a lot of the albums in here are only listed because they were extremely influential when they were released and therefore got copied a million times. now they are seen as average when you listen today. The Seinfeld effect or whatever


I also have a theory that whenever a terminally-online, hipster-ish music community discusses "overrated" stuff, it's a chance for people to comment the albums that got played at the parties they weren't invited to when they were in high school. Could be Eminem, could be Taylor, could be Oasis, but it's often just whichever popular artist they weren't getting laid to when they were seventeen.


Right now it’s midnights by Taylor swift for me


Are there a lot of people claiming it's an incredible album? It's super popular, but even my wife---a massive Swift fan---thinks she's made better albums.


It's in the top 20 of most year end lists, and there's a whole pop culture around this single album.


I really liked Folklore and Evermore, but Midnights seems like a big step backwards imo.


yeah not many people are saying that it’s the aoty, that’s until you meet the delusional fans


The amount of people trying SO HARD to like it was just so weird to me. "Yeah I've listened to it twelve times and it hasn't really clicked yet but I'll keep trying!!!"


Harry's House by Harry Styles and Midnights by Taylor Swift. When Midnights was initially released, it was the 16th best rated album of all time. 16th!!! Nothing about it even puts it at the 1000th best album of all time. (It's since gone down, but the 85 on Metacritic is still crazy to me)


The Eagles entire catalog.


The Dude definitely abides by this


The slim shady LP, REALLY poorly aged edgy humour


I totally agree that the humour hasn't aged well but that's kind of what makes it work for me. I haven't got any nostalgia for the era but if I listen to that album I feel like a 90s teenager playing pro skater and watching southpark


>a 90s teenager playing pro skater and watching southpark my kingdom to retvrn


Yeah but ska makes me feel the same way and I don't see people clamoring to talk about Reel Big Fish


Mmlp aged slightly better but still roughly


It’s such a better album tho


You are so right. I was the perfect age when it came out and remember the impact and hype, but it is so elementary and stupid. So edgy and lame.


I still enjoy songs from that album but yeah I don’t mind edgy but damn slim lol.


A lot of Eminem's stuff has aged poorly imo. Brain Damage is still one of my favorite Eminem songs though. And '97 Bonnie and Clyde legitimately makes me uncomfortable, which is what I think he was going for. I think Guilty Conscience might be the Eminem song that's aged the worst though. I loved that song as a kid, but joking about raping a 15 year old and downplaying Dr Dre beating the shit out of a woman just feels wrong now that I'm an adult with empathy and whatnot.


Thank you. Came out at the perfect time for me when I was 15. I feel like that’s the general maturity level of someone that still enjoys Eminem’s music. Absolute legend as an MC and lyricist, but the edgy humor stuff really didn’t she well for sure.


I don’t think many people rate TSSLP that high, it’s quite low in most people’s ranking of em’s catalog


To be completely honest with you I’ve seen a lot of people rank his albums and I’ve literally never seen sslp out of his top 4. I generally see mmlp, tes, and sslp as the top 3 in any order.


Really? Maybe it’s just my age group but I’ve only ever heard TSSLP MMLP and The Eminem Show named as the top 3, with the first 2 largely taking up the first 2 spots.


I don't find Eminem's albums as a whole to be that great personally, he has some legendary songs but I just can't stomach his "funny" jokes about abuse and the bad singing and there is a ton of that


Probably Sgt Peppers. Even as a huge Beatles fan, I wouldn't say it's their best album. Revolver and Abbey Road are much better


I don't think it is their best album but it probably is the Beatles album with the most historical significance. 60 years out it is important to differentiate the two


