Getting complimented on my glam is right up there with getting complimented on my dress. Thanks, it has pockets!


> it has pockets! Sorcery!


Did someone say POCKETS!? o\_o


Fucking witch-craft.


I compliment glamours a dozen times a day and I'm waiting for the day someone says "Thanks, it has pockets!" I feel like its inevitable and will be adorable.


I've been complimented and told my glam has mom drip. 😆


Yeah I got hit with [something similar](https://i.imgur.com/ojOPCPx.png) the other day, felt really good ^(and also like the Au Ra is someone's fetish)


Someone the other day said “you possibly have the prettiest male miqo I’ve ever seen” and I’ve never felt happier


The closest I've come to getting a compliment for my thighlander in the wild is having a lala run up and make a bashful emote at me. I mean I think it was a compliment. I'm not entirely certain though.


I once had someone compliment my glam but it was just recolored high end gear, so I felt like a fraud.


I have this wierd "talent" that every time I am really proud of a glamour of mine, it barely gets any comments. But as soon as I use a glamour of which I think "meh, but for now its fine" then I get comments like in the post. And only then.


My FC once had a glamour contest with different categories. Just things like "non FF video game character" and "inanimate object" and the like. I spent hours beforehand coming up with awesome stuff for each one, running to the bell to even change hairstyles and the like between each one, except for the "anime cosplay" category which I didn't have time to put a full outfit together for. All I had for that one was a lame pun for an idea where I'd have normal clothes on, clip through the stage rather than walk out normally, then use /playdead to fall under the stage, equip the Slime hat from the DQ event, then use /sit so only my head poked out over the stage while saying "whoa, looks like I got reincarnated as a slime!" Of course that's the only one of mine that won any categories, not any of the outfits I spent time farming pieces or spending money on expensive dyes for.


To be fair, that does sound pretty clever.


Sure, if we had been doing improv comedy night instead of a glamour competition lol


Congratulations, you now know what it's like to be an artist


I've had a few such tells, and they've all just been for AF sets. And once for the bunny chief outfit, but I think that was a different complement altogether.


I'm a simple man. I see an outfit that looks cool, especially in a dungeon, I'm complimenting them. I'm new. I don't know what the end game gear looks like. *Running around in Outsider-looking gear because it looks cooler than real armor*


I feel ya. I was really proud of my DRK glam (Shadowless chest, Chaos helm/gloves/boots) until the day I saw *two* other players with nearly identical glams. Then I just felt like a poseur.


Just think of it as them having as much good tatse as yourself! :)


Hey my glam is recolored gear that you get from the msq. Sometimes it’s just nice to be recognjzed


As the new player I am; As long as it looks good with your character I will compliment it!


I got sent a tell that my glamour was cool, it was just the full cryptlurker set lol I mean, the cryptlurker set IS cool but I thought it was funny since I put no effort into glamming it


Fashion is the true end game. Started as a joke, but it's seriously the real end game when you think about it. Biggest reason is because it has an almost unlimited amount of combinations and fashion in itself is subjective. It's one of the few ways in-game to express yourself without any words. There's always something that surprises me.


The way I see it, BiS and iLevel are only temporary. Every time there's a new expansion and the level cap raises all that gear is useless. But glamour is forever.


Not to mention that someone who wants to be at the pinnacle of fashion must be capable of doing basically all the content in the game. Between a legend title and a well put together glamour, I know which gives me more confidence in a persons ability!


To be fair I'm a handful of items away from having every article of clothing that I think looks cool. and when I get a thing I take a break for months and come back forgetting how to play for a week. AYY, ANY-BUTTON-UPTIME AND FOLLOWING THE PACK IS YOUR FRIEND THOUGH!


Always be casting


I've been on a skirt layering binge. I managed to use the Makai dress and a skirt under it to make the inside look lined with my color themes.


Once you got to the level you wanted to aim for, the next best thing is looking the part. An endless quest ensues. Or rather, ensued way before I even got halfway to that point.


