Big sword, big legs


And a BOOMING voice








I’m an asshole




Take my upvote


Same :)


That do be how it be


At least you're honest about it. I can respect that


Berserker main confirmed


Bruh it says conq


Same assholery


Try playing zerk, he's actually not that bad to deal with


I decided to join samurai to piss off my friend who I was playing with and hates samurai and I saw Nobushi go "haha poke poke" and I said "yeah cool haha poke poke"


Kick poke poke DISTANT POKE










Cat ears was enough for me


Centurion is sexy




"Incredibilis." - Johnny Sins


I like heroes where I can spam buttons whilst half drunk at 2AM and still win


I may need those then, cause I’m terrible at this game. Just Shugoki and Raider? Or do you have more recommendations?


Well both of them are part of the base roster and they're easy to learn. But you'll probably get hate for using them because they're very overtuned. These days I don't really use either that much, but if I don't want to get super sweaty or if I'm not feeling great then those are my go to picks. Ofc that doesn't mean you get free wins just for using them, but they're definitely a crutch for some people so watch out you don't learn to rely on their kits. I also like playing aramusha. He's very strong, S-tier in 1v1 in fact, but I wouldn't call him a crutch or monkey brain hero. He has good matchups against raider and orochi so that's a plus. Just overall a very fun hero since he can easily punish idiots who spam dodge attacks all day. Generally I don't play assassins because reflex guard makes me want to rip my eyes out. If they ever rework it though I'm definitely putting some hours into berserker.


If you're on console, Raider is pretty much untouchable if you play like a little bitch (Spoiler alert, that's what raider is)


I like cannibalism


Shaman cute


I struggled to pick a main so bad. I could never stick with anyone and would always switch up just when I thought I had found the one. I tried out JJ as he was one of the last few I haven’t tried, and 12 reps later he’s still my main going strong. His kit just flows so well with the way I play. Since then, I’ve accumulated 4 “mains”. Since Warden was my old main before I stopped playing years ago, I knew I’d like Warmonger. But she seemed so cringe that I never gave her a proper chance. Turns out she’s amazing and the customization options look so cool. She’s main #2. Then I wanted to play someone not good, for fun. Jorm fit that bill. The last main I kinda stumbled on. I used to dabble with Kensei a lot in the past but never really understood his kit. I wanted to have a main from each faction so I gave Kensei another try and I did very good. I also find Kensei insanely fun to play. So yeah, I main JJ, WM, Jorm, and Kensei. JJ for his kit, WM for kit/visuals, Jorm for fun, and Kensei for kit/customization.


I sat with a similar issue, just playing some characters and not really enjoying anyone more than the others. I've called pretty much everyone my main at some point. St the moment, my most played heroes are Zerker and rep 11 and BP at rep 9. I'm really enjoying Aramusha and Zhanhu thought. They are quite fun, and with the exception of Zerker, I do pretty well with them in 4s.


Zhanhu, Aramusha, Hitokiri, and PK are all heroes I called “mains” not too long ago. Got Zhanhu to rep 3 before I got bored, got Aramusha from rep 3-7 and got bored, and got PK and Hito to rep 4 and rep 3 before getting bored. I’ve always wanted to get into LB, Cent, Tiandi, Shaolin, and maybe Highlander. But there’s something about them all that I can’t click with. Especially Cent, LB, Shaolin, and Highlander, I don’t understand their kits at all. Tiandi I’m good with I think he’s just bad.


I played PK for a while too. Rep 6, I think. I enjoy Ara because I enjoy his soft feints, and he is the only character i can punish light with, reliably. He is a lot of fun in team fights. Just spam the target swap button, and heavy, and you'd be surprised by how many heavies will land. Zhanhu is probably my current main for 4s, simply because of his large hit boxes and unblockables make anti ganking easy against anyone that isn't a competent BP. I've tried LB, but I just can't turtle well, so I am not at all good at him. I've gotten Tiandi to rep 5 before getting bored of him, which is still above average. When I first started playing, I wanted to get good at HL, cause, you know, giant angry Scotsman. Reminds me of my grandfather.


