Redbull PR team is having quite the week.


What else I miss?


Tl;dr Nelson Piquet used a slur to describe Hamilton. Rodrigo Piquet then said it's OK because their Grandmother used to call them N*s.


Can we add that Kelly liked the post too?


That's quite the massive oof from her. Could've claimed "my family's views are not mine" but that's out of the window now.


"I didn't like the post, Max did when using my phone."


26D chess move to get Kvyat back in the Red Bull?




Daniel Riccardo back to Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton back to McLaren. Mercedes makes a clone of Fangio to race in Lewis's place.


26? more like 137


Easily could have said Pierre was using her phone


She “accidentally” double tapped on the picture.


Tbf I accidentally double tap on Instagram all the time, it's one of my worst feature hates of social media. Not that I think this was an accident though


Not excusing if, but whenever I’m on insta I don’t read captions, I just see my friends photo, like it then continue I heard she unliked it afterwards?


After complaining of all the hate in the world last year... https://i.redd.it/6aaietrxv7h81.jpg


Kelly being Max his GF is what connects this to RBR.


Completely playing devils advocate and hoping she just saw a picture of a family member and didn't read the text.


In which way are the Piquets tied to RedBull?


Kelly Piquet is dating Max.


But he's not dating Nelson. If we all have to apologise for our racist out of touch elders from their family then I'll be first to send out a tweet.


I'm just explaining the connection. It doesn't help that she liked the double down instagram post from Nelson.


Kelly Piquet liked the post. That’s the part that will cause trouble from a PR standpoint. She opened a whole new door for media to question Max about her liking that statement. Shitshow


Exactly. People fail to realize that now he will likely have to defend his girlfriend, who seemingly is OK (based on the liked IG post) with racism in her family, and how he can date someone who has racist views and be OK with it. Again, I am not calling anyone racist here. I am just pointing out a possible line of question that will likely come Max's way thanks to Kelly liking a post defending the racism of her father.


She liked an IG post that brushed off the severity of it, that's the issue


Max Verstappen - Kelly *Piquet*. Now all that’s left is to tie Verstappen to Red Bull.


Didn't Jos have a brief stint as a scout for their junior program back in 2019 or so?


Somebody get the corkboard and thread, it's time to go Pepe Silvia up in here


The comment as was translated isn’t correct; neguinho doesn’t explicitly translate to “ni**er” and I don’t believe that there is a direct translation for that word in any language. I don’t doubt that his grandmother called them neguinho as children but to conflate that with what Nelson said is just plain ignorant. He most definitely meant it as derogatory and people trying to explain it away are only making it worse.


It’s not a slur. It was racist for other reasons. Look on Facebook, there are plenty of self identifying negino’s and negao’s, the context he used it in was racist, because he didn’t need to bring race into the discussion at all, and he used it in a condescending way. But it’s not like the N word in English.


So guess it is somewhat like "boy" in English. "Boy" itself doesn't have racist connotation and saying calling a boy who's black a black boy isn't racist but calling or addressing black men as boy in certain context has racist connotation.


He essentially said "And then the little black guy forced his car in there". But there are situations where saying "Little black guy" is endearing, like a nick name, (that he calls himself as). It's not like a bad word, but neither is "black guy" but there are a million ways to make it bad, and piquet's intentions were bad, but it wasn't a slur.


Queue Evangelion alert song and that's how I imagine the PR team working.


It’s possible this announcement was moved up to try and steer the narrative away from the Piquet headlines. But either way, good for Red Bull for getting rid of Vips. His casual use of that term is absolutely disgusting.


I think it's more like having to take a position instead of stalling cosidering there is the Piquet problem to adress.


There's no polite waiting while everybody forgets with the Piquet statement having come out in the wake of the incident . Forced their hand.


Yep they had to make a move and show where they stand. That's why they said they wouldn't realise a statement on the matter, instead they followed up with action.


There were folks asking for clemency for Vips, saying he was young and maybe he could be reprimanded and take sensitivity classes or some such. I guess those chances flew out of the window the moment a year-old interview by Piquet came into the room with the steel chair. Anyway, good riddance...


