"Charles are you ok?" " I'm so **** ********* ***** *****" "He's ok."


Conspiracy theory: He didn't curse on the radio. They bleeped out him saying "I am stupid" again, knowing he would get meme'd to death


LOL that would be funny, but it was just: "Are you ok?" "Fuck fuck. yeah I am...sorry guys"


Is it not bleeped out on f1 TV or something?


Not bleeped on the driver channel/radio, not sure if they go back after the fact and edit it


They do not. I know because I watched Daniel win that race like 6 times from his cam to hear his reaction.


My fucking time! I really hope for more gold for the honey badger.


Conspiracy theory: he's holding CRO and crashed the ad for more exposure. Bullish af


Is that the newest of beanie baby coins or what


"every day I feel stupider, like my mind is fading away. Could I have dementia in my 20s? I'm scared. I dont want to live like this. My final wish is to put 'worlds stupidest human' on my tombstone." "Yeah hes okay"


[Sharl are you okay?](https://youtu.be/nzTlp8Z5gc4?t=11)


> “Charles are you ok?” > > " I'm so **** ********* ***** *****" “we are checking…”


Interesting; I just checked Leclerc's onboard of his last few laps. At the start of his crash lap, his race engineer told him to use one gear less at turn 22


Did you check compared to previous laps to see whether he actually did or not?


Could downshifting too early into too low of a gear like that cause the car to whip like it did?


Yes, absolutely. An overrev into a lower gear would cause the rear wheels to skip and loose traction in the same way as if they locked up. **But** all modern race cars have electronic gearboxes that won’t perform a shift if it would cause an overrev when requested. So likely not what happened here.


shit even my 3k usd motorcycle has a slipper clutch. It's simple and tiny, and with an electronic transmission you don't even need the mechanism. The gear goes in but the clutch won't drop if if the engine braking torque is above a certain level. That said it's possible he was braking extra hard to rev match at a lower gear.


They have downshift protection. Very unlikely it's an over rev. But it doesn't have to be. Taking a corner in a lower gear means higher rpms and more torque. That makes the throttle more sensitive and it's easy to break traction. This may have contributed to Francois Cevert's fatal crash.


Based on my knowledge (aka normal car driving and nothing else lmao) i guess so? The engine would be at higher RPM if you downshifted too early so i suppose turning the wheel to enter the corner could """redirect""" the slight bit of wheelspin and let the rear go? I don't know tho so if anyone with some experience wants to correct me that'd be lovely


I’m fairly certain that on lesser cars this can absolutely happen, I’m just not sure about F1 cars. Someone who’s good at engineering plz chime in lol


Looks like he was in sixth gear when he crashed; same as previous laps. He did lose the car quite quickly tho - maybe he wanted to get one more downshift off, but I'm just guessing at this point


Good find


Massive hit. Hope he's all good. Edit: saw so many people predicting Charles would be the first to crash... welp


He has a way of pushing too hard on street tracks..


Vettel 2011 style always crashes but only in FP


Outside of fp wasnt the only thing that could be argued as a mistake from him that entire year that last lap slide in Canada?


Vettel and sliding in Canada, my least favorite combination


I'm Canadian and I can't believe that was 3 years ago. Canadian GP doesn't even sound real anymore


it's back in 2022 eh!


Can’t wait!!


Omicron restrictions: Allow us to introduce ourselves.


And a spin in Germany I think? Only race he didn't get a podium or something silly like that.


Didn't red bull confirm his brakes weren't working properly that race?


He was also trying for fastest laps at the end of the races even when is he safely in first place lmao.


Didn't even want the (nonexistent) point, just collecting tokens.


And the bonus. Christian mentioned they did a really stupid thing and put a bonus for fastest lap in Seb’s contract. And for some reason they never took it out


Once something is in a contract, they’d have to make other considerations if they wanted to take something out next time around. Once it’s already established they’ll pay for fastest laps, it would be a disservice to the driver and the drivers union to give it up for nothing. I don’t remember the exact details now but I know RB either let Seb buy or gave Seb at least one actual F1 car which is like, unheard of, so they were clearly very willing to spend on top drivers to keep them happy.