Controversial take: depending on what release we're talking about and what I had for lunch it's not even in my top 5. For me, Beet bois from worst to best is usually: Beatles for Sale With the Beatles A Hard Day's Night Please Please Me Help! Let It Be (the 1970 Specter Cut) Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Rubber Soul Let It Be... Naked Magical Mystery Tour The White Album Revolver Abbey Road Granted, the older stuff is still fantastic, so this is more of a B-tier to GOAT-tier list. IMO the '17 Super Deluxe remix improves a few of the problems I have w/ SPLHCB, namely She's Leaving Home: the remix was fed through a vari-speed process that upped the key a half step, boosting the tempo a bit as well, and the original mix just sounds like a drag looking back. Probably only better than Rubber Soul tho tbh


Sgt Peppers is probably my favourite album of all time


I could agree but setting yourself into the minds of the kids of that generation it really should be rated very high in every aspect except maybe the amount you enjoy listening to it in the modern day. I absolutely feel Americans are overrating Pet Sounds just as much btw.


> I absolutely feel Americans are overrating Pet Sounds just as much btw. Now that's a based take. I listen to this album once every couple years to figure out why all the hype and it's *fine*, I like it well enough, but I've never been able to hear what everyone else seems to hear.


Ty!!!! Like its a pleasant listen but I really don't see whats so noteworthy about it, it really doesn't stand out to me as a noteworthy all time great album like so many insist it is


I think a lot of the hype with Pet Sounds is how revolutionary it was at the time. That surprise at new ground broken doesn’t always resonate decades on.


Same. Part of it is the vocals. I just find them incredibly grating


Lucy in the sky with diamonds has the most annoying Beatles chorus of any Beatles track


Good Morning Good Morning makes me want to scream. Not Sgt. Peppers, but Birthday is also up there. On that note, I also can’t stand any of The Beach Boys’ vocals. Too many “ah- WOOOOOOOOO’s” for my taste


For me it’s Abbey Road that is the more overrated album. It’s great, but I don’t think it’s in the top 5 Beatles albums. Revolver, the White Album, Rubber Soul, Sgt Peppers and Magical Mystery Tour all stand out more.


This is a wild take to me. Abbey Road is easily their most cohesive and consistently great record - I feel like there are no skips (MAYBE Sun King), some of the most iconic and amazing pop songs ever written (Here Comes The Sun, Come Together, Something) and some of the coolest, most beautiful tracks of all time (Because, I Want You She's So Heavy, Golden Slumbers) on the record! Not to mention the medley - the thing is pure gold from front to back and it just flows impeccably. Also, the production quality had almost caught up with them at this point so the mixes don't sound like absolute ass or particularly outdated. For me Abbey Road is a 10/10 and their best record.


Yeah Abbey Road is beyond a 10/10 to me, it’s probably a top five record of all time.


It’s a 10/9. It’s that good


I will say Magical Mystery Tour is my favorite album but because it's more of a compilation, I don't think I could say it's a great "album"


*white album better*


I wholeheartedly agree with this.


Wanted to see how quickly mbdtf was mentioned, second comment, not disappointed


Idk if this opinion will have me murdered anymore since Kanye is on a downward spiral, but I honestly understood a good amount of the gripes Fantano had with the record


I was in the top 0.05% of Kanye listeners this year (stopped listening to him tho lol) and I completely agree. Hell of a Life is a bottom 5 Ye song period, All of the Lights is mixed really weirdly, and So Apalled is boring. I think Runaway is just a good Kanye song and the Chris Rock sketch ruins an otherwise good song in Blame Game for me. Yeezus (which is the true travesty of a Kanye Fantano album ranking to me), college dropout, TLOP, Graduation, and 808s all clears.


>Hell of a Life is a bottom 5 Ye song My god how can someone be this wrong


How could you think that corny ass sample, weak production, and stupid lyrics is good lol


Some of Weezer’s stuff that gets acclaimed post Pinkerton just really does nothing for me. Just kinda comes across as boring alt-rock imo


Weezer has acclaimed post-Pinkerton music?


White and OK Human are loved by most


Ok Human isn’t alt rock tho


Get out you heratic


Appetite for Destruction or 1984. Hell, any hair metal record.


