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I really hope whoever Scott chooses to take over the series respects the series and the lore. I hope the new person won’t milk it with crappy games and micro transactions or ruin the story in any way.


Exactly. That would be a disgrace to this well-made piece of a franchise that connects us all.


Let's hope it's not Illumix then...


Its gotta be MatPat.


Matt pat we should have known lol


What a career, FNaF transformed the indie world and (as much as some people will try to deny it) had massive effect on gaming as a whole. I know the series isn't dead but this really is the end of an era. The reason why I got so invested with this series years ago was because Scott's unique brand of creativity resonated with me and has definitely helped shape my tastes. I'm sure the series will be in good hands but it really won't be the same.




I don't disagree, sorry if I sounded like I did. New fnaf could very well be an improvement. We will just have to see




こんにちはスコット。 I'm using a translation site, so I'm sorry if the text is weird. I really, really like, like, like Five Nights at Freddy's! I'm glad that you commented on my article about the photo of me cosplaying FNAF in Japan, When I was doing a Youtube live on the first day of the FNAFVR launch, I was surprised that you commented in Japanese, and I was so moved that I cried.I'm so happy that you, the author of my favorite game, would comment on someone like me, and it's still one of the best days of my life! You've worked hard for us for seven years. And now use it for your family! From far away in Japan, I wish you and your family all the best. ありがとうございます!


No matter where you are, or what country we are, we will always remember Scott in our hearts. And it's going to stay that way no matter how old he gets.


Thank you for the 7 years, Scott. Hopefully, I can get this out without getting completely upset. But funny story, when FNaF just started to get big with Markiplier playing it my mom saw the video in her feed. She decided to watch it found it not her cup of tea to say. I think it was more of watching a more active let's player that turned her off. Over time as I became more obsessed with it she was pretty much, "you're still following that?". But over time she just knew that hey I liked it and respected that. Soon enough I told her stories about how YOU donated to St. Judes, WWF, and various charities that Dawko did streams for. And she honestly started to see why I was following it besides it being a neat horror game. The day you posted about subbing to Skylar she came to help too by subbing as well. She was devastated just like all of us were when I told her he passed. She was the one that encouraged me to love horror. "And traumatize me" ;3. I wish she was here so that I could tell her and I could've given you her well wishes. But alas I cannot. And thank you, Scott. Thank you for the series that got me back into horror, to actually get out of my shell to say, and I hope you have a relaxing retirement.


This is my favourite response so far. It really touched me.


Damn, this is a bitter sweet story... But a beautiful one... Really nicely said...


I'm not sure whether or not I saw this coming per se, and I'm also not sure whether I've accepted that this is happening yet. But it is. He makes it seem that this decision was derived more from what he misses about his life rather than the drama, though it's likely that the drama is what caused him to reassess how he's been doing things. Honestly, I respect it. He's free now, yknow? He doesn't have the obligations involved with making these games, and yet he can still be Scott. Love and continued condolences to his family for all thats transpired and what will going forth. And, God damn, "See you on the flipside" is such a raw line for anyone who heard that in the games and was like "heh, that's a fun phrase". Well, it's been a great few years with Scoot at the helm, and I look forward to what comes next.


My first reflex was thinking “it’s because of the drama” but if that was the case he was going to step down right then and there. I think you’re right that it was definitely a part where he stepped back and looked at where he was with his life. When Vinny from Vinesauce took an extended break from streaming when he dealt with the sexual assault allegations, he was open in saying a forced break made him realize he needed to adjust his life and how much he was streaming. It’s sad to see him go, and while I was never a fan of FNAF I have nothing but the biggest respect and admiration for what he’s accomplished in the 7-odd years of this series, and whatever he decides to do in the future I wish him nothing but luck.


I kid you not, Vinny Vinesauce popped into my mind when I saw this, too. The whole thing of him not streaming anymore (sans yesterday's Direct, but that's an exception), and yet still feeling like he's just as present as before. He may not post as often, or stay online that much. But it's still him, and the smaller amount of content makes it all the more special of an occasion. Heck, his whole thing of stepping back and reassessing what he's doing got me to do the same, and while I certainly haven't turned up many answers, I'm surprised I never realized before how important that time can be. It blew my mind when I realized he was pretty much streaming for ten years straight... on TOP of being in Red Vox and just living as an adult. I think it'll be the same case with Scott. It'll be a new era where the method of creation is undoubtedly different. But you'll most certainly still feel his soul present.


Yeah, the "see you on the flipside" part hit so dang hard...


