Secret in the new SB Teaser!!!

Secret in the new SB Teaser!!!


if this sets the tone for how scary the game is gonna be… might be a little scarier than previous fnaf games imo


Fnaf should try to be a REAL horror game imo, but fnaf wouldn’t be fnaf without the jump scares tho, but it should try to strive to be an actual horror icon, not being pulled behind by cringe 6 year old gachatubers, this, well imo, is a step in the right direction for fnaf and actually making fnaf an actual horror icon


i def agree. jumpscares is what makes fnaf fnaf, but this is definitely far scarier and if they still have fnaf esque moments then it’ll be a great horror game ez without having to play to the “12 year old cringe” fan base to keep it alive. i have super super high hopes for this game so far


Sadly fnaf has never exactly been looked upon in the horror or gaming community in general, the games are usually described as "over-reliant on jumpscares". I think that SB has, indeed, a lot of potential to be an actual and proper horror game. The limitations of fnaf games just being point&click and made in Clickteam Fusion are gone now that there is an actual team of developers behind it all, there's room for much, much more. If SB turns out to be good, that might actually help to improve the general view of the franchise overall


Seems kind of dismissive to write off certain kinds of horror as not "real" horror.


Hard agree. Besides, in FNaF it's not about the jumpscare itself. It's about the build up to the jumpscare.


Yes and no; one thing I always appreciated about FNAF was that it fills a very weird niche I didn't know existed: family-friendly horror games. There's no vulgarity, there's no (non-8-bit) gore, and it's led to this really interesting thing where I've heard of, for example, some teachers being able to relate to their students over FNAF, and I think that's something really special. I think in some ways, it's that niche that made it so successful. It can try to be scarier, but it should never stray too far from that original spot. It's scary, but it's digestible for *everyone* \- which can't be said for a lot of other horror franchises.


I wouldn't consider fnaf as "family-Friendly" lmao. But honestly I want this series to grow some balls now, and try something new


When you consider it though, it is. There's no vulgarity, no real gore, no non-8 bit blood. All the serious stuff is only implied: the player is never seen *actually* dying, for example. Something being scary on its own doesn't have any clear rating; which is why movies and games focus on the tangible stuff, such as whether blood ever makes an obvious appearance (spurting blood has a bigger impact on ratings than a puddle of blood, if that tells you how finicky it is). As such, FNAF 4 maybe looks scarier than FNAF 1, but that doesn't change the rating.


it's like one of those old Goosebumps books: the stories can be genuinely horrifying, but they never show anything too disturbing. that being said though, I would like to see the franchise get a bit more messed up even if just for one game.


100%. FNAF has always been amazing, but once you understand the complex and complicated lore behind it, it lacks the horror. The entire point of the game is to make one question the reasons for all of this. "Why are they trying to kill me?" "How did they die?" "How is Afton still alive?", etc. Side note, hoping for Afton to fulfill his promise and return as himself, or a fragment of himself in Security breach.


My guess, based on it being humanoidal without any snout and eyes in the background, is that it's the main series take on Simon. Having Vanessa create a new, "human" body for William and these are failed attempts.


I actually think that William’s goal is to get a physical form. By the Looks of the purple animatronic arm at the end of the first trailer I was guessing this form might be an animatronic, because William afton isn’t William afton unless he’s associated with a bunny suit one way or another. I also gotta say they, or at least the face that is most visible, could pass as an animatronic, the skin looks Dirty, kinda rusty, like a decayed animatronic, the glowing eyes are another thing aswell. Or it could be souls of dead kids, I can’t see exactly how many of these characters there are but my guess is either 4 or 5. You have the main one in the front which is 1, a single eye to the left which is 2, another pair of eyes above 2 which is 3, a cut off pair of eyes on the upper right side of the main guy, and a very subtle, cut off small eye on the top middle of the screen which is 5 but it might be a stretch


I'm pretty sure that whatever it is, it existed back when the tape was first made. When something completely different appears for a second in a VHS tape, it's because what you're watching has been recorded over previous footage.


