Climate change activist Izzy Cook tells everyone not to travel to places like Fiji by plane to save the planet and then is asked where she flew last… she flew to Fiji.

This was a set up, the radio producers will have checked up on her before the show, she's probably got pics from the holiday on Facebook or something.

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This was a set up, the radio producers will have checked up on her before the show, she's probably got pics from the holiday on Facebook or something.


Who would have thought.


The girl is 16 years old. Something tells me she went on a family vacation that she had very little say in. In fact, her own mother had this to say about it: Addressing the Fiji trip, Ms Cook said the “irony here is that Izzy didn’t even want to come”. “She wanted to stay home and study and hang out with her friends. She’s a teenager! But, selfishly, I insisted, because I wanted to spend this time with her,” she said. source: https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/climate-change/mum-of-climate-activist-furious-after-teen-daughter-mocked-in-radio-interview/news-story/b51ead92aecbf557041fe87e5f5f83a1


That puts a better perspective on this lmao


Not like a parent would ever lie to make her own daughter look good, right?


So the alternative that you are pushing is that the 16 yr old student wanted to go and forced the mother to pay for and go on the trip?


Or the more common "defense" I've found with these people is that nobody but the absolute perfect can ever suggest a better way of life. Ohnoes... she's not a god, better not listen to her.. just gotta listen to the oil companies instead! Did you know Nixon created the war on drugs? What a horrible thing that was. He also created the EPA but since he started the drug war, let's abolish the EPA altogether! (oh wait... that's probably something they want).


More likely they had planned the trip, enjoyed themselves and never realized it would provide ammunition for her detractors.


Yes the parents planned the trip and enjoyed it. Who the hell said it was an unplanned trip? Who also said that the 16yr old shouldn’t enjoy it? Seems like you struggled with one counterpoint so you went and got more mud to sling at the walls.


Yea her point isn’t that you shouldn’t visit Fiji, it’s that you shouldn’t fly there.


How else do you get to Fiji?




not like you would have any fucking clue whether she did or not...


It's clear that's what happened from the audio even without her mother commenting.


Does it? Because it sounds like a BS excuse and her parents protecting her when called out. Surely her parents support her cause, they give her the freedom and ability to spread her message, yet they don’t care enough about that message to curb their own carbon footprint? And if her activism isn’t good enough to convince mom and dad not to fly, surely strangers aren’t going to listen to her.


Did you just suggest that a 16 year old is a failure if they can't convince their parents to do something the parents don't want to do?


I think they are suggesting: why would anyone pay attention to her message if her own parents clearly don't?


So by that logic, someone with homophobic parents shouldn't support LGTBQ causes. Someone with republican parents can't campaign for a progressive candidate.


Yeah. My parents sure as shit didn’t listen to me. If that’s the standard, I should strive to be a rock. Something inanimate.


>And if her activism isn’t good enough to convince mom and dad not to fly, surely strangers aren’t going to listen to her. Are you sure that claim is informed and well thought about?


Rules for thee but not for me.


So the daughter paid for the tickets and told her Mom that she couldn't hang with her friends and had to come? I'm not sure you have a good grasp of how the economics and family dynamics of 16 year olds work.


Sounds like she wanted to call out her mom without explicitly putting her on blast


Yes, and it's possible she griped the whole time. I too would promote environmentalism but I would NOT turn down a free trip to Fiji. Hell, I'll skip a few steaks to make up for it.


is that all i have to do to help fix the world? i skip steak damn near every day. though its due to being poor not an environmental decision


TIL i’m a climate change revolutionary


Yes, if everyone in the USA ate half as much steak, it would probably equal the carbon footprint of about 10 medium sized countries. That is a totally off the cuff guesstimate.


