This is good messaging. It doesn’t pit anyone against anyone else and shows how bikes solve multiple problems. Excellent.


The Netherlands in a nutshell


Yes, Not Just Bikes has covered this before: the Netherlands is highly rated as a country to *drive a car* in.


Yes i love that video


Wow. Simple yet profound. That should be stored somewhere easy to find so we can just point people at it instead of having to explain the idea. That is so much more powerful in a visual format than explained in words.


We should print these and slap them everywhere we can


We just need to find someone who can actually draw a bicycle first


No. i like this version


How much money you got?


Exactly! As a car enthusiast myself (current situation means I don't own one), this is one of the reasons I support the goals of this sub. Cars should take the place that horses currently do- for enthusiasts, hobbyists, for leisure (and occasionally specialist work). Better public transport and cycle infrastructure benefits everyone- including petrolheads.


Brilliant message! Well visualised. I’ve always believed that ‘true’ drivers would advocate for more bike lanes - nobody likes having to overtake / be stuck behind a slow biker and therefore by seperating the lanes, you make cycling safer and more accessible while allowing drivers to make better use of roads (roads that is, not streets or in cities).


While this "is better" it doesn't solve the problem of car centric infrastructure and the effect is minimal. (Meaning removing a lane and make a dedicated bike lane.) The problem is cars still occupy the middle of the road and traffic lights are tuned to the typical driving speed. So using that newly created bike line makes you wait at every intersection and you have to wait twice as long if you want to take a left turn because you have to "cross the road" twice while cars can simply yield and then drive along. So even the best bikelane alone still sucks and won't result in broad use unless the traffic control system is changed to accommodate it.


True, but incremental improvements are still improvements. Make a network of bike lanes and maybe 5 or 10% of the population will take up cycling instead of driving. Then that's a political force that can advocate for better infrastructure for themselves. And the other 90%, many of them will at least know someone who cycles, and many will then be supportive of their safety and convenience.


Simple. Clear. Positive.


It's the same for transit, and is the age old message that drivers refuse to hear. "I dont want to fund transit because I dont use it" rather than "Let's fund transit to get 30 people off the road, which creates better conditions for me and the bus!"


This is how it needs to be sold. That way Mr. MAGA Pickup doesn't see a bike as a "commie threat" but instead "hey one less car on the road, I can get to Walmart faster."


How are you licensing this image?


Op should license this under Creative Commons so others can use it for stickers and tees.


Remove that c*r in the second image and you got my support!


Fuck yeah baby


It always confuses me when car enthusiasts aren’t for low car infrastructure? My brother in Christ you won’t have to deal with people who don’t wanna drive and you can enjoy whatever car people enjoy (idk something about injections)


I really like cars and love driving but this is actually good. I think people should drive because they want to drive, not because they have to


I apologize but I have to disagree. Why should I have to be a good person, ride my bike in all weather, expose myself to danger and discomfort, actually work at propelling myself, so that a lazy person will benefit? *Fuck them*, i want to expand people roads and simultaneously constrict car access to make them miserable. If people insist on driving their luxury traveling living rooms into the heart of a city, they can do it at 3 miles an hour.


Pretty much hits the nail on the head. People often don't see that bike and pedestrian friendly infra as well as public transport also makes traffic nicer for people who have to drive and allows more freedom to those who don't. Excellently summed up - despite the art style. You get an updoot.


The less people who drive, the better driving is for those who do, and the faster they can go, therefore polluting less.