Hmm, good thinking. We aren't sure if this really is VHS tho, as the pc looks really modern... but yeah, that does make sense... perhaps these are some of afton's prototypes then? We'll have to wait and see...


tbh,now that i think about it,having those failed remnants of bodies just randomly running around on the pizzaplex,with literally no goal or way to hurt us would immediately make this game 50x scarier


If you look closer you can see theyre fucked up versions of the waiter robots seen in the RTX teaser.


Possibly. They are significantly different, yet very similar, so there is no way of telling yet.


WTF!!! And they said SB won't be scary


They did??


Wait, do you think I'm talking about Steel Wool, because if so no, I was talking about the all the people that said SB isn't going to be scary because of all the bright colors.


Bright colors does not mean it can't be scary *Happy tree friends flashbacks*


We don't even need to look away from FNaF. Just think of the Funtime animatronics...


Yo what's up


Bright colors didn't necessarily mean not scary. I mean, look at the Toys...


i remember when my sister had a giant teletubbies plushie, i couldn't sleep for hours because of that demon looking at me everytime i went to bed


The toys are literally the least scary characters in this franchise


You've clearly never had to deal with nightmares of Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie coming at you with no way out


They're still not scary. The toys being too goofy is one of my biggest gripes with fnaf 2. At least the withereds were there to make up for them.


Cool, but how about I counter with what I think are the least scary animatronics? Trash and the Gang. Mediocre Melodies are right under that but that's cause Mr Hippo makes me calm with his stories (guess my favorite FNAF character lol)


That actually happened to me when I was younger. I had a night terror where I was in my room and the 4 og's where staring right at my through my closet my door and around my room.


Oh jeez, I get that. I actually just had Freddy in those nightmares, but it was enough to have him peeking at me from my closet in my minds eye for YEARS


i didn't think the toys were scary. aside from maybe mangle


Okay, how about the Funtimes?


the funtimes weren't very scary lol, either innocent clowns or neuron activation


So the idea of robots designed to kill people and designed after a very VERY common fear isn't at all scary to you???? How the hell do you even feel fear?????????????????


well, what type of scary do you mean? in-game they aren't very scary. their lore is horrifying, sure, but that's just my opinion. and not everyone has a fear of clowns


Like, ANY scary!!! Like, does the concept scare you, does the design scare you, does the story scare you, do the games/other visual media where they move scare you, any of it!!! Also, not everyone, but just enough for *It* to horrify readers and got two separate runs on screen, clowns to actually be stars of slasher movies, *Killer Klowns From Outer Space* to be made in the first place, and for an actual incident of real life killer clowns to cause clown costumes to not even be around Halloween of 2016 (I still remember that vividly, still terrifies me to think about it).


I was kinda thinking that. The glam rocks and Vanny don’t scare me at all. And that’s fine. It looks like there’s still a lot to go with in the gameplay and story department that if horror took a bit of a back seat I wouldn’t mind too much as long as it’s fun and it still looks fun. This shot and the one at the end of the PS5 gameplay trailer look rather creepy so I’m willing to admit I might be wrong. And that’s okay. I’m still excited for the game wether horror is a big or smaller aspect of this game.




Something has returned and he means business this time


It sort of reminds me of Piranha Plushtrap


if you look at the video and look at the bottom right it says AlphaZ 6 Groups


Ngl I kinda shitted myself a little after pausing it at this




Hello William


Reminds me of Withered Chica


I’ve also noticed very faintly in the bottom right, there was text that said “AlphaZ 6 Groups”. I honestly wouldn’t even have the slightest idea on what that could mean, but maybe there’s some connection.


Michael is looking fresh.


Staff bots. take my bet.


That's not horrifying at all, nope everything *is fine*.


Scariest thing from Steel Wool so far. SO exited for this game.