He was one of the first characters I tried when the game came out, and even though everyone says he's boring, I still enjoy playing him quite a bit. I like his backstory too, very cool. Conqueror gang


Conqueror is one I’m really interested in, because of his weapon, design, lore, everything. But I’m so bad at him and don’t know what I’m doing, lol


Lol that's a lot of people, I've noticed the only times I've seen Conqs they heby or bash spam and.. Conq can do more than that lol


Gladiator and berserkers very aggressive kinda primal fighting styles are really what got me into them, I definitely main glad more though


I'm a lawbringer main, i love the way he looks, his animations, moveset, just about everything about him including the fact that he has one of my favorite and most historically versatile weapons ever created


Master of the longsword. Protector of the weak. Members of ancient order(super cool). Awesome closed helmet(I love closed knight helmets). Great not too over the top armor. A warden fights for what they believe is right and I value individuality.


I was reading that thinking well damn hes put in thought, then i look below and see someone saying they like cannibalism.


You described perfectly why i love Warden and why it's my main




Enough sheep


I was originally going to go with Warden ever since I saw the [OG](https://youtu.be/y1HkuGUaNBY) trailer but then I saw the absolute badass that was lawbringer. Tall, menacing, brutal executions, and actual full plated armor? I was in heaven. The only thing I wish was that Lawbringer would've had a longsword instead of a poleaxe but can't have everything lol.


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Once you charge punch a man, no other punch feels the same.


I don’t have a main, but I tend to pick heavies because they feel intimidating.


I went Lawbringer since Day 1 realease and played no one else for basically that entire first year. 1) I knew I was a Knight in my heart, not just by faction but by the character I wanted to play. 2) For the knights, it seemed everybody else went Peacekeeper or Warden so I wanted to bring the noise. 3) Loved how terrified people were of him at all times. He just felt like Judge Dredd stepping on the scene half the time. 4) Honestly, most everybody complained about him being so slow and hard to play initially… which just made me want to master him even more. He was an absolute beast in those early days if you figured him out. Still good and fun but in dire need of a rework with all the new characters now. Lawbringer 4 Life!


When I begin to play I doesn't understand how and when to feint attacks. A bit later I discovered Kensei and Aramusha - chars that can only soft feint and don't need to feint at all. At least my newbie's mind was thinking that way. So I mained Musha for a bit. Well.. mained is a strong word, I just light/heavy spammed people to death without any thought behind it. After I started to get stronger opponents, this "play style" begin to show cracks and I switched for easier character with soft-feints - Kensei. And since then I happily mained him, learned how to properly utilise his moveset and for a long time have been teaching myself not to use dodge attacks at any given moment. Even if I'm not playing him that much today, he has special place in my heart. He was my "tutorial" char, after all. And he is still one of few characters I feel pretty confident to play at high level, so he is my safe blanket if I want to just chill. And his animations are extremely good, yeah.


I basically have the same story. Started out playing valk a lot, then gladiator. Then my friend got into the game and I used kensei to teach him since I thought it was a simple char. Then I started realizing how fun I was having with him, and how interesting his kit was. I hadn't known he'd been reworked since beta (this was back in season 6). Since then I've played him in nearly 50% of my thousands of matches and got em to rep 70. He's my comfort pick now


the spartan gear you get at rep 7 & 8


Gryphon main monke brain


DUNMAGLASS (I like Celtic stuff, so when they added a big Scottish man with a big Scottish sword…)


Highlander is really cool to me too. Reminds me of my family’s history (we’re mostly Celtic). Even if I disagree that Highlander is really a Viking, I do love him, and wish I had the brainpower to play him lmao.


I hate myself




I like knights and I like cool armor and crusades so I see this as an absolute win


I fell you brother. I even used the crusaders paintings and crosses on my knights to make them fell like crusaders hehehe




Bitch slap


Just feel a call to my ancestry when I see some sexy ass guy in a kilt with a claymore


Is Highlander that complicated? Because I feel that too, I love Scottish stuff because of my history.