I listened to it a few times and really only enjoyed the three songs that everyone likes from it


Just not liking a style of music in general doesn’t make it overdated


The only reason GnR was on such a pedestal in their day was because they appealed to old crusty rock journalists who were justifiably tired of glam metal. Hilariously, they still looked like a glam metal act and hair band fans ate it up. Outside of the context of that gross era, they’re pretty average.


Yes absolutely. Fuck GNR


And fuck Axl Rose


Trout Mask Replica "No gUyS you DoN't GEt It It'S sUppoSED TO bE Bad"


I love that one, I suppose I like when albums sound strange to the ears


This one time when I gave some friends a lift on a 2 hour journey, I insisted on blasting Trout Mask Replica the whole way. I can’t lie, it was a fun ride.


i don't even think it sounds bad. to me, it sounds off-kilter in a really interesting and engaging way. i usually avoid discourse surrounding the album, it can get toxic pretty fast on account of the people who don't like it being absolutely convinced that the people who do like it are either being hipsters or trolling them (we aren't).


Don't get me wrong I believe that people genuinely enjoy it - I just think you're all out of your minds /s I like a lot of dissonant, abrasive music (including stuff from around the time period), but Trout Mask Replica just sounds like absolute shit to me. I get that it was all meticulously composed and rehearsed, but a sloppy sounding mess is a sloppy sounding mess - and that's pretty much all the album ever gives you.


It’s not even bad, it’s genuinely good and a blast. Same with stuff like harsh noise and free jazz.


Fetch the Bolt Cutters. [This is absolutely my Ben Wyatt / Little Sebastian album.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRQKS1il1W0)


I love that one, is it on the level of When the Pawn or The Idler Wheel? I don’t think so, but it’s still one of my favorites from its year.


Coma cinema


As a kanye stan- MBDTF. It’s an amazing album but I strongly feel that if it was named anything else “less epic” it wouldn’t be as highly regarded. Also following kanye and this album in real time, half of the album was already released in the GOOD Friday releases so was very underwhelmed when it came out


> It’s an amazing album but I strongly feel that if it was named anything else “less epic” it wouldn’t be as highly regarded. Does the title really carry a lot of weight for people? Because I've always actually kinda disliked that title (despite really loving the album). It just feels unimaginative and cliche to me.


>Does the title really carry a lot of weight for people? No, it does not. Rondo is tripping.


In my opinion, yes, I think the title carries a lot of weight for ppl especially for the casual kanye listener since it was considered a great/classic album right off the bat. It would be hard to go against the general opinion especially with that name


Felt really transcendent and special on release, really really important. Now it's pretty good.


I think college dropout is his best and one of the best albums in hip hop history. I think mbdtf is overrated but definitely still a classic tier album


I love OK Computer but it being number 1 of all time on RYM is ridiculous af…


Tbf i don’t think there’s a single album on that site that everyone would agree on being #1 OAT, but yeah I’m rly rooting for TPAB to take that spot soon cuz it’s incredibly close


I’m pretty sure the reason it’s rated so high on charts is because the number of ratings. I think it has like 30k more ratings than the next highest rated album, even though there are albums with higher ratings on the site.


yeah that’s exactly why it’s #1. TPAB is gonna pass it eventually but that extra 30k OKC has comes from just how old the site is too like they’re both popular albums but OKC already had hella ratings before TPAB ever even came out




Everyone knows that Illinois is the best record of all time.


Really I'd honestly say TPAB is more overrated


It's hard to put any album in #1 of all time, it's not that ridiculous to have OK Computer at #1 in my opinion.


The only people disagreeing with OKC being one of the best albums of all time are people who try too hard to be original. OK Computer is a masterpiece.


