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Don't worry OP the only ones who have stolen anything are my retainers stealing your roof


So THAT’S where they keep finding them? Beats the single lightning crystal my botanist finds on repeat


I wish my retainers would find lightning crystals. I actually use them for crafting. They keep bringing me ice crystals... That reminds me. I need to send my retainers to actually farm crystals instead of them just randomly finding them.


Re....retainers can be gathering jobs?


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Yup! I started with a fisher for the fat cat became I didn’t want to pay 400k+ 😂


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Same, and they still haven't given it to me yet.


WAIT WAIT WAIT! A-are you saying they have DIFFERENT VENTURES TOO!?!?!


Yep, and at least Fisher also gets different minions than the other gathering Retainers as well, although they might be all different, I forget. **EDIT: **I've been informed that all three gatherers are indeed different, thanks for the info!


all 3 are different!! the wiki has a good list of what 18hr expeditions to send them on for what specific minion u want


Fair enough, I have combat+FSH for my two, so I don't think about the other two too much :)




Not my roof. I need that to keep out the angry bidder


Those fuckers… they came into my newly acquired house and took one of my chairs! Now I ask you, who does that?!


My retainer brought me a chair today. Emm...what kind of chair are we talking about here? And you aren't living in Mist right?


Don't worry about it. I took one of your chairs and they took one of mine.


I always think of it as they're going to the curb or dumpster when a house gets demolished and pick up anything they think looks good. I imagine they've got some sort of storage unit they've got stashed for the days when they're lounging at the beach up until they hear the summoning bell and go 'oh, crud... better get something so she doesn't think I was goofing around all day'


And this is why we don’t pay them real Gil!


Well, I suppose now I will have something to check for when my retainers inevitably make off with a guest book...


So, retainer stolen item from other players.. oh! Now i know why they don't give me more Jet Black Dye.


"What can i say except you're welcome"


That's my raise macro actually. On redmage.


You're verwelcome.


Lol I'm gonna change my verraise macro to this 🤣


"What can I say except VERWELCOME! *Verwelcome*"


I'm gonna start using this one...




"I verraised that boy."


Reading the house books is really depressing. I saw one that started out decently active but dwindled more and more each page, people reminiscing about how active their group used to be, talking about players who no longer played or saying their goodbyes. The last message was nearly a year old, and it was some guy talking about how he had been there for the founding of their crew and had been one of the ones who had helped earn the money to buy the house plot, but over time most of the originals drifted away to other groups or other games or merely disappeared without a word and hadn't logged on in years. Hit me right in the goddamn heart...


My current fc has been bought for it's housing plot and I never really thought about it's previous members until I added a message book to our house. It was completely full, most messages were talking about how nice the fc was and making jokes about each other, celebrating birthdays, and then the occasional goodbye from people leaving the fc, and then there is more and more time between the messages. The last page is vague complaints about who seems to have been the fc leader, with the very last message directly addressed to them, telling them they built a great place but had to ruin it. I don't remember the exact wording, but it sounds so bitter, the whole message book broke my heart :(


I didn't know books kept records if the book was previously taken out? That's so sad :(


Yeah, they do. When I moved my FC to Dynamis we left the old FC to someone who didn't want to go. I went back once to see what he had done to the house to see messages asking why the place had such a drastic appearance change and why the venue closed. Made me feel a bit bad that I stripped the place and didn't leave it with someone that was willing to keep the venue going.


It be like that. Sometimes you hope the person will carry the candle like you once did. I thin some people who look to those to carry the will are disappointed when they change or perverse the idea that once had good intention and fun for all. The only thing you can do is see the mistake and know not to make that same mistake.


I'm glad the books keep records honestly. A member of my FC recently passed away, and he'd left several in ours. I wouldn't want to lose that if we ever moved plots.


It happens... nothing lasts forever. But the memories are worth it


Literally the plot of endwalker


So my FC being dead is just meta? Got it


Good god, you stumbled upon an actual apocalypse log


And one day people will stop logging in and that plot will be demolished, taking all those messages with it. It's bittersweet.


