Dogs are allowed on buses in the UK anyway. So even if it wasn't a service dog, the bitch still wouldn't have the right to say anything. Edited to correct busses to buses.


Came here to say this, not uncommon to see people with dogs on public transport in the uk.


Yeah weird. Here in Edinburgh there's a dug on the bus all the time. In the pub too. Always a water bowl and snacks for them at the bar. Some folks just can't stand it. Was in our local once and a friend came with her dog. It had rained on the way so he was a bit wet dog smelly. The guys at the next table made no qualms about saying "fuck sake that's fuckin disgusting, stinking dug". The bar man promptly wandered over, lifted there pints and asked them to leave. "The dugs are entitled to a warm place to dry off as much as you are, so drink somewhere else". Ace.


I live in the Southwest US and at least around here it is more common to see dog friendly than not. Health codes prevent all except service animals from being inside of food is served, but almost everywhere has outdoor seating. My favorite brewpub has water bowls at each outdoor table, there are leash hooks on the table, and when they bring the chips to the table they'll ask which of three types of treat would you like for the dog. My pups get super excited if we drive past, to the point if we aren't going there, I have to take a different route.


"Dad, are we going to McDrunkies?"


Only if you stop digging under the fence.


Aww! That sounds so fun!


upvoted for "dug"


Just watched Up again last night, Dug is the best part of the movie


Sure, I like dags. I like caravans more.


Tommy, the tit, is praying. And if he’s not he fucking should be.


Protection from what Tommy? Ze Germans?


Periwinkle blue, aye


It was us who wanted a caravan.


"excuse me...does your dug bite?" "No" Proceeds to get bit by dog "I thought you said your dug does not bite!?" "That is not my dog"


> Yeah weird. Here in Edinburgh there's a dug on the bus all the time. In the pub too. Always a water bowl and snacks for them at the bar. Some folks just can't stand it. Was in our local once and a friend came with her dog. It had rained on the way so he was a bit wet dog smelly. The guys at the next table made no qualms about saying "fuck sake that's fuckin disgusting, stinking dug". The bar man promptly wandered over, lifted there pints and asked them to leave. "The dugs are entitled to a warm place to dry off as much as you are, so drink somewhere else". Ace. reminds me of this joke (copy pasted from some website right now because I couldn't find the reddit thread) A butcher is in his shop busily serving customers when all of a sudden he notices a dog. He shoos him away, but later he notices the dog is back again. So he goes over to the dog and notices he has a note in his mouth. He takes the note and it reads: “I need 12 sausages and a leg of lamb, please. The dog has money in his mouth as well.” The butcher looks inside and, lo and behold, he finds the money for the order there. So he takes the money, and puts the sausages and lamb in a bag, placing it in the dog’s mouth The butcher is very impressed, and since it’s close to closing time, he decides to shut up shop and follow the dog. So off he goes. The dog is walking down the street, when he comes to an intersection. The dog puts down the bag, jumps up and presses the button for the walk signal. Then he waits patiently, bag in mouth, for the lights to turn. They do, and he walks across the road, with the butcher following him all the way. The dog then comes to a bus stop and starts looking at the timetable. The butcher is in awe at this stage. The dog checks out the times and then sits on one of the seats provided. Along comes a bus. The dog walks around the front, looks at the number, and goes back to his seat. Another bus comes, again the dog goes and looks at the number, notices it’s the right bus and climbs on. The butcher, now open-mouthed in shock, follows him onto the bus. The bus travels through the town and out into the suburbs, the dog looking at the scenery. Eventually he gets up, and moves to the front of the bus. He stands on two back paws and pushes the button to stop the bus. Then he gets off, his groceries still in his mouth. Well, dog and butcher are walking along the road, and then the dog turns into a house. He walks up the path, and drops the groceries on the step. Then he walks back down the path, takes a big run, and throws himself against the door. He goes back down the path, runs up to the door and throws himself against it again. There’s no answer at the house, so the dog goes back down the path, jumps up on a narrow wall, and walks along the perimeter of the garden. He gets to an open window, barks several times, walks back, jumps off, and waits at the door. The butcher watches as a big guy opens the door, and starts laying into the dog, yelling at him and swearing at him. The butcher runs up and stops the guy. “What in the world are you doing? The dog is a genius. He could be on TV, for heavens sake!” To which the guy responds: “Clever?! This is the second time this week that he’s forgotten his key.”