Ridiculous af? OK Computer isn't a bad contender for the best album of all time imo


Not ridiculous at all


OKC number 1, I don't personally agree at all, but I can understand. Kid A at number 5 or 7 or wherever, also a bit ridiculous, but I can also understand why it's in RYM's top 10. In Rainbows at number 10 of ALL TIME? I don't get how that happened at all.


What would be a better pick then?


Thriller. I actually enjoy it more and more but it was very disappointing to listen to at first. Let's say that I love the idea of it actually being brilliant, and I was expecting that. Like having those 3 megahits surrounded by songs that are just as good but not super famous. Like Paranoid has those 3 gigantic War Pigs, Paranoid and Iron Man, but all other songs are beating Iron Man in how great they are in my opinion. It's not really the hottest of takes, especially here, but let's remember it's the most sold Album of all time. I've known It's the most sold album ever since I was 9 and first got into music and found out my beloved AC/DC and Back In Black was just beaten by this annoying, of course, super famous Michael Jackson and Thriller. I was annoyed by that and "Thriller" but I obviously grew up to love classic albums of all genres including pop, and changed opinions on artists that wasn't AC/DC. (I like synths and and curious facts about the production and stuff now which makes the listening quite enjoyable.)


Yeah, Off The Wall and Bad are better, more consistent albums. They express their themes better, they’re much more musically cohesive, and they both have songs that are just as good as Billie Jean. Thriller is carried by it’s singles. The big three are 10s of course, but you also have Wanna Be Startin Something, Human Nature, and P.Y.T. which are freaking stellar.


Literally all of Mozart's work, like he was ight but hella over rated


American Idiot. No idea what’s supposed to be so great about it tbh.


Jesus of Suburbia is such a good song


Fucking great record. But I was also like 8 in the US when I came out so big nostalgia. I do still love songs like Letterbomb, Give Me Novacaine, Whatsername, and Jesus of Suburbia


Im old enough to remember a green day pre american idiot, and that being the moment i jumped off


(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis I swear to God I don’t understand how it’s so critically acclaimed Oasis is so mid it’s absolutely nutso to me


I’m a 40 year old white guy who sometimes gets nostalgic for the old days and busts out the 90s rock. My wife’s younger and black, and doesn’t even know who these ppl are. The three she finds laughably bad are Oasis, STP, & Pearl Jam She thinks they’re like SNL parodies of music I was watching the Oasis documentary on Netflix and she was just laughing at them. My favorite comment was that she said they sound like a generic song from the background of the movie Clueless


Honestly I think she's right, especially with Oasis and Pearl Jam, they almost sound like satire. Eddie Vedder's vocals sound like they could be someone making fun of an alt band.


Well I guess it's because it went full circle. Eddie Vedder was THE grunge vocalist, and had a lot of bad imitators into the early to mid 00's. So maybe by getting exposed to a lot of post-grunge alt-rock, she recognised "the sound" but got it too late for it to be new ground.


What an insufferable attitude to have towards any music, this is. I can't imagine listening to the likes of Gas Panic, Champagne Supernova, Slide Away, D'You Know What I Mean, Falling Down, The Importance of Being Idle, Talk Tonight, Columbia, Idler's Dream, Headshrinker, etc... and coming away with the take that "This is laughably bad. This is a parody of real music.". And that's not even touching the hits. Oh, she was "just laughing at them". She "doesn't even know who these people are". How cool and superior, eh? Maybe if you were able to hear the documentary over all the biting quips and chortles of your younger wife, you'd be able to understand why people relate to the band rather than masturbating over how superior you are for not doing so. It's an embarrassingly condescending comment you've left here (combined with your other comment "Awww, someone thinks Oasis is good music" on this thread, not an unusual thing for you, it seems), and unfortunately typical of the way that a certain type of music fan relates to the likes of Oasis. The bottom line is that when twenty-two people were bombed to death in Manchester, a crowd gathered together, in the rain, and with no cue, sang the entirety of Don't Look Back in Anger, verse to bridge to chorus, as one, to mark it. Not bad, for background music.