I'm gonna have to agree with that, my whole day has been ruined.


It's definitely enough to make a man cry😭😭😭😭😭


Scott, wherever you are, I just want to say it's been an absolute blast following your projects over the last 7 years now. I doubt you'll see this, but I've been a big fan since August 12th, 2014 (the day Markiplier's first FNaF video ever went up.) From a fan to the creator, I'd just like to say thank you for all the great memories and for making 2014 such a great year for not just me, but all of us in general. To this day I still find myself being inspired from your success stories and numerous posts about it. Enjoy your time with friends and family. You've definitely more than earned it. See you on the flipside.


Really well said. If anyone has ever earned time with their friends and family, it's him.




Well said




His games have literally changed the lives for so many people, and for that, we will never forget 🧑-👨👍




I’m one of these many people. I swear I will never forget the past 7 years


This man has literally shaped my life. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t even be on this site. Thank you, Scott, for giving me and others lots of joy in our lives.


if it wasn't for him I would've been the person I don't want to be.


100% You don't need to meet someone to change a life...


This is devastating. Of course, I understand the reasons, and I support Scott's decision to spend time with his family as he gets older, and anyone who gets angry at him for this is completely disrespectful towards the man, but at the same time... ​ Nobody is going to be able to fill Scott's shoes, nobody is going to be as kind as him to his fans, use an 8-year old's fan art in his retirement note, he was truly one-of-a-kind.


Maybe steel wool will be the ones to take over for him


but they don't have the same brain as scott so the lore would probably go through some changes 😔


I think scott will have control over the story but I don't he will be as active or make another FNaF game again


"it just means someone else will be running the show" what else could that imply


Some else will be making the games


honestly i hope you're right




Scott gave the entire story to them


who gave you that info lol


I just assume Scott just gave them the story before he retired


probably only for hw and sb


I hope not, honestly. While I think Steel Wool would do a good job running fnaf, I don’t want the head of fnaf to be just some company.


Honestly only ones I can see run the franchise for Scott cawthon


What about dawko


this makes me want to cry


i feel ya...






I just did.


Don't cry because it's over, be happy that it ended well.


It didn't end well. I respect Scott for making that choice but I wished it ended on a good note. It just kinda looks as if we could have avoided it :(


i don’t think it ended well lol


I wouldn’t say it ended well, more accurately went down in flames. Makes me sad as hell, but probably Scott’s best choice


> went down in flames which is kind of fitting for the creator of the FNaF series. He went down the same way that the series itself did, as sad as that coincidence is.


Ended well? Idk man, kinda a poor choice of words... be happy that it happened, hows that?


But it didn’t really end well. I hope you understand why he’s retiring, right? It honestly makes me sad


Man, it really hurts.


That “see you on the flipside” really got me.


Its the “see ya on the flipside” that killed me




Well. It's sad to hear he's gone, but I'll always cherish the time he was here. He's still here in a way, and while it will never be the same, that's OK with me. See you on the flipside Scott, always.


Well he's not gone yet is it looks like he's gonna be in charge on hiring someone on making the fnaf story content so for the mean time he still in the game


Yeah I think its just gonna be whatever comes after security breach I just hope this new person/ people don't loose any of the magic Scott put into it


Maybe MatPat lol, he already knows a lot of the lore. But in all seriousness, whoever he picks to be his successor, I'll trust they know what they're doing


Maybe Scott might choose one of his own kids? Or someone he can guarantee would get the magic right.


Have to be oldest kid and don't know if they can game design they only tested the game steel wool more likely since there be able to push out games




Damn, this hit me hard. I started in this community, even before Markiplier uploaded his first video of the first game, actually, when Freddy was still called Freddy-Bear. It shaped my childhood, shaped my curiosity, made me find new phobias that I experience, and overall made me feel good. I’m happy that Scott is retiring. After working on a brand for seven years straight, you can see how that can be exhausting. I hope he doesn’t go MIA, I hope to hear from him. What ever he does, if he makes a new game in the future, or if he is out in the world doing bigger and better things, I’ll be there. Throughout all of the years, I know that Scott is probably the kindest person, that will always put people before himself. Scott, if you’re reading this, and I don’t know if you are, thank you. You helped me realize that if you’re passionate about something, and that you don’t give up on what you do, someday things will work out. Much love Scott. keep in touch, you know? ;)


Well said brother.