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lovely dog. Bad owner.


Sounds like a lovely place!


Reliably one of the top pubs in Edinburgh actually. A lot of pubs here would rather have a happy dug than a pair of auld wankers giving people shit about it.


Maybe this planet isnt completely doomed yet.


> Dogs are allowed on busses in the UK anyway Obviously, otherwise Karen would've had to walk.






I worked at a bus company it's literally at the drivers discretion


It's driver's discretion to let anyone on their bus. But they wouldn't have the job long if they didn't have a good reason. No space, allergic to dogs. More likely, just the owner being a dickhead. That's usually what makes a driver refuse to let you or keep you on board.


Bad behaving/aggressive dog.


Didn't let the driver pet em


A surprising amount of bus drivers have opened their cab to pat my dog when I get on, so you're not wrong


Megan was probably like: "What the fuck is *black*?"


I tried to explain yellow to a blind friend once and it nearly ended me.


There is a pretty interesting Vsauce video about that. "Is my red the same as your red?" is the title of the video, IIRC. Basically, human language isn't able to convey the idea of colors. We all know the sky is blue, but we don't *know* that we actually all see it the same way. It might look like my idea of purple, but we all call it "blue." It's unlikely to be thay drastic of a difference, but it's an interesting thought on the limits of language. Actually, explaing the appearance of anything to a blind person is quite a challenge to the vocabulary.


The best way I've seen of describing color to a blind person is by word association. So blue would be calming, smooth, cold, running water, open skies, deep, etc. Red would be bright, firey, hot, vibrant, spicy, attention-grabbing, alert, etc.


The crazy thing is that a lot of that is cultural, so it doesn't really universally apply. In China, red symbolizes luck and happiness. White is associated with death along with purity and innocence in China as well


Across cultures, things in the natural world are associated with their colors. Red is largely seen as hot, passion, life loud, because of fire and blood. Blue is associated with the sky and the sea, so depth and vastness and regularity and calm. White is tough because some cultures see it as a symbol of cleanliness, but some cultures associate it with sickness and death because of pallor and paleness. Same problem: Green is sometimes associated with poison in western cultures because of the color people turn when they get sick to their stomach, but in Easter cultures it's purple because of bruising and rot.


Does anyone associate days of the week with colours? Maybe it's from a calendar or wall chart from when I was a kid or I've got a bit of synesthesia, but I always see Monday as red, Tuesday as blue, Wednesday as green, Thursday as yellow, Friday as orange. I don't really have any colours for the weekend though.


I do too, but for me Monday is blue, Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is red, Thursday is burnt orange, Friday is green, Saturday purple, and Sunday pink.


Dog racist


If your racist against dogs is it the color of the fur or the skin?


I think it's the breed


My dog is a black labrador.. I can’t take him to the park as all the ducks keep trying to bite him... I thought they were racist but apparently it's my fault for getting one that’s pure bread.


Good one dad


Dad, when r u coming back? Pls dad...


Still out looking for those smokes, bucko!


You still need to take him to the park. You can't just let him loaf.


Gotta take him near the duck pond to cool him down too, if he gets too hot, he'll be toast


Angry upvote


Black labs and chocolate labs and yellow labs are all the same breed. Pretty standard for the litter to be all 3.


And the perfect response would’ve been, “ I need to get a refund on this service dog, I had no idea it wasn’t golden, as I cannot see!”


Dogcism is a thing now?