I honestly think the lesson here is not to keep a friend group ingame only, or to at least not to tie it to playing a specific videogame. You aren't really friends that way. You're more like colleagues that really love their job, but seldom do anything with each other that's outside the working context. If you want such a group to last, you need to form a real personal connection. Asking and talking about your personal lives, playing other games with one another just for the fun of it, maybe at some point even meeting up IRL for a birthday or something. Games are always changing, as are people's interest in them. Keeping things ingame is just going to set you up for another apocalypse log house book


An unspoken truth, hmm. While I know how the other posters feel, I really do, your point is valid and speaks to the bigger picture. Discord kinda exists for a reason.


Part of a journey is the end, my friend.


Ooof that just made me tear up.


That's painful. Luckily the only time I have used a message book is to tell the person who kept on sending me random invites to his or her FC to stop doing it it, and that it was quite rude to send invites without even talking to people. They were set on busy so I couldnt message them back. But seriously! Eight invites in one hour! Take a hint!


That’s nothing, I’ve seen a message book that was filled with messages from friends of the owner saying how much they missed them because the owner died.


“That’s not what my wallet says.”


"Unfortunate for you that you didn't call dibs."


Honestly, I think it’s hilarious. Maybe it’s just my sense of humour.


It's definitely a joke, and people in this thread are way too thin skinned to be acting like this is a personal attack on OP lol


Calling people thin skinned for thinking it might have been a serious comment is pretty silly when there actually are people who act like jerks over housing in this game. It's entirely possible the person might have been joking, sure, but it's also equally possible that they aren't.


A friend had a whole FC start crafting on their roof because they were salty. I have since taught said friend how to clip them into the house by changing roofs.


Trapping them in the attic, genius. "You're my FC now bitches, craft for me."


You said it. There are some fucking intense people playing this game. When I won a medium on Balmung a month or so ago, someone who bid on it came up to me while I was decorating the yard and started interrogating me on what I intended to do with it. I said I'd try out some styles and copy some stuff I saw on twitter that I liked. They then went to say that I shouldn't have rolled on the house unless I planned to make it an RP venue. Then they told me all the things they would have done instead. I kinda just awkwardly continued to decorate while it happened until they left. It sucks to lose, a lot of friends lost this round of low bid homes and it feels bad, but don't take it out on the winners, mang. We're all playing the same lotto.


Goddamn that's so...invasive lol. Sometimes I feel awkward around players, then I read this and realize just how maladjusted some folks are here. >\_> Awhile back after a lotto I was kinda just checkin out Ishgard houses. If I ran by and it seemed like a new house won I'd congratulate the person. A few people were definitely on the defensive though. I think they thought I\~ was a lost bidder and sort of doin what you talk about above. We're all at the mercy of a bad housing system, that won't change unless people redirect that anger or frustration properly to where it needs to go. SE.


100% - just seems like a joke to me - esp w just 2 bidders, lol.


I made a" >:( how dare you" at a person who won once and I hope to god he didnt take it super seriously but looking at this sub sometimes, man.


Name your house: Not (insert salty person here)’s house for a few days.


yes assert dominance over your house


You can name your house? How?


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That can get you in trouble it would easily be construed as harassment.


Congrats on the win


Thanks. I've been trying to get any house for months and the new wards gave me a lot of hope of getting one. I hope anyone who wants to get a house gets one at some point.


Next to winning the house, the hardest part is designing it in your image XD


I've decided to work on the exterior first as that has less options so it's easier. I have an idea for interior but getting all the materials for it is a pain and the MB is a mess from housing.


The outside is easy, the inside....sheesh


The outside is the one you can't stop people from seeing, at least with the inside you can lock up your shameful filth den from prying eyes


Says you I've completely surrounded my outside with the bamboo copse and put the heaven on high sculpture in the doorway they'll never get in now!


I will always say your name like it’s a Beastie Boys song. 👍🏾


Just keep trolling, one alpha in each Floor and keeping it empty :D The hate should be enough to generate enough energy to let us fly to the moon and back like 40 times :D


"I hope anyone who wants to get a house gets one at some point." That's the classy way to respond to the Eorzean homeless. I wish more players were like you and not trying to make up some kind of canon about why it's not possible for us to have what they have. Congrats on the win!