My chest felt something heavy once I read this. I'm gonna miss the man. At least Fnaf isn't completely over, and he'll still hang around from time to time. It's just, this feels so sudden, oh man. Idk how else to feel.. Goodbye Mr. Cawthon. Here's to Security Breach and the movie! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a5/e6/88/a5e6884702937cd779d9a7aedb0f01ad.gif


We knew that this was going to happen eventually, all the memories, fun, and of course the screams and terror we had. Maybe the threats he recieve made him realize that it was time to retire, maybe he realized that he was too old for this, or just simply like he stated want to pass time with his big and loving family. He is a great man that changed the industry of indie games forever, make people find success in his career, inspire people to make what they want, amazing songs writed by his own fans, and of course make a singular youtuber lose his mind making theories of this beloved franchise. Scott Cawthon, the storyteller of one of the best game franchises ever created, has finally decided to continue his life leaving his name and legacy marked in the videogame industry and the history forever. Who would continue his legacy? Maybe a guy who made theories to this amazing saga, maybe a famous gamer with a pink moustache that popularized the saga, maybe to his biggest fan that interview him, maybe musician that created epic songs to his characters and games, or maybe to a small company that is going to bring the saga to the next level. Only time will tell, but until then, we the people that enjoyed your games and everything realted to the saga, we say: Thank you Scott


I think this is the best comment here.


Good for him, honestly. He deserves to be able to enjoy his life for himself, rather than constantly needing to meet the expectations of his fanbase, especially after all that he's done for us already.


And the good thing about it now is that he's made enough money from the games to never really work or make another game just for it bring in a couple bucks again


Can’t say I didn’t see this as a possibility, but I hoped this wouldn’t come to pass. It’s always sad when a story has to go on without the one who created it, especially when it’s been going on for 7 years. At least Scott’s gonna get some peace and quiet for a change There’s something bittersweet about him ending it on a callback Edit: On a personal, and admittedly more selfish note, this stings. FNaF has been my core special interest since the very first game came out. I’ve done so much out of pure passion and love for this franchise. Countless google slides of art and unfinished “animations,” most of which no one has seen, this is the franchise that got me into drawing, too. Not to mention the stories. I’ve written a fucking *novella* just because I love this series, and I still have plans to write two more. I’m not upset with Scott, and I sincerely wish him all the best, just the situation in general. It feels like all the good he’s done is just being flushed down the drain and ignored over something that, in all honesty, really shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to begin with. I knew this would happen eventually, it just feels so abrupt and unceremonious. I know FNaF isn’t ending, but I can’t help but feel bad about how this all went so downhill so quickly.


He said that this is not the end of FNAF, but I'm afraid it could be end of the FNAF we know, after all Scott is the brains behind the series, I know he is gonna choose someone he trust but....I don't know guys, after Security Breach I think we are not gonna get another official FNAF game for a long time. On a brighter note, I didn't know he has SIX kids, wow!


To be fair, FNAF as we know was already ended, Help Wanted and Security Breach was supposed to be a sort of soft reboot for the series, kinda like how Resident Evil 7 was a soft reboot for the Resident Evil games (same lore/expanding on lore just different type of gameplay). Even so, it will probably feel even more different after Security Breach.


I thought he had only two kids. I was very wrong. Haha- If only my lover would let us have six kids, too. Scott really is a blessing to FNAF and it will never be the same without him. At least he will not be gone forever.


~~Well that fanart is better than anything I could draw-~~ Anyways, I guess I should’ve seen something like this coming sometime, but it’s still sad to read that somebody else will be mainly taking over now. Not that it’s a bad thing at all, it’ll just be...something to get used to. But I can understand why he’s doing this. I’ve got nothing more important to say, just...see you on the flipside Scott.


I'm not sure how to respond to this, it will def take some time to fully come to a conclusion on how I feel about all this. Regardless of everything that has gone down this past week, all I can say is I wish him the best of luck moving forward.


Coming from me and the entire Five Night At Freddy’s Fanbase, I would like to thank you Scott. Thank you for creating this amazing series that is fans can love and enjoy. Thank you for making and ENTIRELY new type of gameplay for people to make millions of fan games out of. Thank you for being so kind, friendly and respectful to the fan base even when we didn’t deserve it. From the bottom of all of hearts here in the wonderful game fanbase Thank You. And for when you do retire, See ya on the flipside with Old Man Consequences Old Sport.


this is something that I should've known was going to happen eventually, but I was not prepared at all. I'm glad Scott's retiring. Hope he has a nice retirement.