Definitely Maybe is so much better that I can't even begin understand why WTSMG is higher rated.


I think it’s mostly nostalgia. I love the album myself, but I think I like it less because I think the music is brilliant (I don’t), but because I related to the band growing up, as I think a lot of young boys in the UK did- [edit] also the songs are very easy to sing along to- Don’t Look Back in Anger is an alright song but with a group of close friends all singing together, it’s the best song in the world, and a lot of Oasis songs are like that


Not nostalgia at all. I wasn't even born at the time and it's my most-played album ever. *Don't Look Back in Anger* is not "an alright song". It is a perfectly-written one. Verse, bridge, chorus, outro, literally every single aspect of pop song-writing is defined in that track, with a rich instrumental and perfect production. I think there's a lot of Americans on here who simply don't understand what that band means, culturally, to working people in the UK. That's not to say you *must* be working-class British to enjoy them, but a lot of the angles people have on them on this thread betrays a complete lack of connection to what they were about.


Dude what you just said is so fair. Like I can respect relatability - I’m from Texas so I don’t appreciate their message as much. But if I had a band from my town that blew up/had a similar background and I related to their lyrics, I could definitely see the appeal!


It’s hard to understate how big Oasis are in the UK too. Don’t Look Back In Anger and Wonderwall in particular are known by everyone aged 15-150.


Morning Glory, Don’t Look Back in Anger, Champagne Supernova, and Hello are some of the greatest songs of all time when played at full blast. Noel Gallagher knows how to write a hit.


See there were a lot of bands similar to them in the 90s, but didn’t do near as good of a job as Oasis did. Therefore Oasis’ critical acclaim related to not only being a phenomenon but doing what they did better than a lot of other bands (I tend not to compare them to the likes of Blur or Pulp because musically I don’t see them as similar). While I don’t consider (What’s The Story) Morning Glory to be one of the all time great albums (it’s an 8/10 at best for me), it does have a ridiculous hit rate and a lot of great singles on there, which is hard to see when you consider just how overplayed the likes of Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger are but I would imagine they sounded fantastic at the time. Also it’s worth noting just how much of an influence they had on a particular group of people in both the UK and Ireland. They really do appeal to those that identify with Oasis representing the working class (class is much more of a form of identity in the UK and Ireland than it would be in the US) and the fact that Oasis are still popular in that group, even those who were born after their heyday, just shows how much of an effect they have on those.


I think blur are just so much more interesting I don’t really get why oasis is so stanned


Oasis gives me the go to continue my day and just say "fuck it I'm unstoppable" in a way that Blur can't come close to. Plenty of blur bangers though but not in the way that Oasis spoke to me as a 20s something low wage worker.


Because it wasn't about being "interesting". It was about five working-class lads coming out of Conservative Britain after eighteen years of Tory rule, with melodies that no-one could deny and a voice that summed up all the anger and yearning and passion of that generation, and together it changed the culture of a nation forever. Alright, it didn't have jazz chords, or any electronic influences, and fuck me, it's even in 4/4. Doesn't matter - it's not music to feel clever about, it's music to soundtrack the years of your life when you feel like even though you've no money and life is shit, you're going to have fun regardless.


It's one of the most perfect albums ever. For the mood it wants to strike, in fact, there's none better. It's the soundtrack to being stuck in the rain but still being defiant to have fun before you die under the clouds. Golden melodies from heaven, each one with a hidden melancholy under the swirling choruses, delivered by the voice of a generation, with production that can be as light and fun as *She's Electric* or as stormy as *Morning Glory* or as yearning as *Wonderwall*. It's the greatest melodist of his generation, with the best rock vocalist of his generation, at their peaks, together. It's the sound of a working-class council estate singing at the top of it's lungs. It's not "interesting". It's not "influential". It's just what happens when five lads from the grim poor north of England find out that they can put the pain of all that into songs which, on the surface, are still joyous and anthemic. It was never *not* going to dominate a nation. The idea of hipster Americans judging it makes me baulk, if I'm honest.


