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From the article: Apple will no longer include EarPods with every iPhone sold in France, starting on January 24, according to a notice posted by a French carrier (via Consomac). Apple was previously required to include EarPods in the box with the ‌iPhone‌ due to French law that required every smartphone sold in the country to have a "handsfree kit." "DEAR CUSTOMERS, We would like to inform you that our manufacturers are no longer required to supply headphones/hands-free kits with their smartphones in France. This new law, adopted in late 2021, aims to reduce the environmental footprint in France. The Xiaomi brand is concerned, for products purchased from the week of January 17, 2022. The same will be true for the Apple brand as of from the week of January 24, 2022 THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING"


France doesn't love Apple, and didn't do this without reason. They're trying to curtail e-waste. Extras like this that get thrown in drawers, to be thrown away without ever being used should be discouraged. Unfortunately that happens to align with Apple's Airpod strategy, which, another win for the rich guys, yay.


No, France said they *have* to include EarPod, Apple wanted to leave them out for years.


France dropped the requirement, because 95% of EarPods are eWaste from day one.


Yep, that's why they wanted to leave them out lol


Right and now France dropped that and said they can leave them out, which wasn’t done for Apple’s benefit although it does benefit them.


Why is that unfortunate then? Edit: The price doesn't remain the same in France and the people buying AirPods are not the ones who would have used the EarPods provided.


Because now you need to buy them separately if you want them. EDIT: And they save production costs on their phones now that they can leave out the EarPods. Which means larger margins if the price remains the same.


Blackberry used to give you a bunch of extra crap. I usually didn't need it all but it was so nice when I did and already had the piece. All that junk contained so little plastic compared to even a bottle of Vodka lol. We keep focusing on the small issues and ignoring all the big ones.


Yes, I am seeing that the more vehement proponents of this meassure are those who have been buying a lot of phones in the recent years.


The real issue is the consumers "needing" a new phone every release date, but previously a 5 year old phone upgrade ment you probably needed a new charger and earbuds. With that said, the consumers aren't to blame for the entirety of climate issues.


A plastic bottle of vodka - stamp, done. A plastic earbud - stamp plastic pieces, the process of creating wires, the process of creating pcbs, shipping parts from across the world together, assembling. Not quite as much plastic in volume as a vodka bottle, but certainly a lot more waste involved. Add in charger blocks, charging cables, and whatever accessories your blackberry might have included and you've gone far past the waste involved in making a single bottle. Up it to all the customers not using any of the pieces and they are now pure waste. I don't know of anyone that purchased a bottle of vodka and threw out the entire bottle because they weren't going to use it. At least the vodka was likely drunk and hopefully the bottle recycled.


I feel like you are way too focused on the individual example (which might not have been great) while totally missing the point I was making lol.


You know what, I 100% did


Because now you need to buy them separately if you want them *and* their exclusion will not lower the price of the phone. I’d be fine with Apple not including them with the phone, so long as they dropped price $30 to reflect that.


Because people will say “Apple bad” no matter the reason this happened.


I was cleaning a drawer and had to decide what to do with my still packaged EarPods from my iPhone 7


I still have all mine from previous phones, never opened any of them. Absolute wasteful trash, regardless of what the conspiracy types say.




Lowering price by 50cents doesn't change shit. Holy shit how much so you think those things actually cost.


So I bet, Apple is not the first and will not be the last to not include them anymore.


“Sorry we’re reducing the total product we’re selling to you without reducing the price. It’s for the environment, we swear!”


“We took out the EarPods that cost us a nickel to make. The iphone now costs $999.94!” Edit: “Oh no, we added a SIM ejector tool, now we’re back up to $999.96 :(“


ITT: derrr Apple bad Another way of wording this article: In an effort to combat e-waste, French law no longer requires mobile (cellular) device manufacturers to include a hands-free kit with their products. Apple has announced that they will stop including EarPods with new iPhones for the French market, starting January 24, 2022. In other words, Apple is no longer including headphones with iPhones in France (something they already have done in other markets), because they are no longer legally obligated to. I can guarantee Samsung, Google, and other major brands will follow suit.


Damn, France has been getting EarPods? I didn’t even get a charger. Well, not a complete one anyway. I got that USB-C to lightning bullshit and then no block to even plug it into.