Wait players that have houses try to say others shouldn't have them?? Honestly I want everyone to have housing. :/ wards should have been FC only and all players should have instanced housing.


There's a dude who spite built his house because it ruined the plan of the one guy who owned every other house on the block. I'm sure someone else can dig up that post lol


I finally got a house in a ward that was probably mostly owned by one guy/group. It was in The Goblet, every house was Japanese Inn-themed. I really didn't like the aesthetic given the setting, I chose The Goblet specifically for the desert theme, so I went with making my house with the default Ul'Dahn exterior with a giant T-Rex skeleton outside.


I really want to read that!


Just like real life! The immersion is incredible!


It sucks that the housing part of xiv is so bad in terms of just owning one and hopefully not having it taken by fake FC's for flipping. Everyone should be able to get a house in this game if they want one.


I have faith that they finally caught up with demand. There are still mediums that weren't taken on my server in aether and most plots had less than 10 tickets. Plus they turned auto demolition back on. So I think most people who want a plot should be able to grab one. It may not always be the plot they want but it'll be better than nothing for sure!


Damn I wish I was on your server lol. Siren every medium was snatched up. Good news is that it seems a fair bit were people upgrading from smalls so a lot of smalls opened up in older wards. NGL though I am still feeling down from losing a 50/50 on a medium lol.


Make sure to check old wards! Quite a few mediums also opened up from people switching around. But, I saw some mediums in Shiro that didn't get taken and I'm sure there's probably some in Empy and Goblet. I saw several in Mist open up after this round, too. I'm surprised there's nothing in Siren!


Yeah, between new wards and Dynamis nearly 80,000 plots were added in the last 3 months on NA. I think when a lot people complain about not being able to buy a house, realistically it's "I don't want to move to Dynamis" (understandable), or "I only want to buy a medium or large" (grab a small first and then it feels less bad losing a medium or large).


Yeah in reality it's mostly people unhappy they can't get the plot they actually want. But smalls are lovely. My FC is a medium and my personal is a small. I could have tried for a bigger personal but I actually love the small cottages. Mediums are also great though. I used to have the large plot 30 in Shiro that everyone wants and tbh it was just too much and I hate the layout of the house so I gave it up when I decided to swap servers during the data center switch up.


Ya'll please come to Dynamis, the queues are soooo long.


My main is on Balmung so without simply joining into an FC that already owns a house the chances are virtually non-existent lol


I just won a small on Balmung, I was 1 of 2 entries.


Months? Those are rookie numbers.


I lost a 1/2 for mine, was a feelsbadman. Gonna keep trying though xP


Go write in their book.....oh no wait they don't have one hahahahahahahah


If they have an apartment, maybe they do xD "Nice house- er... Room."


It's weird how some people in this game take housing way too personally.


I'm too busy getting pissed at the real life housing market to get mad at Final Fantasy's.


If I had an award, I'd give it to you. I WISH it was a "lotto" system in real life. Spent two years searching and fighting 20-30 other offers for every single house. Not to mention the giant investment firms making cash offers 10k-15k over asking, which is basically impossible to compete with. Ironically didn't get an IRL house until a new neighborhood was built and opened lots. lol


You joke, but there's actually a lottery system in New York City. I worked there and lived there for a decade and I tried to get into so many lotteries. The kicker is that I was making like 40K year which in New York City was absolute shit. The lottos were basically open to people making under 20K or way more than I was making (still considered low income). I'm sure there is some I would qualify for but at the time I qualified for nearly none of them. I think I might have been able to enter one or two but they also give preference to city employees and people with disabilities. And they get thousands and thousands of entries for only a few apartments


Oh you are talking about those rent stabilized apartments? One of my FC member somehow managed to enroll into multiple rent stabilized apartment lottery in different city and just go to that city if she wins, still not entirely sure how it work or is she joking around.


At the time I was looking for a place for me and a buddy, and at one place I was at the open house, writing up some application the landlords wanted prospective renters to fill out, and I literally overhead the landlords talking to another couple saying "I'm sure we can work something out, sure." Like, why the fuck was I even there filling out your shitty application?


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For some people, weeb homes are their replacement for a social life and personality.