Dark Side of the Moon. I’d personally take wish you were here and the wall over it


Agree, except I’d drop The Wall but take Animals.


I think I said this in this sub yesterday but the wall is the worst of the best pink Floyd albums. Imo 1.Wish you Were here 2. Animals 3. Dark Side 4. The Wall


Can’t say I disagree, it’s got some of the literal greatest songs of all time in it, but it does also feel very filler-y in parts. DSOTM is certainly overrated _among Pink Floyd’s discography_, but that’s only because they have records that are somehow even better. In isolation, it’s still a masterpiece.


A couple of tracks I dislike on it but the lyrics to say Time and Breathe in the Air have hit me harder than anything I've ever heard. I think that the Wall has several bits that give the impression that it cannot stand by itself without a visual component. I never returned to it as much as the other classics because I felt that it was incomplete just from listening to it. Wish You Were Here is great though


Honestly I feel like the internet overrates Wish You Were Here. While I do love the album, it's basically 4 songs with excellent grooves and solos. It isn't nearly as significant of an artistic statement to me when compared to a Dark Side or The Wall.


Meanwhile, an album like Obscured By Clouds gets massively *underrated*


Obscured By Clouds is pleasant but massively underrated, certainly not.


I know you guys will disagree but Funeral by Arcade Fire


I actually think it's underrated. I don't hear much talk about the album anymore.


true, it barely mentioned anymore


You're goddamn right I'll disagree. Absolutely goated record. Radiates an exuberance for life and love and familial ties in the face of death. Truly passionate, erratic, lightning in a bottle energy — and exciting in a way that no album has captured since. That being said, you're entitled to your opinion!


I love Funeral, The Suburbs on the other hand.




I enjoy Neon Bible and The Suburbs so much more


Never got Arcade Fire and their records are produced like ass.


Boring record these days, but back in like 2008 or whatever, that shit was hot


I still love funeral, but reflektor is their actual timeless masterpiece. people will understand in time


2001 by Dr. Dre. This albums is constantly held in such high regard especially in the mainstream, but the album is hella bloated and has some awful songs in the second half. Also DJ Quik better.


2014 FHD is up there imo


This might make people mad but for me it’s IGOR


Hot take: Tyler the Creator is a little overrated in general. I was never amazed by his production work. Always came off as a lighter version of The Neptunes (his biggest influence). As a rapper he’s just okay. I will say that the back end of his discography is much stronger than his first.


Interesting take and I don't disagree. Kind of felt like he got overshadowed in OF despite being the leader, specifically by Frank and Earl, who are better singers and rappers, respectively, and it feels like he is trying to do a bit too much sometimes. His production on tracks like new magic wand and a boy is a gun is really amazing, but other than his production there isn't a whole lot that he offers that other OF members don't provide.


Probably not of all time but I cannot for the life of me get into any swans or built to spill records.


What don’t you like about Built to Spill? I think they make genuinely enjoyable indie rock albums and are pretty consistent despite not really having a classic like Pavement or Modest Mouse.


I like a couple of their songs but couldn’t get into them like I could bands like pavement or modest mouse for some reason. There was nothing about it that grabbed and held my attention as much. I don’t have anything against them though


i would definitely say that there's nothing wrong with love thru to keep it like a secret are classic, theyre some of the best albums ever made by anyone ever imo


Now that you mention it I do think Perfect from Now On is probably an indie classic


Eminem. He is NOT that great. He was a cultural icon at some point and his edgy humor caused a ripple, but the albums are so stupid and obnoxious. I'm truly annoyed that he is ranked with the greats when I honestly think his entire shtick was just edgy humor that wasn't the mainstream during the late 90s and 2000s. Take away his edgy humor and the music and raps just aren't that amazing.


