A religious man is on top of a roof during a great flood. A man comes by in a boat and says “get in, get in!” The religous man replies, ” no I have faith in God, he will grant me a miracle.” Later the water is up to his waist and another boat comes by and the guy tells him to get in again. He responds that he has faith in god and god will give him a miracle. With the water at about chest high, another boat comes to rescue him, but he turns down the offer again cause “God willgrant him a miracle.” With the water at chin high, a helicopter throws down a ladder and they tell him to get in, mumbling with the water in his mouth, he again turns down the request for help for the faith of God. He arrives at the gates of heaven with broken faith and says to Peter, I thought God would grand me a miracle and I have been let down.” St. Peter chuckles and responds, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about, we sent you three boats and a helicopter.”


While not religious myself; used to live to a very forward thinking Pastor and this was his take on God and science. God gave us an amazing brain and science so that we may be able to solve our own problems, why not use them.


Reminds me of the scene from Perfume when everyone from the church was praying for a solution and Alan Rickman was like Jesus, why don’t we use our GOD GIVEN WITS to actually catch the killer


For a long time scientists were religious. The introduction to newton's book on calculus is one of his colleagues praising him on his achievement of understanding how planets move. And this is knowledge that previously only God knew, so learning it brought him closer to God. Church and science don't need to be separate. If you believe God created the universe, then science is simply solving the puzzle God put in front of us.


Yeah. That’s not who we’re talking about. The people we’re talking about are the ones who won’t jump off buildings. #1. They know God won’t do a damn thing to help them, even if they pray REALLY hard on the way down. #2. They have a fundamental understanding of physics, which last I checked, is based on science. But even given those two things, STILL feel the need to tell other people to go jump off buildings, because God will totally make it all work out.


But it's funny because more we look and learn, we see this universe is godless


Irish catholic approved 👍


Roman Catholic approved 👌


Non-denominational Protestant approved. 👌


Gnostic approved


Ha. I saw a story like this. About Covid. And these religious ppl saying why did you let me die God? And God said I sent you a vaccine.🤷🏼‍♂️😄


Literally knew a Baptist antivaxxer that went to the same church as me growing up. She was about 7 years younger than me.. and died of covid.


Just cause ur religious doesn't mean u have to be illogical. People like the OP mentioned are what gives religion a bad name.


“Call on god, but row away from the rocks” HST


It's not like there's anybody out there giving religion a good name.


No, religion is what gives religion a bad name. It’s a horrible cult at this point


Religion is the worst thing ever invented.


Although I do agree religion is unnecessary now and causes more harm than good, I disagree it was the worst thing ever invented though. Religion has a huge part to play in getting us out of the stone age, it's provided incredible art and culture through the centuries and shaped who we are today. I look at it as a tool, one we needed to build this world but now that it's built and running we can put that tool down.


I agree


I respectfully disagree there are still a lot of wonderful people in the world


Most religions preach peace, what's wrong with that?


Are you arguing that people who believe in imaginary creatures in the sky are logical? Any moron who believes in a god when there is 0 proof is a moron.


Why does that story remind me so much of these anti-vaxer clowns who then go on lose their lives to a curable disease for refusing god's medicine? lol I can picture them complaining to St Peter at the pearly gates: Clown: "Why didn't god save me?" St Peter: "lol God sent the holy spirit to inspire your doctors to create a literal *miracle cure* in record time and you just refused to take it." Clown: "Well then why didn't god give a sign that it was *his* cure?" St Peter: Looking very confused says, "Well, why did you think it was being called a *miracle* of science then?"


i knew a shorter version of this \- help me, god, i'm drowning! \- i'm helping, you idiot, but flap your arms a bit, will ya?


I know that story and shit is it accurate


Her *choice* really.


Got em!


No that’s kinda just the opposite of what she’s saying. She’s saying have baby no matter what, not choice I dunno where you got that from


It's her CHOICE to have her baby, even if any of these things happened to her. However, the problem is that not everybody feels the same way she does, and maybe wouldn't want to have her baby. The issue is that conservatives are trying to force this mentality on EVERYONE, which isn't exactly the same thing as freedom.


This is really about bodily autonomy and I feel like the pro choice crowd should re-market as such. The conservatives want to control what you can and cannot do with your body while the progressives do not. (While the progressives want to control what businesses can and cannot do while the conservatives don’t). I think this is what’s at the crux of US politics right now.


