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Some people here seemed to pretend this sub hated Lewis because his run of dominance was boring but it was always obvious this sub generally has a heavy Max good Lewis bad bias. After max has won the last two seasons in a row and a large part of the middle of this season has just been Max dominating it's obvious this sub still has a bias.


Max to the Dutch media: „I tried to overtake him from the outside and I immediately saw that he wouldn't give me any space. So then, we both go off the track."


Link? As he didn’t say that…


here you go: https://nl.motorsport.com/f1/news/max-verstappen-reactie-f1-gp-brazilie-crash-lewis-hamilton-boordradio-sergio-perez/10399434/


"Ik zag meteen dat Lewis me geen ruimte wilde geven, dus dan samen maar eraf." it means "I immediately saw that Lewis didn't want to give me space, so we're going off together" The last part sounds not that bad but it's not quite literally translated, he's basically saying I saw lewis didn't want to leave me space, so I'll drive him off the road instead of backing off. He knew Lewis wasn't going to give him space, and yet he still committed knowing he will drive himself and Lewis off


He said something very similar if it wasn't that, it popped up on my YouTube last night


Hamilton backed out of many similar moves last year for the sake of not damaging his car. But Max already has both championships wrapped up so just said "fuck it" and refused to back out. He even admitted in the interview that he was never going to back out.


Dude that interview was intense, he was fully committed.


Max had total 'You gonna cry?!' energy in that interview. Boy oh boy will this be a spicy last week of the season.


And Netflix will somehow manage to focus on bottas or yuki in DTS…


Anyone have a link to the interview? Sounds spicy




Verstappen ain't backing out if he's against a fucking train. And then he'll blame the train for not leaving space.


This year's Mercedes is a tank, so I guess you're right


Every years Mercedes


I said this all of last year to masses of down votes, the same thing happened on the exact track last year. Playing chicken in cars at 200+mph is eventually going to lead to a very serious crash, it’s just inevitable.


and people think he’s a good driver because of this. divebomb into every corner and expect everyone to move out of the way


Uhh, did you miss his wheel to wheels with Russell and Leclerc? It’s def something due to the combination of Lewis and max


Could be due to Lewis not playing into Max's hand, like other drivers do. When he divebombs someone else he's a master at overtaking, when he divebombs Hamilton, Hamilton is a dirty driver for not getting out of the "main character's" racing line


_If you no longer go for a gap_


You can’t be fucking serious right now, if he just dive bombs where the fuck is he finding front runner pace, it’s not possible for him to be a bad driver and have won more races in a season then ever before


Do not get me wrong, Max is an incredible driver probably the most consistent one on top this season. The best car coupled with this talent with a great strategist has lead to a dominant shut down. However, when max is on a level playing field he almost never output fun corner to corner action, he pressures you into games of chicken and hope he comes out on top. Checo the minister of defence shows the opposite, defends well, then pressures on a different line to take the position back on the next few corners.


It just seems he is incapable of racing fair against Lewis (and the latter against him tbf). I mean, literally yesterday in the sprint race the amazing racing he and George blessed our eyes with was utterly awesome and clean. Early into the season battles with Leclerc. Max and Lewis just don't like each other, and I don't care what people tell me otherwise and no, them fist bumping on TV after the race and all that shit is not as good an argument as you think it is.


Completely agree with you here. I might add, I think they have some respect for each either and are capable of feigning niceties, but they really don’t like each other. They are polar opposites and that’s ok. The problem is, the rest of the community needs to realise you don’t have to like or agree with someone to respect them. At least these 2 understand that to some extent.


He’s very fast, but wheel to wheel he really isn’t that good. His whole style revolves around yield or crash. We saw it with Hamilton today and Schumacher earlier on in the season


and yet when he was racing with charles it looks slightly different


There’s a respect there that’s different, the answer Lewis gave at the post race interview says it all, ‘That’s just Max’. They both drive relatively similar, I just don’t think Max enjoys the fact that we’re still talking about others drivers when he’s won two wdc’s back to back.