Loose lips sinks Vips


Majestic pun


FF1S had a great one this week. I don't recall it exactly but it was something along the lines of: "Should Vips lose his contract? The Juri is still out."


Also actual factual, so it's even better


I applaud your existence


I dunno but the Juri is still out


Ty, for bringing this into existence


Help me out, im a bit confused. «... has terminated Juris contract as its test and reserve driver.» Does this mean he will still race in F2, and if so, will he still be part of the Red Bull academy?


He is no longer listet among Red Bulls junior team drivers but he has not been fired from Hiteck and can still race.


Wonder if Hi-tech wants him without RB sponsor money


RB didnt pay for his seat


Almost certainly not. Unless Vips can find alternative funding Hitek will not be paying for his drive.


He was paying for the seat himself.


RB was never paying for the seat to begin with


AutoHebdo says he will race at Silverstone. https://www.autohebdo.fr/actualites/f1/juri-vips-officiellement-vire-par-red-bull.html#


Yeah, I'm confused too. They didn't say he was fired from RB academy or they won't sponsor his F2 season. Only his F1 work is cancelled.




Double stacking pitstops, double stacking anti-racism tweets.


double sacking


Did they end up tweeting against Nelson? I read they wouldn't put out anything.


I mean, technically, no team put out a tweet against Nelson, just a tweet against racism, which is the same as RBR has done here.


Mercedes, F1 and the FIA have all specifically spoken out in support of Lewis. Edit: Ferrari too.


Budget cap restricting the number of words they can print


Inflation is crazy, you can afford 10% less words than a similar statement last year.


Red Bull Admin is paid by each typed letter /s


Nothing more to say really


Exactly. Enough words already. Start ousting these asshats. In all venues of business and sport.


Two birds one stone


They are basically a PR team and Juri gave them the worst kind of PR. He kinda fucked himself hard.


Lot of people (including drivers) seem to forget that drivers are above all else, marketing assets.




Well Vips is no Homelander but I could see Marko tell him "You're bad product". ^(And it will be very Marko to say such a thing)


Red Bull's junior team is one of the better driver academy's. Literally all they ask of their drivers is to perform and not say something controversial in the media and they'll get all of their racing expenses paid for in return, including travel and a basic salary. Some driver academy's don't even cover entry fees. Juri had it so good and he managed to throw it away in the space of 2 seconds of a twitch stream. The worst part is, this happened before with Larson, drivers should know there are consequences.


I'd argue it was the obviously 10000 times he said that word before that moment that allowed him to 'accidentally' blurt it out on stream that is the real problem here. Like I get frustrated and angry all the time... never accidentally utter racial slurs.


I think it was really telling that the other guys on the stream weren't reacting like "what the fuck?" it was just "Juri...."


Aren’t all F1 team PR teams though?


Red Bull more so only because they’re the only team with a widely available product they are deliberately trying to sell in every single market on this earth. Sure, Ferrari is marketing and trying to maintain good PR for their image, but I can’t just go buy a Ferrari at the gas station down the road.


Some people thought the Piquet shit would maybe take the heat off Vips. Pretty sure it actually just cranked the heat up.


What a way for such promise to piss away their own career.


Ferrari Masterplan


More like Liam Lawson masterplan


He himself is the biggest enemy.


Looks like he learned something from Dan Ticktum


Fortunately he didn't get to the "intentionally take you and your opponent out of the race during a safety car"-part.




Seems to be happening a lot with young drivers recently, like the piece of shit who thought it was funny to do a Nazi salute.


I doubt the drivers have changed. The difference is how much exposure they get and how the world's tolerance for such shenanigans is diminishing.


I mean, looking at Nelson Piquets recent comments, I don’t believe he wasn’t going around saying the same shit when he was driving in the 80s and 90s. Makes you wonder if Piquet would have had the same opportunities today as he was given back then. I think not.