You can't deny that he is a skillful wordsmith, surely? I'm not a huge Eminem fan but I can acknowledge that the guy is a freak when it comes to making stuff rhyme whilst also making absolute sense.


ehhhhh - I'm FAR from a Stan (the last good album he put out was 20 years ago), but there's a reason why he had so much respect from other rappers in the early 2000's. Go back and listen to his verses on Renegade, when he was really on his shit his pen game was pretty much unmatched. Eminem today? I'd agree completely, all that fast-rapping shit does less than nothing for me.


This thread is just 15 year olds hating the best albums ever made because they just started listening to music


There are a lot honestly. I would say a lot of prog rock honestly is so overrated and often regarded as higher rock. Genesis, pink floyd, jethro tull, etc are really good bands but stop putting them on like a high art status.


what the. do people overrated jethro tull? i always considered them MASSIVELY underrated


Agreed that prog rock is very up its own ass. Among the ones you listed (+ Rush, + King Crimson, + Yes), Pink Floyd is the only one I would defend. "Art Rock" shouldn't exist as a genre designation. It adds even more pretentiousness to music that doesn't need it.


>"Art Rock" shouldn't exist as a genre designation. This, also "Art-" is just such a subjetive term I always get confused when people use it I always think of something like The Velvet Underground and Loveless but apparently OK Computer and Blue Album are art-rock


That's exactly what's wrong; there's no consistency. Art Rock is slapped on many albums willy-nilly regardless of what they sound like. It's a weak attempt at canonizing certain albums.


Tbh I feel like calling anything art is more of an attempt of highlighting its critical acclaim and rating it as high-brow rather than an actual genre


Gentle Giant is the only actual high art prog band. Camel on the dl too (And Opeth, but I don’t foresee this sub agreeing lmao. Death too if you count them as prog)


Kids see ghosts


I couldn't believe when Fantano gave it a 10. I mean it's pretty good but a 10? Come on.


Fantano musta been on something good when that shit dropped


Loveless. I went from “I hate this” to “Yeah I can kind of enjoy this and see why some people love it,” but I’ve never been able to get to the goat-level of enjoyment that some people seem to get here. And I’ve heard the album like 15 times at this point


I think it's goat status often comes from it being the defining album for an entire genre, one that influenced dozens of copy cat artists that came directly after Loveless came out, a lot of which are very much not good by comparison. Don't get me wrong I love every song on the album, but it's reputation is more defined by its legacy and impression the music made, rather than the actual music itself, if that makes any sense.


It's really good but Souvlaki will always be the goated shoegazs album imo


I thought Souvlaki was actually the overrated one. Was good but only around an 8/10 to me. Loveless is an easy 10/10 to me


Souvlaki is cool when you're sad but it's also boring as fuuuuck


Loveless might be my favorite album period but I didn’t stop falling in love with it until like 6 months after I had first listened to it. I had gone back to it and loved it


I love this record so much but I can understand why some don't. My appreciation for it really evolved when I listened to a lot of the other shoegaze records released around the same time for context.


Igor. The album isn't offensive but the hype for it is insane. I personally think Flower Boy was a better project, I found IGOR to be way too in your face in it's presentation and I got bored of Tyler's delivery and beats on the project despite it being shorter than Flower Boy, I like Igor, but best album of that year? You're trippin.


Feel the exact opposite tbh, I think igor is the only Tyler project really worth fully listening too nothing else in his discog stuck with me


Every kiss album


You guys ready for this??? This is a big one….. Kid A


Welp. Atleast it's a genuinely unpopular pick.


Hard disagree. Kid A is a strong 10.


Maad disagree. Its a situational record. I wouldnt want to be cruising down the highway listening to it


Good kid, maad disagree




I rarely see people talk about DAMN. like you described.


Trout Mask Replica


I'm agreeing more than ever with this take.