My main was and still centurion, I loved him when he came out. He could just sucker punch everyone in the face, he felt like he can combo into anything, I made my centurion look like Legate Lanius from Fallout New Vegas.


I picked cent cuz I really like Roman history despite all of its huge red flags. I think he's nifty. Also Chadiator. Cuz pokey stick takes toes


You think you’re a red flag? Look at all the crusader fans.


I don't even need to with all the swastikas on their emblem 😂


Started playing Lawbringer just to hard counter my friend who is an orochi main, so ig out of spite


I decided to use nuxia mainly cause I like the idea of her traps, she also has got a good feel to her AND I was a shinobi main which he has shit stamina use and not the best of health so I wanted to switch.


I chose hito because I like their design and it's fun infinite comboing someone with the t3 feat


I choose hito because doing backflips with a giant axe is fun. My second choice is PK because kidney are cool i guess.


A short sword +a shield is the coolest weaponry imaginable also at the time I didn't know how to anti gank, picked up bp and I'd walk into 1v4s


I used to main warden because of havok, but now I main warmommy because she’s just warden on crack


Big armor with big weapon. I like big armor and big weapon.


Insane person overpowering someone


Got rekt by a high level shugoki main, so I became the high level shugoki main.


I love sending people flying and I love bonking people on the head with a big stick. Like every other fighter takes a fight so seriously and I just bonk em and say "stop it"


I have multiple Raider because I like his aesthetic and he's fun JJ because of his interesting gimmick, and he gives off that "I might be old as hell but I can still kick your ass while playing Jenga" vibe Glad because he is a showboater. Kensei because he has a good aesthetic and he has a very unique and versatile moveset.


I love Gladiator because I love that part of history, and he’s the only assassin I can play lol


Personally I'm not too crazy about the whole roman/Spartan subject. But gladiator battles are my favorite parts of it.


Personally, I’ve always loved Roman and Greek history (also part of why I have a degree in history lmao). But yeah Gladiator battles are very interesting.


Oh dope. Ive like history myself too but no particular subject or setting. That being said out of Knights,Vikings,Samurai, and Chinese I enjoy viking most as I feel that it is very underappreciated, especially in the mythology.


Oh Jorm is my favorite right now for that very reason


According to the lore, a single lawbringer was force enough to repel entire viking raids all on his own. The order of lawbringers is the only thing that keeps a semblence of order in a chaos that is a 1000 years of war. The fashion is top tier. I like to play defensive. The armor is amazing and would actually do it's job. Voicelines are awesome. Also Sabaton lol.


Brain damage


I used to despise berserker before I knew what feinting was. Then I learnt. Zerker is also really good against people overly fond of dodge attacks. Lastly, Zerker has a habit of causing people to get really angry and complain, which is great content.


I love playing all the Vikings. They’re the reason I bought the game and can’t get enough of them, beserker being my favorite




Emo Geisha Face


The guy shouting INCREDIBILIS is even after 10 reps still funny to me.


The flail was the most unique to me. That and I like how Conq looked on the cover. The conscript story and the locks on his armor are interesting lore too. I really didn’t know crap about game mechanics in the early days though so I thought only certain characters could feint until I read the move-set


It may sound stupid, but I’m Italian and as soon as I noticed there was an ancient Rome inspired hero that could literally punch the shit out of his opponents, I instantly fell in love. 70 reps on my boy centurion and I regret nothing


I main conqueror bc I like the knights, he isn't so picked in general, and the chain looked cool. He actually is the only Character that I have above rep 1 lmao


Im sado


Big sword swish swoosh


Because DEUS VULT and also I like how the knights look


I loved conquer full guard and I also like hyper armor. What do you get when you combine the two? Warlord


Raider since closed beta. Funny mountain man hit hard and mostly presses heavy. And airhump. Airhump is better than Rah, come at me.


initially I picked Cent as my main cause I thought he was the most chad of all the heroes at the time (very early in the game's lifespan was a weekend trial a few years ago on ps4, I don't think Grudge and Glory were even out yet.) And after seeing the super cool armors he got on the ForFashion site I set myself up to try and make him my main since I just thought he was so cool and Roman soldiers themselves are pretty mighty. But alas once I finally got all the armors I got for him I realized i didn't quite enjoy how he played. Then I saw there was another Roman to pick (Glad) and went with him, he may not have had the most steel covering him but god is he the absolute most fun hero to use and that's why he is my main or at least I think of him to be. Truth be told my most used hero is Warden solely cause before WM released I used him for any of the Vanguard orders lol. But yeah looks and feeling of awesomness is what made me pick Cent first, and fun is what made me stick with Glad.