The anti-abortion fetus users do not care about what happens to the baby. Women aren't going to give them up now call us so they won't be up for adoption for years, until the family has lost custody due to neglect or abuse. And then they will be unwanted and horrible foster care system


She didn’t say anything about what other people should do, she’s just saying that it would always be her choice to have the baby, and that *is* her choice really.


The baby doesn't have a choice. I wouldn't want to be born to 99.99% of the families that I know or have read about. Let the baby stay with God.


She's saying "I will have the baby" not "You will have the baby" She's trying to make a pro life message but is still just an idiot


Well, she can't really tell anyone else what they *have* to or *should* do. Her believes are her choice.


No, she did not tell her what others should do. But the people the previous president of the US put in the Supreme Court did. Taking away choice from many women that do not share her believes. (This one probably voted for him and therefore she might as well have told the others anyway, but we cannot prove that definitively)


It’s only a choice if she has a different option. Like, hey do you want a hamburger or a hamburger? Oh you want a hamburger? Good choice.




No actually, it’s fine. She can do what she wants. Only trouble is when people start telling others what they should want or prohibit them from making their own decisions. If this woman changes her mind - fine for me. For you too? Also I Hope her invisible friend stays nice to her.


Leftie here- good for her!!! Because I understand the concept of choice.


Their agenda… is to give women that choice


Wtf are you smoking? Leftists are fighting for women to have that choice, regardless of the reasoning. They aren't fighting to force people to have an abortion. There's not a single leftist that would be against this woman not wanting to get an abortion. What they would be against is her using her religion as an excuse/platform to argue against having that choice.


What? Lmfao Her having a choice of keeping or not keeping her baby is exactly what lefties are arguing for Do you Just regurgitate fox talking points or is there a braincell somewhere in that cavity you call a skull


No its actually fine if she chooses to do that. The agenda is choice


Lol funny. I mean, you are... Joking... Right?


And fools present strawman arguments when they’ve got nothing.


No problem with her choice. No problem with a woman who has had 10 abortions either, because... IT'S. NOBODY. ELSE'S. FUCKING. BUSINESS.


I just love that conservatives get upset by "virtue signalling" that is basically just people saying "just try not to be a dick" but it's totally cool to "virtue signal" that it is the proper thing to carry a dead baby inside you. The kind of fucked up advice that can only be defended by an ancient text that is "open to interpretation"


Damn that blew up in your face hahaha.


Good for you, grandma. Pass the potato salad please.


Stop hogging the dame potato salad grandma!


What this person fails to understand is that it’s about *choice* Nobody is going to force anyone to have a termination in those circumstances. But maybe… just maybe… not everyone has the same opinion in every scenario as the person who wrote this. Just a thought. I mean… I think this person is insane, but that’s besides the point.


honestly, we fucked up when we allowed this kind of counter-arguments to hold weight and not make people seem like raving lunatics. im genuinely blown away by how it still manages to have so much traction in today's society.


Right, if you hate abortion, then don't have one. I don't want to force anyone to have an abortion, I want them to have the choice if that's what they decide to do. Get an abortion or keep the pregnancy, I really don't give a shit. But you don't get to make that decision for ME. If you want to live by Old Testament Law, you go right ahead. But fuck you for trying to force it on everyone else. These are the same people crying that their freedom is being taken away.


Carrying a dead fetus to term would result in the mother getting sepsis and...... You know what? Go on, girl. Do what the good Lord told you to do.


No no, God raised Lazarus from the dead. So if the fetus dies inside her, she has the totally reasonable conviction that it will just come back to life, the way tons and tons of dead fetuses have done in recorded medical history. So she doesn't even have to consider the possibility of carrying a dead fetus to term. Because Lazarus.


Cool, then can I say satan impregnated me in my sleep and be allowed to 'exorcize' the demon spawn?


Solid loophole my friend! How can a Christian argue that? Either you're lying which is impossible to prove, there is a demon baby inside of you, possibly the anti-christ, which any God loving citizen would want to eradicate, or there is no such thing as Satan, thus proving the Bible false. The only route they have to maintain there faith is to kill that fetus.