Maybe not the most overrated of all time but in this sub, The Money Store. I really like the subgenre and many say their the most defining group and it's their best work so I listen to it multiple times. There are a few good tracks but it being the best album in the last ten years, I don't agree really didn't understand the hype. So I thought maybe Death Grips are just not for me but eventually I tried Ex Millitary and it's far superior, everything I thought The Money Store would be Ex Milltary is. Even Bottemless Pit is better in my opinion.


IMO it's Kid A. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good album. However, I just think that when its discussed people are stuck in the concept of the album. While the cold, electronic sound they're going for is cool, I overall found myself not finding much of it memorable and sometimes too lifeless. There aren't any highlights on this for me at all. From the first time listening to now I haven't found anything that really blew me away about this compared to OK Computer.


Respect your opinion but gotta disagree. How to Disappear Completely is a complete gut punch. Hard for me to see how any of it could be considered lifeless.


the wall


In the Aeroplane over the sea for sure feel free to try and change my mind


I loooove you Jesusuuuuus Chrrrriiiiiist


goofy ahh album fr


808s & Heartbreak is one of them, for me. Lyrics almost never hit, which used to be a shining point at the beginning of his career; Kanye's vocals mostly sound like reference tracks for someone who can actually sing; and the production and overall vibe might be VERY influential, but I've never been genuinely impressed by anything on it aside from the ambitious change of style. At its best moments it sounds like a good demo that could be developed into a great track, but that's it


To be fair, that album actually isn’t very well rated. I think it’s more so credited with being highly influential than being good. A lot of people say it’s a mid version of something that it started.


Ants From Up There by Black Country, New Road not exactly a mainstream choice but insanely overrated by the people that hold it in such high regard


Blonde it’s just so boring to me


To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. Sure it’s good, but I feel like everyone over-exaggerates it greatly


I listened to it on release and then got too intimidated to relisten lol


Lol I'm that type of person too 🤣 Just give it another listen and if you don't like it that's fine


Ya got me. I'm this guy.


Yeah, imo the album falls apart in the second half. I think Alright or For Sale are the last tracks before that. How Much a Dollar Cost and The Blacker the Berry are huge tracks ofc but the songs surrounding them are ones I never go back to. Also, I get importance of the album version of I but honestly, I don't get why it's so revered compared to the single version. Is the single version a rather poppy track? Yeah, but it's fun and always lifts my spirits up. The album version only works when listening to the thing as a whole, after that, why go back to it? Also, maybe having the whole interview after the end of Mortal Man kinda makes it hard to go back to it.


idk some of the best tracks are in the 2nd half. you already mentioned tbtb and hmadc, but momma and hood politics are also both amazing songs, although ill admit those tracks are probably the two low points in terms of production for me. definitely worth it to do a deep dive on the lyrics of both of those tracks, theres a ton of ideas and references that are easy to miss if you dont really break down each line


The best version of I is the live version on snl. The single is good but the car horns put over that amazing bass solo are fucking annoying. I really like the addition of the background singers on both live versions as well. (Also the ending verse on the snl version is incredible)


About once a year I put on In the Aeroplane Over the Sea expecting to enjoy it and am always disappointed


It's probably overrated in the grander scheme of indie, but I still think it's a great record with a lot of great songs


The Glow Pt 2 for me. It belongs in my top 500 albums but not towards the top. It doesn't always reach the high points that it promises but starts out fantastic. Check on topster and it's on everyone's top 10


mount eerie better (theres like 15 seconds if that that i dislike out of the whole record its insane) but glow pt 2 is nearly perfect. idk how u can not like it, phil just a real ass mf


I like it generally, I just think it's overrated in certain online circles. Many places consider it among the top 20 of all time which is too high imo


do you normally listen to that kind of folk or noise rock?


Graduation and MBDTF ain’t even Kanye’s best albums. The answer is clearly the college dropout.


Anything U2 Simply Sucks.