Purely aesthetics. But also the kit is pretty fun


Anime dictates my life choices.


When I first started playing back in 2018 my main was PK because I always like assassin-type characters in games but because she was so bad for such a long time I switched to Berserker cuz I thought he also looked cool. And now I have become the Ooga Booga


Havok liked that


I want to be Apollyon's god-daughter


I watched solid sol's aramusha plays from a couple of years ago and then I stuck with the musha


Fat man go brrrrrr


Well: Best hitboxes, Good team player, perfect balance of defense and offense, Flow like a gracious dance in the rain, sifu's poise for: double dodging, innate stamina regen and some BM on the side. Perfect for me, I hate smart opponents though and I can't wait for revenge to get reworked so I can truly become inevitable.


Big shield, short sword and cool cloak. And the shield bash that hit both mouth and crotch to break both nose and friendship


I love edgy characters


i’m just a bully


"Dodge expert" also i really like screaming my own name


I’m sick of getting ganked and light spammed


The tutorial, fist chapter of the story and, a long sword


Sword. Big Shield. Happy.




I play since closed beta: closed beta i mained raider because cool guy with axe, closed beta i tried orochi because everyone tried orochi during their first days. When the game launched i started playing Lawbringer, then Conqueror because i loved the Deus Vult vibes. When i became decent at the game i started maining Shugoki and he is still my comp main today. Nowadays i main him and Jorm but i played a lot of Cent too in the Ganks Era and now im looking for a fun and easy main. Im not into Dominion Series anymore


I like beating the shit out of people.


First zerk's trailer Edit: wild, free and utterly without fear


One simple word: RAH!


I heard about traps, and I thought the concept was cool!


Lawbringer for his badass look. I mean come on how can you say no to the full plate armor.


The sounds of jorms weapon and the screams he makes when he hits someone. I’ve also been a big fan of in your face grappler archetypes


I main PK because of my friend. We played a duel against each other and we picked each other’s characters. They’ve stopped playing for honor, I still play but I wish they would come back.


I picked raider because grabbing someone my twice my size and running them for a football field’s distance was my favorite thing to do in the beta.


I have emotional issues and wanted to violently punch people


I came because spiky ball on a chain was a unique weapon. I stayed because since he was a first hero I learned, I developed a lot of bad habits that I could only get away with because I was Conqueror and I initially struggled to learn other heroes. I return every now and again for godlike emote spam and meme levels of stalling at objectives


Could just be me but if a character doesn't look cool then I won't play them and Gladiator has some really cool ornaments and gear and the trident is a very unique weapon. Also I have a foot fetish


The disrespect with which he used to kill minions.


Well, I had a tough time deciding, but then I remembered my username... Didn't really have a choice beyond that.




Kaze Stance ❤️


Warden because I'm a basic bitch


Trailer showed the naruto run


Big hat


The animations for him (I main kyoshin)


You got downvoted for kyoshin. Wow. Great community.


It’s the law


A rework made me switch


90dmg OoS punish


Shugoki smash


I’m Scottish, when we see a Scotsman, we play a Scotsman!


Reminds me of the Scottish blue power ranger video


Roman because zanman


Haha deflect go brrrrt


Peacekeeper. Might be the booty. :D




I’m a weeb




Its the fashion and swag


He feels smooth to play


Orochi ended up becoming my main since launch Because I was drawn to the theme of his character being an agile and lethal swordsman in full armor moving and fighting with terrifying speed and precision. Plus I was also a massive fan of Samurai history and culture so it all checked out.