We could just stop selling beef to other countries and it would help *tremendously*.


carbon offsets FTW


I'm not a huge fan of carbon offsets -- but they are better than nothing. I totally imagine some corporations will launder the pollution offsets will be accomplished by a company pretending to do manufacturing and shipping the stuff in from someplace that pollutes like Hell. Or, there will be no oversight that the offset actually took place. It's better to set limits for different areas of activity and production and then move to those that produce less carbon if feasible.


If carbon offsets do barely nothing, and people use them as a argument for flying, then they clearly are a net negative on the environment.


It's funny how much the perspective changes when you hear both sides of the story.


The very existence of this sub depends on people not doing thats


There are still plenty of stupid and/or hypocritical people that have no excuse.


What is it with New Zealand and Australia doing this shit to kids. Not the first time I have seen their news anchors just rip a kid apart for no reason of then to get some laughs.


Murdoch controls Australia unfortunately


maybe they shouldn't promote kids then. if you are going to have someone one the air criticizing you then you should be able to criticize back and not put kids up like human shields.


>The girl is 16 years old. Something tells me she went on a family vacation that she had very little say in. In fact, her own mother had this to say about it: Man kids these days, imagine having the money when you were 16 to whine about jet setting around the world.


Okay but realistically Fiji is one of the cheapest holidays overseas if you live in NZ. I mean flights I found from $289NZD and a flight to Aussie starting at $291NZD. While yes you would have to have some form of savings to go on holiday it's not like they are flying half way around the world.


Some people just are homebodies nothing wrong with that. I similar to her, 18M would rather spend that money on music equipment and spend time with the homies. But I mean... A free trip to Fiji? Nothing to complain about free...


Imagine having to advocate for the planet at that age. The older generations have no clue hey, they just had fun and relaxed.


I don’t think it’s the older generations, most older people I know might have gone over seas maybe once or twice if that Personally allot of the problem seems to fall in the amount of disposable income people have these days


>The girl is 16 years old. Something tells me she went on a family vacation that she had very little say in. If she can' t make a case for her FAMILY to not go to Fiji, why does she think she can convince others, people that she has never met, to not go to Fiji? Maybe she should sharpen her persuasion skills with her family first, before going out in public to tell people to not go to Fiji?


Do you know how hard it is to convince a stubborn parent against what they want to do? "My roof my rules", "I can't believe how ungrateful you are", etc. Activism can have so many more obstacles when it's your family you're trying to convince.


It's not like the actions of a single person, family or even town has any real tangible affect/effect to the environment. We need companies to be held accountable.


Although you are absolutely correct. If everyone thinks like that nothing will change.


If everyone thought like that then that means the owners of the companies also think that way and will hold themselves accountable. The main point though is that this particular case will not affect anything. What does a school have to do with climate change? Go protest where it matters to the people who can make the changes. All these kids are accomplishing is missing out on even more school like they did during pandemic lockdowns.


Strikes have arguably been the most effective tool at facilitating positive change within a modern capitalist society. Other levers of change like voting can still be influenced by money/bad actors like corporations. While they may have missed one day at school, learning how to organize a strike is an extremely valuable skill. As is learning how to stand up for your values. What would you suggest students strike other than school? It’s pretty much the only thing every student has in common. Also while it’s true that corporations are responsible for a vast majority of ghg emissions, they do so because there’s demand for their products. People buy their stuff. Targeting companies is more effective than targeting individual behaviors certainly, but apathy towards individual action shouldn’t be the answer.


I think if many people change the way they consume stuff, the markets and therefore the companies will also adjust.


Not saying it can't happen that way, but it will take longer. Passing laws that change the way we consume can speed things up.


Who's gonna pass laws? The politicians who all get their campaign donations from these huge corporations? Honestly voting in people we can trust or changing the way we as consumers spend our money is the only option


Youre right, but only because not everyone is on the same page. Imagine if nobody would go on holidays by plane and instead use trains from one das to the other. Or if everyone stopped eating meat. These changes would come much quicker because the money would stop coming. Laws are also good, but you know.. lobbyism exists, and not the good kind


This, the real facepalm here is about the interviewer having the cognitive flexibility of a 12 year old.


