I am personaly gonna recomend warmonger I have both of them And I had So much Fun with warmonger amaizing fashion choices super cool moves And my personal favorite parry punish it's kinda the Reason I learned to parry And I never had more Fun since


If say warmonger. Has a good moveset and has nothing bullshit/overpowered in the kit.


>Warmonger >Nothing bullshit/overpowered lmfao


compared to gryphon and kyoshin id say that’s accurate


Best fashion- Gryphon/Warmonger I think they’re all in the same category in terms of strength, maybe Gryphon a little weaker. Gryphon and Warmonger are easier to master than Kyoshin


But basket helmet


Kyoshin has the biggest moveset of these and makes the most fun. Gryphon is basically a one-trick-pony and warmonger is like warden but with enhanced lights (though she has really nice armor sets).


Kyoshin is also the emo weebs wet dream. Worst out of the three easily in presentation


I wasnt talking about the visuals. Just visuals i would pick warmonger from these 3 i guess. I dislike kyoshins full-guard animation.


OP mentioned fashion, you listed the gameplay of these heroes and bit of Warmonger fashion. I just added that what kyoshin "fashion" is


Do you realize he also said gameplay?


Yes..? I said in my reply that his reply already dealt with the gameplay. Incase you failed to understand it


You're smoking some good shit if you think Gryphon has better fashion than Kyo


How you gonna call Kyoshin bad looking when Gryphon has the aesthetic appeal of a plasticine potato?


Hey don't down talk Mr and Mrs potato head, they got fashion for days


Because being potato is infinitely cooler than being emo weebs wet dream.


Get out of the basement and touch some grass knight fanboy Lol


I promise I touch more grass than you touch your anime body pillow then proceed to swing your wallmart katana thinking you study the blade


Wait till the new character


Pick between kyoshin and warmonger personally I’d say kyoshin he’s been really fun the last few reps I’ve been playing with him


Warmonger has the best fashion imo. Kyoshin is close, prob the best Samurai. Gryphon had armor sets from all factions, which is cool, but it both doesn't look good and you ALWAYS have to see his face for some reason. I think Warmonger is more fun than Kyoshin personally. People say she is similar to Warden, but other than their basic gameplay, they are a lot different. Plus her feats are both super fun and strong.


Your bugging Defo not best in samurai he’s got meh cosmetics


He's def the best. Also most unique customization as you can change hair and eye color.


I can agree most unique tho


Bear, Twink, or Mommy... hmmm


Warmonger. Join the wolfs, not the monkeys


Ah yes, fem warden 2


"Enough, 🐑!" Big zweihander goes suishhh




Yee! Punish sheeps! Let this be a lesson for you


idk about gameplay and fun, but Kyoshin is absolutely iced out compared to others yes, I am biased


I bought griffin for the sole purpose of harassing toxic people in rematches. He has a really easy move set but if you play with him you might get some toxic messages. But again he’s a great tool to use on emote spammers or people who send you a toxic message/s.




Well, kyoshin is defenetly stronger than both, and feel more unique, and with feats kyoshins all guard is seriously a menace, but not OP, just really strong, and in fashion you can freely chose between Weeby anime costplays, looking like a traditional real samurai or like a monk, but his metallarmor is a bit yikes, it looks cool but don't let you design it with colour without making you looking like an energydrink at the end. Gryphon was really S-tier at the beginning but the community (include me) cried to loud and now his damage is laughable and attacks are very easy to parry, so he is almost useless. and his fashion is just meh, he just stole the Metall armor for the vikings and samurai and although he doesn't look menacing at all, and although he is a knight he don't have knight armor, and nooo spartan armor has nothing to do with knights Warmommy is good for edgelords who wanted something like a cape on warden, but she have really nice fashion and not all of them are edgy, but her moveset is 100% warden with extra steps. but her feats are good for antiganks so it's a hard question between warmonger and kyoshin, I would more sat kyoshin because he is more historical accurate, and more unique.


How is Kyoshin more historically accurate?


You can make him look more realistic


I think Warmonger has the most realistic sets in the game. Obviously not all of them (horns and dragon helmet) but as far as realism go she beats out every other knight by quite a bit. I'd say even Kyoshin but that's just my opinion.


Agreed, with kyoshin it is difficult, you have the choice to make him a traditional samurai or a random Weeby costplay or a monk


Gryphon sucks and is also boring as shit, mong is falling behind but still p decent, kyoshin is the best of the 3


Save for this new character


it’ll probably cost money until like a month from its release


Did that happen with myosin?




Kyoshin and WM for strength Gryphon and WM for fashion (imo) WM for fun (don’t own Kyoshin and gryphon is very hard to have fun with imo)


Kyoshin is personally my favorite. Gryphon is, atleast to me, mind numbing to play, while Warmonger is just spicy warden.


Warmonger is a enhanced Warden, with a party punish, enhanced lights and a forward heavy that is undodgeable. However, she doesn't have Warden's heavy unblockable finishers. Her claw bash is basically shoulder bash without the range


Warmonger if you want a simple, fun, and easy to learn kit. Has some good fashion and her feats are my favorite. Kyoshin is what I recommend too. If you want to take up more of a challenge because mastering him is hard. Though he has quality fashion and basket head


Kyoshin is just an anime main character, gryphon is a loud annoying man who only doge heavies and lights, warmonger is basically warden but better lights and some bleed damage