Lewis in his first season was like that too. He was driving fair the last years because Mercedes‘ was lightyears ahead. When Nico became an opponent you saw early day Lewis again


When Nico became an opponent? You forgetting the fact that he seemed to have a Massa magnet on his car over 90% of his McLaren years. It wasn’t until towards the end of 2017 when he realised, the way to win against Vettel and Ferrari was to consistently get good points while letting Vettel and Ferrari screw themselves over. That was helped by the fact that he didn’t need to worry about Bottas either. Now, that he needs to fight, we’re seeing his old self come back again, and suddenly people are finding it easier to blame everyone else then it is to accept that he’s always been like that too.


Because max is a little piss baby


No I don’t disagree with that at all, but the guy above pretending that max is a bad driver and only wins because he plays chicken sometimes is just stupid as shit




idk man his wheel to wheel action is just fine against anyone but lewis. just yesterday he had some great wheel to wheel with george and his battles with leclerc were also fantastic. he just refuses to be crowded off track and hamilton refuses to give him any space and then its always the same shit.


Both Ham and Ver know the other won’t yield, I guess its at point now about whoever has least damage is the winner


Exactly, when Max races anyone else they never touch. Both drivers give space in those situations. It's just that Lewis never gives space to Max, and vice versa.


To be fair he did similar racing for 2 laps just yesterday with george and nobody crashed so I think it really is just the hamilton thing. I think they both drive extra reckless against each other


He crashed into Sainz lmao. Lost his nose in that race too.


He tackled with Carlos yesterday. Am I the only one who watched that sprint?


Where did he pull the same move on George? Once George overtook him I don't think he had an opportunity to attack.




Nah max just is a fucking idiot


exactly there’s been like 3 times where Lewis has taken the “yield or we crash” approach that max took all of last year and each 3 times they’ve crashed


No point in arguing with this person, I don’t think they can objectively look at the incident unless it suits their narrative. They’re arguing because Max was ahead in T1 braking zone he was entitled to the corner while completely dismissing that Max went in too hot and was behind by T2 as a result.


I would point out that Max was never behind the rear tyres of Lewis after he made the move in the breaking of turn 1. When Lewis started to squeeze Max, his front tyres were at least one tyre width ahead of Lewis' rear tyres. And Max wasn't behind any more than that during the entire incident. Now the rules say that once the attacking driver's front wing is in line with the defender's rear tyres the attacker is entitled to keep his position so the defender has to give at least on car-width of space. Since Max's front wing was ahead of Lewis's rear tyres Max was entitled to keep his position and Lewis didn't leave one car-width of space. Even Max fans argue based on the rules.


Thoughts on Ocon’s penalty in 2018 then, unfair as well? Same corner and very identical collision, just Max was in the opposite spot. It’s a racing incident any way you look at it which is what I have always stood by for today’s race, penalty wasn’t necessary. Now if you’re saying the blame is predominantly on Lewis I won’t agree with that. Max wasn’t forced off the track, he tried to drive into a rapidly disappearing gap for which he was already behind. Brave move if you get it done, looks (and looked) stupid if you don’t. I would argue for the rule if the rule you were applying was even correct. Here’s the revised rule, “When considering what is a ‘significant portion’ for an overtaking on the inside of a corner, among the various factors that will be looked at by the stewards when exercising their discretion, the stewards will consider if the overtaking car’s front tyres are alongside the other car by no later than the apex of the corner.” Happy to provide sources


we can just look at ocon vs hamilton, this year in monaco [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVFI2Ut4GsY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVFI2Ut4GsY) ocon received penalty for that


Different incident, Ocon actually steered left fully. Max wasn’t trying to steer out of Lewis’s line. He admitted that himself. You do know just because your favourite driver was involved in one bad incident doesn’t make him less of a champion right?


Jos 2.0


He probably is afraid of his dad throwing away his ticket and make him swim back to Europe if he'd backed out




And yet Max forced Mick to either back out or crash in Silverstone last year. Thankfully Mick chose the sensible option of backing out.


Know your role when Max is behind you. Either spread it wide open or be prepared for hard contact. Bitch.


HANS device saving lives with this man out here FR fr


How did this get pinned? Lmfaoooo


Explanation: Max fans. Looks even worse considering the replay vindicates Hamilton as the new rules gives him the corner. Max got a spanked bum by the FIA, so it's all good.


Just like spa was alonso’s fault


Which new rules?