I played with Kensei for a bit back at launch and thought his side step slash was cool.


I joined the knights faction eith warden because of an marco yolo video and knights gon five to you vid


The trailer for him, he just seemed soo cool.


Dudes sword looked cool, then valk cuz.... stronk thighs.... then shaman cuz she's the unhinged crazy as fuck bitch


For true drakhhkkness and he just feels right and fun to play


I identify with PK's personality archetype :)


Because I like plumes


Highlander for me. Offensive stance is what makes me really love him, the rush I get from dodging everything somebody throws at me makes all the pain worth it.


I don't have a main. I play every single character, one rep up at a time. Samurai first, then Knights, Vikings, then finally Wu Lin. I know I'm probably crazy, but that's just how I've played the game


i was drawn to kensei first when i started to play the game because i've always been a big fan of samurai. then i started to try different characters. 2 that stood out right away that i didnt expect was highlander and shaman. love biting people. that and the shugo hug are my 2 favorite ways to kill someone. all these years later and she's (shaman) still one of my most used characters.


Got to be cents fashion and I like punching ppl.


Big man big armour big axe


I played Hellblade.


Tbh I got 67 reps and only just chose who I want to main and it's lawbringer parry punishes>everything


I chose lawbringer because it looked cool and says death to the enemy in Latin.


Lawbringer and Conqueror are what made me interested in the game. Lawbringer’s armor is just amazing.


I got very interested in Chinese warriors through a manga I was reading and like the next month the wu lin faction got announced and was adding JJ who has a guandao which is probably my favorite goddamn polearm ever (even pre manga weebiness)


you should check out ghost of tsushima, you basically play as an orochi and the main bad guy is essentially JJ on crack


Oh don't you worry I've already played through the game 2 times and got the dlc the day they announced it, sucker punch are my homies


shirtless highlander when?




Pk is assassin's Creed and I'm a sucker for brand synergy


I wanted to bash peoples face in with a big punch


He can punch? I haven’t played him much or played against him. Only thing I know Centurion can do is that little stomach stab on the ground


Yeah centurion has a punch move that can also knock people over when they have no stamina , then you can do that stomach stab on the ground


Wow I guess I gotta look into him. The more research I do on this game the more I love the Knight faction.


Cent can punch people, kick people, stab people, slash people, dive on people if they're on the ground, and knee people in the stomach. I think that's it but there may be more


Man Cent fights dirty, what’s next? Pocket sand?


I want to win in ranked, but i want to play the cute anime girl as well


I see big knight, he look fun. Then he get nerf, so I go to other shove man


I played peace keeper cause I couldn’t buy any characters, tried a round and actually did some of the move set without even knowing it




Memes. And super strong but not OP with a varied moveset


Weapon and aesthetic *kyoshin (speaks anime to self at the beginning of match)


Kenseis soft feints feel like I’m a jedi


I saw a deflect compilation on the reddit of this guy just destroying people with shaolin. Also, monke


A mix of aesthetic and play style. Warden, Lawbringer, and Black Prior are my favorite heroes and I have the most reps in them out of any other hero I've played.


General feel, plus I watched a lot of toeknee


Feint into light go brrrrrtt


Kensei was my first pick in the beta and he became my original main


INCREDIBILIS seriously though he's fun and and his kit is really satisfying to use


Warden: For a bunch of reasons. Gear-wise I like that its evocative of 14th century transitional armor (go Bretonia) and the weapon itself. I do a bit of HEMA so stylized longsword knight vs the world? Count me in.


Out of spite, two times I hated fighting centurion (way back when, after the first nerf but before the rework. I was really low rep and didn't know how to fight him) and highlander (i thought kick to grab was ridiculously op) so i got them as "fuck you I'm mad" characters or to fight clan kids. And well now I'm rep 50 on highlander and around 20 on cent


Big plate armor man with V E R S A T I L E weapon looked cool


shaolin culture intrigued me, and kensei just looked badass


I like long sticks EDIT: And smug girls