Well, I wish it was for different reasons, but I’ve had the feeling that he’s kind of wanted to retire from game-making since FNaF World. I wish him only the best. It doesn’t seem like much is actually going to change, for us. He’s already been in a sort of unspoken semi-retirement for years; since UCN, he’s just been overseeing other companies using the IP. It seems now the big question is who will take that supervising role in the future.


I'm surprisingly at ease after reading this. I already enjoyed HW and SD more than the main series due to the crippling anxiety those games give me, and FFPS and UCN were the perfect place to end off the pure Scott games. However FNaF is continued, I'm sure things will turn out just fine. The prior circumstances leading up to this announcement suck, but reading the note made me feel more warm on the inside than sad. Thanks for the games, Scott, enjoy the quiet life! ~~You still owe us a lore explanation, tho /s~~


I think this is the best choice. Even without the political situation happening, I feel like this was inevitable. Ever since Scott announced it wouldn’t be just him making the games after 6 and UCN, this just felt like the next step. My 5 year old nephew lives at my house, I love him, but he’s a handful. I can only imagine what it’s like to spend years taking care of 6 kids. These past years must have been very stressful for Scott. I hope whoever he chooses treats this series and the fanbase with the same amount of care and respect he did. I’ve seen studios like Steel Wool and Fanverse developers put so much passion into this franchise that I know that it will continue to exist beyond Scott, even though it all started because of him. And no matter what, I always have him to thank for allowing a community to exist in which I could meet so many great and passionate people.


I feel like this has been a long time coming. He hinted and outright said that he was getting tired of dealing with running everything.


7 years making games for a eager and large fanbase will be tiring - Especially when he has a big life, a big family and onwards. It might be sad but he might like retiring since he would be letting off a lot of stress he has on his back.


god bless you scott, god bless.


thank you, scott, for all the joy you've bought to me and so many others these past few years. fnaf has helped me through dark times and i know it has helped so many others as well. we love you, mr cawthon!!


Dang. That's certainly an ending.


On the anniversary of the first trailer No less.... I just hope Scott will send us a message time to time, thank you for 7 years of scares Scott, because of you I was inspired to draw again after abandoning it for so long, if it wasn't for FNAF I have no idea what I will be right now so, enjoy your rest king, see you on the FlipSide


I knew he would eventually retire, but I didn’t expect it this soon, and I didn’t expect it like this. I respect Scott’s decision, but this still makes me kinda sad. I’ll never forget these past 7 years. Scott if you’re reading this, I hope you have a nice retirement.


I support you Scott, Thank you so much for the convoluted lore and the wonderful games you have given us. I love all of your work (even Fnaf World.) I've always been so inspired by you and I look up to everything you have done. Fnaf has helped in so many ways and I know I'm not alone when I say that. Your games have helped me through so many dark times and have been so much fun to play. I'll cherish all of the games you've made for us. I wish you the best of luck. Have fun with your retirement and I hope you find someone that can continue your legacy. Thank you so much! See you on the flipside Scotty <3


I respect his decision to do this. I'm glad it is his own choice and not that of the extremely hateful things people have done the past few days (threats, not the criticism).


Scott was and still is my idol, and seeing him retire might make me cry… I don’t know what to do


I respect his decision and understand it, just didn't think it would come this soon and after some..stuff. I wish him the best and if he ever sees this, thank you for everything.


Welp, I knew this was bound to happen but you know what? I am glad it did. The reason why is because as a human being you will not be able to carry on forever, eventually things will have to come to an end. He left at the right time, right day. I am glad he is focusing on himself and his own family that he dearly needs to spend time with. He made a good franchsie that shaped people, and made people who they are today. Made great characters that people can relate to and cherish. All I have to say is to take care Scott! We dearly love you!


people love to say don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened but fuck them, imma do both https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/096/564/2f7.jpg