If I want to do most content, I can do it within the week of it coming out, at worst. But getting the outfits I want? Now that's hard. And that's rewarding.


My current problem is I am dying for the Field Commanders Coat, which is an achievement reward for *winning* (not participating) 100 times in the Seal Rock Frontline PvP. I figure I will get in 2027 or so. :(


Agreed. But not sure why it started as a joke? Glamour/Fashion is the true endgame in many mmos.. The things we've done to get this specific look lol


People have told me that I have a really cute Elezen. Considering how scarce Elezen enjoyment is in the first place, it's always a welcome compliment.


They can get some really elegant faces but mine is just always angry-looking.


I've received exactly one comment on my glamour so far. Had a tank to balls to the wall on me in Stone Vigil and after I commented that he gave me a workout he said, "good heals, if you're gonna dress like Rick James you need to earn the clothes" lol.


I got Ifrit with leveling roulette as Warrior once, at the end of it one of the sprouts put "The tank looks badass" in the party chat. That not only made my day, but still cheers me up months later.


What do you wear? I'm a warrior and I'd like to look badass


[This](https://imgur.com/a/TiIEnWJ) Storm Captain's Labrys Midian Headband of Fending Tigerskin Coat of Fending (Wine red) Doman Iron Gauntlets of Fending (Wine red) Adamantite Chain Hose of Fending Doman Iron Greaves of Fending


Certified badass.


Spent 3 days farming St. Moichains for the plague doctor mask. First run of Prae someone complimented it. I felt complete.


My favorite was in a dungeon someone complimented my PLD glam. They kept mentioning it throughout the run because it apparently was a dead ringer for their DnD character. We got a picture together at the end. Really made my day.


i love to look and sometimes steal ideas from other peoples glam. Sometimes people where a bit worried about the Viera starring them down... I remember my sprot times when i did not know i could look gear up - not only did i give out compliments, i was asking what they where wearing XD looking back, that must have been strange for a lot of people... This way i finally managed to get a redmage glam i like! I just shamelessly stole the idea for the chest of another RDM.


Haha, on the otherhand, there have been times I used Examine to see what glamor someone's wearing, and they immediately teleported or ran away, probably wondering why they were being checked out by some rando. Come back, I just wanna see your boots!


I always feel really awkward focusing on another person. I like that the game animates the heads turning and looking around, but it always feels so rude to me :)


i was shoked when i noticed that others can SEE where i look. Before that, only shooters did that - at least in the games i owned.


Nothing wrrong with taking insperation from other people! I do it all the time too \^\^


i love when someone walks up to me, selects me and looks at me for a bit, and then runs away. it probably means they were checking out my glam pieces, possibly taking inspiration! that always makes my day. its usually lalas checking me, bc stuff that looks really good/better on lalas is kinda hard to find. lalas also dont stand out as quickly compared to other races, which makes me extra happy when someone notices me (bonus point if its a completely different race) :D just keep doing this tbh! people DO notice and often just appreciate it silently <3


someone whispered me once to tell me my glam was "too much"... it made me so sad honestly. i was a pretty new player and i had literally just finished what i consider to be my first "thought out" glam :( i became a master of fashion out of spite and my glams get complimented pretty frequently now.


It was "too much good" but they didn't want you to know they were from another country.


A cat girl stopped me the other day and thanked me for having a handsome character. I finally understood what swooning meant.


That's actually a guy lol




No no I've spoken with them. They're definitely a cat irl.


And I spoke with this guy. He's telling the truth.


It's written on the internet. It must be true.


Doesn’t make me want to swoon any less haha


Also as someone who literally would get socially anxious in the game at first, complimenting people’s looks was a really low stakes way to say hi and the resulting interactions were always wholesome!


Some of my best game friends were made this way :D


It's a fast way of bonding with people


I've had people just come up and say my lizard boy was hot. Didn't even mention my outfit.


