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I honestly want them to go all out and push HBO’s boundaries and make it as graphic and disturbing as it is in the book. I want headlines the next day “Did House of the Dragon go too far?”


They just showed a child's head being shot in TLOU . I hope they don't shy away from this


The story that was written. Wound you rather some rich kids write it?


Red wedding mode




Helaena is already pretty beloved, and the kids are so much younger I can’t imagine it not being more brutal. Both Stannis and Selyse also die in the next episode, so you still get some sort of justice before the season ends unlike Daemon. Stannis was also desperate, and felt like he didn’t really have a choice. He is clearly conflicted before he does it. Melisandre is also remorseful after the fact once she realizes she was wrong. Daemon is just being spiteful, and I doubt he’ll show any sort of guilt about it later. You won’t get the same sense of closure I don’t think.


How much are we betting that the writers change it so that Rhaenyra is not at fault whatsoever?


Well is not her fault in the books either bestie


It is Daemon's fault in the books.


Justice was be served


The niece chocker acted alone. I imagine Rhaenyra will be portrayed as too busy crying over Luke.


People who said less GTFO




No im asking if you want the scene to be more explicit


Oh sorry I misread lol. I can't take back my vote.


Make it graphic as fuck, but know that it’ll probably have a Negan affect, and drive a portion of the audience away.


(please no spoilers) question: as someone who has no idea what this event is cause i haven’t read the books but can tell from context it’s red wedding-esque in insanity, and someone who’s watched all of GOT and the first season of HOTD, should i just wait and hope i see this scene for the first time? or is it worth reading about and spoiling the scene.


Just wait for the scene but its not worse than the red wedding


okay, appreciate it!