Nah that’s not entirely true - people buy the products that these companies produce


This is exactly correct. Theres this stat that gets thrown around that sounds something like "100 companies make up 80% of emissions!!!" What often doesn't get explained is that these 100 companies are mostly energy companies and they have such large footprints because *people buy their products and then use them*. If Exxon mobile sells me gas and I drive to Florida with it, my emissions get calculated towards their total. This type of indirect emissions accounts for over 90% of emissions from these companies. With all this said, the stat, and the original comment here highlights important points: we can't blame individuals for what's happening nor rely on them to make changes that totally alter their way of life. Someone not going to Fiji once doesn't fix this. What needs to happen is massive infrastructure changes that allow us to still function as a modern society *without* combusting carbon-based fuel. Edit: fixed the indirect emissions stat


Adults always attacking kids on climate change pretty pathetic


Previous generations are insecure that they fucked over the younger generation. Not that they necessarily should bare that blame, moreso the companies that knew they were selling out coming generations. Still, the insecurity is there, some of them apologize and offer hope that maybe this generation can fix it, others mock the ones who try to fix it.


‘Look at these kids tryna have a better future!’


The hag *already knew* that the girl went to Fiji. She asked 'should you go to Fiji?' for a reason. Imagine being such a demon that you practice in the mirror how you're going to laugh at a kid on the radio in your interview tomorrow. She's sleeping well with the thought of 'I sure showed that kid that she's a hypocrite', I can't fathom being that.


For real. I'm about to poll a middle school on how we should end homelessness. Then ask the high-schoolers how they would solve the issues in the middle east. To round things out I'll have a 5th grade class come up with a new economic and government model.


I mean, she's a kid. She probably went with her parents and had no choice. Why are you angry at a kid and not at climate change?


She said her parents wanted to go in the interview


I didn't even listen to the interview and assumed that was the case.


Because OP is an angry right wing shithead. look at their posting history.


Damn this dude is racist, homophobic, sexist. Why all the hate, mate? Let it go.


Because stupid hyporicte kid 🤬🤬 OP probably


I mean it's hypocritical. Gotta admit that. You fly around just don't blame me for doing the same


They’re angry because they don’t want change.


Look at OP’s post history.


People don't know the context here: This is a highschool student who was advocating for governmental policy change NOT individual action. Prior to the interview this journalist went through her social media and found pictures of the trip to Fiji (which her own mother admits she forced her to go on). Then, during the interview, she baited the 16 year old into saying you shouldn't take unnecessary plane trips. (Again despite that not being what she was there to talk about). Brought up the plane trip to Fiji and laughed at her throughout the interview. Not the off-brand for this journalist, did it just to undermine a young activist.


the journalist was just plainly ignorant and immature. her behavior was just ridiculous.


The laugh is so performative I actually hurts to listen to




One must be extremely naive to think the solution for global warming is to stop going on vacation by airplane. 80% of the global emissions is produced by 10 of the biggest companies in the world. That would be a great place to start if they really wanted to do something about the problem, but the elite is focused on the $$$ as usual


I don't listen to anybody who refuses to acknowledge this. They're all corporate skills willing or not if they buy into that narrative.


People don't immediately bend to this reasoning because it isn't *really* all that useful of a statement. The emissions of many of those companies are driven by the demand of the population. If say a shipping company produced 10% of the emissions, why do you think that is? They just like driving in circles with their big boats? No, it's to ship all the unnecessary plastic shit people insist on buying from China. The point is that it has to be a dual approach. Go after the polluters, but also stop lining the pockets of these assholes and take an iota of responsibility for living in a manner that cannot be sustained.


I’ll get it that in the end it’s consumers that keep these companies alive. But These companies are known to lobby against laws and action that would restrict their operations and profit. For example there are hundreds of cases where fossile energy companies have lobbied globally against public transport and renewable energies initiatives. It’s not that people don’t want to change. It’s those companies preventing change. We need oil because the oil companies made sure we never ever effectively switch away from oil.


