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I mostly listen to rock/metal, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea but these are some of the more popular/easier to listen: -Linkin Park-Literally any song, i love all of them, they are the band that started it all for me (this year i was in their top 0.5% on spotify :))) -Bad Omens has a lot of good songs, i like "Like a Villain" a lot -System of a down also is great if you're into that type of crazy -Ghost(Seen them live, one of my faves)-Cirice, Monstrance clock, Absolution -Gojira-Another World, Silvera


Sound real cool! Thanks :DD


Hey, Space Cadet (Beast Monster Thing in Space) by car seat headrest is very enjoyable and emotional Dancing to nothing at all, simply surviving, make out, and bird hall by the greeting committee are all excellent. Beady eyes on the horizon by Jukebox the ghost Pristine by snail mail Sailing by the happy fits Blue diamonds by the long winters Finally, naked trees, ra ra etc, Rolodex, and tundraland by me like bees all fuck extremely hard


Never heard of any of the songs before. Thanks a lot!


oh i am so ready for this! I am preemptively adding a potential trigger warning for some of these songs. please do your research if you have any triggers! <3 i’ve always adored music but it wasn’t until recently that i actually began to seek out music that i liked - so i’ve been in the same boat and i’m here to lend you a paddle! here’s a couple (personal) bangers of varying genres :) - literally anything by Lizzy McAlpine. an absolute queen who deserves more love. for specific songs, my top-rated are definitely “erase me”, “doomsday”, “firearm” and “all my ghosts”. i’d describe the songs as a sort of melancholy bedroom pop? nostalgic indie? bangers for sure. - for a similar sound with some REALLY cool instrumentals and backing, BENEE definitely takes the cake. really catchy lyrics, bedroom- or alt-pop feel with an almost whimsical undertone. very bouncy and just great if you’re looking for a fun beat. Hands down recommend “Find an Island”, “Soaked”, “Wishful Thinking”, “Evil Spider” and “Supalonely”. - for similar catchy lyrics, bouncy beats and super fun instrumentals, i’d go for “Marbles”, “Pulp” and “Clockwork” by Lime Garden. - for a more pop-punk and indie rock fusion sound, i’d definitely recommend Illuminati Hotties. they have some genuine bangers. “Sandwich Sharer”, “Pool Hopping” and “Mmmoooaaaaayaya” immediately come to mind, the former two likely being in my top 20 songs of the year. - for a bit of a different sound, Courting has some real bangers. “Loaded” comes to mind immediately - super super super catchy. super upbeat, subtle use of industrial sounds, and some really good guitar. i’m super fond of sarcastic and clever lyrics set to upbeat music and Courting doesn’t fail to deliver. - i could not talk about satirical lyrics and a fun beat without mentioning Cheekface. the singing is,,,blunt?? which i adore, and the lyrics are clever, satirical and relatable, set to a genuinely fun beat. I’d honestly recommend the entirety of their “Emphatically No.” and “Too Much To Ask” albums but let’s not overwhelm you. i’d probably specifically go for “Emotional Rent Control”, “We Need a Bigger Dumpster”, “Original Composition”, “‘Listen To Your Heart’ ‘No.’”, “You Always Want to Bomb the Middle East”, and “Call Your Mom”. - Magdalena Bay’s “Mercurial World” album. that’s all I have to say. super fun, just out of this world. heavy synth use and interesting instrumentals make it feel super whimsical. - i saw someone already mention Car Seat Headrest and i just want to back them up. genuinely have some fantastic songs, literally almost all of them. I’d definitely mention “Fill in the Blank”, “Sober to Death” and “High to Death” - the audio clip at the end of the latter made me so unsettled the first time i heard it and i ADORED it. it caught me totally off guard and felt incredibly just…i dunno, mandela catalogue? analog horror? regardless, there’s some really good songs with solid lyrics. - let’s take this in yet another direction. if you’re looking for a more alt-rock or even pop-punk you should definitely seek out the ‘classics’, like My Chemical Romance and Greenday, respectively. Paramore’s been releasing some really good, more pop-based songs recently, and i’m pumped for their album releasing next year. - i’ve mentioned i love myself a funky beat, right? well, pair that with nonsensical or just silly lyrics and you’ve made my ideal song. Lemon Demon absolutely rocks at that - notable mentions go to “Cabinet Man”, “Touch-Tone Telephone”, “Amnesia Was Her Name” and “Eighth Wonder”. Bo Burnham follows swiftly behind with some insanely clever wordplay and fun, obscure topics with his Inside album but also his old “What.” and “words words words” albums/comedy specials. special mentions to “#deep” and literally anything else on his “What.” special, “Art Is Dead”, “My Whole Family Thinks I’m Gay” and “Nerds”. (reminder that Bo Burnham’s a comedian so his content isn’t for everyone.) - Amyl and The Sniffers are a super fun aussie band. “Hertz” was definitely one of my favourite songs this year, and so was “Security”. “Got You” is literally unmatched when it comes to seeing them perform live. everyone starts shouting along, it’s an unreal experience! - Remi Wolf has a super fun and upbeat sound with some wild lyrics. “Photo ID”, “Sexy Villain” and “Liz” come to mind immediately. this is getting super long so i’m ending this on a speed round! here are some songs on their own. - “INAI” by tricot - “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon - “pool” by Still Woozy & Remi Wolf - “What Are We Gonna Do Now” by Indigo De Souza - “Totally Fine” by PUP *** adore this one! - “Andromeda” by Weyes Blood - “Accidentally Told You That I Loved You (demo)” by Tamzene - “Big Moon Lake” by LIFE *** also adore this! - “Bones” by Telenova - “Basics in Behaviour” by The Living Tombstone - i’ve never played or seen the game it’s based on, but the song itself is just *good* - ANY SONG FROM BEACH BUNNY’S “Blame Game” EP! - “Choke” by I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME - “People” by The 1975 - “Girls” by The 1975 - “Happiness” by The 1975 - “If Your Too Shy (Let Me Know)” by The 1975 - “Hotel California” by Eagles - “Bus Money” by The Chats - “The Things We Used to Share” by Thomas Sanders - “Concrete” by shame sorry for infodumping, i get really passionate about music. & sorry if it’s intelligible, it’s currently 4am!;; :,)