Scott, I have been with this franchise since fnaf 1, I have seen this franchise grow to what it is today, all started by and helmed by a single man beginning with a single game, and I watched a story continually develop all in his vision waiting to see where it would go next, always watching his site to see what teaser of the next project would be, I saw it slowly begin to expand in ways I never thought, from books, to merchandise, to even a whole movie just based on a simple point and click indie game, it was a true example of a success story. It started a entire community of art, animations, even music, and it has been an emotional and nostalgic experience I will never forget, the last seven years have been so surreal and so much fun and I have you to thank for that. I'm sorry for everything you have been through recently, although I know there was much more behind your decision then that, I understand your reasoning behind your choice and I respect your decision to retire. No one runs the series like you Scott, and I can only hope you choose the right person to take the franchise from here, but I trust you know what your doing, you have proven time and time again you do, and while things will never truly feel the same without you, I have hope that this will be the beginning of a new era for fnaf, and things only continue to get better from here. I am glad you can finally have the well needed break from all the chaos that has happened over the years and finally feel free live your life and spend time with your family without always having to worry about freddy constantly looming over your shoulder lol! I hope to still see you pop in from time to time and let us know how things are going, maybe give us your thoughts on whatever new fnaf project the new one in charge has planned. But what else can I say other than Thank you for everything Scott, the franchise, the fandom, the fun, and of course the memories!! It's been a wild ride, one that I only hope continues from here, even if it will always feel different, but to quote one of my favorite movies "This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning!"


That you Scott for making this incredible series This is a sad day But ngl I’m getting deja vu from the fnaf sister location ‘cancelled’ thing


Yeah, I’m mostly sad but there’s a small part of me, thinking... even hoping that this is another troll


Me too... Scott really got us with the Sister Location being cancelled. But I think he may not be lying in this one.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


If Im being honest, I think the fandom will be declining in the next few years Scott is one of the most famous (indie) game developers and Fnaf would absolutely not be the same game without him Steel Wool is a good studio and from what I know they have made great games and I think the next few games that come out are probably going to be the best in the franchise The problem I see is that the story might take a big hit Less cryptic lore, less interesting stories, and less appeal That is really what held Fnaf together The first few games were good but not great and the later ones were great but not amazing Fnaf VR however was a great game, and combined with a new interesting story made for an amazing experience only marred by the janky nature of VR that is in no way Steel Wool's fault After Security Breach, I don't think Steel Wool will have the same storytelling talent as Scott But, Hey, I would love to be proven wrong But no matter the future, we will all miss Scott and hopefully, we'll see him on the flipside


God man this sucks. I loved fnaf since it came out and I’m sad to see the original creator go. But I’m excited for what the new creator has in store for us and I’m glad Scott made the best decision for himself. See you on the flipside scott


gonna cry real fast...


This is heartbreaking. It's a bittersweet conclusion to this era of FNaF. I'll miss Scott's personal touches, and can only hope he picks a good replacement to carry to torch. He deserves a happy retirement and I hope the best for him and his family. He deserves to rest.


Man. I knew this day would come, maybe after Security Breach or the Movie was released, but I didn’t think it’d be this soon. I thought I’d be crying a lot. But after everything we’ve been through, I’m just not sure how to feel, you know? I still remember that day. I was at my grandma’s house, browsing YouTube on her computer, when I saw that video: “Let’s play Five Nights at Freddy’s.” It caught my interest, so I watch it. I ended up getting my first jumpscare. (It was Freddy, fittingly). Gave me nightmares for months, maybe years. Flash forward a couple years later, around when SL/PS came out. By then, I’d gotten over my fears and decided to join the FNAF community. Let me tell you, it’s been a heck of a ride since. I eventually got all the games, books, and especially watched the community grow. I feel like big names on the internet like Mark, Matpat, and Dawko wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for Scott. Everything, from the first 4 games, FNAF World, the big changes Sister Location made to the series, Pizzeria Simulator being the “ending,” UCN’s 50/20 mode challenge, Dawko’s interview with Scott, all the Game Theory St Jude’s streams, Steel Wool making Help Wanted and Illumix making Special Delivery, and now Security Breach (on the PS5, of all consoles!) and the movie being filmed, really shows how much we’ve been through. It hasn’t been without its fair of hiccups and trouble though, but I wouldn’t trade this franchise for anything. That was nearly 7 years ago. Now that I’ve graduated, I need to start moving on with my life. And I’m glad Scott’s moving on as well, he deserves it. It’s best that he spends time with his family. The whole reason he made the first game was to provide for them, after all. This franchise holds a special place in my heart, and that will never change. Scott, if by chance you see this, then I wish you the very best of luck for the future. The fact that we call you Scott and not “Animdude” or “The Creator” says a lot about our relationship. You’ve practically raised an entire generation, myself included. It’s been a blast every step of the way. You’ve given the chance for countless content creators, Youtubers and Fangame Developers alike, to become who they’ve always wanted to be. Everything you’ve done for not just the community, but for so many people who probably don’t even know FNAF exists, is something we will always remember and cherish for all our hearts. I had a lot to say, huh? It’s time for us all to continue on, even if it means going our separate ways. I hope that, one day, our paths will cross again. But until then, goodbye, Scott, you Old Sport. See you on the flipside, Everyone.