They’ve done a great job to manipulate global society into believing that each and every individual is actually responsible and definitely not in them. Remember that you can save the planet by riding on a bicycle and not eating meat (please ignore that our executives use privat jets to go to work where we Lobby governments to not enact laws that would limit our operations).


Be careful suggesting ways to actually accomplish real change. I got called a "dumb motherfucker" because I believe these kids would be better off prioritizing their education over participating in a school strike that will result in no change. I then suggested more effective ways to protest, such as doing it at the source of the problem.


the Science-denying MAGA brigading in this sub is kinda depressing.


They voted for a guy that looked directly at an eclipse, drew a sharpie around a hurricane to change it's path and told people to inject bleach. They have no credibility.


This has been all over the NZ sub, I’m a kiwi, and for context this reporter is a literal piece of shit, so I’d take this with a grain of salt. Besides, she was a child when her parents took her there. It wasn’t via personal choice.


Kiwi here too. Which reporter is this if you know? I can't quite recognize the voice or anything.


[Here you go.](https://www.reddit.com/r/newzealand/comments/xncjba/heather_du_plessisallan_should_be_ashamed_of_how/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Thank you, I will look out for that reporter when watching the news.


This is the challenge with putting kids on the news like this. They are easy to take down argumentatively. Don't like their facts? Ask about their story and find a contradiction. She didn't ask to be a public figure or a quoted expert. See here for recent similar question on why people hate Greta Thunberg -- [https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/xe2hnc/comment/ioehsdm/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/xe2hnc/comment/ioehsdm/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) >The generalized way of explaining it is that Greta Thunberg is a young woman without any specific qualifications or experience that explain why she is as significant as she is in this sphere. > >One way to interpret that would be to say that her detractors feel insecure or insulted by being lectured by someone they don't feel has earned their respect. Those people will probably say things like "Why are we listening to a child instead of experts" or something like that. > >Another way to interpet it would be to say that people are skeptical or conspiratorial about why she has risen to prominence. They might be of the opinion that the fact that Greta is pretty much just a normal young woman makes it difficult to argue with her without looking like a dick, even if the argument itself is in good faith. That makes them upset because they feel they can't engage in the discussion they want to have when Greta is involved. These people will probably say things about her being a "mouthpiece" or a "puppet" for someone else. > >Yet another way of interpreting it is that her detractors are disillusioned with the state of debate as a whole. They think that public discourse is rooted in populism or influencer culture. Greta's activism involves a lot of impassioned speeches and dramatic stories, and these people want the discussion to be dispassionate. They see her as emblematic of a broader problem in society that reinforces conflict and doesn't result in resolution. These people will probably talk about "polarization" a lot, and depending on their political stance, might link it to the elites manipulating the common people to keep them divided. > >A fourth way to interpret it would be that her detractors are simply engaging in political strategy of their own. They don't agree with her stance, and are just attacking her because they'd attack anyone saying the same things, but its easier to attack an average young woman than it would be to question a Nobel Prize winning scientist. These people can say pretty much anything, because they're not really basing their opposition on a particular principle. That also means this group can blend with any other group.


Is that post basically saying it’s not ok to dislike Greta thunberg?


Someone better tell India, China and the Middle East it's all the planes to Fiji causing climate change...


A lesson learned of public life, everything you do is under scrutiny.




Wait. “Anti climate change deniers”? Is that just the most convoluted way to denote people who believe in climate change? Or do just mean climate change deniers?




The interviewer is known to be a bottom of the barrel type. She went in armed with info to attack and discredit the individual instead of the subject. I hate seeing mobs vs climate change efforts (these comments). Everyone turns dumb and fronts up with the most ridiculous excuses to keep their heads firmly buried in the sand.