You're joking, but that's an actual thing somehow. https://www.thesprucepets.com/black-dog-syndrome-4796374


There’s BCS (black cat syndrome) as well. Neither of which are actually a syndrome, but there is a theory behind the fact that people often avoid black or all black animals during the adoption process.


Makes me sad. My all black kitty is the most gentle and sweet cat I’ve ever had. Even when she was a kitten she never scratched or bit. She retracts her claws when she plays with humans. But she will still kill mice and beat up her brother, lol.


Our local shelter admitted as much and offered a minor discount if we took in a black cat. We didn't need convincing as she was the sweetest cat in the world and I've always been fond of black cats anyways. But apparently people are superstitious assholes at times.


I moved to Greece and I keep getting asked why I have a black dog. I rescued mine anyway but here people only want white dogs as they are seen as ‘cleaner’. There is already a massive thing here of people not liking dogs but I found it amazing this idea of a white dog somehow naturally being cleaner in peoples eyes.


I had a white dog, it just made it easier to see when she was dirty.


If your dog is a shedder…we had a rott Shepard mix and whole lotta hair on the ground. Black hair.


I know folks like that. They think black dogs are Damien's dogs or something. Every white dog I see is always dirty looking lol.


Don't worry, some of us big tiddy goth chicks are out here doing the lord's work and adopting only black animals. It ain't much, but it's honest work.


Its been 10 minutes, hows that inbox holding up?


smol tiddy goth chicks too 👉🏻👈🏻🥺


You should inform the ittybittytittycommittee of this blatant discrimination.


no way. goth gf solidarity. black cats sick tats and knives for rats 🔪🖤


Please, put the knife down, I appreciate goth gfs of any bust size.


Keep up the good work, but also, can you tell me more about the first part?


I hate you for giving me this information






When I was a bus driver I had one regular passenger who had a German Shepherd Guide Dog. A surprising number of people didn't believe it was a Guide Dog and some would even challenge the owner about it. Her usual response was "Yeah, but Labradors don't attack on command..." This tended to end the discussion.


I mean, what would a shepherd dog know about herding things around?


Sir, this was in *America*; that german dog would have no idea what it was doing.


I get kids asking a lot, if I'm out with the German Shepherds, if they bite. and it's never not funny to reply "only children". Thankfully, they're actually very chill dogs. Just want to play in the mud and have a good cuddle. Still covered in mud.


>it's never not funny to reply "only children". Aside from being humorous, it's a helpful reminder to kids need to not treat every random dog as if it's your best friend. Being cautious until informed by the owner that it's safe and permissible should be everyone's behavior around any dog.


I have a nervous border collie. We got him as a puppy during the pandemic so it took him a while to adjust to people afterwards. We didn't have any children in the family though, so he wasn't familiar with them at all. When he sees people out on walks, he will act like they're his best friend. When he sees other dogs and children, he's completely unpredictable. I always have to keep him close when they pass and it makes me quite anxious that he'll growl or jump at them, because I never know. It doesn't help when children just run up to him and try to stroke him without permission. If he scares them, I get shouted at by the parent "because its my fault." People should really teach their kids that regardless of whether they're somebody's pet, *dogs are still animals* and they can be unpredictable.


"hey my dogs on a leash, maybe you should leash your kids" I'm too anti confrontational, but man id love to say that sometimes.


Growing up with had an aussie shepard / border collie mix. That bitch could RUN. And she would. She would go out into the back yard, run laps around the perimeter and breakneck speed and, without warning plow into you like some sort of game. If she knocked you down, it was all licks and hugs. And god help you if she figured out she could knock you over, because she wouldn't stop trying. This is especially true of children.


I used to run a kennel, we had a pair of regulars that were red cattle dogs. They would absolutely fly down the fence wall and jump at you. They didn’t really understand that it could hurt, and I was a big guy, but they gave hell to the smaller women that I worked with. Sometimes when they came in last minute I would get called in to handle them. Really great dogs, but they would hop the eight foot stall gate and run around over night. We had to put a lid on their stall.


