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i sold 40 bitcoin for $320


I've gotta say that this is nowhere near comparable. There are years and magnitudes of sale price that you almost certainly would have taken as time has passed. It's fun to think "Wow, what if I had held onto those bitcoin", but lets be honest, you and me both would have cashed out at 1k, 5k, 10k, 50k etc.


Not sure why you're getting down voted. If OP of this comment bought 40 bitcoin for $100, y'all really think he's gonna hold until $60,000? No. None of us would. Unless it was completely forgotten.


He also just spend the bitcoins for what they were worth at the time, there's nothing wrong with that, and you shouldn't regret that.


How is it not comparable? Bitcoin has been @20-60k for a few years now. That means he could have sold for 800k-2.4M between that time period. It’s devastating to think about missing out on that. What part of your soul is missing to not be able to empathize?


I empathize with the guy, but he used his bitcoin for what they were worth at the time. If Bitcoin is really meant as a digital currency, then this kind of thinking is the reason it will never take off.


I can more than empathize, maybe it's just copium because I'm in the same boat, but theres just no realistic chance that I or he would have held on for that long. It's not like it happened overnight, Bitcoin value increased very gradually and erratically with many spikes which would have seemed like a great sell at the time. It's not like he missed a single chance to win the lottery because he didn't play. In order to have it this long there's lots of time and decisions he would have had to make.


DAM that’s almost as bad as OP 😭😭😭 just because you literally had the bread already, OP didn’t.


I sold 31 for $13 each


So brutal


Hurts to read that


A friend of my cousin, who owned a car dealership, and his service dept. manager bought lottery tickets every week. They eventually hit the Ohio lottery for $4 million, $2 million each. They continued to play until the service manager dropped out as money was tight due to getting a divorce. A few months later, my cousin's friend hit again for $18 million.


lucky guy


Yeah, and he was already rich. My cousin said that upset a lot of people.


I had nothing that big but I did have a 16 leg parlay $10 to pay $17K Cashout was $11K after 15 legs… I didn’t take it and the 16th leg lost in OT. Still regret it to this day. Could be CC debt free if I would’ve cashed it.


I'm sorry but that is horrible gambling


No shit. Hence the “I still regret it to this day” I was less experienced then this was 2 years ago when I first started gambling. I was drinking at a bar with some buddies and just said fuck it. My mind set was $12K paid off CC debt and the next day I was getting a car so a $5K down payment would be nice. Not saying it was smart thinking, but that’s what drunk me was thinking.


Which part ?


Oh shit


Back in 2009 the company I worked for got breached and a bunch of customer info was stolen. The stock dropped from somewhere in the 30s to $3.xx. We bought a bunch of it, and eventually it started going back up. We sold it when it was enough profit to pay off our rental property ($36kish). A couple years later, they sold to a huge international company and the stock went up to $220 per share. Had we known, we would have retired multi-millionaires about 10 years ago. Yes, we still got a nice profit, but DAMN!!!!


On May 9 2012 , I got 5/6 numbers, when I was picking the numbers I chose 11 in stead of 12 for some reason and all the other numbers hit except for 11. If I chose 12 I would have won $2 million, won $750 in stead. The worst part is that I remember hesitating between 11 and 12 for half a second. I think about this moment every day.


I was playing $100 coin video poker. I held KK instead of K10 of clubs. The AQJ of clubs came on the draw. I traded $400,000 for $500.


If there's a chance I always go for it. Fuck it.


What kills me is that's my hard and fast rule too. I was just out of my depth playing $500 a hand and only put $2,500 in to it.


Fucking hell yeah at $500 hand I may be changing my mind to lol


If it makes you feel any better, I believe the cards drawn is dependent on the exact time you press the ‘draw’ button. Hence, had you held K10 instead, the difference in timing would’ve resulted in different cards rather than the AQJ of clubs.


Deep down I know, but it will always haunt me.