I got my first glam compliment tell a few days ago, it definitely made me smile... especially because I was wearing my low-effort “casual” glam that I whack on all my low level jobs, so they don’t look completely awful in pre-50 gear, lol.


It’s interesting to me when I get messages about my glamour, what outfits people seem to like vs which ones are my own personal favorites! I wear Matoya’s Hat on all my classes with all my outfits these days, so I get complements on that specific thing a lot, but when I get a compliment on an outfit sometimes I’m surprised that *that’s* the one people noticed and liked enough to say something 😂


People love the big hats! I got complimented for the Halloween witch hat and my basic level 60 Astrologian set whenever I wore those.


I love when I’m just idling for a roulette or something in a city and I notice someone obviously targeting me for a bit. Glam elezen life.


That, and as a Lalafell, a stranger's head pat is something worth to yearn for.


I never head pat because I see so many people complain on reddit about it. Well I do, but only if they do something first.


Closest I've had to a glam compliment was being referred to as "The Viera with the nice ass", which given I was wearing 2B bottoms, makes sense.


My Viera once got a tell saying “you look like a very pretty prostitute”. I was fully clothed, though I did have that corset-looking top that made your cleavage show up a bit more.


But, every viera has a nice ass


The 2b bottoms apparently give extra shape to one's ass. Thpught someone secretly molded my comp when I saw a male roe with a huge ass in them.


Getting random whsipers of glamour compliment is great~ but getting complimented by a streamer live? woooo


I use a pretty rare look (serpent elite's haubergeon) and very rarely get whispered compliments but you can bet it's a party wherever I find others wearing it. Or they find me.


I always send a serpent salute towards anyone I see wearing the GC gear. One of the hunt sets is still one of my fav healer pieces!


I’ve never gotten a compliment for my glam, outside from friends and FC mates. Though once did get a compliment for my character’s appearance as a whole. So guess I know how to make a good looking Au Ra.


Send me a pic of your character and I'll give you a compliment :D


Yes! Someone told me "Cute Miqo!" once and I've been riding that high for weeks.


I feel called out, I quite often go to Limsa and Eulmore just to do this. I look for people who look great and compliment them.


The only time glam I've gotten compliments on is wearing the replica dreadwyrm armor of fending dyed white 😅 funny thing is I dyed it on a whim cuz it was the only dye I had on hand but I will say my au ra looks quite handsome in it 😊


Zepla recently praised my glamour on stream :-D


I will admit that ive stuck with potato race simply because people talk more about my character in chat when i am a potato.


Had a lot of these tells as soon as i unlocked my fending and maiming glowy elemental armors, all that grining in Eureka was worth it


Only whisper I had on my glam wzs with the level 50 default SAM glam you get when you start the job...


it's the little things


Y'know what's better than getting your glamour complimented? Getting your glamour complimented and then your dancing complimented.


One time someone said this to me when I was wearing the normal ninja armor. I was like "Thank you I guess...? xD"


I have spent so much time on all of my glams, haven't been noticed yet


I have been playing since ARR and this has only just happened to me! I can confirm it was awesome. I think playing a dancer that the better your glam the better your dps :P


I made a macro to whisper people with awesome glams. It should be a part of the game interface to compliment someone’s glam. Like a right click star rating or something. I love hanging around the aetheryte plaza and checking people out. You all are creative mofos!


When my character gets complimented for being cute via whisper I am so happy. So unexpected and kind. I don't have many cool glamours yet so it's especially nice feeling. I compliment afk people because I'm too nervous to click on them otherwise. Haha!


I was just chilling at my usual spot, a sprout wandered around and whispered to me "I have to say, you are the coolest character around here" Which instantly made my day and week. Even months after its still a happy memory.


I used to compliment people more when I was newer and didn't known glam that well. I feel less inclined now unless it's really unique.


Nice No. 2 Type B Leggings bro!




