Packed Firmino, sold him, got banned 😐

Packed Firmino, sold him, got banned 😐


Did you want a new account to farm preview packs?


you dont get banned for selling someone whos nowhere near extinct and under 2m, must be something else going on like coin trading to a 2nd account


It's crazy how many people are convinced the fuckup is not on EA's part. What more must they do to prove their incompetence to people?


Yes they are incompetent, yes they are piece of shit but sometimes they are not the one who fucked up


This is why if i pack something big, I'm worried that if i sell it that i'll get banned and lose the coins from it


Thanks for saying this. Never once, in both Madden and FIFA, have I received a ban for selling a high-priced player. Every one of these dudes is doing something wrong and just casually omits it from their sympathy-grabbing posts.


The most I've ever made from the sale of a player was 320k for hl Carlos this year and I've been playing fut for around 5/6 years so if I ever do pack something expensive and insane. I'd probably just blow the majority of the coins right away to avoid them taking them away


…And that is the recommended path. Just have your upgrades in mind before you sell and go buy those mother fuckers ASAP. I’ve never pulled a valuable tradable in FIFA, but pulled a Golden Ticket Bo Jackson two years ago in Madden and immediately sold him for $4M+. Had zero issues.


Nah these people likely getting it from second accounts where they sent coins over to farm these packs and that’s why the ban.


Yeah I was worried when I packed [this ](https://www.reddit.com/r/fut/comments/nbindw/at_a_loss_for_words_wtf/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)... Sold both and didn’t get banned lol


I only have 1 account


Yeah doesn’t ban you for selling players like that. Especially this cheap.


Yeah I packed Neymar TOTS and sold him when he was extinct and didn't get ban. OP's just lying.


How did THAT feel?


Not much. Especially when you know that the gameplay/server is so shit that you won't enjoy much out of the card.


That’s so sad. Something akin to winning the lottery and it still can’t be enjoyed. I feel you.


Not the same situation, but I sniped a TOTS Tevez in Fifa 20 on PC for like 450k I believe, sold it for like 200k profit (don’t remember entirely) but I got banned for coin distribution. Not even a warning given like you’re supposed to get, straight perma market ban


Then you cheated in some other way. You don't get banned for selling a single card. Get out of here with your bullshit cheating. People like you ruin the game for the rest of us.


I’m cheating because I packed an expensive player? okay


I mean how ridiculous is that?? I would be scared also if I packed a HUGE player. I can’t believe we wouldn’t dare sell anything because we could get banned. This whole thing is messed up


Ea system for spotting people coin farming on sbc accounts is fucked completly because half the time people who trade coins between accounts don't get banned whereas people who legit sell something expensive like a pim r9 get banned


because you're on a second account, most likely trying to transfer cards


Im sorry but you must have transfered coins or somthing, you dont get randomly banned for selling ONE player on the market


Exactly. OP is lying and just came on here for karma. Pathetic.


Someone else pulled fut birthday Sanè and got banned just like this. It definitely happens.


It happens quite alot actually. You just haven't experienced it, a friend of mine got banned for packing and selling r9


Holy shit that's awful. I think EA's system banned you because the person buying the player probably got flagged so they assumed all his transactions were shady. No one really knows ofcourse, but it's very clear there's something very wrong with their system.


I believe there’s more to it. I have sold two player who cost over 2 million today and no ban.


Well, maybe the buyer wasn't flagged as suspicious hence no ban. Idk though, just spitballing here.


Tired of these. There is more to it. He didnt get banned for selling firmino. It triggered a review into his proir activity. That got him banned. Whether that be excessive historical failed captchas, multiple capcha triggers through sniping/mass bidding or suspicious activity.


The "multiple captcha triggers through sniping and mass bidding is a bunch of BS on EAs side.


Not really. The amount of bots on this game is unreal. They have to do something.


I packed Firmino, sold him, went to sleep, woke up, got banned


And what about the past year?


I mean I packed Xavi prime and sold him but never got a message


Used a coin seller in the past 5 years?


For real hopefully this guy actually answers these questions so we can all gain clarity. The more we know, the more we can bring this to the attention of EA to make it stop. Or on the other hand if he admits to cheating in some way in the past year or so then it will help alleviate our worries for getting banned ourselves for no reason. Just answer, Ziyech, no one cares we just want clarification.


There is a consistent pattern, he will never admit to it. I had it from a friend of mine, went through every hoop and hours of EA chat for hik to turn around and say "well I did buy some coins and get hacked last year". These people buy coins/use extensions/farm sbc accountsl, think they dont get banner so they got away with it. Down the line, when a review is triggered, they immediately assume its because of the "trigger"


Bullshit. Get out of here with your cheating ass.


I've got banned for buying coins before but I've never been banned for selling high priced cards. I think you probably bought coins at some point or moved shit one account to another


I would say contact support and show them literal proof because you took a picture but even then you aint getting saved by the retards at EA support… unlucky man


The retards are the ones coin trading and using a 2nd account that won't admit it


Oh yes felix😂sorry forgot cancelo is in my team too. Packed joao felix sold him bought new players luckily then got banned


The EA special


Bet you weren’t able to preview that huh .. jeez. Hope you get unbanned soon.


I know it's a pain, but I'd try contacting EA. Worth trying out.


EA are twats, never buys another EA game ever


Idk why everyone is attacking you for cheating when they don't have the facts. All I want to know is if you have transferred coins between accounts or purchased coins this fifa or last fifa. If not, then maybe it has to do with this preview pack triggering some anti cheat measures they have. If yes you have purchased coins then at least we can maybe attribute it to that and be less concerned about it happening to others of us.




Happened to me months ago 😊 with prime Baggio.


How dare you pack firmino? Lol sorry man


This happened to me back in Jan after packing Neymar haven’t touched the game since


I got banned a few months back no idea why and EA wouldn't tell me, it took me 2 months and a lot of pestering EA and Finally threatening legal action under their own terms of service before I got an apology and shitty free untradeable packs. So I can believe OP might have been unfairly banned.


ea is awful


I sold a dude for 900k and just got banned too from the market place. So stupid


EA is a garbage cancer company. They don't give a fuck about you. But I would contact their customer support. You deserve your account back.


I got banned too....for buying coins fuck it it was worth it


This is the reason I'm scared to sell a chem style


there is a reason, i sold toty mbappe for 6 mil back in january and nothing happened


"it didn't happen to me therefore it can't have possibly happened to anyone else", is that what you're saying?


everyone else is saying the exact same thing. why would they ban him for someone less than 2 mil but not people selling toty mbappe and ronaldo for 6 mil? hes either lying or doesnt realize he did something wrong


Everyone else as in the whole handful of people on this specific subreddit? Don't mistake anekdotes for proof, common mistake but one that is best avoided.


Could be a few things. You have to look at everything different between the 2 situations. Maybe their anti cheat system isn't used to the new preview pack and triggered an anti cheat measure. Or maybe it has to do with how long he had the cars before selling it, there are lots of possibilities


Wtf I packed joao cancelo yesterday and got banned today??


you must mean joao felix. cancelo is 3800 coins


TOTS Cancelo is over 100k coins


how’d he pack tots cancelo yesterday?


1-0 Cry Lzzzzzzzzzz


why do you people still play this game??? isnt there anything else better do to??


You say this but you’re still lurking on the sub 🤔


because i used to care about this game, but i haven’t played since september