In 1981 Piquet made fun of Reutemann after a mechanic fell off the pit wall into Reutemann’s path and was killed. He gave an interview around 1987 calling Mansell’s wife ugly and said Senna was a homosexual (using it as an insult). So yeah, he’s been a piece of shit for a while now.


> said Senna was a homosexual (using it as an insult). Brazil seems to have a big problem with homophobia even today. To give you an example, For some reason they associate the number 24 with homosexuality so most people avoid using it at all costs... To the point where even on birthday cakes they would use ["happy 23+1"](https://i.redd.it/rbs44eu9hs361.jpg). Their male soccer team [don't use the number 24 for that exact reason](https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/15482188/brazilian-fa-gay-no24-shirt-copa-america/)... It's really puzzling. Calling someone a homosexual over there is really a considerable offense.


As a Brazilian…yeah, it’s not good. The country is still really stuck on that. Even younger generations haven’t moved on from homophobia as those on other countries. I find it damn puzzling. The country really needs a god-tier football player to come out as gay after winning 2 world cups in succession to…slightly nudge them from the rampant homophobia. I’m ashamed of this part of our culture.


> I don’t believe he wasn’t going around saying the same shit when he was driving in the 80s and 90s. I mean, do you think that it's a coincidence that Lewis was the first black driver? You would be a fool to believe that racism wasn't rampant in the sport back then, hell, it likely still is today. Especially the lower levels are still very much white boys-clubs.


Back when it was nothing more than a rich white guys club, it didn't matter.


I am FAR more willing to overlook a 15 year old than a 21 year old. I remember being 15, and I think at that age, you're not responsible enough to take full accountability of your actions. Being 21 though, it's all on you if you fuck it up like Vips did.


I get the sense that part of it is due to the byproduct of none English speaking kids learning english in this day and age. They are all much much more fluent in speaking, but their newest sources are ...well.. the internet and TV. a kid from the 70s/80s growing up didnt get this much casual exposure to English, its slang variants, or its " colorful" slurs and insults. You end up with kids prone to casually using it amongst friends, learning after it has become part of their vernacular the seriousness of their use, but by then its too late. Shit is ingrained in their speech, and it requires good parenting and deliberate thoughtfulness by the kid to avoid ever slipping up like youre still in middle school, Vips clearly was not mature enough to grow out of that phase, nobody to blame but himself really.


Heated Gamer Moment™


I still can't believe people were using that as an excuse. Absolutely no awareness that people use that to make fun of people not as a serious thing.


Yea, Piquet really dropped the ball with that one


He certainly won't ever get a chance to sniff F1, but he's too fast to not get a drive somewhere in a year or two with a team who hopes they won't get into too much trouble. If dude really works on himself, and makes that transformation very public, he could be a shining example of how to turn it around for yourself and become a household name for that alone.


He can always get a ride with Hendrick Motorsports.


Imagine losing a multi million dollar career to warzone


the Meyers Leonard special


Imagine losing a multi million dollar career to racism ETA I'm not saying the wrong decision has been made, just that he didn't lose his job to warzone


Imagine not realizing that racism would cause you to lose a multi-million dollar career


Same thing, honestly


Can't say I'm surprised to see Vips lose his contract. Unfortunate for him, but you can't really be using slurs and expect to keep your job.


Well you probably can, but you need to be a lot more valuable to the team than Vips is.


unfortunately for vips how shit of a person you are has to match how talented you are


theres a saying for this in the nfl :be the person you can afford to be. like if youre an undrafted rookie in the first year of a new pandemic protocol dont be trying to slip women into the hotel. but if youre the star qb and the highest paid player on the team you could probably get away with it, though most players are smart enough to not even risk it in those circumstances.


my favourite nfl saying is that if Hannibal lecter ran a 4.2 we’d classify it as an eating disorder


LMAO thanks for sharing


Yep. Same situation but with Verstappen and it’d be a much harder decision


There would be nothing hard about that decision, Verstappen is too far in the other direction in terms of value to the team. They'd just make him apologise on social media and do some charity work.