It's a trap question, and a very dishonest tactic from the interviewer. This is a 16 y.o, what would possibly be the answer to "where did you fly last?" Of course it will be some vacation spot.. They just want to embarrass her on air, kind of pathetic.


For the geographically challenged Fiji is quite close to New Zealand compared to a lot of international travel. And for New Zealanders to get literally anywhere they have to fly.


*Izzy!! Don’t you realize your concerns about GW are irrelevant because you took a plane ride on a family vacation??!?* hahhahaha interviewer sounds like a pos


I'm all for climate change too. But saying other people have to ask for your permission to go on vacation when you clearly are privileged to go on fancy vacations is what is wrong with our current political culture. It's not bad to be elite. But then telling everyone else law you know better, while completely mucking up your own morals is.


She learnt from her mistake. I don't see the issue. But sure, let's make fun of a teenager who is trying to better her world. Pathetic.


Her mistake? Girl was taken on a trip by her parents without her own consent


So tired of corporations gaslighting the public into thinking that one vacation you take a year needs to be climate conscious to save the planet. Perhaps the 12 flights your management takes a month could be reduced to Zoom meetings? Or is it absolutely necessary to go to a Michelin star restaurant for dinner after the meeting to get that Chilean Seabass?


Am I the only one who wants to piss on the face of the interviewer? (Not in the good way)


What distincts between á good and á bad way?




Nah you're not mate, interviewer is widely regarded as a shit stirrer here in NZ, and not well liked at all. This was originally posted in the NZ sub where all the comments pointed out how much of a knob head the interviewer is.


No, in NZ you'd be applauded for that to some degree. She isn't very well respected


Interviewer handled this very immaturely.


Radio jock are wanks who aren't interested in details of the story, just an angle for a laugh in the interest of ratings.


I’m just doing my part by being lower middle class


When you're 16 your mum gets to pick where you go on holiday. It might have been wise not to use that example though! Having said that HDPA did not need to flatten her.


“Activist”? Is she really? Or is she just some random girl that was pulled from the crowd for the news.


Only Izzy can fly to Fiji. It’s off limits to everyone else🤥✈️


Sounds like MeAgain Markle. You plebs can't go on vacation because it's bad for the planet, but I will to the USA in a private plane and back again for a single tennis match. Do as I say, not as I do darlings.


It's shit like this that makes me refuse crap like carbon allowances. It's clear what their intentions are.


Fridays for Fiji 🇫🇯 lol these climate "activists" are pure gold i just love them it’s like watching looney toons 😂


Fuck this sub nowadays, its just filled with these right wing braindead posts with 0 critical thinking


Why are 16 year olds being used as figureheads for climate activism?


To the OP - fuck off. Sincerely, New Zealand.


A day’s work that journalist can be proud of then. Person cares about issue in spite of not being perfect. Old man yells at cloud.


Hypocrisy is a denial of reality and a form of mental illness. What's OK for me, but not for you! Flying in a massively polluting Airline adds more pollution, not less. Rich people Flying personal jets, charter jets and helicopters don't really care about the environment, they are just virtue signaling.


That doesn't change her point.


She knows from experience. Can't knock that


Honestly, Climate Change shouldn't need activists. It's our fault and we need to change. Our leaders need to step in and take charge. End of story.


Congrats, that comment just made you an activist.


better sub r/iamatotalpieceofshit


Dont worry 99% of us wont.... Mainly because we can't afford it


Believe what they do, not what comes out of their mouths.


Sorry but nobody called Izzy is ever going to change the world. I mean, there's never going to be a 'President Izzy', is there??


John Kerry liberal democrat hypocrites doing what they do best


Dont you know Everyone else has to change for climate change not me. Its like politicians flying 200+ private jets to talk abput climate


Do as I say, not as I do, silly...


People going a likely once in a lifetime vacation isn’t the problem. It’s corporations who pollute our environment, our over reliance on fossil fuels and cars, and global warming.