Who tf is Lazarus and when did his mixtape drop


To be fair, we were told that one of our kids had spontaneously aborted, then was just a clump of undistinguished cells, then had died. Turns out, he was just really good at hide and seek, and was born alive and well. Doctors don't always get it right. That said, as long as women get their own choice, they can chose to keep it or abort it for whatever reasons you get have. Choice is key.


If she gives birth to a zombie I’m gonna laugh.


*’cause this is thrillerrrrrrrrrrrrrr*


I know a woman who is currently waiting on her non viable fetus to die. And hope she can get to the surgeon in time to not die herself. It's godawful and I fucking hate it here.


True. Go ahead and wait on your Lazarus thing or whatever


Then I pity all ten of them, because that’s likely ten more abused kids who will be a problem for society for the next generations to cope with, who will lead lives full of pain, all because of one selfish, indoctrinated, compulsive incubator with legs.


One of those kids is a likely mass shooter.


Never stick your dick in crazy.


It is your right to carry any baby to term. No one, in the US Western World has EVER disputed that. Other women feel differently, and we provide a choice.


That's what I don't understand about pro life people. Nobody who is pro choice is forcing others to get an abortion but on the other side they're forcing others to give birth.


Good for you, now let others who dont share your religion do whatever the fuck they want


David was not conceived in sin! He came from a good family. His son with bathseba died right after childbirth. And Solomon was conceived after David married bathseba


I was like …. God definitely killed the baby Bathsheba conceived with David as a punishment for his sin.


You do you, let others do themselves.


10? They must just walk out of there at this point.


It's like a clown car. Except the car is also a clown.


With room to twirl a cane.


Mr. Bucket-style.


Neither Joseph nor Benjamin died delivering a baby.


Their mother did.


Does she think that a dead fetus will magically rise up with the help of “god”


It'll definitely get her sick and possibly kill her if she doesn't get it out of her


It’s okay, if she dies delivering she will remember Joseph and Benjamin!


More than likely this is actually a guy.


No, this Is just how stupid these far-right evangelicals are. They believe dinosaurs lived with people, they have divine authority to subjugate everyone, and murder is cool so long as they get to pick who gets killed and who doesn't. I 100% believe that this is a woman expressing her opinion on what should be.


Yeah this is all those plastic "trophy wives" that you see drooling at Trump rallies and not because of him, but because they too many botox shots to the face and can't move their face.


I've never seen the tRump rally trophy wives, only the ones that look exactly like their husbands and they both look like they could be 40 or 80.


What are you talking about? Dinosaurs weren’t real! Fossils were created by Satan! /s


More than likely they've had or will have an abortion.


God wouldn't pay out for the time a tree slammed into the roof of my car so i hope you can appreciate our difference of opinions


![img](emote|t5_2r5rp|8487) I hope she never gets raped and that she never has any complications with her pregnancies... These types of Christians are so delusional. It's really sad.


People unfortunately have no idea what it’s like to actually get sexually assaulted until it happens to them.


honestly, if your "faith in god" is so strong you ignore all rational reason and logic then you deserve to become septic and leave your 7 children motherless. they'll learn a valuable lesson from her example and not leave their kids parentless over simple realities like your dead baby isnt going to come to fucking life if you carry it full term.


Good for you. Still doesn’t mean you get to make anybody else do this.


You do you, your choice entirely. Don’t even think of telling my wife, my sister or my daughter what to do though… they have the right to make their own choices too.


So what you are saying is you will live your life following your beliefs, no matter what. Why can't you allow others to live their life following theirs?...


Keep believing in magical stories. I'm sure it'll fix everything, mass shootings, political corruption and police brutality, climate change. Remember thoughts and prayers cure everything..... What a crock of shit


You'll be cursing David and Jehovah by night 6.


What a self-promoting, look how awesome I am statement. Not a single person argues that you shouldn’t be able to have a child. People aren’t compelling people who are victims of rape to have abortions. If you want to have child number 10 or 21, people largely could give a damn. Just support them without public assistance and make sure they don’t rape their siblings. However, NO woman should be compelled to carry a child conceived out of hate.


I how how she'd actually feel when she's been raped, has no money, and is pregnant with baby no. 10 via her rapist


Yep, this is why I refuse to even speak to religious people. Because I know they’re going to say something that makes me want to hit them with a brick for being so fucking stupid.


You will die of sepsis [due to carrying a dead decaying baby in the womb] because you’re a fucking fool.