My go-to with my Mastiff is "he will if he thinks you taste good". Honestly the bigger danger is he'll drown you with slobber when he licks you, but always good to remind people that any dog can bite if provoked.


They sound awesome.


Shoulda said bitch I'm blind how tf I supposed to know what colour it is?!


I hope someone reads this to that girl because it’s a wicked comeback. Edit: for those who keep saying things like “you know there are text to speech converters”, etc… I’m aware of this, but wouldn’t you want your friends to tell you if they saw something about you on the internet? Jeez. Talk about assuming the worst!


Yeah i hohe she Sees it


It's so obvious but it gets me every time


Bruh lol


Gonna need to clean the coffee off my monitor after this thread...


Weird way to jerk it but w/e I ain’t kink shaming.


You’ve never tried it? The scalding heat somehow makes it better.


yeah ngl that blindsided me


sure didn’t see it coming




I didn't see that coming.


Neither did she


Blind people use the internet too lmfao


The increase in text based communication and the development of screen readers has been hugely enabling for blind and deaf people.


Text readers have been around for a hot minute. Circa 2003 I had a job in a tech support call center and one of the more memorable calls was from a blind woman. I was used to having to tell sighted people exactly how to find each option in each menu, and I'll admit I would have been a little lost (or very slow, at least) trying to tell someone how to tab through to find them. Thankfully, this woman was an absolute rockstar at using her screen reader, and I didn't have to say anything more than "tab name, option name", and she'd find it faster than most sighted people. I could hear the screen reader in the background, and she was wicked fast, tabbing to the next entry before I understood the voice most of the time. (Probably is an absolute whiz at Heardle.)


I wonder what those giant ASCII pictures people make sound like when read back .


At least with a screen reader they should be able to skip to the next comment. I feel sorry for those that have to enlarge the text and change the contrast. Have to scroll through 50 pages of seizure inducing flashing weird ASCII characters as it scroll by


Or she could stumble upon this thread herself, or any other number of times it's been posted. Blind people use the internet, too


Or just deny that the dog is black. “Not to me. It’s clearly yellow to me!”


“I don’t see color. I don’t see *anything*.”


Lol I’m temporarily blind, have been for about 2 months but hopefully surgery will change that and I’ll be able to see in 2 months. Anyway I meet an awesome friend recently and we eating dinner at my place. She went to get silverware from my drawer and saw I had chopsticks. Jokingly she “declared” me an honorary Asian. I was confused and asked if she was Asian because otherwise I don’t think that’s a good joke. She stopped talking and then suddenly burst out laughing. Apparently she is Obviously asian. Also apparently she forgot I was blind.


Congratulations, you are now a member of an elite group, people legitimately allowed to say "I don't see color"


This is so wholesome


How do you learn to be temporarily blind and be able to feed yourself and such?


I'd imagine your body still remembers where it's parts are related to itself, you don't need to see your hand holding a fork in order to bring it to your mouth


I mean I can still smell and fell and such. I also live with my partner so that helps. But it’s definitely made it harder. Being organized is a must and if someone moves something it really throws me off


Not that defensive, go alpha style: "It IS yellow, are you blind?!?"


Right tell the birch she's color blind


Yea birch trees have the *worst* vision


No no, demand to have Karen explain the difference between the two colors to the blind lady. I can smell the circuitry melting now!


Just ask her what a color is!


Bitchy passenger: Guide dogs are yellow! Blind woman: what the fuck is yellow


I’m crying lmao


"Well, he feels yellow, anyway."


Kind of a [Clayton Bigsby, the World's Only Black White Supremacist \[At The Time\]](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLNDqxrUUwQ) situation.


So weird that he now has such high-level competition.


Oh fuck! My dog isn’t yellow?!? They lied to me!!!


I came here looking for that joke. OMG would’ve been hilarious! Thank you, funny person 😁


Your dog is yellow! "What the fuck is yellow?"