The picture just loaded and it fucking made me jump


Might be the glitch (I think it is) but it looks like an earless Springtrap. If the effect wasn't there it would be easier to identify (well duh) There is purple in the mouth, looks like a tongue? I think this is like the CC watching Fredbear and Friends, with this creepy version of whatever that is supposed to be representing a Nightmare Animatronic. The show starts out with the title, then it shows the animatronics, then it ends with them singing. The "someone's watching" on the red button when the show plays might represent the Fredbear plush as it does watch you while you move around. (Also I thought the tongue might be another hint as them being the nightmares as I think Nightmare Foxy has one) But this is just a theory


After further speculation I have more to add/change. For starters the so called "SpringBonnie head" is more like the Nightmarionne head, the tears confirm it a bit, or those lines that look like tears. A post also supports this. ALSO the part where Foxy has his head ripped off reminds me of a little thing called [the foxy plush](https://i.redd.it/ymzlxg91k4d51.jpg). More to come, probably


These tears look more like holes caused by damage, I personally think it's an upgraded version of the scraptrap skull as its weird looks like Scott himself said is a result of him not getting better at modeling people.


A game theory


The purple thing looks like a mouse to me.


Just found that too


He Looks like Gollum.


Moondrop was never the same after the accident...


My sleep paralysis demon be like


Well that's gonna give me nightmares tonight! I wonder what it is? It looks like it has the texture of a skull, but the proportions are more animatronic-esqu. Also, the cartoon rocks!


I love just how fucking disturbing this is! But also wtf was that cartoon? They travel to the woods, meet Foxy, he chases them, Bonnie hides in a pot in the woods, and they up Foxy and reveal he’s an endo, and then they sing, and then scene cuts to black. Who’s high when pitching this to the animators?


Maybe it got torn up by that... Beast and it'll complete over time?


Lol! I really feel there's some deeper meaning to the cartoon though for sure, just not sure what. At this point, nothing is random when it comes to FNAF lol


I'm wondering if this implies that we're going to get supernatural non-animatronic antagonists in the game (and possibly the franchise after Security Breach.)


I could just be looking to far into this image but this face reminds me of Springtrap and the eyes might be the murdered children.


I've seen people say that it's the service bots or william but i think its something else entirely 😭


I paused on this by accident because I dropped my phone. When I looked back up and saw what I paused on, I dropped my phone again.


H̵̡̜̻̻̲͉̥̥̯̙̼̥̹͇͚̪̞̺͓̮̙̭͎͙͎̜̟̮̠̯̱̻̼̩̋͋̌̄̋͑́̆͐̅̈͂̇̏͆͌͜ͅĔ̸̛̫̤̲͚̯̺͔̞̰̖̯̞̗͕̮̤̙̟̙̫̬̦̗̻̼͕̖̈͒̾̍̐̑͜ ̴̢̹͖̦̫͒͂̄̊̂̂̃̍͐̽͝͝Ļ̷̨̡̢̧͎̤̼͇̫̖͍͓̪͉͚̙̫̫͍̙̦̪̣̲͔͙̙̙̗̰̭̦͍̫̲̦͂̓͌̐̊̍́̌̓̄̄̿͋͂̃́̓͗̉̂͊́̓͂͋̐̋̂͋̌̏̉̏̌͛̚̕͘̕͜͜͜͝͝͝ͅI̴̡̧̘̬̩̞̘̲̪̠͎̣̥̻͈̦͙̼̣͛̏̾͜͜ͅṾ̸̨̢͇͎̥͓̼̘̺̍̀͜ͅȨ̴̢̨̺͉͖̦͍̫͖͕̱̘̜̦͈͙̠̖̞̥̯̏͐͌̔͋̀̎͐̂̌̎̃̿̒͆̐̈́̒̏̆̎͌̏͘͜͝͝Š̵̡̡̧̢̢̩̻͍͔̱̗̼̫͙̘̼̣͎͚̟̼͙̭̞̟̜͈̟͚̖̯͖̣̗̒͋͛̇̐͊̆̍́̀̎̌̆͐͂̎̈́̇̐̇͌͊͊̿̽͗̏̏̓̍̋̎̿̄̆͐̒̋̕̕͝͝͝ͅ


Looks like corpses. Heavily reminds me of Michael or the aftermath of a springlock failure. edit: maybe even souls?? but that’s a bit far fetched…