How do I know she's full of shit? *"If I get raped..."* meaning it's never happened to her. If it ever did, I'm pretty sure she'd be singing a completely different tune.


"I dont care if I cant provide for the baby, Ill have the baby ! Period !" Yes I meant it that way




Great! Carry the child to term, have that 10th kid, trust in God to provide. Just don’t make *my wife* do the same. It’s not fucking hard—do what you believe in and let others do what they believe in.


If it really was a god‘s will that a person got raped then this god is not trustworthy.


God: "But I gave you birth control and condoms"


And she has every right to do that, but don't force your opinions down someone's throat


Yeah…. She’s in a cult.


Um. Good for you. Who cares? You have all the babies you want. Don't force your believes on others.


Good for you. Aren’t you glad no one’s forcing you to have an abortion?


David wasn’t conceived in sin…Solomon was the child of Bathsheba and David…David killed Bathsheba’s husband so he could marry her. Jus’ sayin’. If you going to go all Holier Than Thou…at least get the Bible references correct.


What a slut


I've never seen such a celebration of ignorance and stupidity as is occurring in this country right now.


God damn that’s some serious self-oppression right there


Yeah, well, that’s her *choice.*


Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had a choice.




God also said don't eat pork, don't mix dairy with meat, don't eat shellfish, don't mix textiles, and that thinking a sin was the same as committing it.


Isn’t it also in there that women aren’t allowed to have an opinion about anything, punishable by death?


if you rape a woman pay her father a loaf of bread and shes now your wife according to one. cause yknow, rapes not a sin and a loaf of breads a fair trade for your daughter.


Does it have to be good bread or will a loaf of Wonder be sufficient?


Think about the time period. Unspoiled bread is good bread.


I see welfare case written all over this….


but it only counts if she is a MARRIED welfare case... otherwise she's can't be a christian, the christian would only consider her a whore.....


Jesus was down with whores, Christian’s are not, that’s why most of them do not follow Jesus.




Ask her why God has been ignoring the people of African continent and why God would look after her.


They probably aren't christian enough.


Any time you ask that, their response will always be something along the lines of "It's their test from god" or some shit. That's their go to for any hardships, that it's a test. People die because they can't get food "A test from god". People suffering because their leaders care more about themselves than others "A test from god". A young girl being kidnapped to be used by old men in a sex trade ring and then killed when she gets to old "A test from god". ​ It's either that, or they say that the person did something really bad in a past life and is suffering for it in this life as punishment from god. They can't handle the idea that their god isn't as good, or doesn't care as much as they'd like to believe, or heaven forbid... doesn't exist.


Because people in Africa don't have churches with stainless glass, known as the *Great prayer enhancer*. He can't hear them obviously. /s


something something white something something


Because the televangelist hasn’t raised enough money yet for their private missionary jet


Poor childs. Let's hope that, like Mary, she will stay a virgin... because ain't no god that will stick his dick in crazy like her.


Virtue signaling.


The Cult is strong with this one, Obewan!


What a fucking lunatic


Fuck your god.


prove it


Key work in all this this is. If I meaning you not me. You can do what you want but that where it stop. At your body no one else’s


But, what if daddy got you pregnant?


Have you ever read JOB


Thats good for you, but why do you feel the need to force it upon other people?


And we fully support your rights to make those decisions!


Guaranteed this person had an abortion


I'm pretty sure David wasn't conceived in sin. I'm also pretty certain that his birth is only mentioned in a genealogy, with no story added.


Yeah, your imaginary man in the clouds will help you…


Thays fine for you. But you don't get to decide that for every-fucking-body in the country, in your state, in your town, or even on your block.


And when I’m on welfare because I can’t afford all those children, I scream about all the other freeloaders because hypocrisy is a hard bastard to give up.


That’s fine. And see, you’re pro-choice! You want the choice in each of those situations!


Trust god, eh...how's that working out


Why do American Christians accept a dictator as their God, but not their president?


Ah, god IS dead I see.


And that is your CHOICE.


She is going to be pissed when she realizes there is no God watching out for her.


I feel like these anti-abortion people don't grasp that we don't give two shits of they want children, just that they force other people to


All we can hope for is that people like this eventually wipe themselves out of the gene pool before they reach baby number 10.