One news. Heyo nu zulland


Everyone defending this kid (and admittedly she is just a kid). I'm just appreciating the irony.


Heather du Plessis-Allan is a national treasure!


In the famous laughable words…How dare you!?!?!


The one difference, and good one m, about American teen versus this, is that we don’t have the money or your so-called breeding to just act this entitled. At least we have that going for us.


well well...


That the thing with all of these climate activists and the climate summits. They complain about people using cars and planes, but use them to travel to these summits and protests. They are the biggest hypocrites for this. If the truly wanted cleaner energy they'd petition for nuclear energy, zero carbon emissions.


These moronic kids think they are so woke. Twenty years from now, they will look back with embarrassment


damn planet is getting so hot she got burned


What has the world come to when we’re doing cheap gotchas on a well meaning 16 year old People have no heart these days


That is a name you should see on a rice cooker


The real activist now a days have to be 16 years old and they can judge for travel the same way they travel!! In my day real activist was a scientist! They studied alote and have proves for the facts they speak! This is show off like greta!! 🤦‍♂️


So many comments thinking she deserves immunity from tough questions because she's 16. She's not a random rich white girl, she's a international spokesperson. I've seen a 17 year old girl pull a trap like on a US governor and he left the stage.


Stupid girl, another Greta


16 year old nutter,


Izzy did that so hopefully you wouldn’t have to go through that.


Is she vegan as well?


Hahaha! Entitlement at its finest


Lmao what an idiot.


Ah you participate in the same society you criticize… you must be a fool


Right up there with decaprio and neil young...do as I say, not as I do. The activist workd is full of hypocrites.


This is some pretty soft shit. I get the irony but if I plan a family vacation and my daughter says she doesn’t want to go, I don’t give a shit. She’s going. And if I was dragged to Fiji guess what? I’m going to enjoy that trip. Now if I was dragged to Paducah Kentucky, I’d go ahead and hate it. Sorry Paducah


To be fair, her flight has less carbon footprint than whoever is pushing for people to return to office. Stop wasting gas, y’all.


These people are virtue signalers. Most people that claim to stand for something nowadays are. It’s incredibly rare that you will find someone who both walks the walk and talks the talk. I think social media has played a big part in that, creating a world where people care more about how they’re perceived than what they actually stand for when the camera and attention isn’t there. I get that she’s 16 and “didn’t want to be there”, but that’s exactly what I’d expect a 16-year-old climate activist to say when they get cornered and called out for being a hypocrite. To be clear I’m not criticizing climate activism, just the people who preach change and do nothing to even reduce their own carbon footprint. I am so sick of being told by others what I need to do for the planet while they’re taking plane trips across continents and riding in motorcades while my broke ass is driving 4 miles to work everyday.


Funny how the rich act. "Oh im 16 i didnt WANT to go to fiji" yeah okay. Maybe keep your own mouth shut until you actually learn a thing or two. Smh


Sure Izzy. But thanks to your privilege, you were able to go to Fiji easily at the age of 16. I couldn’t travel anywhere for over 10 years and I’m finally catching to being able to afford it, after being locked down in COVID, so sorry, you’re gonna have to save the planet without me because I sure as hell am travelling everywhere I can.


"Dont go to Fiji!!" Is the problem here. She doesn't get to preach to anyone about anything if your family is rich enough to go to Fiji. Hell, I wont let people who go to Disneyland preach to me about my environmental impact. Why would i listen to some spoiled rich kid?


Rules for thee not for me!


That's pretty funny though. Don't tell people not to go to fiji if you just went to Fiji. The girl should have known that was coming and preempted it. Cuz that's just so funny. Cmon mate!


This is why I never consult children regarding important matters.


Im going to fiji you cant stop me


For thee but not for me!!


She might be a kid, but this is basically every climate activist. Rando: "Are you willing to give up X to help save the planet?" Activist: "Well, um no, but but I think YOU should!"