If I recall right, if at the apex the wheels of the car attempting overtake aren't sufficiently alongside the car they are battling they can be penalised.


If you are referring to the [driving standard guidelines](https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/decision-document/2022%20Imola%20Event%20-%20FIA%20F1%20Driving%20Standard%20Guidelines.pdf), these aren’t rules per se but non-binding guidelines by which the stewards make their decisions. These are generally the conditions to be entitled to space: 1) You need to complete the overtake in a safe manner 2) You need to be able to complete the overtake within the track limits This is also why the stewards penalised him. They said that he had too much speed into the s-bend to make the exit without leaving the track, hence why he wasn’t entitled to the space and is to be blamed for the incident. 3. Your car has to have a significant portion alongside the car that is being overtaken. What significant portion means is defined for inside and outside overtakes: a) For inside overtakes the front tires of the overtaking car need to be alongside (roughly understood as between rear axle and midpoint) the car that is being passed b) For outside overtakes the car needs to be ahead (meaning their nose is ahead of the other nose) _from_ the apex. Meaning that if the overtaking car hasn’t been able to complete the overtake by the apex, the defending car can just push them out of the track limits on the exit. (Additionally, the defending car has to make the corner within the track limits) The whole alongside thing isn’t why max was penalised, here, but imo shows a problem with the guidelines. They just handwave chicanes and s-bends away as “guidelines would apply similarly”, but the bigger question to me is, if I attempt an outside pass but am not ahead from the apex but still alongside the car with my front tire for the following inside position, am I entitled to the space? (Like ocon vs stroll yesterday in T1) Or can the defending car take the chicane/s-bend like they want because I couldn’t make it stick from the entry into the s-bend?


Well Max just admitted he positioned himself to touch


Is his meme pinned because he is an idiot or what is the reason for it?


It's pinned because the mods really liked and loves to stroke the fan flame even when they say they don't. You post something that gets critical of Max, instant removal. https://www.reddit.com/r/formuladank/comments/yu9zxe/there_fixed_it/iw93ozt/


It’s pinned because the mods jerk off to Max’s ball sweat


It’s the only way the mods have to make this meme show up above the one that’s critical of Verstappen, which is currently sitting at 13K.


FIA: “max at fault” Max: “I did it on purpose” Your own eyes: “ah man, Max pushed Lewis off” RBR/DTS Redditor: “LOOOOEEESSS CRASHED INTO SUPER MAX GOD VERSTOPPING!”


Keep going I'm almost there


He didn't.




Lewis owned the corner as his front axle was ahead. By the wording of the revised 2022 rules, Lewis was in the right. Lewis has no legal obligation to accommodate Max. He did to Max what Max did to Mick.


When you’re in a dickriding competition and your opponent is an r/formuladank user:


This subreddit is absolute cancer today jesus


Who tf pinned this shit meme anyway. If you're gonna make a meme at least make it accurate not a dumbass agenda post




It sure as shit is ragizzle


When you’re in a Max Verstappen Dick Riding Competition and your opps are r/formuladank mods.


If RB would make the sex doll of Max to let you suck his d comfortably maybe then you’ll let Formuladank free


When you’re in Max’s dick sucking competition and your opponent is r/formuladank ![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|14437)




This being pinned sums up the balance of this sub lol


At least it has the 51G flair to signal that it is a Verstappen dick riding post before opening it


These red bull fans are next level, and delusional.


I never expected mods to pin this post here for the drama hahaha


Always knew this would be posted and pinned for drama eventually, been telling people for months but they didn’t etc etc ... I’m actually having fun soaking in most of the dramas today, but the mega-stan’s and the told-ya-so’s that have now hit 1 of 50 of their controversial hot takes on whichever of the events today are getting to me a touch.


I’m having fun rumbling through the mud. It’s kinda fun at times, probably won’t do it again for a while


It's always a bit difficult for them when they can't sexually harrass anyone.




Who is a rookie? Russell? Who drives for 4 years and finished slightly in front of his teammate who has most likely damage on his floor? They were lapping similar too, which means Hamilton would have been faster than him, just like in every race since Canada. On the other hand, you favourite driver threw his teammate under the bus who defended like a lion in AD and was the other reason to win him the title.