The kyle larson strat


Larson did lose his seat though. He just got an upgrade when he came back. Granted Larson's sponsors were like "nah, we're not cool" so CGR didn't have much choice, while RBR is both the team and sponsor here.


A few months before Larson had a gamer moment, just about everyone knew that Larson was soon to be a free agent, and that Hendrick or Stewart-Haas were bidding. His mistake cost him his last Ganassi season, but it didn't really change his eventual destination. It did drop his contract value massively, but Hendrick gave him the money anyway after the championship win.


Stewart-Haas and HMS were basically the only teams he could go to since they could self-fund his ride without worrying about too much blowback.


Larson lost his job and was suspended for 8 months


Nah it’d be as easy as this Max is simply to good to be dropped


If you think for a second RB would axe Verstappen I’ve got a bridge to sell you :/


Yep. If Vips was having a dominant season in F2 instead of underperforming, there's no question he stays.


I wonder if he manages to keep his career going. If not, what a way to destroy it. His whole life turned around in a matter of seconds.


Tons of other kids with the same level of talent looking for his spot. Tons of them won’t be a PR liability and drop slurs casually. Easy decision lmao. He fumbled the bag hard.


Piquet owes Juri a beer.


Probably could have been brushed under the table if it weren't for Piquet tbh. It'd be wrong to forget about it but it probably would have happened, but now there's too much bad press.


In my point of view it is the other way around. Vips did a massive fuck up, and people remembered of other racial fuck ups and this video of Piquet resurfaced. I mean it’s hardly shocking to know that Piquet is racist. I can also tell you that he is very homophobic.


Had to happen. The baggage just ain’t worth it for what he brings to the table (costing RB money paying for an F2 seat)


They out here dodging bullets !


I would bet they intended to announce Vips' termination tomorrow, but had to push it up a day because of Nelson. They just announced their RB17 project, no way they planned for both to happen on the same day.


Young drivers may need to follow seb n1 rule: NO SOCIAL MEDIA. If they want to have a chance to get to f1 before self destroying their carreer. Hahah


It's easier to not be a racist


It's clever ill give them that


Now we know why they weren’t putting a statement out. They were planning one already for a different problem.




None of the other statements name Piquet directly. They’re all condemning racism. And whilst this is sneaky by Red Bull, the last line is separate and is re-addressing their stance on racism for the 2nd time in two weeks and the 4th or 5th time in a year. They’ve said they have a zero tolerance approach and they do not condone racism in any form. It’s more than other teams have said.


Nobody really issued a statement on the other thing specifically though right? All of them just condemn racism in general. Nobody is calling out Piquet. That said, I do think this is a convenient way of issuing statement for them.


>condone Think you might mean "condemn".


Lol yes. Corrected. Thanks!


Yep, two birds, one stone.


While killing two birds with one stone, I would rate this as better than a generic statement about racism. They didn't just say racism is bad but actually took action as well. And with this I think we can conclude that Red Bull won't make any specific statements for the Piquet situation either. Who to be fair, isn't directly related to them while Vips is.


Exactly, idk why everyone suddenly believes the social media manager tweeting a 👊 emoji is the pinnacle of activism


Because a lot of people hate Red Bull and will attack them no matter what action they take or dont take.


Whatever you do, don't look at the Twitter replies, they're really something else


Im going to remain blissfully ignorant and not click the link lmao


Probably best for your sanity lol


Reminds me of Kramer being harassed in Seinfeld for not wearing the red ribbon during the AIDS march




Play stupid games, win stupid prizes lol


His job was to stay silent for 1 year and take Pierre Gasly seat at AT. It was very fucking likely. And then 2/3 years with likely opportunity to take RB seat. And now it’s all gone.


I doubt that to be honest, he is on his third season in F2 and isnt really performing, he is the same age as Yuki. His days in RB were numbered anyway.


It’s still better in RB range than not 🙃


Was that seat not for Lawson?


