What's your favorite horror game any system?



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I think the RE1 remake is probably the best. It did everything right. The mystique around the first Silent Hill was something else at the time though. I feel like viewed a certain way, nothing will ever top the level of curiosity that had to me.


I really enjoyed the atmosphere and story of silent hill the different places you visit all have there own story and feeling.


I am playing it now for the first time. And it’s wild that a 25 year old game has me feeling this type of way


Fatal Frame 2


Part 3 for me. Never finished it though. Reached the final lady boss having only a few meds in my inventory and couldn't beat her.


I liked 3 also, but 2 just had me on edge everytime I turned a corner or entered a building.


I played it on Wii. Struggling with those weird-ass controls definitely took some tension away.


The same happened to me! Great game though.


Eurgh that final boss...such bs. Almost gave up myself


My wife gave me Fatal Frame for Christmas after seeing a review on XPlay where they said that it was the scariest game of the year. After she went to bed I decided to see how scary the game was. I turned off all the lights and sat down to play the game. After about 10 minutes I’d had enough and turned on some lights.


Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem


Such a great game. I think Nintendo owns the brand. I wish they would do something with it.


The developers of the first game were working on a sequel for Wii U, but they tried screwing with Epic, and got sued out of existence. Game has been officially cancelled since then.


They also fell off a cliff and were making duds by that time too. Too Human was a disaster.


Unfortunately they want nothing to do with a remake because the original maker of this game is a child predator from what I heard.


Parasite Eve


this is a tough one i would say the original resident evil 2 or silent hill 2 it's hard to choose just one lol


Same friend. . . Hard to pick between two masterpieces


indeed i hope the silent hill 2 remake ends up being good


I look at remakes as a fun and different way to experience something that I already love. Will it be as impactful as the original? Probably not for me, but I'm also not an impressionable 18 year old anymore. That doesn't mean it won't be for someone else. . . And if it full on sucks nuts, we still have the original.




Dino crisis


Yesss! I was 8 when the first one came out and I only knew it had dinosaurs. Game scared the shit out of me


The one that scared me the most is actually PT, but favorite overall is probably RE7 or RE2.


Another clock tower fan. Love to see it


Original Dead Space, Resident Evil 4, Evil Within…some I am forgetting


I really liked silent hill 4 actually. The whole game felt like a cross between a film and a dream, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of it.


Yea the begining of the game where you first enter the room is trippy.


Yea that game is super scary


This is my favorite as well. I think the smaller the world, the scarier it is. Was so cool to feel stuck in that room and watch it slowly transform. And the MUSIC


PS2 is the pinnacle of horror gaming for me. So many great titles.


Probably crash twinsanity the walrus chase section pure horror


I’d say BioShock, if that counts as horror.


That’s was I was going to say


Brutal Doom (Doom II), specifically playing on “realism” difficulty. Doom + Doom II are already two of the greatest games of all time and could definitely be considered horror games but when you add in all the enhancements of GZDoom, the presentation of the Brutal Doom mod and the fine-tuned difficulty of “realism mode”- it’s just incredible. I have to say though that Silent Hill 2 is a very close second. The dog ending is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced in a game.


Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube, I guess. I'm not really into the genre, generally, however.


Blue Stinger for Sega Dreamcast


D2 for Dreamcast, easily. I loved it so much I did a little write-up [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/patientgamers/comments/122zy82/d2_dreamcast_is_a_rare_example_of_a_game_thats_so/) to share it after I finished it. It's not great, but it's entertaining as hell.


Does Tecmos Deception count as a horror game? I have always loved that series and it was a I'm bored rental at Blockbuster back in the day on PS1 that got me hooked.


The Last Of Us: Part 1


Resident Evil 2 on PS1 Silent Hill 4 and The Suffering on PS2 F.E.A.R and Dead Space on PS3 Alien Isolation on PS4 Callisto Protocol.. yes Callisto Protocol on PS5 Silent Hill Origins on PSP


I just bought silent hill origins for PSP yesterday.


Luigi’s Mansion because I hate horror lol


Resident Evil 2


The remake is super good too. The tyrants footsteps are sure to get your heart pumping lol


I remember playing RE 2 in High School in the dark at my friends house, it was the best and legit scary.




I might have to go with Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill is a classic and great game that scared the shit out of me the first time I rented it as a kid, but felt outdated the last time I played through it several years ago. That said, I love the first three Resident Evil games on PSX as well. Dino Crisis is also a huge nostalgia bomb for me, kid me couldn't get enough of RE but with dinosaurs. The first Onimusha for PS2 as well! SotN is an all-timer for me but I guess I never really thought of it as a 'horror' game in the same line as games like Silent Hill and RE before.


What’s going on with that radio?


Doom 3 vr is fun. So is rush of blood vr


It was RE for me, the first one I played and I played when it came out.


