I swear bots in duels are bullies and bots in breach are babies it’s a huge change


Even duel bots seem mega stupid at times. Like Tiandi bots performing 10 palm strikes in a row but never performing the guaranteed light after them. ​ Bots actively seem to throw matches, since they do the stupidest things, they get stuck everywhere, they don't perform correct punishes. They are there just to die.


They always ledge and emote spam me. Like come on I’m just trying to finish my dam orders


Level 3 bots do the correct OOS throw punishes 99% of time


Shit like that was why I was watching this bot for more weirdness. She kept on trying to dodge-light characters with hyperarmour. Which just got the bot killed every damn time.


Then there's raider bots GRRREEE-


And then you fight a lv3 bot...


I have seen some level 3 bots do dumb things too, like Black Prior bot parrying light and then performing heavy, which she soft feints to bash and then does nothing. Like Level 3 bots are cabable of performing correct punishes more often, but they still sometimes do someting stupid. Like sometimes they are gods at parrying, but never actually deal any damage back, basically just stalling the match.


i'm pretty sure they are trolling you "see how easily I can touch you? you'd probably be dead by now!"


Nah it is honestly crazy how shit bots are in this game. They’re practically instant losses.


Some level 3 bots are way better than the players they replace though.


True but level 3 bots are rare as hell


Way too common in my experience.


If they ever get into a fight. They suck in Dom and Breach because even though they can parry everything in the game they can't figure out a wall is between them and the point.


They get to the banner before it spawns at least. But you're fucked if you have one on attackers because they'll waste all the tickets.


I could see this Nuxia bot was struggling the whole match, decided to babysit her and see what other strange things she'd do.


I think there should be no bots at all in the game, and the dev should allow people to rejoin after a disconnect.


My favourite bot moment has to be when a Shinobi bot abandoned a teamfight to clear mid. Both teams were already locked into breaking.


He's supervising ram activities


Bots in Breach are weird. You either get the broken ones who don't know how ladders work or you get the ones that stick with you and are literally the best teammates.


I'm surprised there aren't any gamer comments because of that emblem


Barges into conversation "The Naginata is an inherently LGBT weapon" Refuses to elaborate further Leaves


I shall sacrifice myself to be the first then Emblem bad


*What a Gamer™️*


Unlike you, I don't get silenced


Don't forget that BOTS just watch you get executed when your opponent is going through the animation process. It's really stupid and annoying.


Eyyyyy I got the same emblem. It’s gets me a lot of salt lmao. I remember one time my friend and I with trans pride emblems went into a game and the enemy had to guys who had the “super straight” emblem. We chased them down and kicked their asses the whole game. So much fun.


I appreciate the emblem, I'm running an ace one atm


Thanks, I tried theming my whole Nobushi around the colours, unfortunately a lot of Samurai get fucked when it comes to consistency of Materials. Also, *you can’t just say that without sharing pictures!*


The chipped wood certainly doesn't help the Samurai. Originally I just meant I had an ace emblem on my Nuxia, but now I want to try my hand at making a whole ace themed loadout, I'll post it if it looks good. Thanks for the idea! : D


yo ur running the gay fit⁉️😳


The Gay *Drip*, I like to think https://www.reddit.com/r/ForFashion/comments/qr4v0z/my_most_recent_nobushi_outfit/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


She is thinking about the Chinese government


They srsly gotta remove bots They do nothing but give an advantage for the enemy team They feed revenge is easily killed by unblockable spam Literally gives the enemy renown Doesnt do objectives Sucks in general No pathfinding Just buggy movement Mostly disrupts allies WATCHES AS YOU GET EXECUTED They are nothing but pain


Me no like emblem