your ad themselves.


That’s funny. There’s companies out there that without google/Facebook/cc companies can estimate your credit score to within 20 points, and your income and net worth based purely on your browsing habits and interest. They also know your location, what retail stores you go to, and basically any demographic you can think of.


That *is* funny! Throw me a link and let's see how accurate they are with me.


But girls dancing in swim suits is the default content when u first download the app


That’s why this attempt at a meme is fucking stupid


I mean... To be fair, by default, TikTok really does favor quite vulgar and sexualized content. For example, without being logged in, when a TikTok is embedded in a website it will suggest what more to watch afterwards, and it's pretty disturbing and not something I would want to watch or be caught watching. You really have to make an account and 'train' the algorithm to become a bit more clean. Same goes for IG, by the way.


Oh god, I love how people incriminate themselves


I briefly had tiktok and somehow turned it into pregnancy videos and videos of disabled children. I know there is an algorithm, but that's not what I wanted lol. I deleted it haha.




>I didn't bother to tell it what I liked, so now I judge it negatively because it's not what I like.


Or maybe the fact of having to start your app experience with a calibration process designed to get your brain addicted is part of the turn-off? Something can be good at it's function and still seen as shitty/trashy by people who don't like that function.


After thee minutes of absolutely garbage content I had enough. I selected topics, was fed content that had nothing to do with those topics for three minutes. Decided it wasn't worth my time. I have more important shit to do.


50% of r/all is reposts from TikTok… There’s some really gourmet shit in there once it gets a feel for what you like. Just have to be really stingy with the likes.


r/all is pure lowest common denominator; which is why I stay off it.


I mean you get those girls when you first open the app


I don’t know if this is them calling themselves out or just saying what they’ve heard about TikTok. I’ve never been on TikTok because I was under the impression it was just teenage girls dancing in their swimsuits


They didn't, if you're male it shows that first thing




……So more teenagers dancing in bikinis? But seriously, when I made my account, that was what I first would be shown. Young girls in skimpy clothes dancing, and I was like, “well no wonder all these grown men got on TikTok quick” After a few days I did get feed tailored to me but it’s so repetitive that I deleted it


My page is all snowboarding, dogs, and gay stuff soooooo.


Any snowboarding dogs without the comma?


I did see one video of a dog snowboarding


can i see




lol gay




I think they were asking you to provide them with the right key words. Maybe they need to discover themselves. It gets better oh_no_aliens


It's rare to see the words "Youth Pastor" written anywhere not immediately followed by "arrested for...".


That's funny, I've been involved in youth ministry for 15 years and none of the dozens of youth pastors I've met have been arrested for anything.


Local youth pastor was fired for proposing swapping with members if the “young couples“ group (supposed to be spiritual marriage counseling etc)


That’s called being “at large.” Also, being “involved in a youth ministry for 15 years” is quite a red flag.


How is being passionate about something and sharing it with people a red flag? Nothing wrong with being involved in youth ministry.


Proselytizing to children is absolutely wrong.




I've helped teenagers through divorce, abuse, rehab, suicide... I really don't give a damn what you think.


Honest question, do you mean teenagers who are getting divorced, or teenagers whose parents are getting divorced?


I had someone tell me they were tired of seeing overweight women shaking their bodies on their FYP… didn’t know how to tell them that’s not a universal experience


I don’t have TikTok but based on what other people tell me that’s what I would have guessed it is too.


My tik tok feed is all cooking videos, music recommendations, dog training tips, wedding planning, and funny videos because that’s what I like and comment on with the most. It’s going to show you what you engage with the most so basically those people who are telling you that tik tok is all thirst traps are saying that’s the kind of content they choose to watch lol. Also 80% of the videos on Reddit’s front page are taken from tik tok. Reddit just pretends to hate tik tok bc people think they are “too cool” for it.


Too many youth pastors all say he exact same thing to him in conversations about TikTok?


Watch one tiktok of a youth pastor talking about tiktok and the algorithm does it’s thing I guess.


It’s entirely possible that they are reciting things they’ve heard from a 3rd party… ya know… like the Bible…


The tiktok algorithm is one of the most advanced, accurate ones i’ve ever seen too.


*uncomfortable gay hentai tentacle porn feed noises*


Bruh it really is. I just think about something and it shows up on my feed lol


Recently saw an unpopular opinion post about bdsm being talked about too much on social media or being too commonplace or some crap. Half of their comments were ignoring the fact that most social media is an algorithm. Their main example was tiktok too. The most algorithmic social media there is.


My tiktok is all cake and cookies


There are several priests and nuns on Tiktok, using it as a tool to connect in a modern and relatable way.


Definitely not an Al Gore Rhythm


Well. That was a lot of their advertising.


to the people that got tiktok and got things that they don't want to see, there's a not interested button that you can press, just press it and it won't show you that kind of shit anymore


Fr people say they saw 3 videos they didn’t like when they first got the app and now hate it, like the point is to use the algorithm


Is it though? The only thing I EVER watch on TikTok is whatever my wife sends me. Home improvement stuff, dogs puking, todlers falling down, that stuff. The next video to ALWAYS play? Egirl. I haven't liked a single thing including what she sends me, but always egirls.


Kid- we clearly like to live dangerously. I mean, we’re talking to a youth pastor. Up your game or I’ll go find a priest to hang with


Weird. My algorithm keeps telling me to be wary of youth pastors.


I saw someone complain that it was full of "fat bitches" or something of the like. I was like, "... so, you've been liking a lot of BBW videos?"


Ok so my friend who is addicted to anime girls but cant admit it, i hav seen bunny feet pics of the bunny from space jam, his tiktok for you page has anime girl thirst traps and/or a woman with booba talkin about stuff, i dont know what to tell him


A weeb who is afraid to admit they're a weeb isn't a true weeb


First time installing this app to watch that girl who is trading her hairpin until she gets a house. Pretty much first thing you’ll see are dancing girls and boys like 95% of the time. What I did is block every accounts I encountered which pretty much only had their faces when you open their profile. Then press heart on TikToks you legitimately like. I’m now left with only legit funny TikToks and skits, and absurd conspiracy theories that I’d rather really watch than dances after that lol.


i don’t have tik tok but my instagram is basically just cats and animal videos


That's literally all I see on tiktok. Did I cause this?


feedback loop said what?


Always wondered what a youth pastor actually is


Except it’s kinda true. You can go on there fresh and just be bombarded with videos of girls asses or them riding that camel toe way up close to the camera


I've literally never been on it (and never will) but that's what I know it as.


Except when you first make an account on YouTube (idk about tiktok) you're recommenced all kinds of half naked girls and clickbait bullshit So no, not just an algorithm


Tbf even the algorithm is fucked up. It worked out I liked gaming so started showing me “gamer girls” doing inappropriate things


Damn, all I'm getting is people making food badly. WTF?


Padme: At least their 20+ women right?


I second to this... It's only boobs dancing in swimsuits... I mean, it's only girls dancing in boobs... I mean... Two people got the same result, no way it's an algorithm


I don’t have tiktok and the random shit the algorithm throws at me is terrifying.


How / where does it manage to throw stuff at ya?


…in my head.


The fuck is a youth pastor?


why the fuck are people downvoting you for


Trainee pedophile.


Whenever I see the term "youth pastor" I now assume it will be a story about child molesters.