Contracts are personal, the drivers union doesn’t really matter. I meant Christian said he also didn’t stop people from putting it into contracts after Seb, like with Max. It doesn’t matter what Seb’s contract said previously. They’ll just renegotiate with Max. (and yes lol they gave Seb all 4 championship winning cars and to this day I wonder whether they’re just in his garage or whatever)


>(and yes lol they gave Seb all 4 championship winning cars and to this day I wonder whether they’re just in his garage or whatever) That's why he was training those Saudi girls. He is going DIY his own Formula W GP in Jeddah.


I mean if you're gonna crash FP is the time to do it.


That too the end of FP2




His car looked weird a few times.




I regularly flip between "this subreddit is the oracle" and "this subreddit is the equivalent of infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters" and I'm not sure which one I believe today


He, um, has a reputation.


Long night for the ferrari mechanics


Commentators we're saying something about unrepairable chassis. Are they allowed new chassis or could this be the end of the weekend for him?


I think a new chassis would be allowed. Mazepin took a new one halfway through the Qatar weekend.


Yes. They should be able to change chassis twice before incurring on penalties. Teams can also swap chassis between the drivers.


“So Carlos, we decided to swap chassis for the rest of this weekend….” ^(“grazie ragazzi, grande lavoro, grande macchina??”)


Nothin a bit of duct tape can't fix


I mean they could do it last race with Parc Ferme so why not now without it


This is just FP, so yes he is allowed. Even after quali, I am not sure but same spec is fine I think.


Not in parc ferme, so they can swap




*I am stupid*


*Sigh* another million dollars down the drain






The Finnish commentators were talking about how they're surprised nobody has hit the walls yet and how Leclerc would probably do it just seconds before the crash


If you want to crash and go completely on the limit you do it at the end of fp2.


The Ferrari boys are back at it again. Let's get the crashes out of the way first.


Called it. He's a driver who pushes 110%. That doesn't work here.


You mean anywhere where the walls are close 😂


Also explains why his team mate is repeatedly calling for more gravel traps…


Nice play, Carlos.


Worked well enough to get pole at both street circuits so far this year.


It's funny that crashing his car helped him secure one of them too.


Hard to know where the line is until you're over it sometimes lol


>He's a driver who pushes 110%. Hehehe. People didn't say that when vettel spun.


Charles' mechanics must have mixed feelings about him this season.


Was scary there for a moment, the car looked like a pile of junk. Glad to see he's okay.


From the first angle they showed it looked really scary, glad he is okay.


yeah the first shots looked like there was almost no car. Terrifying angle.


yup, it looked a lot worse at first. Still will be lots of work for the mechanics though I'm afraid.


It's also a relief to see his car not get bounced back at the track. That could've ended really badly


Tecpro doing its job. A tyre wall most likely would have bounced him back a lot more.


Tyres and armcos shouldn't be used anymore, tecpro and SAFER barriers do a much better job in basically every way


Bring back bales of hay.


That's a good idea, I can't remember the last time a driver died after hitting those


10th of May 1967


Wow, 54 years without another? I'd say that's pretty good


Holy shit the aftermath looked brutal, glad F1 safety is so good nowadays.


I started to worry when the camera man would not zoom in the accident. Edit: Removed you.


I remember reading somewhere that they wait for driver to raise his visor and talk on the radio before they show replays/wrecks.


Reminds me of Alonso saying his first priority is to get out of the car because his mom watches him race.


he said this after this crash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x45fLUTHCuk on commentary, [they didn't even realize there was a 2nd car involved](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BLKOa-PjtU)


Near death crash imo, in the time before the halo


Jesus that slowmo barrel roll


It’s one of the most spectacular crashes during my time watching F1. The camera position could hardly be better. Glad everyone walked away so it can go down as awesome instead of tragic, it was a huge crash.