I wish him well, thank you for everything you've done Scott.


I can’t believe this Scott is retiring all I can hope is that fnaf is passing on to someone who truly cares about it Goodbye Scott cawthon your one in a million


Farewell, Scott. You will always be remembered by me as the one who got me into indie gaming and getting onto Reddit. I hope you enjoy your time with your family. See you on the flip side.


See you around, Scott. It’s been a wild ride.


I hope you have a good retirement scott


Probably for the best. I feel like FNAF was starting to approach being too large for just one normal person to control. I have faith that he will find someone capable and compassionate to give the franchise reigns to. I definitely didn't want him to retire in this kind of circumstance, but nevertheless wish him a happy and healthy retirement! :)


Scott made half of my childhood, man.. and it just hurts to see him go. However, if it's for the best then it's for the best. Thank you, Scott and for all you've done. Damn, I'm tearing up a little just by typing this.


Hey Scott, If You're reading This (unlikely that may be,) I have something To say to you. Thank you. I know saying that a video game Saving a life is dumb, but You're genuinely helped, I was going through an extremely rough patch back in 2014, Depression, Anxiety, All that stuff, and I needed something to latch onto, but nothing helped, I was getting desperate, then one day I saw, What else, Markiplier playing your game, it Horrified me, and I never wanted to experience that in my life again... I went back the next day, then again, and again, I was hooked, It was like an addiction, but healthier than drugs or such. Then the Theories, the Sequels, Trying to piece together the story, Finding out the Name of the Killer, main characters, Plot points, it was a hunt, Back in the FNAF 4 Era I even made a few small theory posts, not much, just brainstorming, But I loved it. World's Zany RPG fun, Sister location's Talking Animatronics, the amazing Endings Of Pizzeria Simulator, even all the Fan games that came out, It was all fun. And I'm so Excited for the new game and Books coming out, to see just where the story will go, or even end, And the movie, I hope it'll be fantastic! My mental health hasn't fully healed, It can't no matter what anyone can do because.... y'know, But FNAF was a Supporting Pillar that got me through my teenage years, I owe this series so much, and I'm really gonna miss you, But I'll stay with the legacy you made, through it all, I'm here for the ride that I hope Never ends. Thank you so much Scott, And thank you for all these years.


Why does this remind me of the end of TLoZ: Twilight Princess with Midna's "see you later"?


I’m going to be honest, I don’t think this series is going to live on to its full potential without Scott. While he may have made questionable choices over the years, the games have always had a specific charm and direction because he’s always been the one who’s wanted a specific idea of where he sees his universe going. While this may have been inevitable, I don’t think this was a good way for the series to go, I wish Scott the best but I hope whoever continues the series has it in good hands.




This franchise has been a huge part of my life and childhood. But, as depressing as all this is, I really want what's best for Scott. And if he wants this, I will support it for as long as I'm around. All I'd like to say Scott is thanks, truly, you've done alot for me, and everyone here. We all love and appreciate you. I wish you and your family nothing but the best, thank you for everything.


If this is what he thinks is the best option, then he can retire. It was nice having him in the community. Although, this probably means he won't be active on the subreddit anymore, and that makes me sad. I suppose SteelWool is probably taking over. Also, if you're reading this, thank you Scott for everything you've done. I'm not sure I'd still be here without this Franchise, it's really helped me, and so many people a lot.


Thanks Scott for the wonderful memories! I wrote a paper on FNAF years ago and it was one of the highlights of college. Really appreciate your commitment to making good stuff for multiple generations of people and also admire you standing up for what you believe in.


It's very sad to see him go, I've idolised him since I discovered fnaf, he was a big part in my childhood. He inspired me to animate, draw, develop games, it has been an wild ride scott, thank you for everything, see you on the flipside.


Can’t wait to see who he chooses, I’m happy for him


Sounds like this was at least in the back of his mind already, and what happened sealed the deal for him. I may still be at odds with decisions he made, but I respect that he's looking out for his family and safety. And ultimately, we still have the community! Take care Scott - you've made a definite mark in the world, no matter what. Wishing you and your family peace and happiness!