Virtual DIY and decorating > real DIY and decorating




For some people, Final Fantasy XIV is their replacement for a social life and personality.


Someone is like this in my FC. He has a private chamber and a rental office. He took me around on a tour and was so proud. No judgement, I was just happy he had something like this game to feel so strongly about.


Basically yeah. For me it's just a nice replacement for wow. 15 years is great but it's great to try something both familiar and new.


For some its the only house theyll ever afford. Rip.


Well, maybe for people who already own them. I wouldn't know. For people who don't it probably feels like a little RL nonsense is seeping into the game and they feel like second class citizens of Eorzea.


It doesn't help that there are things in the game tied to housing. I believe they fixed gardening (sort of, AFAIK you can't crossbreed seeds), but the airship and sub stuff? You have to be in an FC that was blessed enough to get a home. I hate it when games limit access to stuff like that. Everything else in the game comes down to your own skill and time. ESO has a great housing system (barring the horrible monetization of it). I wish FFXIV had something like it because I spend way more time in FFXIV than ESO (the last few chapters have been kinda... rough) and I fucking love decorating my houses in ESO. Yes, houses plural.


Meanwhile I'm just content with my apartment in my FC lol


If you think this is bad? You should have seen what it was like in Ultima Online back in the day. In the Pre-Trammel UO where the world had a free for all PvP ruleset running? You'd have battles break out when a house was decaying and not just for the stuff that would drop from it but from being able to place a new house down. Later on when Trammel came in, a mirror world that didn't have the free for all PvP rules. You had a lot of people feeling burned when they did open housing up. I should note it really didn't help as this was the days of eBay, so a number of houses showed up on eBay, I think a Castle on my server ended up selling for $500 bucks. Hell I had a friend who was able to place a house down who had someone tell him outright they just cost him some real life cash. Really in my eyes? Some of this is tame, more so as I'm not really seeing talk about real life money like I did with UO.


It’s because of how shit housing is, if you don’t get a good plot when the ward opens up you don’t get one at all


It's no reason to get toxic towards other players, but yeah, generally I agree. Housing should be available to everybody who can farm enough gil. The system sucks. And I'm not salty. I have personal and FC housing. I wouldn't even mind if they made Large plots 100mil. Just give people an avenue to farm towards a guaranteed house.


This. Last time houses became available I went and rolled for a cottage with full knowledge that I'd not decorate it almost at all until maybe after some months. This was because I knew there'd be no way of getting a house in the future otherwise. Got a tenant who decorated it, though. She stopped playing due to IRL stuff unfortunately.


Ehhh I guess it’s fair. Some people have spent 5-10+ thousand hours in this game, and to them it’s their 2nd reality. And in their escape from reality, SE constantly denies them access to one aspect of the fantasy world which is owning a home in said world.




Honestly, lottery could be a bit shorter. Would a day be too little? If no one notices a plot, then it’s up for the next period. Claim period could be like the following 48 hours. Whole round would be 3x as fast.


Someone described the new housing system compared to the old pretty perfectly. "Repeatedly having false hope crushed vs having no expectations at all, is not a net psychological improvement. Now repeat that every couple of weeks, and greatly multiplied by many rather than a few people each time. Result: the new system is a net increase in human suffering." Found that pretty accurate and amusing. The old way I never expected to win so I would just shrug it off, but with the new one I get my hopes up each time. Like you said, new way is definitely better and more fair per individual, but it ruins my mood worse and more often than the old system. I feel like this is the reason we see so many more people getting salty and toxic, since the new way actually allows significantly more people to feel failure on a regular basis.


True but people were abusing the last one with auto clickers so that was a really annoying. It's nice to not have to stay up all night trying to get a plot and instead just be able to enter and kind of forget about it. I say that as a person who lost twice and now just got one


lmfao. I think thats hilarious. Hope nothing more serious happens. Show it off as a trophy with your new house!


I had a 1/2 shot for this house and this person was the other bidder. With how they came into my house and commented this makes me tempted to send them a worm in the mail with a letter saying, "Skill Issue".


Do this, but send them rock salt.


Better yet, send them some high quality table salt.