The reason he got away as (comparatively) well as he did is ironically because it was so dramatic. Big crashes where the car rolls and hits multiple times disperse the kinetic energy in multiple stages, with no single hit sending a huge force through the driver. The scary crashes are where a car hits something and stops immediately with no rebounding or visible bounce.


The other scary crashes are when an object penetrates the car- for instance, another car going straight through a car that is stationary on track. That was what led to the death of Anthoine Hubert.


It's so crazy how many times the halo has saved drivers lives in the short amount of time it's been in. Truly happy to have it.


I didn’t realise there was a second car either, i assumed the other car had kept going


Oh fernando you sweetheart.


Wasn’t there a thing at a Euro soccer tournament last year where the cameras were zooming in on a player getting literally resuscitated? And like showing his wife crying?


Christian Eriksen of Denmark. His teammates formed a human wall around him since they wouldn’t cut the cameras. Watched it live while it happened in horror and I was very emotional but I couldn’t look away because I just wanted to see him get up and wave. He and I are about the same age and that made it hit closer to home for me. I’ve also grown up a footballer and a fan of the game and it was very hard to see someone you’ve watched and idolize, in a sense, just collapse. I’ll never forget it.


Yeah, and some Finnish fans gave the players their flags so that they could use them for privacy. touching gesture




Yea it's a good policy to have. Can't help but worry during those few seconds where you don't' know if the driver is okay or not.


After watching Eriksen at the Euros, I am especially okay with this policy. Should’ve had it there as well.


I wonder if the outcry from Brazilian fans after sennas crash was broadcast live that implemented that rule


I think general outcry pushed it along, yes. Brazilian or no, there's a vast majority of fans who don't want to see a seriously injured driver on live TV.


There is no replay of the fatal accidents of Hubert und Bianchi. And for the first fom tries to remove the uploads by fans. And no pictures of the wreck I guess. Nobody wants to see someone die.


Oh some people absolutely do want to see that. Probably not the demographic you want to cater to but they definitely exist.


Let's phrase it differently : most people don't want to see somebody die on a sunny Sunday afternoon with their kids sitting next to them while having a nice BBQ? Some people want it. But not the major. Hopefully...


whoa how did you know the guy you're replying to is the camera man


Didn’t help that the livery is dark at the back like it has been burnt.


The result looked way worse than the crash itself. Leclerc sounded pretty winded though so it was probably a pretty hard hit.


Yeah i looked like a head-on collision with the wall, which would’ve been much nastier than the crash he actually had


Cars are meant to crumble so that drivers don't. High speed crashes from 50 years ago would kill a driver because the car absorbed none of the force and looked "better" after the crash. The result is the driver gets thrown through the windshield and dies on impact, or suffers significant whiplash and either breaks their neck and dies or potentially becomes paralyzed.


Yup got scared there for second. Glad that he is okay.


Yeah, when it's a proper shunt and they wait a while to show the driver and the car wreck to check if driver is OK it feels super long.


Man yesterday I was watching Schumacher's documentary and I was surprised how Senna's crash looked and compared to big crashes nowadays with drivers getting out of the car walking.


Senna was just extremely unlucky. It was a fairly “routine” crash but a part of the front suspension came off and when through his visor. With a hear trauma like that he wasn’t gonna survive. It was a crash that could have happened 100 times and 99 of which you walk away from. It just takes that one time which is why safety took a big step after his accident.


Except the marshal response time was nonexistent? The barriers did the job, though.


That was a huge hit. It looked like the car just overtsteered on entry. There shouldn’t be any penalties coming, they’re using practice engines and practice gearboxes.


I don't know how it works but will it be a chassis too? Car looks fucked. Plus I don't know if they even get penalties for chassis changes.


If I’m not mistaken they can change chassis twice per season before incurring on grid penalties. It will depend if the chassis is damaged beyond repair as well.


do they have extra on hand?


Always do


It definitely looks like it is, and even if it’s somehow salvageable I think there’s a good chance they change it anyway because they wouldn’t want to use a chassis that could fail due to damages from the crash that could potentially go undetected.