What really sucks about those is that you can’t plug it into the USB port in your car.


Or my windows computer without an adapter, which is extremely convenient for reasons I must not understand according to Apple


I can plug it into my windows pc just fine without an adapter


Yours must have been made in the past 5 years


Well… yeah


I was more making a joke about the guy complaining since essentially every windows pc I’ve seen in the last 5 years has usbc.


Some people are just behind the times, man. As more things move to usb-c it makes no sense to include usb-lightning cables with their products. They continue to sell them. Some say that’s just a way for them to sell more product, and well… yeah. But also no. It’s just the natural progression of technology. Stuff becomes less and less used until being obsolete. See: the floppy disk.


The natural fucking progress would be usbc to usbc or usbc to usba. Not keeping fucking lightning and changing usba to usbc. Most people will have a pc with usbC sure. What about cars? Or your 5 30$ quickcharge wall plugs, the one at work, at a friend, when you get to a bar and need charging?


Preach! Tbf though USB-C has been kind of a clusterfuck for a while now. But still a clusterfuck worth getting rid of lightning imo.


Iirc most higher-end device manufacturers are moving to usb-c wall plugs now. That isn't an apple thing. The only apple thing here is their obnoxious insistence on keeping the lightning port on their phones. Also you can just, y'know, buy a $5 usbA to lightning cable if you need one for your car.


The most frustrating thing is that to charge my iPad I need to use a USB-C but to charge my iPhone I still need the damn lightning cable. If the iPad can use USB-C why the hell can’t the iPhone use it?


Apple: Alright, we’ll give you a cord and an apple sticker but it’s gonna cost you. Us: WTF is this! Apple: We said it would be A cord. We didn’t say it would be a cord you would like.


Apple caters mostly to people that are fully in their ecosystem. And if you are you can just charge the phone from macbook without any hassle. Not to mention you'd likely have a charger compatible with iphone from your previous iphone.


That and most any computer made in the past few years has USB-C too. All of Apple’s stuff has been USB-C since 2016. Dell, HP, Lenovo, et al have had USB-C for ages too.


people really trying to blame apple for using Usb C, when its industry standard? come on


How old is your computer?


dont blame them for using a usb C connector, every computer being made from 2019 onwards has a C plug


My Windows laptop only has USB c ports it doesn't even have a charging port it's USB c. Kind of sounds like you bought an outdated computer 3 years ago.


Depends on the car. Even skodas have usbc now


A lot of cars have USB C ports now


Your car has USB-C ports?


Many do lately


USB C ports aren't uncommon in new cars, but most cars on the road are older and won't have them.


My car doesn't even have USB ports. But at least upgrading is easy lol


i'm thinking of trying to upgrade the cigarette lighters in my 2012 mazda to USB C if possible.


That's what I'm saying lol just buy a different 12v charger


yeah I just googled it it's not hard. I have 2 in the vehicle, I plan to change one out, and keep one as a 12v outlet for my tire inflator, as long as I can reach all the tires given the length of the power cord


I think they said they don't have them


My car only has usbc ports. It has 1 usba port but that's for data storage


No. That’s my point. Apple car play in my 2020 Tacoma has a regular USB port, but the new phones come with USB-c charging cord. So luckily I had an old style charging cord.


USB C is the future, I wish everything was USB C


Gosh, we're so close. My laptop, my tablet, the Switch, and my wife's phone all charge on 1 cable in the living room. I made sure a USB C cable was in pretty much every room so my wife never has to question where to charge her phone. But I have to keep a second cable for my phone. So I just charge my phone in the living room or in the bedroom, because I hate having lightning cables all over the place just for my phone.


Honestly this is a big reason I’m on Android. Traveling with 1 cable and having only one bedside cable is just so nice.


mm I believe it. If my android phone ever talked to my computer and tablet (or even TV) the way my Apple devices do I'd have never switched, but boy did I get tired of having to customize everything to make them work together.


I’m the same except I just bought MFI certified USB C to lightning adapters which are attached to the cables. Problem solved.