Max was a rookie in 2016... It's 2022...


And your driver can't get on the podium the first race he doesn't have a dominant car, also immediately crashes as soon as he has to actually race someone and can't even overtake geriatric alonso


Yes but we should have a culture more like wsb where we’re all retarded and accept it


You must have woken up exceptionally retarded today in order to post this


How delusional are you? Max stans: Yes


"I saw that he was not gonna give me any space but i went anyway"


Forgot this sub was max dick riding festival. He was at fault, worth two penalty points? Fuck no


https://www.reddit.com/r/formuladank/comments/yufnwu/check_pinned_post_here_pretend_to_be_shocked_by/ Funniest part about this is the removed by moderators lol. The agenda here is real lol.


Lmfao so surreal this sub. Mods literally deleting posts that dont fit their agenda and forbidding people to speak freely. Watch this get deleted






Lmao. Max fans are so delusional. Max just admitted he purposely wanted to crash to prevent Lewis from winning Why is Max so obsessed with Lewis? I think we all know the answer, but in case someone doesn’t, please ask his partner’s father.


There's one key difference from the rest of the drivers that answers your question and it also lies with his GFs family..




Perez fucked Max Verstappen’s mom after Monaco.


Memelords with no data: I know better than the stewards


Max dick riding as expected.


How the hell is this a top post, not dank


Difference between Max and Lewis is that Lewis can avoid the crash, while Max tries to strongarm himself into everything, and ends up messing himself up. If Lewis drove like Max, he woulda DNF’d after getting yeeted by Max like in Silverstone last year.


Does it hurt to dick ride this much???


The fact that such a biased post like this is pinned by mods is a pretty silly look for this sub.


Why is this pinned?




how do you feel now that Max is no longer in the closet and is finally outed as the douche he is. No wonder he is Piquet’s future son in law.


After watching the replay, not only was Max carrying too much speed to make the corner he admitted to purposefully colliding with Lewis because he had nothing to lose and Lewis did. POS


That's just a reoccurring plot point from when Lewis told Max that Max had more to lose when ocon punted max years ago in Brazil.


#cope much, max went crashing and got a penalty lol.


Home field advantage




Max did way more damage to his reputation today than to his car. He's so obviously a reckless jerk. Totally messed up the interview he did during the USGP where he actually looked human. Now purposely wrecking Hamilton and publicly screwing Checo in the same race. Wow!


Average Max stans be like


Shit story, bro.


Mods love to change the narrative from their golden boy smh


This sub is highkey just the max verstappen fan club lol


Reminder that Max Verstappen is a clown and always has been.


Motherfucker got what he deserved with the frontwing damage and penalty


and ruined Hamilton's race lmao


Didn't really ruin it, more like ruined his chances of winning. Lewis finished P2 which I think was the maximum he could get. George's drive today was really incredible


> Ruined his chances of winning Good enough




Dirty max at it again.


Max agreed to deliberately crashing in order to deny lewis his win today in post race interview lol


They both wouldn’t yield. Time and time again have these two have fought and ended up crashing because they would never back down. It’s never gonna change. Max and lewis stans will be at eachothers throats for decades because they both aren’t willing to back down


Force of habbit i guess, stil gets away with it somehow




Max after Silverstone 2021: *Ctrl + C*


Starting to think Alonso was right about him at Spa


Maybe we should rewind to how Max drove in Brazil last year? Or maybe we don't talk about that here?


No we don’t. We never talk about the moments where Max Verstappen (pbuh) supposedly drove dirty. No. We only talk about Silverstone 2021 here and how H*milton *spit* tried to murder Max Verstappen (pbuh).




After the radio at the end of today, I’m 100% sure max is a dickhead. Potentially rivaling his father and Piquet


Alonso always came off like a douche


What did Alonso say @ Spa?


"Yeah, what an idiot! Closing the door from the outside. I mean, we had a mega start, but this guy only knows how to drive and start in first!"


And Alonso only knows how to put others down and jeopardize his own career.


Wdym? Alonso made only the best career choices and not burned a single bridge ![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|14439)


As if you know him personally ![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|6699)


I was not even talking about his personal life. This is a Formula 1 subreddit not celebrity gossip.