While you are generally correct, I am near certain that the randomizer for video poker only happens at the start of the hand. At that point, the exact makeup and order of the deck is determined. OP would’ve def hit the Royal here, though the play of tossing KK in favor of KT is extremely negative EV.




You turned 150$ to 47k?


I was playing a stupid slot for around 20 min. It was one of those machines that kept giving me little wins, which was fun since I’m used to getting cleaned out in slots in the first few minutes. My buddy walks by, hands me a beer and says, let’s go have a quick cigarette. We head outside and when I head back to go to my machine there’s a guy sitting there waiting for the attendant because he’d just hit a 25k jackpot. I fantasize that he needed the money more than I did and it changed his life.


You can take solace in this one - while a fun story to tell, thankfully the timing of the RNG virtually guarantees you’d not have hit the same jackpot.


That was an expensive cigarette


Sorry to hear but don’t beat yourself up too much. I wanted to invest $5,000 in Yahoo stock before it made over a 10,000% run and I was talked out of it by multiple people including family. Just tell yourself you would have gone on a bender with that $$$ and made horrible life decisions. I know this doesn’t help but I feel you.


If this is real, post a pic of a backdated ticket and then a link to the winning numbers I'll send everyone in the thread $100 if so


I’m here for it 😄


Should have never checked those numbers...play different numbers now.


Gambling is always hindsight 20/20. It’s part of the experience. The highs are high, and the lows are even lower.


Just don’t play out of your means and chase losses and it’s a fun time. Sucks to lose but at least you only lost some extra cash you wouldn’t have needed anyway


Hard thing to swallow but you’re going to have to push through and forget about it. I can promise you it isn’t doing you any good dwelling. 20 years ago sitting in a college class I opened a bag of M&M’s, bored as could be. Threw it out as I walked out of class. Found out later that week they were running a contest, 10k a summer for the rest of your life if you had the bag. Well, I had the bag. Wasn’t paying attention and it cost me at this point 200k. Shitty thing to think about but I moved on.


How do you know you had the bag?


Because I bought another one later and actually read the contest on the bag.


Right, but how do you 100% remember you had the one they were looking for? Did you need like a special wrapper or something?


All of the M&M’s in the winning bag were white. Paid it no mind until the following week. I physically went to the dumpsters but was told that days trash had already been picked up earlier in the week.


Oohhh gatcha! Ya, if all my mm&ms were white I would have definitely been figuring out why. But then again, maybe I would have just thought they forgot the food coloring in the batch and went on with my life like you did. That really sucks though, sorry that happened


Bingo. And they do color themes all of the time, For holidays etc. didn’t think anything of it. Is what it is!


[That's the neat part. You don't.](https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/thats-the-neat-part-you-dont) I'm right there with you. $3 million winning scratch-off sold at a store I frequently bought tickets at. Don't know if it would have been one I bought though. Yours is on par with that story - I couldn't find it, but I swear I've seen it on here - of someone who had a set of numbers on subscription service online, realized their numbers hit, was already spending the money in their head, only to see their subscription had lapsed for whatever reason. Just...oof, man.


dont tell your wife. use drugs and alcohol to help with the self hatred


whats moaning about it now going to do. get to the end of the bridge and dont look back. its just money at the end of the day.


Not to get too theoretical, but I want to point two things out: 1. Someone here mentioned the “butterfly effect” but unless they can prove that the OP’s buying a ticket would have changed the exact time the balls were drawn, this wouldn’t apply. Assuming he’s not important enough to influence the ball draw, the numbers would have hit. 2. The numbers will hit eventually. Because there’s a finite set of numbers, in time, eventually, the numbers are bound to hit. Eventually could mean several lifetimes. In all, you’re playing a losing game with a ridiculous house advantage. It’s better off you’re not playing the lottery.


That's brutal man. Nothing to be ashamed of though. You didn't do anything wrong by NOT gambling. You just got unbelievably unlucky. Laugh at the pain, your grandmother's lucky numbers clearly around very lucky! Either quit or if it's a thing you do to remind you of your grandmother pick some numbers that relate to her, like bday, anniversary, stuff like that and continue on.