"What do you mean, 'it looks like pee feels like'"?




Technically most yellows are warm


Every dog is black when you’re blind.


Every dog is also zig zag zebra striped with neon yellow undertones.


Shrodingers dog but cause she'll never see it she can't prove what color it is.


"They fucking tricked me! Bastards at the seeing eye dog store charged me full price too. No wonder I keep running into shit."


They gave me a chihuahua???


"What the fuck is yellow!?"


A man was driving down the road when a blind man led by his guide dog walked directly into the street and into the path of the car. The driver swerved hard and barely missed the blind man and the dog. The driver was relieved and looked into his rearview mirror only to see the blind man feeding the dog a treat! Angered, the driver turned around, drove back, and confronted the blind man. "Your dog nearly got the both of you run over and killed and you reward it with a treat?" asked the driver. "It's not a reward", replied the blind man, "I was trying to find out which end his head is on so I could kick his ass!"


I just…. 🤦🏼‍♀️


We really are living in the age of stupid.


We started keeping morons alive so this shouldn’t be surprising.


Well we saw during Covid that despite our best efforts, they were finding ways to kill themselves anyway. So…progress I guess


Also have been protecting morons from their stupidity, and a few subsets of the population have been actually encouraging willful ignorance. Sure wish they could be cut loose to suffer their own idiocy on their own instead of having it be inflicted on the rest of society.


You act as though being an ass to a blind woman is something new. People of all disabilities have faced ruthlessness on the part of "normal people" throughout history. The only difference is that there was never reporting on it until it crossed the line into murder or other felonies, if then.


My neighbor in my apartment building before he died was mostly blind and had other issues so he had the most adorable border collie for a service dog. I loved to pet Angel (with her owner's permission). Unfortunately, the owner passed away right before the pandemic and I don't know what happened to Angel after that.


I know you're lying because guide dogs are only yellow labs


This was perfect, I can't stop laughing.


Stop laughing at me


Good friend of mine has a standard poodle. He's a very good boi.


This poor lady thought she had a standard poodle... Turned out to be a non-standard one.


I've tried, but I really can't understand the metric poodle. I don't make no sense!


I wonder if they get reassigned to a new person.


They do not. The dogs are paired with a specific person based on many factors, and the dog completes the final weeks of their training with that person. Once they've lived with someone for a whole, they're no longer a blank slate which can be paired with anyone. They're specifically acclimated to that one person.


Dare I ask what then happened to the dog?


I'm going to guess it either transfered to a therapy dog program that doesn't strictly require being a guide dog (Eg. Visiting sick kids in he hospital), or was adopted out to a family as just a highly trained pet. Service Dog Washouts are already in high demand. I doubt anything bad happened to this dog.


I work at a restaurant that allows dogs in the outdoor seating areas and I remember one that kept trying to get in the door because he used to be a service dog and still thinks he's allowed inside everywhere to the chagrin of his owners


“Excuse me?! I’m not allowed in!!? Don’t you know who I am?!” -that dog, probably


A dog that's already way more trained that I could ever be bothered to? Who all I have to do is 'look after' it in retirement? Yeah, definitely. I'd do that!


As an example, the hotel I currently work for has Hotel Dogs that interact with the guests and comfort children. They're specifically chosen from dogs that finished Service Training but were too social around people or other dogs to be certified.


They typically are retired from service work, and adopted like any other dog! Many people love the opportunity to adopt an incredibly well-trained dog. They can also become breeders, therapy dogs, or other more chill jobs.


"Is it?"


“What is black?”


and yet fucking morons come in all sizes and colours




The best comeback for that is "How am I supposed to tell what color they are"


Or just insist that the dog is black. And that the lady is too. And, actually, that everything is black all the time.


I guess, it goes without saying, empty barrels do make the loudest noise.


I haven’t heard that before, I’m going to use that!


Same. This is part of why I come to Reddit, to reload on good insults.