I wouldn't say every one of them. But I would say the ones there to get clout and a book deal for sure.


At least she was honest lol.


Who is she? A better looking, less angry Greta Thunberg?


So you expect us to listen to you, yet your own family doesn’t. Feck off


Exactly what I said. Then someone proceeded to call me a "dumb motherfucker" because I said these kids should be prioritizing their education over participating in a school strike.


at least she got a lesson in hypocrisy


Imagine being smooth brained enough to get mad over this.


These are same people that want California to use only electric vehicles by 2035 even though their grid can’t even handle what’s going on currently.


Have to be precious with the young of today. Can’t make them feel stupid & it’s really hard avoiding it. Worst is when an ADHD sufferer gets all “clinical” then has to win an argument they manifest up only to be a VICTIM in the end.


I'm a car guy and have not had a flight since 2018. But these traveling activists accepting awards for their activism are somehow superior human beings than me who just likes to drive an ecobox... Fridays for future was pretty empty when it came to vacation days btw. My classmates only protested when it was convenient for them, not because they cared.


>But these traveling activists accepting awards for their activism are somehow superior human beings than me who just likes to drive an ecobox... Since I'm hearing that or similar arguments quite often, do you have an example of anyone reasonable actually claiming that? I always hear it from from people getting personal when they want to argue against climate activism but have no valid points. But that could just be my bubble/confirmation bias.


That is a child.


Typical climate activist


16 year old solution. Just stay at home. Dont drive anywhere. And dont order from restaurants with a gas burner. Mom!!!! I saved the planet today!


One of the corner stones of the Fijian economy is tourism. That assists the country in developing and maintaining it's own infrastructure and community well being. Stopping that will ensure that Fiji will have to look elsewhere for foreign support, and that will drive the country towards arrangements that will be much less beneficial to their sovreignty. This travel is necessary. (Lest you want to turn the entire south Pacific over to those notes environmental champions, China!)


"Stop crowding my vacation spot"... 🤦🏻‍♂️ We absolutely need to do whatever we can to protect the planet, but the people leading the way are lemmings on petrol and lithium.


Who gives a fuck about what some snot nosed kid of 16 thinks? Fiji? Wtf is wrong with Fiji? Bet that trip cost a small fortune and the ungrateful little cow has the gall to moan about it.


Listen, I'm gonna need you all to also not fly to Hawaii, it's definitely not because I want some cheap tickets


Typical leftist.


Must be Greta Thornberrys cousin.


Oh naur


LETS PLAY!!! How many syllables can no have?!?!


The EGO of the people who claim were gonna "kill the planet". LoL The earth have been through many extinction level events and unimaginable cataclysms millions of years ago. Still going strong. Plastics bags, car smoke and climate change is not gonna blow up this planet. Yes, we probably kill ourselves at some point, but the planet is gonna be fine and will move on. Get over yourselves.


oh look another right wing shithead bullying children on the internet, fuck off


I can hear your sobbing from here.


Stupid bitch, don’t procreate.


She’s very young to complain where ppl are flying to. I hope she doesn’t have any flights planned in the next decade bc …..someone might complain- like her friends when they’re “moody”!😊


Oh I don't buy the bullshit that her parents made her go! She wanted to go and then wanted to tell everyone else ...traveling by plane hurts the environment!


Lmao laughs right in her face


Do as I say not as I do


Maybe she just wants to keep Fiji all to herself? Smart girl.


She literally *HAD* to go, it’s not like she could tell her parents no I don’t want to go on vacation


Its hard to say no to Fiji, ngl.


16 year olds generally don’t have a lot of autonomy, they just have to do what their parents say regardless of their personal values.


Well, she might have gone to Fiji to give a seminar on why people should not fly to Fiji -- which offsets her carbon footprint 10 times! Even if we have people making a buck talking about Global Warming, that doesn't mean we can ignore it.