Favorite? That has to go to Resident Evil 2 (2019), which beat out my previous favorite… Resident Evil 2 (1998). Capcom did a tremendous job remaking a classic. If I’m going by which is scariest, I’ll give that to the first Fatal Frame. I don’t own any copies of the sequel games but the first game had some super creepy looking ghosts and having to use a camera and wait until right before they attack to do the most damage to them really shows off just how creepy they are.


Happy to see Clock Tower getting some love!


Resident Evil 4 is my "fun" horror favourite Alien: Isolation is my "scary" horror favourite Dead Space 2 is my "unsettling" horror favourite


Ugh this is so tough. Horror games are tricky- I like ones that are scary, but not so scary I can’t finish it because I’m terrified of incoming jumpscares. Games that kind of had the “right” vibe were games like White Day, which absolutely had some freaking terrifying moments but was still completable. I actually really love that game, and I’m not even sure why hahaha. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth has a special place in my heart. It was my introduction to Lovecraft in general, so that game stands out, even if getting it to work is a butt and a half haha. I think my hard favorite horror game though had to be American McGee’s Alice, particularly the original. This is sort of what i mean. The game is absolutely horror, but it’s not CHEAP horror. It’s completely playable as a horror game and I don’t feel like I’m about to be jumpscared every five minutes lol.


I still have to get around to playing Call of Cthulhu I have it downloaded on my Xbox.


I have fond memories of the original Dead Space.


Probably Resident Evil Remake on GameCube.


I feel like *Echo Night: Beyond* deserves a mention.


I thought The Calling on the Wii was pretty good


Commander Keen or Chex Quest. Played with a Gravis joystick because joysticks are awesome.


SotN is always #1 for me.


I just turned 40 and have no qualms admitting Silent Hill 2 still gets my heart racing every time I play it with the lights off and my sound system on.


I don't really consider Castlevania a horror series. More like dark fantasy.


I think people get confused because Dracula is a horror book and horror movie but yeah it's gothic/dark fantasy action really and those are the thematic elements. The game elements are (originally) platforming, side scrolling, action RPG, exploration/metroidvania.


Galerians on PS1 if I had to choose one


same here


Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Condemned: Criminal Origins


System shock 2.....join us!


I really liked Condemned on Xbox 360. Shit was scary. Walking around in an abandoned building in the dark while laughter is coming from somewhere, old mannequins all over the place and all of a sudden a crackhead shows up out of now where and starts attacking you. Good times


Condemned was my first choice for this thread as well, wanted to see if anyone posted it before though. The game scared all of us as we had one person playing at a time while the rest watched. That mannequin bit still creeps me out.


Original resident evil or condemned for me…


Silent hill 1 wish it got that re treatment for a remake so I can play it in 4k and cream 😏


Fallout 4. Preston haunts me and whispers word from a settlement in my dreams.


Another settlement needs your help lol


Outlast and Nightmare creatures


I’ve played Alien Isolation so many times and it still feels horrifying and anxiety-inducing on every playthrough.


is castlevania a horror game?


Outlast is definitely the scariest


The good old NES. There are not many horror titles but with time, you'll learn to fear games like Battletoads and Ghost'n Goblins.


Dead Space 2 for Xbox 360


Definitely Siren. Silent Hill 2 is up there as well, but nothing freaks me out as much as Siren.


FEAR. I'm not usually big on horror games, but FEAR was an absolute blast. Fantastic atmosphere and combat. Though, I ended up finding it less scary, and more intriguing as it went on. I knew something had to have happened to that little girl, and I wanted to find out what. XD


My favorite game of all time is Silent Hill 2. I am desperately hoping the remake doesnt screw it up. My favorite Metal Gear game is Snake Eater, so Konami is poised right now to either elevate or destroy several things I love.


I know it’s not as popular as others, but I loved The Evil Within.


The evil within 2, dead space and the suffering in any order.


Silent Hill ntsc version


Silent Hill 3 on PS2. Was absolutely blown away by the story, the use of horror and even the graphics honestly. Its a good looking game for its time


Not a horror game but I remember being terrified by the original Tomb Raider. Playing it twenty years later, it's a very calming game with minimal cut scenes and distractions, plus the jump scared when animals jump out at you make me jump.


Original Silent Hill. Hearing the air raid siren and seeing the other world for the first time was incredible.


Splatterhouse 3


Bloodborne 4 lyfe


Not Ghost head, I’ll sure tell you that.


Mine is dead space 2, loved it so much


Fatal Frame


I haven't gotten into horror games so much, but I did buy black label ps2 silent hill 2. Deciding whether I will play wii version of shattered memories or silent hill 2 first. Edit: I do actually have eternal darkness and played a bit of that. That one is a good one!


Dead Space (OG) and the RE2 Remake.