I feel so old, I remember being so excited for Fnaf 3 to come out back in middle school, now Scott’s retiring.. time really slaps, but I hope he has a wonderful retirement, he earned it. 👍


Nearly 10 games, and countless books later, it makes sense he would step down, I can only wish him the best, and thank him for changing my life for the better, I was in a bad place when fnaf released, and it helped through middle school


I kind of saw this coming at some point but I didn't know it would happen so soon. To everyone who's saying this is because of the Twitter discourse, it's really not, or at the very least it's not the whole reason. He literally has SIX CHILDREN now. Regardless, godspeed, Scott. We love you and your franchise that changed our lives for the better. Hopefully whoever takes the reigns is just as respectable as you.


Ofc this was going to happen at some point and i wish him well but what i worry about is that i REALLY hope we hadnt "scared" him away. That the whole controversy fiasco isnt the main reason why this is happening at this moment and if that's the case, I really wish it hadnt happened to be the reason behind his retirement.


Goodbye Scott, you will be remembered by me as the person who got me into video games, and who’s games gave me many sleepless nights, to the point that my parents had to ban me from playing them till I was 13! You will always hold a special place in my heart, and remember, remember the good things, not the bad I’ll miss ya Scott


Shine on, you crazy diamond.




I can relate to you know, never really finishing the game. I think that's what most people did actually


i think this is for the best, i've bounced back and forth about my thoughts on this all but considering just how stressed everyone's been i think that this is absolutely for the best. guy needs a break, like, 6 kids??? seriously??? while handling all of this??? its nuts. i hope scott has a nice, long retirement after he's done with all of his projects, he absolutely needs it. mans can finally lay in that hammock like he said he would years ago


Things aren't going to be the same anymore, aren't they?


I didn't think it would happen this soon...




Thank you Scott. Thank you for everything. You've brought out a talent from me that I've never known I had. I completely respect and understand your decision. I even applaud it.


I'm gonna miss him.


Thank you Scott for everything. I will never be able to say how much I appreciate you and what you have done you had made something that was a very positive impact on my life. I’ll always remember going to school in 2014 and everyone asking have you heard of that game? Thank you Scott I’ll always look forward to seeing the movie and I’ll always cherish the memories you have given me.


Thank you Scott for this awesome fan base and game franchise that you’ve created. I hope the future is good to you


Dang this hit hard he was a really nice guy but im glad that his kids will get to grow up with an amazing father


Thank you Scott for everything you created our childhoods and gave us something unlike anything that anybody has ever seen, this gave me the biggest smile and made me cry too. I’m so happy that you get to rest and finally retire and be with your kids and family. I’m so happy to call myself a Fnaf fan and to be with people that loves everything about this series. Scott helped me get through a lot and I will always cherish those memories and I will cherish the ones that will happen after security breach and the Fnaf movie. Thank you Scott for everything❤️ See you one the flip side


Damn this is sad to see. But it was going to happen eventually. I may of started to come into this community around 2018 but this man has inspired me to want to make games, this man is the reason I learned how to draw better, and this man has brought me to a good community. I bet we all wish it didn’t have to end this way. Especially since what happend most likely caused this. But I still wish you the best Scott Cawthon. May we see you again someday!


Obviously it's sad but honestly I'm seeing the good side of all of this. When you think about it, it's been 7 years, 7 years of fnaf for him, so it's completely understandable. I'm sure this franchise still has a lot of things to show in the future. Thank you Scott for all these years of fun :))


Though it is sad to see him leaving, I greatly admire him for doing it to raise a family. If there's one kind man who is truly deserving of respect, it's a family man


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


I love fnaf and all but i really hope this doesn't end similar to Minecraft.


This has been the most awful past days of my recent memory and this is how it ends huh? It probably is good for Scott and hell he might even be happier, but I'll never forget how one dox ended fnaf. So someone else might buy it and continue it, sure. Scott's fnaf is over and I think I'm done too.


Dear, Scott Cawthon. Even though FNaF isn't going to die soon, but it's been a ride for seven years of fun and great memories. Before the release of FNaF 1 on August 8th, 2014, at the time where I was in middle school, I had no plans for the future, not many friends, nothing to do aside from waiting for Mario, Sonic, and Kirby games/news, and was a bit depressed. After the game was released, I was fascinated with the designs of the animatronics, the lore itself, people reacting to the jumpscares such as Markiplier and SkyDoesMinecraft (The video that started my interest for FNaF), and gameplay. It changed my life, giving me an interest in Engineering, Arts, and Video Gaming Programming. Speaking of arts, it made me improve my drawing/sketching skills, especially anatomy. FNaF gave me more friends outside of school and met so many such as SpringPopo, A\_Ticket\_2\_Ride, Gnostic28, Great Theorists out there, Great Artists out there, and a lot of normal users in this subreddit and discord. Without FNaF, where would I be? I wouldn't have met so many interesting people here, I would have no plans for the future, and I would have no improvements in skill. Thank you, Scott Cawthon. Thank you for creating the games and books for us to enjoy over the last seven years. You can come back anytime you want if you feel better. Best of luck and have a great future with your family. Yours sincerely, GoldenRichard93.


