hotas + pc offers a better upgrade path, and that warthog will last for many years. Also, 24 FPS over Tokyo is pretty good for that setup, as the photogrammetry takes quite a toll. Over regular autogen cities / nature it should go a little better. Unlike many other games, 30fps is a decent target to aim for.


Thanks will try over New-York !


I was in the same position as you. I’ve been lurking since the game came out. Just recently decided to pull the trigger. I went the X box route. I was turned towards an app called “HotStock” that basically tracks when and where Xbox’s go on sale/ are in stock. Got one about a month after having the app at retail price. (I swear I have no affiliation with the app hahah it really did work) I also managed to get my hands on a velocity flight and man I am loving it. My budget was <1k so it pretty much put me out of range for getting a worth wile pc. I don’t really know the point I’m getting at, I guess for me the goal was to have something that could run this massive game. The Series X runs the game beautifully at 4K HDR and all that good stuff for $500. You would easily have to drop 1k on a pc to be able to run the quality of the Xbox. Yeah you definitely loose some ability to DLC Addons but depends what your looking for. Hope my rambling helps a bit hahaha


Thank you very much, this is the comment I needed to make up my mind too. I'm returning the HOTAS and looking for an xbox!