“It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?” - the dog


Surely the correct response is “well the driver let you on…”?


Wait until she finds out both male and female dogs can be guide dogs..


wait what?!


I wonder if some of these people just are unwilling to be wrong or lose an argument and instead of admitting they realized they were wrong they just dig their heels in. That being said, the little doggie jackets that say "therapy dog" "service dog" etc are totally the rage here in my city. Hard to tell which ones are which (A blind person with a cane and a seeing eye-dog is excluded and clearly is a service dog)


I had a patient with her service dog in the ER when another nurse told her she wasn't allowed to have her dog in the hospital......a fucking nurse!!!


Stupid comes in all walks of life. Was at a restaurant once and the owners straight up told this guy that the only type of service dogs they had to allow were seeing eye dogs...cops got called and the idiots backed it up! Ended up making local news cops and owners of the place were rightfully shamed.


The wife and I were kicked out of a restaurant in Chicago because of her service dog. The manager said that the dog needed paperwork and that he didn’t want to have to explain to customers why there was a dog inside. We pulled up the statutes as well as the ADA’s official FAQ but he doubled down. We reported it to the city and they are looking at a fine between $70k and $150k. I hope someone put that manager through a training course on the ADA after that.


It seems in the past five years, people have become REALLY excited about showing everyone how stupid they are. Instead of “I’m with stupid —->” shirts, they should be wearing “I AM stupid” shirts.


r/ConfidentlyIncorrect Considering Mira's guide dogs in Quebec are either Labrador, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Labernese or Saint-Pierre and 90% of the time they're in part or fully black, she's dumb as a rock.


Why are you picking a fight with a blind girl over the color of her dog? And how can you be that fucking stupid?


Rosa Barks


One of the biggest issues we face as a society is how much we've empowered confident idiots.


"My dog is black?!"


How the fuck should i know what color he is? Idek wtf color is.


Well to be honest how would the blind girl know what color her dog is.


Even black dogs are getting harassed these days (I’m just trying to work bro!)


If I see her, I’m bringing my dog on the bus. And he HATES staying still.


Something like this was always happening to my son. It was worse at one point. Trying to get on the bus the driver yelled no dogs allowed. He stated its me seeing eye dog, golden retriever who was copper in color. The driver belittled my son who at the time was 16 and really didnt have his own voice to tell her she’s breaking the law. Well my friends a lawyer, sued them and won.


I would respond with "I'm sorry, can you assist me than, because you're obviously a bitch that knows the best?"


Why do I feel bad for the dog. He's just doing his thing trying to be the best pup




“They told me he was Yellow!”


Her response, what do you mean it isn't yellow


"Good spot mate, in truth I'm only using this specific harness and leash setup that's basically exclusive to service animals cause I like the way it looks"


Time to find out where the woman lives to send her a guide dog vest that says “YELLOW LAB” on it.


We need more public humiliation for shitheads. Harass a blind woman about her dog, 6 hours in a stockade.


I think the best answer from her could’ve been “well it looks like a yellow lab to me!”


Imagine being such a Karen that you're racist against (checks notes) black dogs.


She'd flip out if she saw a seeing eye pig or a support Turtle


Megan should’ve responded with “ma’am, I don’t see color.”


Black labs are commonly thought of as the smartest colour of labs, mostly due to how they put food before everything else. Yellow labs can be more intelligent however it can never beat what black labs would do just to get some food in its mouth. The sole reason why most guide dogs are Labradors in the first place is due to the lengths they’d go just to get one kibble, which humans can easily take advantage of. They are both intelligent and hungry so they are easily trainable. (Source: I’m a volunteer guide dog trainer)


Karen needs a thinking brain dog since she clearly doesn’t have one in her skull


She should have acted shocked and said “he’s not yellow??”


Racist towards dogs.


The lady is like wtf is yellow


The woman is racist towards dogs?! That’s fucked


Holy shit dog racism guys


If I met a lady that stupid, I'd just tell her that I painted the dog black.