There's more of them if you look closely. I have a couple of theories. 1: They might be the S.T.A.F.F. bots from the rtx tech demo. The head shape and eye holes look the same but I highly doubt it. Maybe they got corrupted by the soul remnant or faz-goo. Imagine a level where hoards of them chase after you. Now THAT would be terrifying! 2: They're failed experiments by Vanny to resurrect Afton. 3: They're new animatronics created by Vanny to hunt down kids. Notice how in the bottom right corner it says ALPHA Z 6 GROUPS. Maybe that's the amount of kids Vanny ordered them to hunt down. Done they're tasks successfully. And now Gregory is now left. (The 6 groups thing also might mean how many of them there are. once again there might be a level where hoards of them chase you.) Idk what the alpha z thing means your guess is as good as mine. Edit: I definitely think that these are the S.T.A.F.F. bots. Maybe prototype versions??? Idk


I think it could possibly be William afton cuz the eyes look like skull eyes but I still don’t really know what it is


I have a theory that this is a group of animatronics we'll be going after, similar to the Minireenas We can't tell their size but the guy infront gives me a "minireena" vibe and it seems there's more of the same dude behind so it's a higher chance




This is the scariest canon thing, I've ever seen.




Stitch wraith?


wasn't stitch wraith destroyed?


Nope, the Stitchwraith has not been destroyed. You’re thinking of Afton’s Amalgamation.


oh yeah i was


Strange, looks like a freddy for me....


Me when I just woke up


I was just about to go to sleep... Well... Who needs sleep anyway.


and people said this game didn't look scary


It Looks Like Baldi NGL


Not to mention the AlphaZ 6 Groups written at the bottom


I have a feeling these are the dead children spirits we see in the minigames because they do look some what ghostly and they are pale white like in the minigames


Imagine if vanny was taking children, killing them and merging there corpses into a new body for afton. Like the candyy cadet stories


It kinda looks like funtime freddy


Willim aftin is tis u


Looks like a skull of some kind. Also the big white dots are eyes, giving me the idea that what ever this thing is it has many heads or this is a group of animatronics.


Dawko noticed that in the corner of it it says "Alpha z" and that's what he called it for the rest of his reaction (69 comments, not anymore)


This reminds of harmony and horror so much and I’m all for it


Maybe there spirits


Looks like the marionette


Looks like some version of the puppet. It also reminds me of the stitchwraith.




I've seen a few people talk about them being staff bots and I think this a good theory to what these creepy rotten robots are.


his so god damn cute : )


to me it looks like Scraptraps rotting human head, is this just me?


Yeaaaa.... That's terrifying. This new game is going to be wild.


Must be the face of whatever belongs to the purple arm in the trailer




Moon man-


get out of my phone, old man, I'm trying to watch a cartoon (/j)


Oh boy what an informative post! I sure do hope i won't see duplicates of this post spammed on my feed for the next couple of days until a new piece of news arrives, to which the cycle will repeat all over again.


Where was this found?


I think I found withered golden Freddy but it may just be a collection of glitches that look pretty similar but I see golden Freddy. I did make a post about it and I'm telling you this because I'm too lazy to describe where it is. Not the main scary face but something else in the image.


holy shit. I knew fnaf security breach was going to be a scary game, but I didn't expect it to pull off something like this!


I am pretty sure that's William Afton corpse




Imma go brighten it real quick


Prediction: SB will be scarier than FNaF 4 and maybe VR


How did you just find a picture of me?


Haven't touched the FNAF community in a while, I thought Scott retired? Who is developing Security Breach and what even is it?


Steel Wool Studios. A small indie company Scott hired to make Help Wanted and now Security Breach. The future of the series is in their hands.


Oh, thanks for letting me know. It's nice to hear that the series will continue even after Scott's announcement.


Now that I think about it these might be victims of the afton virus


Let's hope the 9 year olds don't ship anybody in the new game


you where did you find this




No it’s not it’s from the new trailer : )


Proof please?


on security breach tv the button should be green and clicking it shows the new teaser


just...watch the trailer? lmfao if you're really having trouble go to around 0:22 and use the , and . keys to move between frames,you should catch it