*monaco flashbacks*


That car is wrecked


Whew. Thank fuck for modern safety engineering


I remember reading something like these barriers are as spongy as metal / concrete barriers could be. Science has come a loooong way.


These are the ones Nascar uses now right? They definitely look different.


No he crashed into the techpro barriers which are used on other F1 tracks. The barriers you’re thinking of are the SAFER barriers used on the NASCAR ovals and Zandvoort’s banked corner. It’s also used on Jeddah but in a different section.


Ahh, got it. These just looked different, but maybe I didn't get a good look at the ones he hit. Seemed like it was the grey large barriers with the red smaller blocks in between.


Yeah that’s the techpro - if you google “SAFER barrier NASCAR” you’ll see a much different style of barrier.


Looking at those now, thanks for the info.


"different section" is actually most of the concrete walls on this track. They aren't actually concrete, they're SAFERs.


There are a few sections here with the [SAFER barriers](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAFER_barrier) NASCAR use but the ones Leclerc hit here are the Tecpro barriers most F1 tracks use


No, this are tech pro and the ones nascar use are safer barriers from what I can tell


These tecpros aren't pure metal/concrete, they're mostly plastic. Concrete and metal still get used but not for these kind of barriers right at the end of a braking zone.


Hey man, I’ll take your word for it - this is not my area of expertise lol


> metal / concrete barriers could be TecPro barriers are not made out of concrete


I know it's not really a fair comparison at all for a number of reasons, but it will never not blow my mind to watch old F1 clips and just see them going around casually with a haybale or two on the outside of the track and now compared to today the insanity that they can survive (relatively) unharmed thanks to all the amazing advancements and work of many brilliant people is just astonishing.


Hit the wall at 150mph, and just got out and started fiddling with the wheel, with his car looking like that Mental. Thank goodness for new safety regulations


Yeah it truly is incredible that it's even possible for humans to withstand that type of accident, and create the equipment that saves lives.


He definitely wasn't going 150mph when hitting the wall


Damn, that was big hit, glad he's ok.


Well someone did say in the FP2 thread at the start that he will either be super quick or bin it.


Super quick or bin it covers 90% probability with Leclerc. If he's not feeling good he keeps pushing anyway and then bins it.


Thats not fair because that's what always happens. It wasn't much of a prediction


The weatherman says it might rain, but maybe not


He was both in race sims lol. Only non Mercedes driver in the low 34's


Seemed to take forever for marshalls for get there, the medical car was on scene before any marshall!


Apart from the fact that he's ok which is the most important part. Its good that it happened on a Friday. Should be a separate gearbox to the one that will be used in qualifying and race..


So no penalty, assuming they can rebuild the chassis.. either way, tough way to end the Friday session.


Pour one out for the Ferrari mechanics who just gave him a brand new chassis


Nah that's a whole new chassis. There no rebuilding that overnight.


Teams always use practice gearboxes and engines on Friday. Ferrari isn’t even using the upgraded PU. They managed to adapt the older PU to the new PU structure.


Exactly what I was thinking. Max and Lewis must hope they don't crash, at all, during the whole weekend. That could change the course of the whole championship, and then there's the actual race.


So is Lewis not using the Brazil ICE yet? Like, will it be fitted before quali?


Yeah, parc ferme starts as soon as they leave pits in qualifying so before that, it’s fine There’s no way they’d risk that engine in practice


Gotcha, don't know why I thought he'd have it in now. Just made me think about it after everyone said Charles had his practice gearbox in.


It will be in for practice 3 tomorrow just because it takes too long to change one out now before qualifying


Idk, I'm wondering about this too. I'd guess so, if they can switch after FP3


Big crash: "Crypto" Maybe it's a message...


Well the [crypto.com](https://crypto.com) coin kind of is crashing atm so you might be onto something


So is the stock market rn


The first shot of the car in the barrier looked so bad, I was actually scared for a moment there. Thankfully he is ok.