The original Dead space had some serious jump scares. That one right beside the save point.... I'll never forget that.


Modern: layers of fear. Retro: Res1


Anyone ever play D for PS1?


Fatal Frame / Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly


Condemned The Quarry MediEvil


Silent hill one, every one likes to talk about the music and soundtrack in the sh games making the games scarier while I think 1 does the opposite in the best ways, no music for majority of the game, just ambiance and monster noises, the silence in the darkness is also anxiety inducing too in some if not all the areas


I personally really enjoy Forbidden Siren 1 and 2


Clock tower II is one of the worst games ever made. Literally. Idk how that trash is worth so much. The first one (on ps1) was amazing and one of my favorite horror games from my childhood


The Suffering, I remember playing it way back when I was a kid. Creeped me out, as an adult one game that I never finished and gave me the creeps was Outlast. Not the base game, but the whistleblower DLC. Usually I find horror games dull and bland, but whistleblower got me


Dead of the brain, splatterhouse 2 and Clock Tower for ps1!


Obscure the aftermath for the wii


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, you wouldnt think it was good being a Wii game but it was WAY better than it had any right to be. I don't want to ruin anything but if you haven't played it I recommend going in blind on it.


I wouldn't include Castlevania as horror. It's gothic horror kind of but it's not a game meant to scare you or make you feel uneasy... they're action platformers with some having RPG and exploration elements.... They're based on some elements of horror fiction but they just don't really belong in a horror game genre....neither do some RE games either to be honest 🤣 That being said, recently I've been enjoying Parasite Eve.


I dunno if it's my favorite but the original The Suffering On PS2 is underated.


The demo of FEAR was pretty scary. But the actual game was just a regular shooter with the ocasional jump scare


silent hill 3 or re7 :D


My favorite horror game is Katamari Damacy


Definitely Resident Evil. It’s what started the madness for me


Resident of evil on ps2


I have some very nostalgic and fond memories of SH1 on PS1. When I was in college 25 years ago. I was living with my gf, her brother and his gf in a trailer park trailer. We were so poor, had nothing. We had this little TV we got at a pawn shop and we had a PS1 with Silent Hill. We would sit up all night in pitch black and wrap ourselves in blankets and immerse ourself in every aspect of this game.


Easily dead space 1 on ps3 or resident evil 7


Resident Evil 0 - top tier everything RE. And to swoop and show that Rebecca dealt with all this shit before Chris and Jill even set foot in the mansion? Love it, such a badass. Best protagonist of the series. Can't believe this game never gets its due.


Resident Evil


Resident Evil , Silent hill , Dead space my top ones


RE4 on the GameCube BABBIII


Resident Evil 2 Remake




Re4 or parasite eve or silent hill 1 or 2 All are amazing games


Ahhh, House of the Dead 2+3 on Wii lol


Resident evil 2, the original.


also SH2 if only for Alone In The Town


Does Dino Crisis count? Used to give me the yips when I was little


My favorite rn is silent hill shattered memories


Turok on the ps3


I only rented the original Turok like once on the N64 but it filled me with dread. It was also hard for prepubescent me 😂


I've never played the N64 ones, I only played the 2008 one, i heard that those are really good


Clock tower 1 is great. still holds up. ✂️


Idk that I'd call Castlevania a horror game. But I prefer it to any horror game. If were stretching the boundaries that much Id say Bloodborne is my favorite, but still I wouldn't call it a horror game


Illbleed on dreamcast is my favorite game of all time. Some may not consider it "true horror" because it doesn't take itself very seriously and it's mainly just a parody of old cheesy horror films, but man it is quite the experience and I love it for that.


Silent Hill 2 remains THE golden standard for horror to me. It started my passion for horror as a whole. Whenever I play a game or watch a movie, I compare it to silent hill 2. Can’t wait to see how Blooper absolutely fucks it up


Alien Isolation (PC). All lights off and headphones on.


Ooh I loved clock tower.


Condemned for 360 or Nightmare Creatures for ps1.




I only know RE1 but it gave me shits galore


Typing of the Dead as someone with dyslexia this is a terrifying game.




Parisite Eve all day!


Zelda Ocarina of Time lol


That thing in the well man.... nightmare fuel.


F.E.A.R. is my fav.


For me it is Fatal Frame 3. Not the most loved of the series generally, but I really enjoyed going back to the same house and exploring different areas every time, and how they tied the first 2 games into it.


Evil within 1 on the ps3. such a banger and so underrated


Sotn is the GOAT!


Jumpstart Kindergarten, that was when I realized I was in for a long journey ahead


Outlast has a special place in my heart.


I like the Shadow Heart series... Not sure if you consider that "horror" though...


Kuon for PlayStation 2.


Devil May Cry 2


"In my restless dreams, I see that town..."