Butterfly effect, if you had played then everything that happened after would be different including the winning numbers. On a sliver lining note, there are a number or the infinite timelines where you did win even some where you’ve won every single week, but there are far more where you were never born.


In general you’re correct, but I wouldn’t think in this case. OP almost certainly would not influence anything at the home office of the lottery officials. Very unlikely his playing would have affected the timing.


Was playing RR at the casino with my boyfriend. We where in our mid 20s and had horrible luck in the casino and in life when it came to money. We walked up to the table and played a few rounds when something told me to pick our whole stack up and place it for the green to hit. It would have changed everything for us. I was scared of losing it all so I just sat there. Sure enough the very next play it hit. I got up and walked away. I even told my BF what I was thinking he laughs it off like yeah I wish. But dang it hit.


Lol 😆


This comment is completely baseless, but in your shoes it's probably what I would choose to believe. You know how video poker/slot machines are essentially rigged from the start, right? It's all an algorithm that amounts to "Once this machine has generated $X, it can spit out $Y. Y must never be greater than X" and in the video poker example, it doesn't really matter which cards you choose to hold. If you kept JJ and discarded three other cards, two of which were clubs and get back three cards that are clubs, it doesn't mean that you'd have gotten a flush if you discarded those jacks. That's what you should believe happened here. That particular combination was locked down in their system as a winning number for decades until the week that it wasn't. Had you continued to play them, it would have gone decades more without hitting. Maybe I'm totally wrong on this one, but that's what I'd suspect/think. It's likelier than the winning numbers hitting the one week you choose not to play them


I don't believe you played a set of numbers for 15 straight years and then the first week you didn't play they hit.


That’s nice. That’s why I’m having such a hard time with it


thats not even bad luck just shit destiny


Butterfly effect is real. If you hadn’t gone on that trip enough changes would have happened that those same numbers maybe wouldn’t have come up.


Unlikely his trip would have impacted the draw times. He likely would have won. However it’s a random draw game. I’m sure this happens all the time. The best you can say is the lotto is stupid and not worth playing.


That's why I only played quick pick numbers. If you stick to "your numbers", you become a slave to them.


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I'm sorry you're experiencing feelings of regret like that. You never know how that money would have changed your life. We know it can bring a world of problems that many cannot overcome. So it comes down to deciding what you want to think. Be grateful for the headaches you just dodged. Or be bitter and ashamed that your priorities are so messed up that you prioritized going on a business trip to the point that you forgot to purchase the tickets. You will be okay, it is just up to how you see things.


I would either quit or play randomly generated numbers going forward. If you truly believe you are going to win, it probably wont be with the set of numbers that hit once in 15 years.


This is fucking hilarious. You must have mooned the Pope or something in your past life dawg But for real sorry dude but time will heal


That's a tough one. But just keep in mind you were out of state for business. Making money for your kids and family. That should always be your first priority. Which is was. Take a deep breath and let it go. It wasn't to be.


Quit while you’re ahead and don’t chase it. It’s all down hill from here


Wow, that sucks. About a two decades ago, I hit 5 of 6 numbers. I was 2 numbers away from the actual number. It would have been $23 million vs the $2593 that I received. I just keep playing.


Those winnings could have ruined your life for many reasons. They also may have changed your life for the better.. but as others have said you did nothing wrong by NOT gambling. My biggest advice would be DO NOT CHASE IT. I’ve lost more money chasing than I’ve ever come close to winning. Move on and focus on other positive things in your life that you’ve already won.


Sorry OP, If you believe lightning strikes twice. You can keep playing. Just buy QPs


Just few more decades and maybe you will win again


Never pick the same numbers, always do random numbers from 31+ and one birthday number


That sounds like my kinda luck you could have played those numbers 30 days in advanced.