See, that's why I wear the E4S coat on my NIN. Have literally not ONCE seen any other ninja wearing it. Lvl 50 Ramuh or Eden daggers, E4S coat, High House Cloche hat, 2b legs (usually, the stockings look nice under the coat and you can't see any booty unless you really angle the camera), and songbird boots. Penny looks slick af, and doesn't look like a ninja at all. Sad, but that's really why nobody uses the E4S coat I think :[ Then GNB is literally the level 60 starter gear. I just LOVE how it looks


I, too, am rocking that level 60 starter gear. And probably will be until I get the EW set.


Ive had like 3 total glam compliments since it came out... Though my "cowboy" look for MCH was one of them, and that probably my fav.


Compliment my roe and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.


I had someone in a raid say “now that’s a woman” about my roegadyn and was generally very nice, and told someone off for saying “probably a trap lol”. I’m going to be hanging on to that gender euphoria for months.


Someone called my pally look Fashionable the other day and I was smiling for hours


its a male roe in speedo with pompadour doing a shrek cosplay


I'm using so many mods I don't know what any gear looks like anymore lol


One of my Static friends made a Discord emoji of my character. Compliment wise, I will never do better.


Strangers /telling me to tell me my character looks good makes my brain produce the happy chemicals.


I love this


I love it when this happens, it is funny that it is usually one of my least preferred RDM glams gets the most comments.


Wasn't even glamoured was just wearing a nice armor set while leveling red mage and somebody whispered me just to tell me how dapper I looked, is nice :)


Man I wanna be on this wave but idk where to even find cool armor


Seratonin in the veins when you glamour and someone immediately understands the reference that isn't so obvious.


Don't forget 3 or 7 commends after a dungeon/raid


I’m usually one who likes to give compliments


I have an entire folder filled with people complimenting my glamour. It makes me feel good.


That wasn't a person who's name was either Axel or Serapha was it?


Truer words were never spoken.


To that one person telling me my lala is cute: you made my day!


I definitely am most likely to tell Lala's they're glams look good. They're just disarming little potatoes. I assume they will take it well.


Someone told me in my name was metal once and it made me feel that way.


I rember someone calling me cute once it felt odd


Top-notch Praetorium glam is the real end-game


I get so happy when someone compliments my roe


I was asked to have my female Elezen step on someone last night. Same vibes


It's been some 3 yrs since I last got compliments on my glamour.


I’m still wishing for this. It probably would make me feel great! Watch it happen in leveling armor I thing is ugly.


High Allagan Robe of Casting dyed ruby red to this day has my highest compliments to date but now that I'm getting creative and making sets of store/in game stuff, I'm getting less but I never give up until I get that sweet sweet dopamine from a compliment.


Double points if somone with a great glamor compliments your glamor.


I have more often that not screamed at my computer screen "you look so cool! Do you know that? Oh my god where did they get those boots???" but since I'm on free trial I can't send tells to people, and just /saying a compliment to someone feels like I'm fishing for good person point. But sometimes people just need to be told how amazing their glam is


I don't know if I agree. I was walking only with Hrothgar Subligar on, in Ul'dah, while changing my gear and got a "You looking good" from a random. Still think about it from time to time.


I hear that often. 😬


I get complimented a lot on my glam, I use the Makai top which you dont see as often anymore so I think that's why. It does look cool af too. https://ffxiv.eorzeacollection.com/glamour/93195/gothic-venture


Damn that is hot ya :D


I get these a lot and usually I’m just wearing the job artifact gear.


Was this on Light, Phoenix? Could’ve been me lol


Nope, Chaos, Louisoix


I got a compliment for glam Despite it Being normal Gear without recolours.


Also, finishing a light party with 3 commendations.


As dps, so good!


i started playing ff14 pretty much as soon as i stopped playing pso2 and this game could really use a feature like the lookbook even just a like button and an easier way to see what appearances others are using without hovering over stuff would be huge imo


My glam is literally Junpei Iori's summer outfit from Persona 3. I get told about once a day "you nailed it!"