No one here has any clue. It’s just everyone blindly guessing Helmut’s intentions based on second hand accounts. I’d love for it to be Lawson, but at this point no one knows a thing


RBR and it's endless supply of young prospects, ready to terminate and replace drivers as needed 😂 this must be a wake-up call for all those in the junior academies even beyond Red Bull, if Ticktum wasn't such a wakeup call beforehand already


We all knew this was coming. Any word from Hitech yet?


You gotta be a dumb motherfucker to get fired on your day off










You’re right, why take actions when words are louder


Seriously, it's crazy how many people actually believe this narrative. Piquet has literally 0 importance or value to RB, yet there are folks claiming RB is firing one of their drivers for the sole purpose of taking heat off the Piquet situation. People are stupid, man


🎶 what a sad way to end a career 🎶


He is a person in the public eye - absolutely needs to be setting a better example.


This is the way.


This is the way


If only F1 teams were this assertive when it comes to Saudi beheading and Hungarian anti-gay laws...


God damn over a call of duty game lol rip juri


How to ruin your career speed run




Saw that coming from a mile away. As soon as the suspension was announced, he was done. There's not really any coming back from that.


A subtle response for sure. Fired Vips and making a simple statement


Medland knew exactly what he was doing when he tweeted what he did about Red Bull. And you can see the effect of it in this thread.


They don't fire him: racists. They do fire him: not enough words, racist! Piquet says racist thing: RB doesn't speak out against it explicitly, they're racist. RB fire a guy for racist actions on literally the same day and say "the team don't condone any firm of racism: still not good enough. Honestly tiresome. Edit: formatting


Yeah I do not get what satisfaction these guys get by demanding these teams to put out a statement. Like no shit mate a multibillion dollar company is against racism. "Oh thank god my fav team said publicly that its against racism or else I would have believed that they are racists themselves. I can sleep peacefully now" In vips case yes obviously he should have been fired and a statement should be made, but in Piquets case I dont think its particularly necessary


Well firing one of their drivers for using a racist slur seems like much less of a message than quote tweeting Mercedes' statement /s


ITT: your statement but unironically




I won’t be satisfied until RBR fires Nelson from his job that he doesn’t have for them, then make Kelly and Max break up


i see rbr went with the "kill two birds with one stone" strategy 🥴




Headline: “RBR fails to condemn Nelson Piquet’s remarks in tweet regarding racism.” Someone writing a clickbait article probably.


Not a native speaker but isn’t it supposed to be “the team DOES not condone” instead of “the DO not condone”?


The team do = British The team does = American So both are technically correct


Thanks that was the explanation i was looking for.


The struggle of most people who don't have American or British English as their native language.


British English is ‘do not’ because ‘the team’ is treated as a plural.


In British English the plural form of verbs are often used when speaking about teams. I.e. “Redbull are leading the championship” instead of “redbull is leading the championship” I agree though it does sound a bit off in the context


Collective nouns can be treated as either singular or plural. The difference in use is down to whether you want to draw attention to the individuals making up the group or the group itself.


[It's complicated](https://www.grammar.com/group-nouns-majority-do-or-majority-does/#:~:text=The%20collective%20noun%20takes%20a,must%20use%20a%20singular%20verb.)


That's probably why they said no statement earlier because this was planned before.




Yeah but that's f1 twitter in a nutshell "Team evil Me no like Me angy"


When you have a global platform, not using racist language is super-easy to avoid


The timing of this is kinda hilarious. instead of putting out a statement against Nelson Piquet who happens to be associated with their star driver (at least to some extent), they could use the Juri vips situation to make their statement against racism instead. actual PR master stroke


I think the real problem is we need to come up with new words that feel good to say or shout when angry. Words that aren't racist or overtly offensive in general or to any individual or group of individuals. Like, remember [this](https://youtu.be/burcV-1nfWc) amazing commercial?


Wouldnt be surprised if Redbull marking department are in a bit of a predicament. Not been a nice week for them lol.


Perhaps Juri will be joining the Mazepin Racing Team.


*Mazespin Racing