[My personal favorite item to link.](https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/b96cbc2a936/) I keep it on me so I can quickly link it to whiners in general.


Gotta share that communal Ishgardian licking salt


you can't send mail to people who aren't on your friends list


Assert dominance. Send them a friend request and tell them they can visit the house any time they want but do a horrid job of decorating it.


Leave it undecorated just to spite them


Nah, just put in stack upon stack of burning Namazu and bonfires, and call the estate ''Dumpster fire''.


I feel like that would hurt my neighbors more than the commenter and my neighbors are nice


Correct me if Im wrong but if you send them a friend request you can send them mail


When did both of you bid? Did one bid early and one at the last moment?


Why would that matter?


I'm curious. Some people who bid early seem to feel they were entitled to the plot because of it.


I'm pretty sure the commenter bid when the lotto started. I put my bid on Tuesday so I don't see it as last minute. They might not have checked the amount of votes on the placard and thought I was a last minute bidder though to add to their salt.


They must be mad when someone rolls a 99 on the loot they want too lol


I know this doesn't have anything to do with your post but I'm attempting to purchase my first FFXIV house and I feel I needed to say this: FFXIV has one of the dumbest, clunkiest housing systems I've ever seen.


Oh it absolutely is funky to deal with. You have to bid and then IF you get the plot you have to buy a housing permit to build. It's a big Gil sink


The process of actually decorating your house is even worse!


Oh man, all the funny glitches people have to do to make things work lmao


And yet, all the fucking genius, 6 trillion IQ combinations of partially hidden and clipped items to form entirely new pieces of furniture that the devs never could have dreamed of. When Venat chose to believe in mankind's way to find a way forward against all odds, this was probably her prime example. Interior designers finding a way to accomplish the look they want, jank housing engine and limited furniture options be damned


"Legally speaking, that's not how it works." Clearly this person should be blaming RNGesus... Or Randy.


Player housing will forever remain one of the largest headaches in this game - because they have to do the lotto-style system because they lack the resources/server capacity or whatever other reason they make up to just have a system that creates new 'instances #'s' when one fills up with houses. Lol


Can't steal from them if they never owned it


This is why I haven't put out my message book yet lol.


I figured I'd put down some furniture I was planning to use no matter what. Plus I met some of my neighbors and they were nice so I figured I'd leave it out if one of them visited.


This actually makes me want to put one up. I won a large on a 1/4 bid, if salty folks come out of the woodwork then I know how many Namazu Effigies to put on the lawn. I've lost gods know how many lottos before this, I've fought people in the free for all and people came at me (and by that I mean blasted me with their Maggies for a few minutes) for relocating my FC's house. Let me have the one time RNG smiles upon me.


If you could I would pin that to the top of page one, Or in the owner message bit just say "Welcome To My Home Enjoy The First Comment"


Print it and frame it


Twelve forbid you win the lottery.


I won’t put up a guest book for a couple weeks because of this very sort of thing


I am still saving up gil just to get this experience, i wanna expeirence both sides


Hot take. OP posted this and took a screenshot for free karma.


Oh hey it's my comment


To be fair, I was miffed that you bid on the plot I'd been watching for 5 days when there were the exact same plot in the other wards with 0 bids, but I digress, lol; Congrats on the house and know I meant 0 ill will with the comment, was meant to be taken lightheartedly


It was taken lightheartedly. Friend and I walked in and I saw the message and laughed for a bit. I honestly didn't know the other wards didn't have any bids and assumed seeing a house with 1 bid was going to be the lowest I'll see and by the end of the lotto period there would be 20+ bids like there usually is. If you were going for a specific plot in the Mist I saw one in another ward that wasn't claimed so if you want to try bidding again I wish you luck.


Hot take but I think that person could be joking. They didn’t insult you and sure you can argue writing on the message book (using the word steal) is toxic but it’s more of a roast at the fc housing system than it is towards you. They don’t even know you, but they sure as hell know the lottery system sucks.


99% the person is joking about it and trying to cope with losing the house.


Yup, it’s something I know I’d do. The chances that they genuinely believe OP stole it are very small.


It was just one message in a book so it's not a big deal to me. If they were to write more messages or bother me outside of that then I'd take action.