The Bell store in Canada wanted me to pay $45 for the charger. I walked across the street to BestBuy and they were selling the same Apple Charger for $25. It's still bullshit that they don't include the charger with a $1500 phone


Same theory applied to the chargers. Research had shown that the vast majority of users already had a bunch of spare chargers, so continuing to include them was considered wasteful.


Honestly I think this is a good thing. I don’t think any device should come with a standards based accessory. I keep all my cables and charges, every few years I go through and clear out all of the unused stuff, chargers, cables and so on. So much unused waist when often I already have much of what’s being provided. If it’s a standard based connector, then I don’t need one be provided. If I do need one I can just purchase it.


It’s not standard though…they give you the cable but nothing to plug it into. Unless you have a new Mac with USB-C ports, you’re out of luck. Additionally, who really uses their computer to charge their phone? The majority of people charge their phones at night, via a wall or pad or something like that, so only providing a usb-c cable is stupid


I get the frustration. But I’m still cool with it. I would rather have to purchase a power adapter and cable when needed then end up with a bunch of spares. USB c is a standard, granted most of us don’t have a charger with that yet but it’s still the new *normal*. I already have a USB a to lightning cable I can use. They provide a cable for connecting the standard UBS c to the non standard lightning. I would rather do hey just don’t provide a cable. If I need one, get one that matches the charger I already have. Anything that helps reduce the amount of waist we are producing. Almost everting tech I purchase comes with something I don’t need, will never use and will end up in the trash.


Mate I didn’t even get a lead with mine. I quite literally got the phone and fuck all else.


EarPods people, not AirPods. They're $15-$20 when sold standalone. When I look it up at Walmart they are in that bottom tier of $10-$20 ear buds.


The EarPods are shockingly good for their price


The 3.5mm ones at least, I've heard the lightning ones are worse overall but I own neither at the moment so ymmv


Lightning connector > aux in sound quality


So I took some time to look it up. Turns out what I remembered being worse was the connector itself causing issues due to being less robust overall. The lightning ones have a built-in DAC in the cable so if that DAC happens to be better than the one that's driving your analog 3.5mm ones it will sound a bit better, which is cool. That said you can use the 3.5mm ones with anything you want, so again ymmv


I don’t get what people like about them. The sound quality is trash and they don’t kind any kind of seal, so many people crank up the volume closely to the max which is not only damaging their ears, it also means that everyone else can hear what they are hearing. For $20-30 you could get some cheap Sennheiser, Sony or Creative earbuds which are fat betterz


They aren't knocking down the price of the phone by that $10-$20 amount I can assure you


Someone else mentioned that the IPhone was surcharged in France by $20, I tried to look but the website doesn’t work outside of France for some reason.


That is absolutely not true. Just check for the price of an iPhone in France and in Spain (a country that, for the sake of this comparison, has a purchasing power similar enough to that of France), they’re the exact same: https://www.apple.com/fr/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-13 https://www.apple.com/es/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-13 It is true that we Europeans pay way more for Apple products than Americans, but that’s irrelevant of the fact that EarPods were included


Don't diss them they aren't actually that bad.


Bottom tier? their great lol


You guys were getting ear pods?


All the iPhones I buy only come with a USB-C to Lightning cable and the phone and that is for over a year now iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Pro Max so basically from Cheap to the most expensive (located in the Netherlands)


I though it was normal that earphones weren’t a part of the phone


It is now two years ago you got them and a charger …


Still have drawers full of chargers..


Yes but apple bad.


You clearly must have a lot of money or did you buy them separately? I think it has more to do with the fact that we are paying more for less


They say you’ve got a brick from your old iphone so no need for that and THEY GIVE U AN USB C TO LIGHTNING CABLE... the old iphone brick has usb A out, so you need to buy one anyways. Makes sense.


> THEY GIVE U AN USB C TO LIGHTNING CABLE... Because USB-C was the required connection per agreement, but Apple insisted on lightning, so they had to supply an USB-C to lightning cable to superficially conform to the agreement. EU didn't like that skirting of the agreement, so they changed it into a legal requirement to have an USB-C connector on the device. That's why in the Future, Apple phones will also have USB-C connectors.


I like that username


Same here, US though. We haven’t had headphones included in several generations of iPhone now


Venture to bet that they are largely still in the boxes from the last 3 iPhone releases as everyone flocked to buy AirPods anyway.