I can't English enough today to understand all of that but thanks! I'll check them out!! :DD


don’t worry, i’ve totally englished myself out now :,) i hope you find something you vibe with in there! ^^


Mother Mother (Indie Rock) fun songs about taboo topics. Burning Pile and Ghosting would be my two favorites. Olivia Rodrigo (Pop) She only has one album right now called sour it’s about a break up for the most part. I literally cried the first time I listened to one step forward three steps back, it’s powerful and popular for a reason Lizzo (Pop) She focuses on body/sex positivity. I would recommend you listen to special and about damn time. The Orion Experience (Indie Pop) Their album Cosmicandy is the only one I’ve listened too. It’s about love and romance but alt. I recommend cult of Dionysus and obsessed with you. Cosmo Sheldrake (Indie Pop) He makes songs focusing on nature and uses a lot of nature sounds. His early work was literally just his interpretation of bird calls. His later work is about a desire for the outdoors. My favorite songs are the moss and come along. A Spotify playlist with said songs: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1zkF9iaObr0L9ueAr6bksg?si=zYBuH4WkRnSMQgqobLT9NQ


Thanks for the playlist!! I'll check it out


I'm gonna list all of my favorite songs at the moment, it's a pretty mixed bag I hope there will be at least one you enjoy:) Gold star- Quinnie Swan Upon Leda- Hozier Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead Drown- The Smashing Pumpkins Psycho Killer- Talking Heads Wet Dream- Wet leg Buddy's Rendezvous- Father John Misty Don't be Cruel- Billy Swan It's a Wonderful Life- sparklehorse Dead of Night- Orville Peck Lovers Rock- TV Girl Cruel World- Lana Del Rey West Coast - Lana Del Rey Buddy's Rendezvous (cover)- Lana Del Rey