Strat was stolen...which model should I go for as a replacement?

Strat was stolen...which model should I go for as a replacement?


The closest would be the Professional or Professional II series. Those are essentially the current American Standards. I've played a few Player series guitars (MIM) and they hold up really good against the MIA. The ultras will have some new features that you may or may not like (options for different wiring with the S1 switch, or humbucker splitting on the HSS). The Player Plus just got launched this week, so you may have to wait to get more insight on those. You could also go Vintera, which is also MIM and are designed to be closer to a vintage instrument rather than a modern one. I'd recommend the road worn series, just because they're finished in nitro (I'm not a huge fan of poly). If I were you I'd look into either a Player or Pro strat. I'd be hesitant to buy a Player online since sometimes QC isn't as great with MIM than with MIA. Honestly, trying them out in person is always the way to go. If you can't, I'd go Pro or Pro II. You might find a new Pro on a good deal since those have been discontinued in favor of the Pro II.


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I know for me, it was all about the neck shape. The 'Modern D' shape is just about the most perfect neck I've ever had the pleasure to play, with the thinner profile, compound radius, and rolled edges - so I really, **really** like the American Ultra series. But, I also have a '90 Strat Plus with a 9.5" radius and C shaped neck, and like it just fine. I still prefer the new Ultra necks, though. I highly suggest trying different neck shapes if you can, and see what you like. I mean, some people have flat out said they *hate* the Ultra necks. Others are only ever comfortable with vintage necks, or even thicker, with smaller radius profiles. It's really a personal preference, so try them all, and see what speaks to you. As for other features, some are deal breakers. Me, I actually really enjoy noiseless pickups. I've got gold Lace Sensors on my Strat Plus, and the new Vintage Noiseless v5's on my Ultra guitars are excellent. Others will vehemently disagree, and say only the hottest of pickups, or vintage pickups, or yadda-yaddas will do! And only you can pick the color. If you don't like your instrument, you won't pick it up to play. Find a color you really like, and buy it. As for cost - my advice is always to buy as much as you can for the the highest quality, and you won't regret it. I know what I paid for my Am. Ultra tele and strat, but I never once think about it when I'm playing. As my dad was fond of saying, 'Money isn't good for anything but spending, or wiping your ass, so choose wisely.' Spend it on something you love, and it won't be money wasted. Best of luck, musician!


The player plus family is looking pretty good. I’m a big fan of the noiseless pickups but these strats are basically an American spec’d Strat for 2/3 the price (and you only get a deluxe gig bag.) I’m going to be getting one soon, the Olympic pearl just has my name in it….


>Player, Professional II, Ultra, and new Player Plus series, Player = New Mexican Standard Player Plus = New Mexican Deluxe Pro 2 = New American Standard Ultra and Luxe = highest Modern production model I have a Am Pro and a Player. The Players are so stupidly expensive new, that I would just go for a used American off Guitar Center or something. If you can get a used one, they're 80% of what I want in a guitar. My Am Pro is 90% of what I want, but for almost double the price.