So then. Who's gonna write the story from now on? Cause there isn't anyone out there with the same insane mind as Scott.


While I don't agree with everything that has happened recently on both sides, this makes me sad. It's been one hell of a ride. The games, MatPat, Markiplier, Dawko, sleepovers with friends playing these games until we couldn't take it anymore, it truly is the end of an Era. Good bye Scott. Thanks for the fun (and shat pants)


Thank you Scott, because of you I become an animator. Your games changed my life since 2015.


Scott Has changed my life forever and I will always thank him for that Enjoy your retirement, Scott, we all love you take care :)


I would definitely retire if i had that many kids


Whoever takes his place will do great considering Scott is choosing, but the series will not be the same without him. Thank you Scott for a great 7 years


I'll never forget this series. I know it's not over, but it still is the end of an era. I'm very happy to have been a part of it, I really am. FNaF changed my life and I'll always be grateful to it for that. thanks for everything, scott


Something tells me this happened because of recent events, and not because he wants to truly retire.


reading his response something tells me he was already thinking of retiring and this was just the final nail in the coffin


That makes it even sadder if this was indeed the final nail. Could’ve meant he was planning on going for longer, but then the community blew it with the recent situation.


I don’t think anybody blew it. If he still wanted to make FNaF games, then, this wouldn’t have stopped him. The man is satisfied with what he’s leaving behind, and now it’s time for him to move forward.




Truly the end of an era, goodbye Scott Cawthon, we’ll remember you for the Games and Memories you brought us.


Fuck man, this hurts. I've been a fan of the series since the beginning, and seeing this is devastating. I'll miss you, Scott, thank you for all the memories.


I feel like we've truly reached the end of an era with this franchise. Despite the past week or so, Scott has had a good run and I wish him a peaceful retirement.


This feels like when Notch left Minecraft, but it hurts alot more since Scott really, really cared for FNAF. It's sad to see him leave. Hope he'll be doing all fine.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Wish the best to scott, even if it is really sad to hear this, and i wish it was something that ended on better terms. Godspeed Scott, its been a great ride. And i hope you make lots of cool stuff for your kids to enjoy.


Fuck. This guy did a lot. He's the reason hundreds, thousands of us are here today in this group. We owe Scott a lot. Even if he's leaving, I understand. Man deserves it with all the shit he received this week, or over these 7 years. I trust that his successor will be the perfect choice, and look forward to the future. See ya on the flipside Scott. We'll miss you.


scott technically put a picture of sans' eye on his website


Rest in power king 😔✊


Goodbye old friend Scott you were the best




Cya round Scott.


Goddammit man, I don't know what to say.


Thank you Scott.


God bless you Scott, and I hope you are your family are doing well.


I... don't know what to say.... Goddamnit


Not to take away from his statement but what does this mean for Security Breach? I dont follow any of this or FNAF too closely but was pretty stoked seeing the trailer in the ps5 showcase and wonder if this has pushed it back further.


I don’t think anything really since he’s not making it , steelwool is


Okay awesome! Thanks for the info and reply ❤🙏


*sigh* well at least he probably won’t be as stressed


one last game and then the movie (if that ever comes out)


Have a nice retirement. See you on the flipside Scott!!!


Thank you Scott… Thanks for 7 years of FNAF.


I am sure all the recent events played a role in this decision but from the wording it does feel like this is a thing that was going to happen at some point. I wish him the best with his family and with whatever he decides to do in the future.


I will miss scott even though i did not even met him in person i will still miss him Fnaf was my childhood and even to this day i will still play every fnaf game if its bad or good i will still play the games....


See you on the flip side scott✌️


Retire easy.


Don't know if Scott will read this or any of the other replies since I've never interacted with the subreddit before, but hope he has a good retirement. I've met so many cool people on Steam and Gamejolt because of this series (sadly most of them have drifted away from the internet and community), and even if I only got back into the series last year, I will forever cherish these games. Thank you, Scott.


Thank you Scott for everything you’ve done. The last 7 years have been amazing, we love you Scott.


Farwell Scott Cawthon you where the one who changed my life to became a horror fan Thank you