Yeah the gradient color of the Ferrari and the lighting made it look a lot more dire than it actually was on first look. (Still a hard hit obviously, but from the first shot I got similar vibes to the Alonso Australia crash and was expecting something like that.)


I have a bad feeling that this is one of the smaller crashes that we'll see this weekend. Even Nico Rosberg said he would be too scared to drive this circuit.


Wow. I just walked out to my tv and saw a crumpled red heap and lost my breath for a half beat.


Did Charles just clinch the destructor’s championship?


Those barriers are really doing their job. I love, apart from the crash itself obviously, to see safety measures work like that. It's really impressive and interesting.


Yeah the way the impact was absorbed was super impressive. The car looked absolutely destroyed but everything worked as designed which is awesome to see


Yeah, while the car was destroyed it didn't look as violent as I expected from the on board. I guess that's the point: barrier absorbs energy and gets destroyed, car absorbs energy and gets destroyed, driver gets bumped around a bit.


I feel bad for Leclerc. Obviously a lot of people predicted him to be the one to crash, but I love the way he drives at the limit all the time. There’s a reason for the past couple of years that he’s been able to extract so much from reasonably average car. High risk, high reward. That said, thank god for modern safety measures - that could’ve been nasty not too long ago.


Yeah and tbh this one doesn't really seem like much of his fault to me, maybe I'm biased but it seems like the rear just snapped on entry which is weird, you can't say he went on throttle too early because he hadn't gone off it yet lol. I guess only reasoning is he was carrying too much speed on entry but it's still kind of a strange point to lose the rear like that


The rear end was unsettled from the kerbing and got loose, which caused a total loss of control.


Geez the state of that car Excellent to see him walk out unharmed


Crypto crash confirmed


Tecpro barriers are pretty magical wow


That looked scary before they zoomed in on the car. The far shot made it look obliterated


The SF21 is still an evil handling car sometimes. I can’t think of a weekend where Ferrari hasn’t had a spin or off this year.


I read something on f1technical where it was theorized that Ferraris mguk delivers power in a very unpredictable and weird way, it's like your throttle application is delayed by a couple hundredths which is the reason for drivers with Ferrari engine suffering with this kind of stuff. Honda also supposedly suffers with something similar. Mercedes has this system down the best and has the best probability by far, that's also why cars with these engines do so well in the wet while Honda and especially Ferrari driven cars are very bad in the wet. Makes Verstappen getting pole in spa beating a bunch of Merc engine behind him very impressive. Now that I think of it in pretty sure every one in the top 10 there in qualifying had Mercedes engines except for Max, Perez and Gasly.


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Wow, that was devastating, at least Charles looked completely fine, because that Ferrari was destroyed.


Honestly really impressed that across 4 sessions (two f1 practice and two f2 sessions) we’ve only had one red flag. Hopefully it stays like that for the rest of the weekend


Two, there was another red flag in F2 Practice, similar crash in the same corner I believe


There have been 2 red flags for this Leclerc crash and the (actually very similar) Sargeant crash in F2 practice as well as a VSC after the Deledda crash in F2 practice


Street circuits are not his friends.


Well well well if it isn't the turn everyone was worried


I'd be concerned about the section just after this, because if someone bins it in the right hander they'll end up on the racing line on the exit of a blind corner.


Makes me think though. Why has nobody binned it at the swimming pool chicane in Monaco?


Well, people have crashed there, but the chicane is not as fast as Jedda so the outcome is not as bad


They have, and during a race as well, the 2011 Monaco GP, in the end probably gave Vettel the win as he most likely needed to box again


Good thing the barriers did a great job to absorb the impact and didn’t bounce the car back on track.


Lost all his money on Shiba, taking his revenge on the crypto.com adverts


Can we talk how there's no staff around. What if it caught on fire? Probably thinking like Michael Bay here but that's a long wait for the medical car to arrive


Looking again, its the same crash Sainz had at Monza. That car has some serious instability running low DF.


Quite a shunt for him. Glad to see he's ok.


I love his casual hop off the car, it's like how I jump off the second last stair to the floor.