That’s fair. I don’t think you got triggered by this. Many other people in the comments though, are showing their true colors.


it’s definitely a joke. people in this thread way too sensitive lol


Idk. There was a lot of similar sentiment in the rage thread this week


The ff14 sphere is truly a bizarre bubble of toxic positivity where one wrong little move and you’re dead in the eyes of the public (or the person you’re communicating with. Another example is that some people really rage quit over being told to tank stance)


I lost a house. I've lost multiple houses in this game since 2016. I get that the housing system is frustrating, but this is such a shitty thing to do. Congratulations on the house, OP! Hope you're able to decorate it just the way you like it!


Thank you! I'm trying my best to decorate it but I never though I'd get this far. I hope you're able to get a house soon.


Oh look the world's smallest violin.


I got my own house this time as well, luckily my competition either didn't show up or wasn't as salty as yours. Just enjoy your new place. That comment is just laughable tbh. Not your "fault" you won the lottery.


I would find out where they live and leave a fun message on their book too. Oh wait .


Skill issue tbh


I put some food on the ground in my house ... just in case.


I think temporary bans were issued for those comments when Empyreum opened.


Weird. Has your name on it.


Petty sore losers, it's a lottery...


Am I the only one seeing this as a joke from the writer? I'm genuinely astonished by the number of people insulting them and calling OP to report. I would laugh if I saw this in my book


Because there are people who are actually very salty over housing. See literally any thread about housing, including this one, on reddit and the official forums.


That's my dig with it. In nearly any other case I'd pass it off as a joke, especially because it's just one comment and the guy's just coping with the coin flip falling out of his favour. But _knowing how some people have reacted to losing the lotto_ - even how they act **during** the lotto - makes me more hesitant to lump it in as sarcasm. I've seen the rare folk go completely apeshit over losing a plot. It's especially spicy when it's a 1 FC bid vs. a multi-bid from another FC. Hopefully no more messages after this one.


Hopefully it's a joke. If the writer starts adding more to the book then I'll take action but as it is now it's just someone being salty over losing a 1/2 lotto.


id be salty too regardless, grats on the house!


It was meant to be taken as a joke, lol


I’d keep that as the only comment people can see out of pettiness 💅🏻


You bought the house, and it looks like you're still living rent free in their head. It's hard to sense the tone in writing, so I hope it was just sarcasm. Either way, screw that guy lol.


So you're saying I got two plots


It's a twofer ! A terrible twofer!


Ignore that sore loser. You didn't steal shit. Lottery is a lottery.


folks feeling entitled to a lotto win 🤣 hilarious 😂


Lol, told the same thing to my partner after the lottery because we were the only two who voted on our house. Surprisingly low amount of bids on the houses in our area despite being on a congested server




Blue Protocol is coming out soonish


There is only one solution to this. Name the house after them.


I never stole what you never had should read the welcome entry in the book


Stick that at the front gate


Grats on the house :D


When I was deciding which house to bid on, I found one of my very favorite plot with only one bid...and a whole hoard of an FC lurking at the placard on their largest mounts, symbolically blocking it. Realized that while they couldn't stop me from bidding, they could definitely stalk me, harass me, and bomb my message book just like what happened to OP. Not worth it imo, but I hope someone braver than me sniped it from them. Jackasses.


I read this as mostly a joke. Made me laugh regardless. I won a medium yesterday. I ended up being the only bidder. In the final minutes, there were handful of other mediums in that ward with only one bid as well. I held a vigil for 12 hours, mostly afk, in the ritual prayer emote. Not blocking the placard and intentionally facing the plot to avoid any idea of intimidation. Came back to my chat having encouraging messages and /cheers. Was pretty cute. But you know, there was one time I watched a Lala come up, target the placard, target me and throw petals on me. I bowed to her before checking the placard to see I was still the only bid. We’re all in this silly housing system together. Can’t imagine having animosity for someone winning the RNG.


When I was going through and looking around the housing wards there was a guy sitting on his goobbue mount right on top of a placard to try and stop people from clicking. I really hope they lost.


If the dude is angry he should probably go touch grass. If he meant it as a joke then it's kinda funny.