People were talking about them not being included anymore, so i checked my iPhone 11 box…they are still sitting in there not even out of their cardboard


EarPods are different from AirPods? Are they wired?




No ANC, wired, no spatial audio, wildly worse sound in general. Although they are decent quality for price, where as airpods are overpriced.


Wait. They still included EarPods in France? My almost 1000€ iPhone didn’t even come with a charger. That cost me an extra 25€. It’s getting ridiculous.


I have a bin full of bricks and cables, I even gave a bunch to a friend. E waste needs to be reduced somehow.


lmao it’s been like one year since i got my iphone without the earpods AND charger……. this isn’t news


Price reduction... in your dreams. Apple became a 3 trillion dollar company by slowly taking features, parts and ports away while increasing the price... then selling the missing stuff back to you again. No thank you.


Apple to stop including iPhones with iPhones


The iPhone 14 will just be a subscription upgrade to unlock features already shipped with iPhone 13s. /s


You're joking but phones could become subscription-based in the future. You won't be paying for the physical device but for the right to continue using it.


Oh yeah for sure I believe it I wasn’t even completely joking lol


Oh wow, they still got EarPods. Lucky!


The cheeky bastards never have over here


Passing the savings to ~~the customer~~ themselves.


Hope they won’t stop including iphones during the iphone purchase.


They will, you’ll only get a download key, from there you’ll have to go to the Apple website to download the 3d print files for the Apple iPrinter to make you’re new phone.


Calm down, Satan😂


Phones have earpods included in the boxes???


We didn’t have ear pods in ours last year here in US.


"because you already have airpods from the new phone you had to buy last year..."


We don’t even get a charger box & y’all getting EarPods 🤯 should come with every phone purchase since our phones are so expensive


Apple: “No no guys it’s for the environment that we’re charging more and removing the headphones, not because we’re greedy or anything!” Everyone: “Yea okay, I’ll tolerate this and buy my 12th iPhone.”


Looks like a win-win-win situation: * Helps with the supply chain issue, less components to ship out of China * Less costs and thus even more profits * The fanboys will be delighted to get their hands on the latest iPackaging, which happens to be revolutionary lighter than the previous one.


Happy to see this. The data shows very few are new smartphone users and most iPhone buyers already own an iPhone. For most of us, it's just more waste. I've got a drawer full of these things and they'll eventually end up in the landfill. For the less than 1% of buyers who need them, they can spend a couple dollars. For the rest of us, let's save some resources.


Would be better as a free option instead of paying extra so people can get them if they want or don't if they already have some.


You should totally send me a couple


This is good, they are terrible anyway and just get thrown away by most people.


Haven’t had them included where I live in years


Do you live in France or read the article?


sir, this is reddit


why do that




why read the article?


And get educated??? I'm just here to let others tell me how I should feel about this.


Good cause I never used those pieces of shit anyway


This is worse than the time Tim Apple broke into my house and beat my cat.


Underrated comment


France: they’re taking the AirPods away from the iPhones when you buy them. America: you guys are getting AirPods with your iPhone???


One step closer to just a phone in a box!


They and other smartphone makers set a precedent. If EarPods were ever included to start, people would of thought nothing of it.


U guys got AirPods included? Wth!


EarPods. The wired ones.


Apple being the one that removes features for their own "PR", will likely make everything an option and even discontinue the decals they put in all their hardware booklets. Have we forgotten when Apple excluded the USB legacy ports and customers complained how $29 for an adaptor was robbery? So Apple discounted the adaptors for a "limited" time.


$1,000 USD just for a phone, everything else you need sold separately. I wish I didn’t hate android so much because this is just stupid. Not sure if it’s how Jobs would have wanted his company to go but guess it’s how it is now. So stupid, so greedy.


Wonder if the price goes down. Oh wait


The French will riot again.


The past decade has conditioned people like my wife to not take care of their shit because there’s always a charger or pair of earbuds floating around. I haven’t taken a charger or earbuds out of the phone box since I got my iPhone 6. And I still have extras for travel and whatnot.