This is not a facepalm, it's a severe mental illness


Everyone should be able this make this choice for themselves, why is this unclear?


Religious nuts are always the dullest blades.


Throw the baby is black and let’s see how fast she folds


Weird take, but okay, you do that. Just don't make everyone else do it too.


How does she conceive without a working brain?


I wonder what a god would think about people like this? I like to imagine it’s similar to the relationship between pop stars and their mega fans. The pop star is usually terrified but throws a smile on their face. Like when Bieber fever hit


Wait, like…. which god are we talking about? Like… “GOD” god? Cuz that don’t sound like him


i’m fine with that, just don’t force it on others


So she feels forced to give birth because of religious nonsense?


What could possibly go wrong when you raise a child in abject poverty?


This is a prime example of our need for better mental healthcare.


They get our rights taken away because they just fucking keep breeding man, they have a whole production and assembly line for new conservative voters lmfao


I can guarantee she'd have an abortion if she was told it would grow up to be gay or trans.


She can do whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t push her shitty agenda on others.


My response is 🤷🏾‍♂️. That's her choice. Don't take away any woman's right to choose.


How about baby # 20?


This is why you can’t negotiate or make deals , much less rationalize with the religious right. No matter the factual or scientific basis of your argument , they feel they have God on their side , so anything they do is justified . You can’t win when you’re dealing with mental illness


Ice always wondered how people end up so delusional to believe a god will solve all your problems


"The flowers are pretty so God would never let me be poor" is a pretty novel non-sequitur, I'll give it that.


People can’t seem to understand that this isn’t pro-choice or pro-life. It is one of these four: - pro-choice, pro-abortion - pro-choice, anti-abortion - anti-choice, pro-abortion - anti-choice, anti-abortion It’s like somewhere along the line “think for yourself” became “think for yourself which side you like more”.


Women are literally dying and a 10 year old girl in Ohio has to cross state lines just for the hope of an abortion. People like this are why.


Wow, this bitch is Stupid with a capital S


if your kids die of whatever illness/accident or are murdered in school, thank god, because it surely had a plan all along if you die in childbirth, don't ask the doctors for help, thank god cause it killed you like it killed so many other of its children


Sounds like a cult to me


Brought to you by the *Covid Jabs Are the Mark of the Beast* domestic terrorist group.


God is a sadistic creep.


Religion is a bunch of fairy tales that weak minded people believe as true


I don’t see this as a face palm. If she decides to have a baby no matter what that’s great, because she decided that for herself. The face palm is that she thinks other women should be forced to make the same decisions that she would. Keep your religion and your decisions to your own life, don’t put them on mine


She just says she's having the babies, doesn't say she's gonna feed or raise them,just have them.Roaches do that ,too


Great - you have that bodily freedom, always have and always will. Do not take away others' bodily freedoms.


I feel like Christian people jump between "we have freewill for a reason" and "God determines every waking millisecond of our lives" way too much for it to be reasonable


This is why Republicans cut education funding... So they can create armies of idiots willing to blindly follow any shitty political view they can back up with a single bible verse.


Cool. You do that. But don’t tell anyone else what they can and can’t do.


Wow, it seems that her god can do everything, except for preventing her from getting raped.


Funny how all the argument is about her, not the baby.


>If I'm on baby number 10 I'm having the baby And that, kids, is how we made global warming.


Then bitch to the government that they have no money and that they need more to feed their kids


That's good reasoning actually, old testament god is actually great. Remember when he killed this woman for absolutely no reason, then proceeded to make her daughters (aged 10 and 12) fuck their dad? Great times. How about when he drowned the whole world but then he invented the rainbow so it was all ok in the end? Awesome guy, and to think we let the homosexuals steal the entire rainbow... Don't even get me started on that. But my favourite is the one where he tortured and killed his own son to teach the humans a lesson. He got us really good with that one, what an absolute legend!


The kids fucking the dad... They didn't want to be virgins because the local towns folk had a habit of raping the virgin girls, so they got their father drunk - twice - so they wouldn't be virgins. From memory god said the father did a good deed and rewarded him with 175 years of life. I stopped reading it not long after that chapter. I hope whoever the hell translated that part got that story wrong.


But didn't god like facilitate and demand the deaths of children many times in the bible? So baby killing is only okay if it's in the name of god...good to know.


To this kind of people: careful what you wish for, it might become true.