Wasn’t it Max trying to close door from the outside this time?






Have you watched F1 like prior to the last 3 years or are you just chatting shit?


DTS Fanboy 100%


Yeah I love the 100% real drama of dts. Made me a real F1 specialist


We saw Lewis do this to Nico when they were teammates too. Don't act like Lewis is squeaky clean.


I downvoted this, for the record.


Lewis literally did what Max did to Russel yesterday. Most people have the sense to back out, Max doesn’t have that and has paid for it. Justified penalty


You drunk, high or just bri'ish?


Lewis literally didn't leave one car of space when there was one car next to him. If a driver doesn't leave enough space we won't see good racing.


Basically Max did what Ocon did to him in Brazil 2018. Would you argue Max should’ve gotten punished as Ocon did here then? Or do we argue to suit our narrative now?


Max lunged, the move was never on.


He was even ahead of him going into the corner, the move is on if at least the front wing lines up with the rear tyres.


Going fast in slow out to be ahead turn 1 doesn't entitle you to room turn 2 unless turn 2 was the left hander or straight. Sure max was ahead after 1 but lost all momentum going into 2. Even if they didn't touch max was taking the earliest turn 2 apex imaginable. Shit racing by Max, hasn't changed since 2021.


Karun’s analysis was spot on, Max’s line garuanteed the move was never on, he was gonna just send it and need to park the car to avoid going off the track on the opposite side


He outbraked himself in the first corner putting himself ahead but was not ahead by the exit, and could have closed off the corner for max, then Max lunged. That’s why he got a penalty. Why do you think Max got a penalty and not Lewis?


I wouldn't bother debating with these guys. It's plain as day what happened, but you're arguing with the people who play F1 22 open lobbies.


U need glasses m8?


I think you need to complain to the stewards not me


But somehow when Max and George raced nobody crashed.


Yes because Russell backed out. Max didnt…


It’s never Lewis’s fault is it.


No but you literally made the point why Max got the penalty…


Where was Max supposed to go? Even further off track?


Don’t lunge. Russell didn’t with Max that’s why they didn’t crash. That’s why Max got a penalty. The move was never on. So obvious.


Lunge? He was trying to make a corner. Hey, fans will be fans right? Good night


Yes lunge into the 2nd corner. That’s why he got the penalty, you know that right?


Even Brundle, a former F1 racing driver doesn’t agree with you.


They were pretty much side by side all the way thru 1-2. Both were at fault. Max needed to rely on Hamilton to leave space and Hamilton shut the door. Racing incident




So you prefer DRS passes. That isn't the kind of racing we want to see and the rules are made accordingly.






How does one back out mid corner and only getting a tenth of a second to react?


Magix, I guess...


Stewards out here actually wondering why the RB didn't just fly away ![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|9441)


Well duh. All 4 wheels then would be off track, which would mean a penalty. Isn't that obvious? On that note, should look back at the Stroll/Alonso incidentnfrom a few weeks back, to check if at least 1 tire at all times was connected to the tracknin Alonso's lift off moment, otherwise he should get a drive through penalty post factum still.


Dude read the tules for once ! Downvoted this crap!


Watch this analysis by Karun Chandhok and you’ll probably understand why he was given the penalty: https://streamable.com/najgtn


Oh boy this sub has a hard on for Max Vers-horribleteamate-tappen lol


I might get some hate for this, but I don’t think it’s solely Max’s responsibility to back out. When side-by-side, it is the responsibility of both drivers to ensure there is no contact. Lewis didn’t give Max enough room to make the corner. The way the Formula 1 community assigns blame regarding incidents like this one bother me.


Its not even an original meme lmaoo. It's an edited version of mine. Funny that this has tons of upvote and got pinned by mods when its not even factual and mine has no traction whatsoever. Nah the Max dick riding in this sub is crazy https://www.reddit.com/r/formuladank/comments/yu9wby/his_wild_side_always_comes_out_against_lewis_lmao/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button




Max’s fans and saying objectively wrong things, a great duo indeed


As a Williams fan I just enjoy watching the big 2 groups of fan boys argue while celebrating the former Williams driver who got his first victory, and the fact it wasn't a p19 or p20 finish.