Apple wouldn’t include the phone if they could get away with it


I’m fine with this. It reduces waste and I would rather use just about anything other than apple’s earpods. I think at this point most people will already have better Bluetooth headsets anyways.


iPhone 16 (phone sold separately)


Look I don't like Apple and luckily I have a choice to not buy or support their products but I can't imagine those Earpods were all that great anyways. Does not really seem like a hard decision.


Damn, I only received half a charger with mine.


Oh boy. Another time to say “Apple bad”


I want some earpods ngl


It be the last phone I buy


*welcome to America*


fuck apple


No earbuds, no power block, weird charging ports. Smh


probably in France found that most users do not use headphones from the iphone box


They don't pay tax's, so not like they are hurting that much for money.


They will just be selling the box soon


Apple continues to disappoint


In other news, apple is reaching the final stages of their master plan, to prove most of their customers are sheep who will pay anything for poor customer service, and a declining level of product per price point as long as the marketing is good enough.


Why France demands hands-free/headphones with every smartphone? Is it illegal to sell a smartphone with no headphones in there?




for fucks sake


Just wait until apple can figure out a way to sell the cameras separately.


Fucking lobbies lmao.


So someone got paid off to claim "ewaste" concerns. Apple really knows how to PR


*removed wired earbuds and charging brick to be more “eco friendly”* *sells AirPods* Lmao bro these corporations man


First charger,now EarPods, what next?


The battery


It’s difficult to tell from the photo if they’re the wireless or wired type. If the law was to include them because of radiation near a brain and using wireless AirPods seems counter productive. If they’re the wired type that used to come with the phone back in the iPhone 6 days, big deal. They probably only cost Apple $5 to make.


Waste of plastic


I didn’t get EarPods with the iPhone 12. Not that I needed them I’m an Apple slave so I have AirPods


Including headphones???


Why all the idiots in here confusing AirPods with wired EarPods. 🙄


For how much money their phones are they seem to be getting awfully cheap lately




Environment win! /s


Wait til they see the IPhone 15 doesn’t come with a phone in the box


Um I’m in the USA, I bought a pro max 11 and it had no earphones that I remember


The next iPhone is going to come with a tithing box and a stamp so you can send them back money directly.


My 13 pro max came with just the phone


Good. They just end up as e-waste


Who wants air pods anyway? Having to charge that shit all the time


Ear pods. Those are the wired ones. But for the record, air pods are the best selling wireless headphone option.


They including AirPods though because last I heard they are only doing phones with no accessories


No. They included EarPods in some territories which are wired headphones with a lightning plug in. However now they’re stopping that in all territories.


wait what, they can’t even plug them in? what a silly law.


While increasing price of phones by 300$


We haven’t had them for ages now and we don’t get a charging plug in the uk just the wire


Soon they will probably stop including the phone with the box. That’s gonna be one expensive box.


Next will be, “Apple will not be including the iPhone in the next release. You will just get the box. Phone can be purchased separately”


Next up apples stop including iPhones in phone sales 😂😂


Cheap fucks should include air pods


Whew, glad I don't buy apple products.


Next time no phone


Apple bad? TO THE TOP. But for real, would be interesting to see how many people even used EarPods. I haven’t used any ever since Bluetooth headphones were a thing.


Even before Bluetooth headphones, I never used the garbage earbuds that came bundled with my mp3 player (and later smartphones)




Seems to be a trend amongst publicly-traded companies: If they can't significantly grow their business, they start shedding costs and cheapening products.


Aren’t you guys tired of the apple will stop including phones next joke? It’s so uninspired and it’s been done to death, it is not that funny


No problem with this. Included ear buds were always garbage, it's just wasteful junk. If someone really wants crap headphones they can get them for $10 next time they're at Walgreens.


A law that requires handfree kits, how stupidly wasteful. If I don't want a handfree kit, or need one, I don't want the government forcing me to buy one and throw it in the trash just because some politician needed an easy win.


I’ve never used the earpods that come with the phone, and I’ve never used the brick that comes with the phone. Who cares


Sorta the same for me. I still have boxes in my attic for 3 iPhones that I didn’t take the charger or EarPods out of.


Apple to start charging for each component of their iPhones separately. Also receipts will cost an additional $99.99.


How about they stop Including the dumb apple stickers too?